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Better Ch. 11


Chapter 11 - Robert

When I left that message for Andrea telling her that I had a surprise for her, I really didn't have anything specific in mind except take her someplace nice out to dinner, pull her chair out for her, open doors for her like men do on real dates, which was something we never had before. Since I hadn't heard from her in several days, I knew I had to do something different and more direct. I hadn't planned on whisking her off to her bedroom, but it worked out better than I expected.

Instead of leaving after we had "come and done" like I normally did, I stayed, and we talked a great deal during the night about everything and nothing at all. We drank that bottle of wine and started on a second. I played what little I knew on the guitar for her. We sang bad songs from the '70's. We confessed about our first sexual experiences. She asked me about the most public place I had sex.

"In the coat room in the banquet hall where we had our engagement party," I said.

"Oh, you and your ex?" she asked. "I didn't know ..."

"It didn't last long," I said. "I never thought it was worth mentioning. You?"

"Well, I've always wanted to do it on the roof," she said with devilish look she had when she lowered her head and cast up eyes up at me.

Nothing else had to be said. We threw on the barest necessity of clothing, picked up a blanket and some pillows, and she practically raced me to the service stairs that led another two stories up to the roof.

It turned out we weren't the only ones with that idea.

There was another couple who were sitting together gazing into the night sky. They looked as if they were in recovery mode. We were about to turn around until we heard the guy say, "Come over if you want."

The guy threw on his shorts, the woman wrapped a side of the blanket over herself. Ironically, it was the same guy who took that bottle of wine off my hands to let me in. His name was Tim. He said just moved in from Charlotte about two months ago and lived a floor above Andrea. His friend's name was Shelly, who was a hairdresser. The two of them were an attractive couple about our ages.

"Did you try that wine?" I asked him.

"It was awesome. We'd offer you some, but ..." he said, waving an empty bottle.

I asked if they smoked. They both said, "Sure."

"What is this stuff?" Tim asked as he took a hit.

"Querkle," I said. "It's pretty mellow stuff, it lasts a long time. Andrea says it makes her horny."

We all laughed. We were already in this almost awkward situation of invading their private time, but considering it was obvious why we were all on the roof, it led us to some very easy conversation that was made even easier once the buzz started kicking in.

Shelly had this stare at Andrea that was absolutely distracting. It kept cutting off conversations we were trying to have.

"You have the most amazing nipples," Shelly said to Andrea.

"Why ... thank you," Andrea said, almost sounding as if she didn't quite know how to respond.

Shelly was right. Andrea really did have amazing nipples. They were almost always hard, and because she didn't bother putting on a bra over her light cotton T-shirt, they were poking out like two stones out of her perfectly rounded, firm breasts.

Shelly kept her eyes on Andrea, who was sitting cross-legged in front of my lap. I knew what her next move was going to be, and I was right.

"Do you mind if I touch them?" Shelly asked.

Andrea looked at me to gauge my response. Getting together with another couple was something we only talked about once, but she seemed pretty ambivalent about it. I gave her a sideways nod as if to signal for her to do what felt comfortable.

"Sure," she said.

Shelly let her blanket fall to the side crawled her naked body over to Andrea. My growing erection got twice as hard as soon as her fingers started toying with Andrea's nipples over the loose fabric of her shirt. Andrea let out some silent sighs. Seeing that she wasn't resisting, I lifted her shirt up above her breasts and Shelly really went at it, cupping Andrea's breasts in her hands, one at a time. I picked up Andrea's hand to show her how to gently squeeze and pinch Shelly's surgically-enhanced tits. Guiding Andrea's hand was hotter than if I had reached out and fondled Shelly's tits myself. I had been with two women plenty of times, but this was the most amazing time ever. It was so unplanned, so unrehearsed, and these were both beautiful women, not just some skanky chicks who were just doing this for attention.

As soon as Andrea got the hang of playing with Shelly's tits on her own, I played with one of Andrea's tits while Shelly sucked on the other. Andrea uncrossed her legs, bent her knees and braced herself against my chest. Shelly took it as her cue to lean up to Andrea's mouth and kiss her deeply. It didn't take long for Tim to drop his drawers and stroke his sturdy, wide cock with one hand and plunge his fingers inside of Shelly with the other. From the way we were sitting, the only thing Andrea could do was reach around and alternate between grabbing my cock and my balls hard over the fabric of my shorts. I would have loved to have her hand on it without anything getting in the way, but there was no way I was going to disrupt the flow of things I was able to see from this vantage point. And I had to admit I was really impressed with Tim who was shaking his tree trunk of a dick that looked as if it could do some serious damage if it were to find its way into an asshole -- Shelly's or even mine.

Shelly released her kiss from Andrea as soon as she felt a monster of an orgasm coming on from Tim plowing between her legs with his entire hand. Andrea spun around, unfastened my shorts and went straight for my cock.

"You really want that cock, don't you?" I asked as if it were a command.

"Shut up! I'm trying to suck you off!" Andrea said.

Damn, if those weren't words I wanted to hear, and she said them in a way I never heard before -- harsh, bold and loud.

Andrea's juicy mouth went at my cock with a vengeance. She didn't bother to toy and tease with my head first; she just sucked as hard as she could and jerked me off as fast as she could to the point I felt I was going to go off like a rocket before even thinking about coming. She grabbed one of my ass cheeks and clenched it, making my entire body go stiff. I growled and grunted and did everything I could not to shoot off everything that was inside of me. Part of me wanted to turn Andrea around and plow into her so I could get a better look of Tim banging into Shelly and smacking her tits and cunt around, trying to make her scream and come louder and harder than she already was. Part of me wanted Andrea's mouth still clenched around my cock as I rocked myself as far as I could force it into her.

Andrea made that decision for me when she got up and straddled herself over my hips as I sat up with my hands propping me up from behind. With any other woman, I probably would have been more transfixed on watching Tim and Shelly go at it, but Andrea was amazing me in to many ways. Holding onto my shoulders, I could feel how she was determined to bury my cock as deeply into her as she could, which was more than fine. I couldn't get enough of her insides that were a constant source of hot, slippery wetness, but I wanted her deeper and I wanted her faster.

"You want that cock deep inside of you, don't you?" I asked.

"Yes!" she said. "And hard. The way only you know how."

I got up, carried her over to the stairway enclosure, and pinned her against the wall with her legs wrapped tight around me. As soon as my aching rod stabbed back inside of her, she started screaming and coming like she never had before. She kept me constantly slick and wet. There was no shutting her off. I didn't want to, but I felt like I was on overload.

Suddenly, I burst. I felt as if my cock was a cannon that went off and tore away at Andrea's insides. It sounded as if I had by the way she continuously cried, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!!!"

I didn't want to pull out, but I felt as if I couldn't stand, even if my life depended on it. We collapsed onto the surface of the roof trying to catch our breath and held onto each other as if we had saved ourselves from some kind of violent force.

When the field of fury finally subsided, I finally realized that we were outside on a night that was as hot and thick as a the sweat and stickiness that we generated between us. I almost felt self-conscious about Tim and Shelly being close by, but when I looked around, they were nowhere to be seen.

Then there was that look that Andrea gave me that said she wanted me, but not in the way that was just about getting off for a good time.

The only way I knew how to respond to that look was, "Where do we go from here?"

"We'll have to take things one day at a time," she said.

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