tagTransgender & CrossdressersBetrothed to a T-Girl Princess

Betrothed to a T-Girl Princess


Midday sun warmed the far wall. A small rectangular window provided sunlight sufficient to count the dots on the floor by. The prince didn't have many other options to spend his time on. He could either count dots or imagine how his mock trial and very real execution would go.

Seven hundred and forty-six dots... seven hundred and forty-seven-

The young prince's neck felt a sudden itch at the prospect of the guillotine.

Seven hundred and forty-eight... seven hundred and forty-nine-

Prince Henry solved his desperate need for a mental distraction by revisiting the events that led him to his present situation. Only a few days took him from celebrated prince to locked away in the dungeon of his own castle.

Perhaps the worst part of it all was that Prince Henry hadn't actually had much hand in his fate. Another image of the guillotine flashed through Henry's brain, reminding him that the worst part of it all was yet to come. The poor boy didn't even know yet that a rusty old guillotine shouldn't have been the worst of his worries.

You'll agree this was hardly the prince's fault. The decisions weren't his to make. His mom had made them. His mom!-Henry's brain sidetracked again. He feared for her life as much as his own.

Conflict with a neighboring power had led to this mess. A power struggle was what brought the prince to his knees as they so often do. Prince Henry consoled himself with the knowledge that he wouldn't have made his mother's mistakes, but they were her calls to make, being queen regent until the day of Henry's wedding in accordance with their laws.

The hint of a smirk materialized on the prince's face as he looked around the bare walls of his cell. There were no fair maidens around to choose from and this was definitely not going to be the day of his wedding.

To conclude the how we got to now, the aforementioned quarrel between neighboring powers didn't turn out so well for Prince Henry's side; the opposing nation's army sliced through their defenses in the better half of a day. It's that old cautionary tale about focusing more on arts and sciences than armies and war-making: You better be the only ones left on the planet first!

The prince recalled everything he knew about the neighboring power that had made such quick work of his kingdom's defenses. They were your typical conquer and pillage variety. But Henry knew one of them stood out. He'd heard rumors of her for years.

Sophie was her name. Oldest daughter to the royal family and heir to the throne. Prince Henry chuckled at the realization that said throne included his kingdom now, too.

Henry often overheard the chambermaids recounting Sophie's latest adventures. Word always got around when it came to Sophie's antics. The young prince supposed that's how she liked it.

Sophie was no ordinary girl, in fact, she had the biggest cock in the two kingdoms, if the rumors were accurate. Henry shivered, envisioning some of the stories he'd heard. The chambermaids gossiped that Sophie went through men like Prince Henry went through books in the castle's library: Ten at a time.

She was said to have the cock of a horse, the strength and stamina of an ox, and the ethics of a starving wolf. Purportedly, her mother was the only person who wielded any power with her. Sophie's appetite for rough sex and ability to turn any man into a bitch cum repository had become legend. Henry shook the tingle off his spine. This was surely a girl he had no desire to meet.

The heavy door to Henry's cell pushed open.

"Presenting her Highness, Princess Sophie of we just kicked your ass."

A laugh, airy and feminine, was heard as the prince's eyes struggled to adjust to new light. "I can make him say anything."

A beautiful, auburn-haired young woman entered Henry's cell. Clad in a curve-hugging dress fit for a queen, the statuesque t-girl radiated both beauty and physical prowess.

Henry wanted immediately to ask her many questions about the fate of those close to him, but doubted he'd receive truthful answers in return.

"Nothing to say, huh?" Sophie clicked her teeth. "No bow? No pledging your allegiance to me?"

"Is that what you desire?" Henry asked defiantly.

"For starters," she grinned. The beautiful t-girl stepped across the floor where Henry had seated himself and slapped his cot before plopping her shapely behind down on it. "Figured you'd at least ask after your mom."

The prince perked up. "What of my mom? Please tell me."

"Well," Sophie paused to drag it out and enjoy his reaction, "I got my first look at her in the flesh directly before I came here. I've got to tell you... your mom's one fine milf."

"First of all," Henry growled in response, "this story clearly takes place well before the Industrial Revolution and hundreds of years before 'milf' became a term!"

"This is a fantasy world, you dope. And way to break the fourth wall! Now she'll never give us a sequel," Sophie scolded him.

"Sorry," the prince apologized, his face drooping.

