Better than Dead


I appreciate all constructive comments and suggestions from other authors and readers.Of course this kind of transformation is not possible, it is erotic fiction after all.


As I look back on the series of events that brought me here, I cannot see how I had any options, but Ralph (he makes me call him Ralphy now) says every choice I made was the one I wanted.

It all started just over a year ago when I was diagnosed with an aggressive form of melanoma and was told I only had a few months to live. Of course I was devastated. I was an otherwise healthy male, only 35 years old, I ate right, worked out regularly, drank only socially, and very rarely used recreational drugs. Now it wouldn't be long before I was dead.

Ralph was an old college chum who at that time worked in the R&D department of a major pharmaceutical firm. After the diagnosis, I asked him if there were any cutting edge treatments or clinical trials going on at his company, that I might sign up for, in hopes of living a bit longer. His initial response was that there were none, but after a long pause, he suggested that there was a long shot, a very early genetic engineering experimental treatment, that might be worth a try.

"After all", he said, "When the alternative is dead what have you got to lose?"

I told him to check it out and sign me up if there was any chance of receiving the treatment. A couple days later, Ralph called me to say he had great news. The treatment could be made available to me if I was willing to sign a full release protecting the company and its employees from damages if things went wrong, and giving them rights to publish the results if everything was successful. To say that I was ecstatic would be a gross understatement, and after a cursory glance at the papers, I signed.

In retrospect, I should have been aware of several strange circumstances surrounding this treatment, but when the alternative is death, moving ahead quickly seems the only choice.

It was the following Tuesday night that Ralph picked me up and drove me to the lab. I asked why we were doing this at night, and why the place seemed so deserted but Ralph said it was the only available lab time on such short notice. Two lab techs, John and Bill, were waiting for us in the lab when we arrived. This put me at ease, since I had met them both different times when Ralph hosted Super Bowl and World Series parties, and they had always seemed to be good guys. After greeting the two men, Bill explained that the treatment was a new development in genetic engineering. I was to be infected with a virus which carried a cancer free genetic code, which would replace my current damaged genes. It seems strange now, that I never thought to ask where the new genetic code came from, but I trusted Ralph to save my life and it never occurred to me to question his methods or motives.

John helped me get settled on the gurney while Bill and Ralph prepared the IV bag. Bill said there would be 3 bags of IV and that there would be some discomfort during the process. He suggested that it would be best if I would allow him to administer a sedative and I agreed. The last thing I recall was Ralph saying

"Don't worry Allan, after this treatment you'll be in great shape in no time."

which caused the other two to chuckle.

I woke up in the spare room at Ralph's condo and was very disoriented until I recalled that Ralph had suggested that I stay with him while the treatment progressed. Luckily, Ralph's girlfriend Abby had just lost her apartment and she had been happy to sublet mine for a few months. I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom. Man, whatever was in those IV bags sure must have gone right through me. I spent most of the next 6 hours sitting on the toilet. Ralph was extremely attentive and made sure I had plenty to drink so as not to become dehydrated. By Friday, I was starting to feel extremely weak, and noticed that my clothes had become a little loose and baggy in the waist and shoulders. I also thought it strange that my blonde hair seemed to have dark roots. Bill and John came over on Saturday morning. They both commented on my new thinner appearance, saying that everything was progressing as planned. Bill produced another IV bag for what he called a supplementary treatment and once again, suggested that I might be more comfortable if I were sedated.

When I woke up on Sunday, I was even more disoriented. My whole center of gravity seemed to be off as I rushed to the bathroom. Once again, I was captive to the toilet for most of the day. I never knew a person could eliminate that much waste in such a short period. As before, Ralph was an attentive friend. I was surprised to hear a higher pitch to my voice as I asked Ralph about losing all this weight, but he just smiled and said it was the treatment breaking me down so it could build me up again.

Monday, the severe pain started. I was in agony. Hot flashes alternated rapidly with cold chills followed immediately with the sweats. I couldn't bear the pain in my muscles and bones. Ralph called Bill, who came over on his lunch hour. Bill administered some high strength pain relievers and a Valium to help me cope. My pain was relieved, and my anxiety was eliminated enough to be able to doze off for the afternoon. That night after dinner, Bill arrived with another IV saying that it was best if I would let him sedate me for a few days until the worst of the effects had passed. Still feeling the calming effects of the Valium, it seemed reasonable to allow him to help me in this way.

