tagRomanceBetrayal Pt. 03

Betrayal Pt. 03


The girls at the office went nuts over our engagement. One of the older ladies told Kat she must be something else for me to let my guard down and ask her to marry. She told her how hurt and devastated I had been when I discovered Helen's infidelity. How she thought I would never trust again, just keep using women for my own needs.

Kat smiled at Louise. "Well, I'll be meeting his needs from here on. He won't need to look elsewhere, that I can guarantee."

We determined work still had to be work. A pat on the bottom or a quick smooch stolen in the hall or elevator was okay, but no make out sessions on company time. We did tend to sit in my office and close the door during lunch. We remained in a state of dress, but we were more affectionate behind my closed door.

Kat had moved all her things into what she called our room and was sleeping in what she called "our" bed. I liked the feel of a warm sensuous body next to me at night and in the morning. As Kat had said previously, she only slept in panties, and if in the mood, was quick to shed those. It was a good feeling to wake with her arm across my chest, maybe her leg across mine, or her face buried in the crook of my neck, her warm breath against my skin.

I'd forgotten how much I liked being married. I also pondered where I may have gone wrong in my marriage to Helen. Were there things I had ignored, was I less attentive than I should have been? I wasn't sure, but this one thing I did know. Just as it takes two to make a marriage work, it takes two to throw it away as well. I determined I was going to stay on top of things this time around, choose to listen better, choose to be more attentive, choose to want her to be as happy and satisfied as I was.

I've never been a demonstrative person. I assumed because I worked hard, took good care of my wife, and made love to her she would know I loved her. Obviously not. I began making it a priority to tell Kat how attractive I thought she was, tell her that I loved her, I listened to her conversations without a phone going off and being a help to her where possible. I certainly didn't want to behave like a sissy, but I also knew I didn't need to be a hard ass about everything either.

We found what we felt was a happy medium. We shared in the house work and cleaning. She insisted on doing laundry, no matter the amount of protest she would tell me to find something else to do, laundry was hers. My lot is just under an acre in size so there is never any lack of care needed in the yard. She liked to cook and was very good at it, I cooked once in a while, but it was mainly her domain. Since moving in she had slowly but methodically rearranged the entire kitchen as she wanted it. I moved something back to where I'd had it previously .... only once, damn she was firey in bed ..... and the kitchen.

She was getting an inordinate amount of attention at work from several younger guys. Kat always dressed in what I called a modern but modest look. She didn't have it hanging out top and bottom, if she wore mini or midthigh skirts she wore leggings as well. They all knew we were engaged so had no reason to try hitting on her, but they did. I watched her put them in their places one by one. Not in a nasty way, but very matter of factly let them know their overtures were not impressing her at all. She was engaged, not playing the field.

With both of us sleeping in the same bed I thought I might have greater freedom to flirt at work. The flirting she didn't mind and participated with enthusiasm. As I placed my hand on her ass one day she spun, slapped my hand and glowered at me. Pulling me to the side she spoke softly,

"Ern, you can do anything you want to me at home, but here you keep your hands to yourself until we're married. I'm not going to have others say I'm fucking my way to the top. Give me a sweet soft kiss and tell me you love me."

I gave her a kiss and told her I loved her.

"Good boy, mama will reward you with a nice blow job tonight. Now it's time you got your ass back in that office and did some work. I have research to do and I can't very well do that with you grabbing my ass now can I?"

She put both hands on my chest, pushed me back and whispered, "Bye lover."

On the way home she had my dick out playing with it as we drove out of the lot. As I entered the street she gobbled up as much of my meat as she could fit into her mouth. With a wet slobbery kiss she pulled off and said,

"See Ern, that's why you can't rub my ass, or feel my ass, or touch my tits at work, I want to fuck you right on the spot. Can I have a load in my tummy to get me through supper and into bed?"

I nodded yes and she devoured my dick with her mouth. We don't live far from work, she had me on the brink of cumming and she knew it. She played and teased until we were nearly in the driveway then got serious about sucking my cock. I put the brakes on and tossed it into park as I exploded in her mouth. My head was back, my eyes were closed, I was bellowing and groaning as she sucked every bit of juice my balls provided. I could hear her gulping, A first for me, but hoped it wouldn't be the last time I heard that wonderful sound.

