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Better Than Just Friends


True story. Thought I'd try something knew. Tell me what you think.

Starts off with slowly, but it's worth it. Just read through.

Enjoy ~


I placed the food down in front of where we were sitting, and as I went to go sit down our legs brushed together. I felt little tingles, something I'd never felt when I touched Chris. We were friends; that was all. We'd been friends for so long now that I could almost read what he was about to say just by looking in his eyes. We'd started to finish each other's sentences. And for the longest time if you had suggested a kiss between us, I would have protested that that would be like incest.

But that one touch, among millions where we had brushed against each other, that felt nothing like incest. We were best friends since first grade. And I could still remember when I met him. I had just finished a drawing and I held it up across for the little boy sitting there to see. He then, adamantly, took the drawing and ripped it in half. He'd expected me to cry, but I lunged across the table until we were in a full on wrestling match. Our parents were called, we were separated, and we were put in "detention" together. No recess, instead we had to stay in the classroom for the 2 hours.

And that was the start of our friendship, those two hours were like mini adventures, and we've had adventures ever since. We told each other everything. Even on dating issues, when he had girl problems and I had boy problems we helped each other out. And I will be honest. Chris was hot. Truly, when he hit sophomore year of high school his body changed. He hit the weight room, and when we went swimming together I couldn't help but notice his newly defined abs. His hair flowed perfectly down his head with a luscious blonde color. His eyes were a warm, inviting, blue. He was the golden boy. And consequently he got attention from girls. It had never bothered me, unless he was in a bad relationship with a bitch, I had my own guy problems to work out.

We talked about sex too. Not in an intimate way, but just blatantly. He knew that I'd come so close to having sex senior year, that a guy popped my hymen with his finger, but I was still a virgin. Something had stopped me, and I was glad because the guy turned out to be the biggest asshole on the planet. I knew that Chris had sex for the first time as a junior, with the bitchiest girl on the east coast, and that fact had completely taken away from the experience.

Now that we were in college, things were different. I was at Princeton, and he was at Brown, and we rarely got to see each other. When we did, it was wonderful, when we didn't, skype just didn't always cut it. My girlfriends were awesome, but there was so much comfort in a guy friend. It was different, and in many ways, better. Seeing each other was bittersweet.

I lost my virginity freshman year, to a guy who I thought I loved. No instinct stopped me, and he still turned out to be an asshole. That was a few months ago, and I hadn't told Chris yet.

Last week we found out we both had a four daylong weekend, and my roommates were going home, so Chris agreed to come stay for the weekend. As my best friend Krissa was packing and I was sitting on her bed, she turned to me.

"So he's hot?"

"Yeah, I guess you could say that." I had trouble admitting Chris's attractiveness to myself.

"Friends with benefits?"

"NO." I said, way too quickly. She looked at me quizzically.

"Sarah, what? Have you guys fucked?"

"No, he's like my brother."

"That was a lie," God it is so fucking hard to lie to a Psych major, "the brother part. Well, you want to know what I think?"

"No, but your going to tell me anyway."

"Either marry him or fuck him. Or both. Fuck him, if it feels right date him. Fuck him; if it feels wrong then go back to being friends, he'll agree. Either way, you need to fuck him."

"I'm not going to have sex with my best friend, Krissa, it doesn't work that way."

"Whatever. You obviously love the guy. And if you are compatible physically then it could be twice as good. You're a smart girl Sarah, don't be stupid about something that could actually work." I watched silently as she zipped up her bag, grabbed her purse, hugged me, took a coke from the fridge and headed out. As she was leaving she turned back, her soft brown eyes were way too serious.

"Have fun in the apartment..." She paused smiled, her eyes brightened, "all alone, just the two of you." And she was gone.

Chris arrived a few hours later. I could actually feel the relief of seeing him; it was like lying in your own bed after a long, hard trip. We sat down and I ordered pizza. I grabbed two beers form the fridge and we started to catch up. About everything, classes, teachers, friends, home etc. I hadn't realized how much I'd truly missed him.

My phone started ringing, so I leaned down, while I was talking to Chris I didn't even look at the caller ID but answered it.


"Hey Babe," it was Jasper, my ex, and his breathing was shaky. I could tell immediately he was drunk.

"I told you not to call me," I said, frustrated. Chris looked at me, and his eyes pierced mine, searching them to figure out whom I was talking to.


"Your pathetic, I'm hanging up."

"NO! No wait. Please. I have to tell you something." I wanted so much to hang up, but curiosity was always my fatal flaw.

"Who is it?" Chris said, his patience completely gone. I held up a finger to my lips, but it was too late.

"ARE YOU WITH SOMEONE? Who are you with, who is he, I'll kill him. Give me a name."

"You are ridiculous. I'm tired of this bullshit. Goodbye." But he didn't stop, and I was starting to feel sick to my stomach.

"Does he know that I fucked you? Does he know that you screamed in ecstasy when I came inside of you? Remember babe, when we came together, when you rode me? Remember----" I hung up.