I have strange memories and flashes of consciousness during this period of sedation which I now know lasted for over three months. At different times I experienced all kinds of strange sensations. These feelings were often accompanied by repeated bright flashes of light.

This time when I awoke, the world was a different place. Everything seemed larger and my body felt totally unfamiliar to me. Ralph was right there to help me sit up. Once sitting, I noticed an unfamiliar weight on my chest, and an unnatural spread to my hips. When I spoke it was with a high pitched voice, almost feminine I thought. Almost feminine!

"Ralph. OH GOD Ralph, what's happening to me" I screamed, then fainted.

When I came to, Ralph's strong arms were wrapped around me.

"You're cured" he stated calmly. "Wanna see the new you?"

It was someone else's reflection in the full length mirror. A slight women in her early twenties about 5 feet tall, with medium length hair, blonde at the tips but otherwise brunette. The face was smooth with large doe eyes, high cheekbones and a button nose complete with freckles. She looked shocked, and her open mouth was covered by small feminine hands. Large, firm breasts poked into her tee shirt revealing big erect nipples. Protruding below the shirt were two almost perfectly smooth legs which terminated in dainty feet with perfect little toes. I fainted again. Ralph easily caught and picked up my new body and returned it to the comfort of my bed.

As I was again returning to consciousness, Ralph was emptying a hypodermic full of sedative into my arm.

"There, there Alan. just lay back. this will make you feel better. Now I can tell you what happened."

As the chemically induced calm washed over me, he told me that I was now 100% cancer free, and could look forward to a long and healthy life. He then told me that Bill and John had used the DNA they had previously retrieved from a college student volunteer, and that it was the only sample available at the time I needed to have my treatment. They had all agreed not to disclose the nature of the DNA until after the procedure was complete in case I changed my mind.

"I guess we'll have to call you Ellen instead of Allen from now on" he said. Then he then told me to get some rest and I faded out of consciousness

During the following week, Ralph always referred to me as Ellen. So did John and Bill, who either together or individually dropped in almost daily to check on my progress. To make sure I got proper rest, Ralph ensured that I was totally unconscious at night, but he reduced my sedation during the day as I began to come to terms with my new name and situation. In the mornings I often awoke with a strange taste in my mouth or a crusty discharge on my chest, and I still had strange dreams, weird feelings and saw those bright flashes, but I assumed it was all due to the treatment and the enormous changes my body had experienced.

Abby comes to call:

Later that week, Ralph told me he had a surprise for me. Abby was coming by on the weekend to take me for a girls day out. True to her word, she was there bright and early Saturday morning and gave me Jeans, top, bra, undies and shoes to wear for our adventure. Our first stop was the salon, where they plucked my brows and removed the remnants of Alan's blond hair giving Ellen a short girlish bob. From there it was straight to the high fashion stores. Next stop, La Senza, where I was properly fitted for a bra and blushed as Abby picked out a couple pairs of matching bra and thong sets for me. Next came outerwear, including a sleek silk chemise and a classy leather skirt. Shoes. Pumps with 4" heels so I wouldn't feel quite so short. It certainly took some getting used to walking in those. Having not had any exercise in this body, by the time we got home I was exhausted. Abby said a hot bath would make me feel like a new woman. That statement made us both giggle like school girls. Abby passed me some depilatory cream and gave me some instruction on how to "do my legs" That task complete she suggested that I trim my pubes and shave all but a narrow "landing strip" to complement my new thong undies. and as I did that, she drew me a bath dropping in some bath oil beads she had brought. I slipped into the tub and relaxed into the smell and silky feel of the warm soapy water. The sensuous feeling of my hands slipping over my skin caused my first stirrings of female arousal. Once I was out of the tub, Abby helped me with some make-up applying a light blush, eyeliner and mascara. My reflection became that of a gorgeous young woman. Abby went to the kitchen to help Ralph with the dinner as I dressed in my new outfit.

