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Better Ch. 18


Chapter 18 - Robert

I normally wouldn't have popped in like this, but I was on a job site all day near Flint and on my way home these two kids were selling bouquets on the side of the road. Actually, they picked whatever wildflowers were growing on the side of the road. They had them tied in the same kinds of curly-cue ribbons that are used to tie onto helium balloons. They were selling them for two bucks a piece. I gave them a twenty and they screamed and jumped up and down. They were so cute. I imagined that Andrea would be just as excited.

I got the door with the flowers behind my back and didn't expect to see ...

"Gabby?" I whispered.

She looked as shocked as I but quickly composed herself.

"Greta," she said as he extended her hand to shake mine. "Good to finally meet you!"

This was awkward. Very awkward.

"Good to meet you, too," I said, doing my best to sound as if I was meeting her for the first time.

I followed her over to the kitchen table where she started unpacking some carry-out bags.

"We were just about to have some dinner, but luckily I brought enough dessert to tide me over for a meal if you'd rather have wild mushroom crepes," she said. "I think I'm going to have to nuke these. We got sidetracked while I was raiding her closet."

Then she whispered, "We act like this never happened, right?"

"Of course," I whispered back.

"Does she know that you like ..." she started to ask.

"No, and please don't say anything," I said.

We both knew exactly what we were talking about.

A few months ago, a guy I hooked up with occasionally, Mike, told me about this hot Domme, Gabby, who was really good at directing men. He told me she really knew how to set up a scene and knew how to keep a hardon going for hours. She never touched us, but with both of us being mostly straight, she knew how to tease and put on a show to get our dicks so hard and hurtful that they felt like they were going to shatter and break.

Even though she was wearing this loose floral top and a pair of capri pants and spiked heels, they didn't do justice to her mile-high legs. They looked so much better in the cut out leather one-piece getup that that she wore when she met with us. It was cut high up her legs and the leather couldn't have been more tightly wrapped around her crotch.

We were in an old warehouse that had been converted into mostly artists' studios. Her space was big and open and had these huge windows that overlooked an area that was filled with decayed remnants of old paint factories, machine shops, and other assorted factories. It was early morning when we came in. She was pulling these room darkening shades over the windows and turned on some dim lights in the part of the space that she used as her studio. With a riding crop, she directed us over to an open space in the room.

"You," she said, pointing the crop at me. "This is your first time with a Domme?"

"Yes," I said.

"That's 'Yes, ma'am,'" she barked at me.

"Yes, ma'am," I said.

She had both of us standing in front of her with our hands clasped behind our backs. She asked me what my level of experience was as a bottom.

"None, ma'am," I said. "I prefer to top women."

"Do you really?" she said. "He has such a nice schlong. Mikey, drop your drawers and show him what you have."

"Yes, ma'am," he said, and obediently dropped his pants to the ground as quickly as he could.

He did have a nice stick. Rugged. Long. Wide. Wider than mine, but I had almost a good eight inches that could stay hard for hours that no one ever complained about."

"Step out," she said. "Shoes, socks off."

"Yes, ma'am," he said.

He kicked off his shoes and socks, put his hands back behind his back, and stared straight ahead at me. She looked right at me, and glared as if I was doing something wrong.

"Stop staring at my pussy," she said.

I didn't realize I was doing it even thought I was mesmerized with it, even more so than those two perfect round mounds of her ass that weren't covered at all. Even more than her full tits and nipples that were straining through the leather of her outfit.

"Sorry, ma'am," I said.

"That's 'I'm sorry, ma'am,'" she said. "You're a grown man. I shouldn't have to train you how to speak in a complete three-word sentence."

"I'm sorry, ma'am," I said.

She got right into my face, ran the stiff leather end of the crop up my neck to the point of my chin, and said, "Do you know what I do with bad boys who leer at me?"

"No, ma'am, I don't," I said.

I was really shaking.

"Drop your drawers," she said.

"Yes, ma'am," I replied.

I was never so turned on and so freaking scared of a woman in my life. I normally would have told a woman who talked to me like than to piss off, but instead, I dropped them in a hurry.

"Spread your feet shoulder width apart," she said. "Bend down and hold onto your ankles ... tight, I don't want you falling over. Mikey, get me my flat wood paddle," she said.

