tagErotic CouplingsBetter Not Pout Ch. 3

Better Not Pout Ch. 3

byBob Peale©

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"Can I get dressed now?" Stacy asked hopefully.

"Did I ask you a question?" Karen snarled.

Stacy shivered, and shook her head.

"Then don't fucking speak unless I ask you one!"

Oh shit, Stacy thought, I'm going to come if she keeps this up! Right here, in the middle of the floor, in front of all of these people!

Karen sat where Stacy had been standing when she measured her, pulled her skirt up around her waist, and removed her panties. Her pussy was shaved bare, the lips thick and puffy from arousal. The overpowering smell of sex filled Stacy's nostrils as the woman used her index fingers to spread herself wide.

"Get down here and make me happy bitch," she called.

Stacy's eyes widened. Down there? Between her legs? Oh God, unless you counted showers in the dorms or the gym she'd never even been naked with another woman, let alone touched one so…privately. She backed up slowly.

"Don't make me get up," Karen growled, all the while rubbing her clit with her thumb. "This feels too good. If I have to stop, you'll regret it."

Her tone had the desired effect on Stacy, and before she knew it she was kneeling between Karen's legs, her nose centimeters from the soft wet muskiness within.

"Don't just sit there, stupid, lick it," she taunted.

Stacy stuck out her tongue and took a tentative swipe. The flesh tasted salty and tangy, sort of like vinegar, but with an odd, almost pleasant aftertaste. She traced her tongue slowly along the Karen's slit, making her wiggle with excitement.

"Oh, that's it baby. That's a good girl," she cooed. "But let's put a little more muscle in it!"

Stacy continued to tease the woman's crotch.

"What the fuck, haven't you ever eaten pussy? Stick that fucking tongue in!" she moaned.

Stacy was embarrassed, but she also she would have done anything the woman asked. Her own pussy was sopping wet, dripping so bad that a puddle had formed on the floor under her. She wanted desperately to rub herself, but wouldn't do so without permission.

Abruptly Karen grabbed Stacy's head and pulled it firmly into her crotch. She used Stacy's mouth for her own pleasure, rubbing her crotch in her face, along her tongue, in her mouth. Stacy gagged as first the woman's scent then her juice filled her mouth and nose. She could hear Karen's pants and moans gain intensity.

"Grab, my ass, you little bitch. Pull yourself closer."

Stacy complied, a hand on each cheek, her rock hard nipples grazing the Karen's legs and sending quivering ripples of pleasure throughout her entire body. When Karen moved one foot between Stacy's legs, rubbing her hard, using her toes to manipulate her clit, Stacy sobbed, the strength of her orgasm overpowering. Karen mashed her pussy into Stacy's face, throwing her head back and groaning as her own orgasm spilled over her. She held Stacy's head steady as she came, bathing her face in juice.

Two days later, Stacy received a message that her costumes were ready. The following Monday she returned to the Wardrobe Department, a little relieved that Karen wasn't working. The attendant that gave her her costumes flashed her a knowing smile but said nothing; Stacy accepted them and looked away, embarrassed.

From Wardrobe she went to the Toy Department, where Santa's Winter Wonderland was set up and ready to receive customers. A sign hanging on a candy cane pole read, "Santa Is Out Feeding The Reindeer – Back in 30 Minutes." She asked around and was directed to a break room hidden behind one of the cash registers.

It was more than a room - it was really a suite - with lockers and a shower, as well as a general room with a couch, some tables and a few chairs. There were already several people there: two adult midgets dressed like elves, a black woman in a suggestive polar bear outfit, and a Santa Claus. They were all sitting around the table drinking soda.

"You must be the Mrs." one of the elves said appreciatively and Stacy felt her cheeks redden. "I'm Teddie, and that's Lana and Bill," he gestured towards the polar bear and the other elf, "and Santa there's name is Keith. Welcome."

"Well don't just stand there – get dressed. We have kids coming." Keith urged.