Sitting up she was smiling at me, licking her lips, wiping a little dribble off her mouth with a finger, then sucking it dry. Why had I not found this sex kitten the first time I got married? She made our sex life spontaneous, unpredictable, enjoyable and more satisfying than anything I had ever known. She knew I was a sucker for sexy panties and bras, stockings and belts, going out of her way to show them off anytime we were alone. She told me I was a walking hardon.

"How can I be anything else when you sashay around me in lingerie teasing me and sending me into apoplectic horndog fits?"

"Your job lover boy is to get me out of these panties, your dick buried inside my cunt and splashing a load of your penis butter throughout my baby canal. Would you like to do this before or after supper?"

I chose before and we hammered each other for over an hour before we flopped on the bed exhausted. One of her favorite positions was on her tummy, pillows under her abdomen and her ass pointed up, ready to receive all of me. I liked it as well, once inside her I would extend my arms, raise myself up on my toes and pound that sweet tender hungry pussy with every ounce of strength I possessed. Our bodies didn't touch other than my cock going in and out of her cunt.

When she came in that position her ass always shook as her tummy quivered and her hips made a fucking motion. I loved watching that, although I never watched very long because it sent me into my orgasm knowing how violently she was cumming. She would cry out into the pillow and throw her head from side to side. There were times I wished I could have been her just once to know what multiple orgasm's felt like. Tonight she was having an extremely active orgasm, she had her hands against the headboard and her toes gripped the sheets as she pushed into my thrusts. I could feel it wanting to envelope my body, that feeling of euphoria that encapsulates you when the sperm shoots out the end of your cock. Explosion after explosion until there's nothing left but a dribble and a final stab of your cock into her vagina.

My cock was swelling and beckoning for release as I began muttering, making incoherent noises and pounding against her sucking pussy as the climax overtook me. Kat started talking to me, knowing it was all I needed to send me over the top.

"Cum for me baby. Spit that creamy goo inside my burning cunt. Let me have everything you have baby, just like you did in my mouth."

I rammed against her ass as hard as I could, my cock couldn't go a scintilla further into her than what it had, yet I continued trying to force more inside her. I could feel my cock erupt, spraying spunk all over her insides. Her cunt was vibrating, pulsing, sucking on my dick, caressing me and drawing out every drop I had. Her ass continued twitching and humping upward against my dick. I withdrew and slowly re-entered causing her to moan softly and make a purring sound.

She spoke softly, "Baby, you make me cum so good."

I was softening as I lifted off her, falling to the mattress out of breath.

"Oh my gosh Kat. I came so hard it hurt and tingled at the same time. My heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest."

We fell asleep, me next to her, she with her ass still in the air, pillows under her tummy. Our nap lasted around twenty minutes. I reached out and stroked her hair as we smiled at one another.

"My ass is still in the air, there's a load of cum in me so I'm ready for more if you want to give it to me."

I climbed on top, shoved my dick to the hilt and held it still. I felt her little ass wiggle and push back a little.

"Don't tease mama Ernie, feed my hungry pussy with more of your baby juice. Give me a nice deep fuck Ern, plant your seed deep inside me."

I have no idea where the energy came from for a third time, but somehow I managed to not only get it up, but actually cum a little more when she drifted off the tracks. Her ass was shaking, her tummy convulsing, although not as strongly as before. I flopped on my back, she pulled the pillows out as she straddled my leg with hers. I could feel the cum dripping onto my thigh, knowing it was mine mixed with hers made me feel horny again as I put my hand on her satiated snatch.

"Don't even think about it Buster. Your play toy is all full for the night, no more room to fit anymore cock or cum. Ernie, we need to do it like this again, it was so fucking hot knowing your cock was drilling me without any other part of our bodies touching."

I kept my hands to myself at work. Occasionally Kat would come in my office, sit in the chair opposite my desk and raise her skirt enough for me to see my favorite eating establishment. The day she did with no panties on I instantly left my desk, lowered the blinds, locked the door and bent her over my desk. She giggled all through it until she came, then she moaned into her sleeve as I showered her vagina walls with spunk.