When I could no longer hear the "pat, pat, pat" of Mike's footsteps, she pressed her blazing hot pussy against one of my ass cheeks, and said very softly, "You're making me so damn wet I can hardly stand it."

"I'm glad I can do that, ma'am," I said.

She backed away as soon as I heard Mike's footsteps walk toward us.

"Thank you, my sweet," she said.

"You're very welcome, ma'am," he said.

She didn't waste any time swinging that paddle hard on one ass cheek and then the other. I nearly landed head first onto the floor, but my instincts took hold to brace myself after the first swat. Then she told me to count 3-10. Each swat was harder than the last. When she was done, she rubbed the paddle on my burning ass until the raging pain faded.

"I take it that you won't do that again," she said.

"No, it won't happen again, ma'am," I said, but knew I'd have to find more clever ways of diverting my wickedly evil glances.

"Good, now stand up straight, take off your shirt, and put your hands behind your back," she ordered.

"Yes, ma'am," I said.

A slow, warm burn started to return to my stinging ass, but I swore that pussy nudge made me harder than ever.

She walked around me, rubbed her hand on the spots that stung, and said, "Mikey told me that you like to take it in the ass," she said.

"Yes, I do, ma'am," I said.

'"You have to earn that privilege when you're with me," she said.

"What would you like me to do, ma'am?" I asked, trying to make eye contact with her to see if I could break her down.

I could tell it was working by the way she took that little gasp of air in order to regain her sense of composure. She had this look in her eyes that seemed to say, "You're making me cream the crotch of this expensive leather suit."

"I want you to go into my storage room and bring me the four strands of rope on the far left side of the board and bring them to me," she said. "And bring me the brown swede flogger and the two cock rings that are on the workbench."

"Yes, ma'am," she said.

She told Mike to get two chairs and where to put them.

We both returned with the items she asked us to get. She turned to Mike, sashayed over to him to be exact, and turned on this very wicked and seductive smile. The tone of her voice changed from being abrasive and brusque to teasing in a seductive way as she said, "Mikey, you've been such a good boy the last few times you've been with me. I'm going to reward you today."

"Thank you, ma'am!" he said.

His face lit up like a second-grader who pleased the teacher with good behavior or an "A" paper. I wanted to laugh, I almost snickered, but I well enough to know how to play the game.

As she tied his hands to the back side of the chair and around his ankles to the outside front legs of the chair, she told him, "Robbie's going to suck your dick, and he's going to suck it good, but I don't want you to come until I decide you're ready to fuck him in the ass. Would you like that, Mikey?"

"Oh, yes, ma'am!" he said.

When she had him in place, she clamped the rings around this cock and his balls and flicked his balls with the flat end of the crop a few times. Then she took me by the arm and had me stand about 10 feet in front of him.

"Robbie, I want you to get on your hands and knees and crawl to Mikey," she said and she fastened a cock and ball strap around me.

I got this look on my face that wanted to say, "Me? Crawl? For you? To a dude?"

She crossed her arms, scowled, and said, "Don't make me use my paddle again, and don't make me use it in a way you won't like."

She came up closer to me, and under her breath, she said, "I can't wait to see your fine ass in motion."

"Yes, ma'am," I replied.

I followed her slow stride across the room, keeping a peripheral look at the slope of her feet in those shoes and the curves of her heel, ankle and the back of her calves as she glided alongside me. The tip of the crop slid and circled across my ass and on the back of my legs. Whenever she took a quick flick at it against my burning skin, I'd halt, but she was in no mood for me stop for my reflexive reaction. Then again, I always expected the same when it was my hand on the handle and the tip was on a woman's ass.

"Now, Robbie, I want you to suck Mikey's dick exactly the way you would expect your dick to be sucked," she said. "There will be no pussy footing around."

I didn't get the chance to say, "Yes, ma'am." She grabbed me by my hair and shoved my mouth hard and deep onto his cock. He started moaning instantly. I normally didn't enjoy cock sucking; I preferred it done to me, but I figured if I was going to get what I wanted, I had better perform.