"Don't," she said. "I like my guys with some fight. Makes pounding it out of him one thrust at a time that much more fun. Keep a stiff upper lip til then, won't you?"

Henry blushed nervously. He collected his thoughts and then spoke, gazing up at the powerfully built beauty, "What exactly is your plan... for me?"

A broad smile spread across the royal t-girl's pretty face. "If you know anything about me, you're probably wondering why I'm not reaming your hot buns for all they're worth right now. Please don't think I've lost my touch," she chuckled.

"The only reason I'm not is because my mom and I agreed I wouldn't. See, Mom's the brains and I'm the big, blunt instrument." Prince Henry's eyes grew wider as he watched her description come to life in the form of a hefty bulge pitching a tent in her dress. Sophie followed Henry's eyes to her now uncomfortably tight dress and giggled. "Turned myself on a little bit with the whole reaming your butt imagery. Plus there's you sitting there, sweet thing, with those pretty lips all agape."

"So, anyway, to finish the big reveal," the t-girl trudged on with her explanation, "the reason my girly cum isn't already dripping from your sore hole down your tender thighs is purely political. Your people aren't good with the swords and spears, but they're a wily bunch. Mom thinks it'll help our rule gain legitimacy if you and I wed. The ruse is it's an alliance between nations and not a takeover. She says I've got to hold off on drilling you full of cock until after the wedding to make sure nothing goes wrong. Crazy, huh?" Sophie beamed.

A weight hit Henry. He buckled in response to the scheme Sophie detailed for him, taking great pleasure as she did. The guillotine had been one thing. A noble death, even. But the idea of spending his life wearing Sophie's dog collar was too much for the young prince to handle. Henry told himself that having his holes plugged and his dignity gutted by this witch would be too much for any man to bear.

"You, you can't be serious," he argued, knowing she was.

"Cheer up, Prince Charming. You're going to be king," she cackled. "I'll have a harem of men once I'm queen, but I've got a feeling you'll always be a prized booty of mine."

Henry tried to stay strong in front of her. If nothing else, he didn't want to give her the satisfaction. There was this glimmer of hope in his head up until now; this belief that loyal subjects would rescue him just before they shouted, "Off with his head!" and he'd be saved. Those hopes were dashed now. Avoiding eye contact with his cheerful t-girl tormentor, Henry wished he could come up with a worthy comeback. He knew it wouldn't save his ass, but it might have made him feel better.

"You must be hungry... thirsty. Am I right?" she inquired with a novel inkling of concern in her voice.

"Yes," Henry confessed, his mouth dry and belly empty from his time locked away in this old dungeon.

Sophie stood up, reminding the prince of her imposing size. She padded over to him and touched his face. Her huge, half-hard erection stood at eye level with him. "I'll bring you something to eat," she said tenderly, before adding in a sly drawl, "Then I've got to go attend to new princess of that kingdom I just took from you duties."

The statuesque t-girl knocked on the cell door; Prince Henry listened to it open and then close behind her before letting out a deep breath. His stomach growled. Henry hoped she wouldn't forget to return with something edible.

A few minutes passed before Sophie did return. "Presenting her Highness, Princess Sophie, spearer of virgin holes."

Sophie's now-familiar laugh echoed throughout the corridor leading to Henry's cell. "I just can't see that ever getting old." Sophie advanced through the threshold of his cell with a bronze mug in her hand.

The young prince noticed that for only having been gone a matter of minutes, she returned a great deal more disheveled than when she'd left. Her dress wasn't cascading off her body in the same fashion and the fabric now had a big wrinkle going down the front from her waist down. She breathed harder as well.

"I brought you a treat just like I promised." Sophie passed the mug to him. "It's a special recipe I'm really proud of. I call it sweet cream. Drink up... it's real thick," she giggled.

Henry grasped the mug and peered into it. A cloudy-colored substance filled the cup, rolling around it slowly. The prince lost his appetite.

"That's good stuff. Make sure you swallow every drop," the t-girl beauty instructed him in between snickering bouts.

Prince Henry blanched. "I know what this is," he said, "and if you think I'm putting this disgusting muck in my mouth-"

Henry was ready to go on, but a sudden change in Sophie's demeanor stopped him.