As she lay on my desk I used some Kleenex to wipe her off enough to make it to the ladies room. As she returned she was smiling from ear to ear. With her back to my door she lifted her skirt enough for me to see she had on white cotton panties, low cut, but still white. Something she seldom did. Coming around the desk she sat on my lap, nuzzling into my neck. I asked why she had on the little white cotton panties.

"I didn't want to get rid of all that creamy stuffing, I had these panties in my purse as an extra and decided to put them on. This way I get to feel all that baby juice inside me without ruining my expensive lingerie with cum dripping into them all afternoon."

"You sure seem to be talking a lot about baby juice and baby batter when I cum. Are you telling me something, or asking me something?"

"I'm asking daddy. I would never get myself knocked up without you knowing. I do want a baby though Ernie. I want one right away. Can I have one? Please?"

"You can love, but we're going to do this right. I don't want anyone to ever say we got married because you were pregnant. Will you marry me right away? No waiting, no long engagement, just get a license and do it?"

"Yes Ernie. Right away, no fuckin around waiting, marry me right away. We'll tell your mom and the office, outside that I don't care. I can go off the pill right away, it'll take a few weeks for the chemicals to leave my body, so we can still root around in bed even if we don't have the piece of paper.

At Sunday dinner with mom we shared the exciting news. She wondered why so quick. I explained Kat wanted to have a baby and I didn't want anyone shaming her in the future for being pregnant before we got married. Mother smiled,

"I may have made a lot of mistakes in my life Ernie, but you weren't one of them. You've become a fine man."

The office staff and mother gathered with us at city hall for our ceremony by a justice of the peace. It wasn't very long, but then we didn't need it very long, just long enough to make us legal. We had reserved a room at a local buffet place, the food was hot, tasted good, and was plentiful. During toasts someone from the business asked Kat what her first item of business would be now that we were married.

"I'm going to get pregnant and have a baby, so don't look for Ernie and I much until I'm in a mothers way."

People sat with their mouths hanging open, all except ma. She was smiling and laughing.

"I knew I liked this girl. Bout time I became a grandma, been waiting too dang long."

With us being married she was a bit more open with her flirting at work, but the no playing with her ass or tits was still office policy. It wasn't difficult for me to understand, she had a position of authority and respect, grabass would only undermine those things. We rubbed against each other in hallways or in my office, but that was about it.

Shortly after our wedding I stopped on the way home for milk when to my surprise someone addressed me, a voice I knew, Brianna. She was sugar sweet, how was I, she missed our time together, was I available to get coffee or something? About the time I was going to explain I had married, who walked in to see what was keeping me? Yup, Katrina.

"Hon, who's this nice lady? Hi, I'm Katrina, Ernie's wife."

Brianna stood with her mouth hanging open. She blinked three or four times before she spoke.

"Well, that was certainly quick Ernie. We hardly stopped dating and you're married."

"Hardly stopped dating? Brianna you told me to hit the skids over a year ago. I was willing to go to the wall for you, if you recall, it was you who rejected me, not the other way around. Which, looking back was a blessing, because I met Katrina, someone who wants to be in my life as more than a hookup."

Kat leaned closer to Brianna speaking quietly, We're going home now and Ern is going to put a baby in my tummy. Aren't you lover?"

"That I am Kat, that I am."

Brianna was still standing in the same spot, mortified, as we walked to the checkout. Her mom came around the corner and greeted me. I introduced my wife and suggested she take care of Bree, she seemed to be in a state of shock. In the car Kat snuggled as close as she could get, saying nothing, simply showing me I was hers. We had a leisurely supper and then flopped on the couch in our night clothes. That lasted about ten minutes when she started undressing me. We made love on the couch and in our bedroom, Kat was sure a seed had gotten through her cervix and she was pregnant.

Her period started a week later so we knew right where her ovulation time should be. Talking with mother at Sunday lunch she told us to forget all that stuff and just screw. If you get all flustered over charts and temperatures and ovulation schedules, she said we'd never get pregnant. We took mom's advice and screwed like rabbits just to be sure we didn't miss a fertile moment. Without me knowing, Kat was late on her next period, after a home pregnancy test showed positive she went to see our GP, who confirmed she was indeed with child.