I thought of Andrea just after we had sex for the first time. She toyed with me about wanting to give me the best blow job of my life. I told her that I had heard that promise so many times before, but by God, she delivered. She was totally into the rhythm of it and what it took to get me wound up. She seemed to sense every time I wanted in played with, sucked on hard, and as deep she could get it inside of her mouth. I tried to do for Mike what she did for me -- licking around and around, stroking the base of his cock while I sucked hard when I came up on him, and then diving down as deep as I could take him in. Only a few times I slowed down to get my energy back, but a couple of whacks with the flogger on the back of my legs was motivation enough for me to get back in the game -- not just to get Mike off, who had this way of stretching and stiffening his body when it felt really good, but to please Mistress Gabby.

She seemed to be enjoying the show, looking on at my skill and how long I was able to keep Mike so close to the edge. It was amazing how much I learned from Andrea. Thank goodness it was the best blow job of my life.

Mike started to let out these short-breathed pants and Mistress Gabby started taking the ropes off his wrists and then his ankles.

"Robbie, stay on all fours," she said. "Mikey, you get behind him and fuck him like a dog."

She threw a bottle of lube to him and he greased up faster than a mechanic in an Indy pit crew. He placed his hands on my back and slid inside of me like a garter snake slithering into a hole to evade a predator. He felt damn good. I couldn't think in words to have a complete thought as he rammed inside of me with short strokes that felt like an engine running at a pretty good rate of speed. I just let out this continuous low growl as he kept chugging, "Uh ... uh ... uh ..."over and over. Every once in a while I'd hear the "whop" sound of the flogger on Mike's skin that sent an extra jolt to his rhythm. The "whop" sound kept coming more frequently and his spasmodic jolts kept getting stronger until he plunged as deep as he could, stiffened, and shot his hot load inside of me. My elbows slipped to the floor and I suddenly realized how sore and exhausted but how totally blown away I was by the whole experience. I felt as if I lost my mind but got it back again.

And I was still hard.

"OK boys, time to get up," she said as soon as we both regained a sense of normal strength. "You both were so good that I have a treat for you."

She slid her shoulder straps down and revealed her plump, round and full breasts with beautiful light pink areolas and nipples that popped straight out. And the best part was, they were soft and natural.

"You each get a nip and a bite on each nipple," she said.

The both of us savored her nipples until she gave each of us a smack on the ass.

"I hope we get to do this again," she said. "This was fun."

Mike scurried to get his clothes on and said he had to run to work. I took my time getting dressed and couldn't keep my eyes off her, and she definitely had her eyes on me as I zipped up.

She started taking off her shoes until I walked up to her with my eyes locked onto hers, and said, "Don't take your shoes off."

She took one off, placed one hand on her hip, and let the other dangle the shoe off to the side in defiance.

I got right in front of her, looked her straight in her eyes, and said, "I know I can fuck you senseless."

"Really?" she asked.

I grabbed her by the arm that held her shoe, pinned it against the wall without moving my stare, and said, "Yes."

I pressed myself against her as I plunged my tongue in her mouth for a seizing kiss that violated her mouth. I made sure she could feel my cock rubbing up against her as I pulled her shoulder straps back down over her shoulders. This time, both of her tits were mine and on my terms. She seemed to like my terms as she tried to dry hump me.

I grabbed her by the hair and brought her over to a table. I whisked a few things aside before I picked her up, propped her ass on the edge, brought up her feet, took her shoe on her hand and put it back on her foot.

I unsnapped the closure of her crotch and ran my fingers teasingly up and down her pussy lips.

"I knew you had to be creaming your cunt that whole time," I said. "I bet you were."

"Yes," she said, dropping her head back as I stroked her lips.

"And you wanted to me to fuck you that whole time," I said as I slid two fingers inside of her.

"Oh, God, yes," she said.

"And you wanted me to fuck you like a sledgehammer," I said as I toyed with her G-spot.

She let out a yelp as I pressed down hard on her G-spot. She got even louder as I ground my thumb onto her clit in a fast circular motion. There was a constant seepage of cum streaming out of her opening.

I pulled out my fingers, grabbed her by the arm, and pulled her off the table. I undid my pants and pulled them down just enough for me to draw my cock out in a hurry.

"Down on your knees," I said. "I don't have all day."