His tone was insistent, just enough that she felt a twinge like she'd felt in Personnel and in Wardrobe. Oh shit, she was getting turned on again. Hurriedly, she slipped into the women's locker room and got into her costume.

She hadn't bothered to try it on in Wardrobe, so this was the first time she actually got to see what she would be wearing, and more importantly, how it looked on her. On the hangar, the costume looked considerably more substantial.

The fur trimmed red skirt stopped at mid thigh, with barely enough material to keep her ass covered if she bent over. The top was constructed so that it lifted her breasts and pushed them together, creating a very impressive valley despite her modest build. There was no room for her to wear a bra, and it was clear that Karen had done this intentionally. It was lined with a coarse material, almost like burlap, that assaulted her nipples, stimulating them greater than she would have thought possible. The more excited she got, the more they rubbed, and the hotter she got. She was already trembling; the thought of wearing this forty hours a week made her gasp, but it would be blessed torture.

The outfit was completed by a fur trimmed red hat and white short boots. In the mirror she saw a porno version of Mrs. Claus staring back at her, and would have been lying if she'd said she wasn't pleased with the results. She exited the locker room to catcalls and whistles.

"Come here, let me take a look at my wife," Keith teased.

Stacy took a deep breath and walked over.

"Not bad," Keith admired. He reached out a hand and pulled her toward him. "You'll work out just fine."

His short afro was more gray than black and his light brown eyes looked almost clear. His face had no visible lines, yet he looked distinguished, like a professor or a banker or a family doctor. His nose, wide and flat, flared slightly when he breathed.

His full lips pulled back in a sly smile as he encircled her wrists with the largest hands Stacy had ever seen. It felt like he was holding her entire forearm in a grip that was gentle yet hard as steel. "Teddie, check and see if she got the memo."

He laughed, a deep and comforting sound, as a puzzled look spread across her face. She heard someone move behind her, then felt her skirt rise.

"Hey!" she shrieked.

""Keep your voice down," Keith said quietly, his tone easy but with an unmistakable threat underlying it. "Teddie is just making sure you're presentable."

She didn't have to wait long to find out what he meant by that. Teddie's hand snaked under the waistband of both her panties and her hose and pulled downward.

"We're a loose and free shop here," Teddie chuckled. "Santa's orders, no underwear. It's easier to tell who's being naughty and who's being nice."

He slid them all the way down to her feet and prompted Stacy to step clear. She looked pleadingly at Santa, but it was clear that she'd get no waiver from him. Her heart skipped.

"Don't make us have to check again, do you understand?" he asked with a slight edge in his voice.

Stacy nodded.

"Good," his smile widened.

"Keith, the kids will be here any second." Teddie piped up.

Keith let go of Stacy's wrists. "Its show time."

Everyone filed out of the break room and took there places. Stacy was still so stunned she that the first part of her shift just breezed by. As they were shutting down for their mid-evening break, she saw Brad over by the cashier's booth.

"Hey Mrs. Claus, got a present for me?"

Stacy ran over to her husband and hugged him tightly, showering him with kisses.

'Wow, and I didn't even have to sit on Santa's lap!" he teased. "You look great hon! I thought Mrs. Claus was supposed to be some frumpy old biddy that played with little people."

Stacy blushed. "Is it too much? I didn't pick it; it was issued to me!" she protested.

"Honest honey, it looks great. In fact," he looked around to see if anyone was within earshot, "maybe later you can sit on MY lap in that outfit."

She punched him playfully and thanked him for coming down to show his support on her first day of work.

"So, is that the real Mr. Claus?" Keith asked when she returned to the break room.

Stacy nodded.

"He seems like a nice enough guy. Think he realized your pussy was hanging out?"

Stacy blushed, embarrassed. She had almost forgotten. Had Brad seen? Her heart sank. Throughout the rest of the night she agonized over what her husband may have seen, and how he might feel about it.

To Be Continued...

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