She had finished her work early and headed home before me. Walking in from the garage I was treated to a vixen in waiting. She was in a silk transparent nightie, a skimpy thong, stockings and straps, and a half cup bra. My cock was supercharged to say the least. I picked her up and carried her to our bedroom where I calmly undressed her. Kissing her nipples above the bra line, groping her bare ass, finally sliding the thong off and onto the heap of everything else on the floor. She lay there in nothing but stockings and straps ......... along with a smile a mile wide.

"Come give mama what she needs Ernie, fill me up with your baby stuff. Hurry lover, I'm so horny."

I was naked within moments and had mounted her. On her back her legs were against her torso, hands behind her knees. Once I was all the way in she stopped me and told me to move my arms. I knew what my girl wanted and moved upright, her ankles were immediately on my shoulders. As she reached up for me I lay back down and began stroking. As I stroked she pulled me down further until her legs were parallel with her body. Kissing me she whispered to fuck her like I was drilling a well, then loosened her grip on my neck.

I pounded Kat like never before. She was making little sounds I'd never heard, I stopped, thinking I was hurting her. Her eyes flew open and she stated loudly, "Keep fucking, don't stop, I can take it, fuck mama Ernie, fuck me hard."

I wasted no time getting back into rhythm, slamming into her wide-open pussy, driving as deep as our bodies would allow. Once again, she pulled me down, with our heads next to each other I continued hammering. It was an awkward position, but I loved hearing her coo in my ear, encouraging me to keep up the pace. With her legs next to her body she could do nothing but lay there and take every stroke, which is exactly what she wanted. I lifted to get more driving power and better angle when I saw her face contort. Eyes closed, facial muscles taught, mouth wide open but silent, my girl was gonna get her nut, and I was going to follow shortly.

She let out a long slow building moan that peaked in a crescendo of yips and gasps and "Oh My Ernie, Yesss."

She moved her legs off my shoulders as I raised up, moving my arms outside as she placed her feet on the bed, keeping her knees bent she pushed back against my body with as much force as I was delivering to her hungry body. When her talk started I knew she wanted to be filled, quickly and deeply.

"Cum for me baby, fill me with sperm, flood my pussy, I want to feel it dribbling down my ass. Push hard honey, own my pussy, I'm completely yours, use me Ernie, dump that load."

I felt that tingling as it built in my scrotum, then throughout my lower body, my breathing ragged and halted as I pushed forward one last time holding myself tight against her vulva. I shot stream after stream into her gobbling cunt, the walls pulsating and quivering as they sucked my cock dry. I pulled back and slammed tight again several times, it felt so damn good I didn't want to pull out. Lost in my own bliss I didn't feel Kat patting my chest at first, "Move honey, cramp, my hip is getting cramped."

With her legs extended and the cramp gone we reached for the other, holding gently, talking softly, sharing our love and appreciation.

"Thank you Ernie, that was so good, you always take such good care of my needs. Ernie, I have some news for you. You're going to be a daddy, our baby is inside me."

"Are you serious Kat? Of course you're serious, you wouldn't kid about that. When did you find out? What was this fuck a thon session about then?"

"I found out two days ago, and this 'fuck a thon' as you called it, was just to seal the deal. There's enough cum in me now to show junior he/she won't be the last one growing in my womb."

"The last?"

"Nope, I plan on at least four if you can get that dick up three more times over the next few years."

My cock responded instantly, hardening to the challenge. Smiling at her I quipped.

"You little bitch, spread those legs, I'll show you who can get it up."

Smiling back at me she opened her legs, raised her hands around my neck and whispered,

"Yes daddy, I'm your little cum slut, give me my just desserts. Add a little more to what's already inside me."

"You naughty little cunt, I'll add more than a little. Prepare to have that hole flooded tramp."

We fucked slow and hard for another ten or so minutes before we drove our pelvis's together in unison. Cumming with the other, it didn't happen a lot, but it was damn good when it did. Her hips were bucking and humping upward as I was doing the same in the other direction. I flopped on the bed next to her and we slept. Waking up around 9, hungry as bears. With the baby in her tummy Kat took on a new persona while she was still without her baby bump.

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