She grabbed my cock and took it tight in her mouth. I didn't expect finesse. I just wanted the job done and she seemed to know that by the way she was sucking me off as quickly as she could until I was absolutely rigid.

I picked her up, leaned her ass up against the table, and spread her legs open so I could plow my dick inside of her. We both snarled at each other in our race to see who could come the fastest and the hardest. She made it easy to come. Almost too easy, but sometimes there was nothing quite like a rough and fast quickie.

I slid her ass all the way on the table so she could compose herself comfortably. I didn't want to zip and go like some inconsiderate prick. I wove my fingers through her dark curly hair, and said. "That was a pretty amazing time. Are you OK?"

She slid off the table, kicked off her shoes, and said, "Yeah, I'm good. More than good."

She walked away to pick up and shirt and threw it on. She must have sensed just like I did that there was a bit of a damp chill in the air. I could hear the rain outside. I took a look through the blinds and it looked as if it hadn't stopped raining the whole time I was there.

"Come back any time," she said as she was pulling up a pair of jeans over her legs. "It was fun."

I gave her a kiss before I headed out the door, not knowing if I would see her again.

Now here she was at Andrea's as pulled reheated crepes out of the microwave.

"She knows that I switch, but she can't know that I pro," she said. "And she can't know about us."

Andrea walked into the room with a huge smile on her face, and said, "Figures. The two biggest troublemakers I know and you already look like you're getting into trouble. What's with the whispers?"

"I just found out she's my illegitimate half-sister," he said.

We all busted out laughing. I laughed so hard that my guts almost hurt. Or maybe that pang was from the pure fright that Andrea may have heard something that she didn't need to hear.

"Now that you know, will you still accept these flowers from me?" I asked.

Andrea's eyes popped open wide, more so than when I brought in that case of wine for her the other night. I told her the story of where I got them.

"That's so sweet," she said. "I bet you made their day."

"As long as I make yours," I said.

I leaned over to give her a kiss on the side of her cheek, and quickly whispered in her ear, "You look hot."

She did look hot, and all she was wearing was a white tank top and a pair of short running shorts. But most of all, I wanted to cover my tracks and alleviate any suspicion she may have had.

Dinner went surprisingly smooth considering the encounter Greta and I had months before. Aside from her knowing that I like to be fucked by guys and me knowing that she was quite a good fuck herself, if only for one time, I really didn't know a whole lot about Greta except for things Andrea may have said in passing from time to time, but it wasn't enough for me to piece full person together in my mind. I didn't know her mom was a semi-famous artist and her dad was a session musician who both had some small fights of big-time fame back in the late '60's and into the '70's. And Andrea never told me how many companies have commissioned her art for their buildings.

Through the night, we moved from prosecco to beer to a stick of 420. It seemed to be enough for Greta to loosen up to talk about a painting, in great detail, that she had submitted for the Dirty Show.

"The Dirty Show?" I asked.

Greta told me it was a local erotic art show and quite a party, everyone from art school hipsters to corporate executives and their socialite housewives. And it was costume optional.

I looked at Andrea, make that practically leered at Andrea, and said, "We should go."

She grinned, and said, "You should enter."

"Enter what?" Greta asked.

Andrea told Greta about the photograph I took of her camera in front of her crotch on the bed of that show house. I was surprised that Andrea told her most of the details about how it happened, but I was high, and Andrea said, "I don't mind telling her. A bunch of people are going to see it anyway. Besides, no one will know it's me. You can't see my face."

"Do you think it's good enough?" I asked.

"I think it is, but if you think my judgment is slanted, ask her," Andrea said. "She's brutally honest."

"There's less than two weeks to submit to the call for entry," Greta said. "If you really want me to take a look at it, let's set something up."

"Tell you what, let's meet at my place Friday night," I said. "I'll show you the picture, we'll have some cocktails, and we'll go out for dinner. Do you have a date?"

"Nope," Greta said.

"Great," I said. "I'll fix you up with a buddy of mine I know you'll really like. He's the male version of you. Give me your number so I can pass it along to him and the two of you can break the ice before Friday."

What a brilliant move. It was just the opportunity I needed to have the talk with Greta that we really needed to have.

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