They both gasped when I entered the kitchen, and Ralph made a wolf whistle. He then walked over, took my hand, and led me to a seat at the dinner table. The three of us enjoyed a great meal and some very fine wine. The wine went quickly to my head and I found myself getting quite tipsy as the meal ended. Abby said it would be a shame to waste such a fine evening by leaving early and suggested we enjoy a movie. Ralph sat to my right on the couch as Abby inserted the DVD into the machine.

"I picked this out specially for us" she said snuggling in on my left.

I didn't catch the title as Abby skipped to the start of the movie, but the first couple scenes were pretty inane. In the third scene, the female lead was approached and kissed by a short haired brunette. Within seconds, the two women were locked in a hot embrace. As Allen, girl-girl sex had always been a particular turn-on for me, and as the action on the screen intensified, I started to feel the effects of the wine and months of sexual deprivation. I felt my lower abdomen melting like butter, and I started squirming in my seat. Abby leaned into me, turned my face towards her and kissed me deeply. She then pulled back and softly whispered,

" Is this exciting you? I've wanted to make love to a woman for a long time and I convinced Ralph that it would be fun for me to help you break in your new body."

She leaned in and kissed me again, but this time she pressed her tongue into my mouth and began caressing my breast. A soft feminine moan escaped my throat as the intensity of my arousal increased quickly.

Abby took immediate control and soon my chemise and bra were open and she was stroking my pussy lips with one hand while she alternated sucking my rigid nipples into her mouth, sending electric jolts straight to my clit. Somehow the rest of our clothes disappeared and soon we were naked and writhing on the floor, mimicking the action on the screen. At one point I recall being shocked at seeing Ralph, pants pulled down, stroking his cock as he watched. The thought was quickly replaced as his girlfriend moved down my body and began lapping at my cunt. This was more than I could bear and soon I was screaming out as my first female orgasm shook me to my core. The spasms seemed to continue endlessly in wave after wave, as Abby expertly worked her magic on my sex. As I started to recover from my first orgasm. Abby swung herself around to give me access to her sopping cunt. As she lowered her pussy to my lips, she began to penetrate me with her fingers. I was caught off guard by the intensity of my response to her invasion, and I was amazed when I started to come again so soon. As I arched my back and neck in orgasmic release, I once again caught sight of Ralph standing over us, rapidly fisting his cock as he watched. Suddenly he dropped to his knees and approached Abby, obviously intending to fuck her. I had never had any homosexual leanings and the thought of Ralph's cock in such close proximity to my face freaked me out. I quickly retreated from beneath Abby, whose surprise turned to pleasure as Ralph's cock penetrated her sex. Abby refused to release her lip lock on my pussy. Her mouth was pushed repeatedly into me by Ralph's thrusts and I felt the vibrations of her moans tickle my clit as as we both came together. I drifted to sleep from a combination of too much wine and the post orgasmic relaxation. Ralph picked me up and carried me to my bedroom where he and Abby tucked me in for the night.

Ralph's actions, exposed

I slept deep and long but I was troubled by strange sex dreams. Feeling a limp penis harden as it was pressed into my small hand. Flash. Ralph stroking himself last night. A gagging sensation as a large hot object was pushed into my mouth. Flash Flash Flash. Ralph moving towards Abby and me. A probing and stretching pressure in my groin. Flash Flash. A hard cock rubbing on my chest and nipples. Ralph's cock squirting cum onto my breasts. RALPH'S COCK!! Adrenaline shot through me and suddenly I was fully awake. OH MY GOD What had Ralph been doing to me while I had been drugged!

As luck would have it I heard Ralph in the hall at just that moment and I ran out to confront him.

"YOU BASTARD. You've been diddling me while I was drugged out."

Ralph just stood there and stared at me with a crooked smile on his face. I suddenly realized that I was standing there, hands on hips, totally nude and exposed to his stare. Already on the edge, this pushed me over into full hysteria and I ran crying, back to my room slamming the door behind me. When the door banged open, Ralph ran in and easily overpowered me, sticking me with a sedative hypo. As I faded out of consciousness, I felt Ralph's hands rubbing over my body.