Irritated, she said, "Let's get one one thing clear right now. I'm keeping my hands and cock off you for the time being out of respect for my mom, but if you disrespect my seed again, I won't hesitate to dump it over your head, bend you over, and screw you so hard you have to sit on pillows for the rest of your life." Sophie glared at him. "Now suck my sperm syrup down your slut throat like a good little bitch and don't you dare spill any."

Henry abandoned his objection and obeyed in the face of her threats. The potent smell of her ejaculate filled his nostrils as the viscous liquid drew closer to his mouth; Sophie's mood appeared to improve the nearer it came.

"Attach those pretty little lips to the edge there and open wide. You're going to like my sweet cream."

Prince Henry tipped the mug up and observed the thick love goo roll toward the rim. Henry opened his lips and let her cum slide in. Sophie's virile essence was so rich and viscid that the young prince didn't know whether to chew or swallow. The sticky substance had an understated sort of sweet and nutty flavor to it. The prince pictured where it'd come from and remembered he wanted to get this over with quickly, gulping it down.

Henry swallowed her seed by the mouthful until the mug had emptied, not desiring to test her on the subject again. The amount of semen she'd produced staggered Prince Henry. He'd had so much of it to drink that he half-suspected it would start spilling out from his ears.

The prince was about to wipe the excess from his lips with his sleeve prior to recollecting her warning about leaving any to waste. Henry longed to hide from her joyful expression as he nervously licked his lips clean.

"You missed a spot," she pointed to his chin.

Henry scooped up the last strand of Sophie's pearly syrup and dropped it in his mouth.

"Satisfied?" he asked in a despondent tone.

"For the moment. But you just wait for our wedding night," the t-girl replied with a naughty grin.

Prince Henry kept swallowing, unable to escape the taste of her rich spunk on the back of his throat. Sophie tapped at the door of her cell. "Until next time, Prince Charming," she said before happily sauntering off down the long corridor.

Henry watched the cell door close and then tossed the mug away. He curled back up against the wall, placing his head in his hands.


The uneasy wait for Henry's next interaction with Sophie lasted merely a day. The young prince raised his head late in the afternoon to the sound of footsteps from the hall.

"Presenting her Highness, Princess Sophie."

Henry contemplated her lack of a silly title when she'd had such great fun bestowing them on herself the prior day. Sophie appeared in his solitary cell dressed simpler, but just as beautifully, in a black skirt and red sweater. Prince Henry attempted to disregard her striking beauty by reminding himself of her wickedness.

Henry studied the t-girl carefully, making mental note of her changed demeanor from last he'd seen her.

"Do you know what they're saying about me out there?" Sophie strolled over to his cot and gave the impression of considering whether or not to sit down. "Of course you don't. They're your people, but you're cooped up in here."

Henry endeavored to conceal his eagerness at hearing any news of the outside world she might divulge. He shifted his weight around the cold floor and said nothing.

"They think I'm the fucking devil!" she fumed. "These people really think I'm screwed in the head! They're saying now that we conquered this place I'm gonna go on a rampage and destroy everything." The royal t-girl's brow furrowed in frustration.

The prince chuckled. He retorted, "And this bothers you? I kind of thought it was the image you were going for. You certainly haven't done anything to dispel it."

"Shut up!" she snapped at him. "I'm not crazy," she rebutted the notion. "The farmers think once I'm queen I'm gonna burn their crops. The castle servants are spreading it around that I'm planning to tear down the capital brick by brick. The dirty lies!" she contested hotly.

The powerful t-girl pushed her fist into the prince's lumpy cot mattress. "I'll make them pay for their hurtful words, Henry," she threatened.

The prince's concern for his people informed his next response. "The only way to really make them eat their words is to prove them wrong."

"Yeah. Just wait. They're going to forget either of our moms were ever queen and remember only me," Sophie explained cryptically.

The young prince didn't have long to ponder her statement before witnessing the expression on Sophie's face brighten. "That reminds me... I've got good news!" The t-girl beauty's bubbly enthusiasm resurfaced; he'd felt safer with her vexed. "You're getting out of here. Mom's announcing our engagement publicly at a reception upstairs in the castle tonight with a lot of important players from both of our countries. Excited?"

Prince Henry didn't expect this news so quickly. It was all really happening. He was desperate to escape this grimy dungeon, but unprepared to face his future. The idea of marrying this girl. He knew drinking down her semen like a glass of cider had been merely the beginning of what she'd do to him.

"So excited you can't speak, I see." Sophie tapped her feet. "My personal attendant is going to get her hands on you and give you a good wash, make you look like a prince again. So it's a good thing I showed up first," she winked at him. "Means I can have some fun with my little dungeon slave while he's still all dirty."

"I worried you might say that." Henry's eyes drooped. He felt resigned to whatever wicked act she could dream up. The prince recognized he was in no position to resist.

Toying with the prince amused Sophie greatly. Her earlier seething disappeared out of mind. "I asked myself, 'what's something really filthy I can make you do while you're already all filthy?' That's when it came to me. And the beauty of it is it doesn't break my agreement with my mom."

The royal t-girl turned over from her seated position on the cot. She pushed up on her knees and reached around, lifting the back of her skirt and lewdly revealing her bare backside to him. "You're gonna lick my ass. I love to feel a tongue on my hole, so don't skimp on the French kisses."

Sophie's vulgar request showed the prince hadn't exhausted all his pride yet. He recoiled at the humiliating idea of pressing his tongue to her ass. "I couldn't. I can't do that. Not that," he tried to explain.

"I'm waiting," the beautiful t-girl wiggled her big, firm ass in front of his face. "Start by kissing my cheeks. And if you're thinking of refusing, do reconsider. That wouldn't end well."

Henry sighed. He couldn't risk seeing her claws. She had him over a barrel. The young prince approached her ample bottom, his eyes examining it. Her butt looked like it was shaped by a master sculptor. The cheeks were perfect, smooth and creamy; a cute, rosy-colored hole winked at him from between them. Prince Henry had to admit that Sophie had the ass of a goddess. He avoided looking at the hefty set of testicles hanging below.

Prince Henry pursed his lips and pressed them to her right cheek and gave it one kiss, then another. The prince alternated between the big, smooth orbs, peppering them with generous kisses. The sound of Henry's smooching and Sophie's soft giggling cut through the still air.

"You like kissing my ass?" The playful t-girl humped her bottom back, squashing Henry's face against the shapely cheeks. "Get a good taste. That's right, slave boy, show your devotion to your princess."

The young prince lost his cool in the face of her provocation. Henry bit into one of her ripe cheeks. Sophie yelped, jerking her ass away and covering the tender flesh with her hands.

"Ouch!" she howled.

The pretty t-girl proceeded to let out a laugh. She rubbed the affected area, pretending like it was sorer than it really was. "You're lucky I don't spank you bloody for that!" she remarked. "Now get back to work," Sophie said, presenting her bottom to him again. Henry resumed his kissing, covering the faint red bite mark he'd left with gentle pecks.

Sophie reached around and spread her heavy cheeks, fully exposing her deep crack and pouting asshole. "You're enjoying this too much. Let's see how you like your face shoved up my ass. Get in there and lick that hole, Prince Charming."

The royal t-girl changed positions on the cot as she awaited the sensation of his tongue. It took Henry a second or two to figure out she'd readjusted to dig her cock into the mattress. Prince Henry's envisioned the massive bulge. He looked down and realized he'd sprouted an erection of his own. The prince's face reddened; he was thankful she'd been turned away.

"Don't make me wait. You played that game already," Sophie cautioned him, humping her big girly cock into the mattress with short strokes.

"Judging by how hard you are right now, I think you like it when I play that game." Henry caught himself chuckling. He proceeded to roll his tongue around the steamy, sensitive skin of her inner crack. He coated the beautiful t-girl's tender crack with wet kisses and soft licks before turning his attention toward her sumptuous hole.

Prince Henry circled his tongue around her tiny pucker. He kissed the ruddy orifice. Sophie moaned under her breath. "It feels great, but it tickles!" she exclaimed. The royal t-girl removed her hands, letting her bubbly cheeks encase his face.

Henry's tongue beat against her rosy opening in between sloppy kisses. The young prince hummed against her pampered hole, the resulting vibration set fireworks off in Sophie. The t-girl beauty squealed, rubbing her butt on his face.

Henry stiffened his tongue and worked it against the opening, the very tip managing to press into her tight ring. A tremor of pleasure at the welcomed invasion made waves inside Sophie, making her toes curl.

"Uhhmphmm, what are you doing back there? It's WWWWWWonderfuLLL."

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