"There, there, Ellen. Now we can really have some fun" he sneered.

Since he had already been found out, this time Ralph changed the type of sedation he administered. I was aware and able to function somewhat, but It was simply too much effort to fight him off, so he was able to have his way with me. He took the whole first day to enjoy his new toy. When he walked up to my bed that morning he pulled my face around and pressed his cock into my mouth. As he came in my mouth, I was horrified to realize this was the strange taste I had woken up to so many times in the past weeks.

The first time I can remember him entering me was later that same day, I was naked and spread eagle on the bed. He had watched the discomfort on my face as he spread lubricant on my pussy lips and shoved his fingers in to the hilt. When he felt that I was suitably lubed up, he removed his fingers and, as he stared into my eyes, he pushed his hard cock into me. After so many weeks of screwing a comatose partner, it was clearly a turn-on for him to see me react. He couldn't take his eyes off my face as he began to take his pleasure. As his strokes increased in speed, he leaned down onto me whispering in my ear, telling me how good I felt on his cock, asking me how it felt to be the woman, and telling me how I would be getting plenty of sex from now on. Within minutes he stiffened and cried out as I felt his seed spray inside my cunt. In spite of myself, I had started to become aroused by the sensations of his fucking, but he had finished long before I was ready to come. He laughed when a tear ran down my cheek. He was insatiable that first day and true to his word, I got plenty of sex. He fucked me twice more in bed, took me on the kitchen table after lunch, and again on the balcony after dinner. He must have been buying Viagra in bulk. That time while Ralph was energetically thrusting into me from behind, Abby walked in. A surge of hope ran through me, maybe Abby could stop this madness. As I turned to look at her I saw that her face was painted with rage. Screaming obscene names at Ralph, she stormed over to us, slapped my face and called me a man stealing whore. She told Ralph that they were through, then threw his key on the floor and stormed out of the apartment. Through it all Ralph hardly missed a stroke and was soon filling me with his cum once again. The final time for that day was in bed around midnight. Each time, the unwanted feelings of my arousal grew stronger. Sunday was more of the same and after his morning blow job, he made sure I saw him swallow the Viagra which allowed him to take me 6 more times that day. Each time my arousal grew, but I could never come.

Soon I also found out what the bright flashes had been. While I had been sedated, Ralph had taken hundreds, maybe thousands of pictures of me in various stages of undress. I had no idea where all the clothes had come from but there was a seemingly endless array of bras, garters, thongs bikinis and lingerie. There were shots of me in fetish costume too. Sexy secretary, French maid, even a nun. He must have spent hours dressing me up and photographing me in all sorts of lewd poses in every room in the condo. Between sex sessions, he got me to put on one of his favorite outfits, and sit on his lap by the computer. He described in detail when he had dressed me in each costume, and showed me photo after photo including those of him fucking me in each one. One day he showed me a whole series of photos he had taken during my transformation. Picture after picture flashed on the screen showing my shrinking genitals, and growing breasts, many showing Ralph's cock squirting a load of come onto my body. There was plenty of photographic evidence that since my pussy had not yet developed, Ralph had made extensive use of my mouth. It became apparent that Ralph had a penchant for facials, as many of the pictures I saw showed cum on my face and lips and I was often forced to blow him again as he looked at the screen. Through it all, I was on a wild roller-coaster of arousal. Unbidden, my libido increased each time Ralph fucked me, but I was frustrated that I could never climax. I felt close many times, but the arousal just kept increasing without release. Apparently the sedative Ralph was administering to keep me compliant had blocked my ability to come.

John spends the day:

It had now been some 6 months since my initial treatment and Ralph suddenly stopped my sedation. The first morning I woke up without drugs I felt simply awful. My mind was a mess . Every nerve was raw from chemical withdrawal and my weeks-long endless roller coaster of arousal, but I decided that I was leaving that very day. I searched my room for some reasonable clothes to wear, and decided on a low cut black dress that was ridiculously short but was, by far the most conservative piece of clothing in the room. Every pair of shoes had at least 6" heels and had never been intended for walking. I put on a pair and headed out into the hall. As I left my room Ralph was standing there with a cup of coffee.

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