Tears threatened, pooling at my eyelids. Chris was staring at me, shock and worry written on his face, in his eyes. I never cried. And he didn't know what to do, seeing me on the edge of tears. I grabbed the trashcan that was sitting in the corner and I dry heaved. Bile rising up and burning my throat. I slid to the ground and I let the tears roll down my cheeks, for the first time in forever. Chris finally moved, he went over and lifted me up. I could feel the muscles in his arms contracting as he lifted all my weight. One arm under my knees, the other on my back. And he carried me to the couch, laid me down, sat down, and then pulled me into his arms.

He didn't say anything, just held me there until I calmed down. Not in an intimate way, in the same way any friend would hold you when you were having a break down. He wiped the tears from my eyes and played with my hair above my ear. Finally I stopped breathing heavy and I closed my eyes. Just letting myself remember that I was safe with him that he wasn't going to hurt me. I sat up and he looked at me, the concern on his face made me want to laugh and want to cry at the same time. It ended up this awkward mixture of both.

His concern deepened, "What?". I smiled.

"Nothing, your just cute being all worried like that."

"How could I not be? I've known you forever and I've never seen you break down like that. Tell me what happened." Chris knew me well enough not to ask if I wanted to tell him, he knew that I would. And I did. I told him about Jasper. About everything that happened. About how I found out he was fucking another girl on the side.

"I can't believe I gave it up to that...that asshole." I looked down, finally admitting to myself everything that had happened, "it's my biggest regret." Chris lifted my chin up and smiled at me.

"Trust me, I know how you feel, remember Scary Mary?" We both laughed, remembering his first sexual experience.

"It literally makes me sick thinking about it," I explained, pointing to the trashcan, "and I don't have a good experience to compare it with. The other guy basically manhandled me." We laughed again, and just his presence made me feel better. We just sat there in silence for a little, enjoying the feel of each other in the same room.



"Why...." But he didn't finish instead he just trailed off.

"Why what?"

"Why didn't we ever, you know, date?" I looked at him but he wouldn't meet my eyes, how was I supposed to answer that? He continued, "Like we never even tried it...we know exactly what each other is like, what we want."

"But maybe that's just it, maybe we know each other too well."

"That doesn't make any—" The doorbell rang and we both jumped a little.

"It's just the pizza," I said quietly, "I'll get everything, turn on the TV."

When I came back, that's when our legs touched. I could see it in his eyes, he felt something too. I leaned over to grab the remote and when I looked up, Chris was looking down my shirt. Our eyes met and he turned bright red, then pretended like he was watching TV. I wasn't even wearing a provocative shirt. Maybe he was just noticing how my freshmen 15 had all gone to my boobs, I went from A cups, to almost C cups. Maybe.

I leaned forward to grab some food, and a piece of my dark hair fell in my eyes. I pushed it behind my ear and sat back.

"Sarah, you do realize your really beautiful, right?" I looked at him and wondered what was going on, my stomach started to buzz a little.

"I'm gonna go get a glass of water, you want one?" I said, completely avoiding the comment, he nodded. I stood up and walked into my little kitchen area. I went to go open the cabinet, but before I did I stopped and pressed my head against the cold glass. I felt heated, and I didn't know what to think of how I was feeling. I reached up and grabbed two glasses, shutting the glass door.

But two arms wrapped around my waste. I barely kept from yelping, and dropped the glass. It hit the tabletop and rolled to a stop. I felt Chris's body pressing against mine from behind, feeling the heat and also the gentleness in his touch. I felt butterflies in my stomach, like what happens when I'm about to take off in a plane.

He put his face in the nook of my neck and breathed his hot breath, his lips brushing me there. I let out an uncontrollable gasp and my back arched into him as a shiver ran down my body. Never before had I felt something so intense from just touching. I whirled around, and he kept his arms around me, our noses barely touching.

"Chris..." I gasped, and it was obvious I was having trouble controlling my breathing. He looked at me, and I looked at his lips, trying to resist the urge to attack them. If we were going to stop this, it had to be now.

"Sarah. Just give me one kiss. Just give me one taste, and if it feels so wrong then we can stop, we can go watch a movie and pretend that it never happened. One kiss." His breathing was deep and hoarse.

"You and I.... we both know this is not going to be one kiss," Then he kissed me. It was gentle at first, and his lips sent heat into my body and I immediately felt the wetness between my legs deepen. My pussy literally hurt when he kissed me, a feeling I had never felt. "Holy shit." I said when we pulled away, my lips tingling.

"Not wrong. Not wrong at all." And in response I grabbed the back of his head and pulled his lips to mine, ferociously. The bulge in his pants touched my crotch; my legs were just long enough.

We opened our mouths and our tongues started to dance. I bit the bottom of his lip and sucked it up as I started to lift myself up. He knew exactly what I was doing and lifted me onto the counter. That way his bulge that was straining against his jeans was literally pressing into my crotch as I spread my legs and wrapped them around him. We kissed, never letting our lips part. We started to grind into each other; his bulge pushing into my crotch was too much. I felt like my wetness was going to seep through my pants and my pussy was burning, already begging for his dick.

We were so passionate that I barely noticed how we were slamming into the cabinet with our faux-fucking. The glass that was on the counter rolled off and broke into a million pieces. I didn't even notice. His lips went to my neck again and I let out a moan, like smoke escaping a chimney. I shivered again, and had no idea my neck was such a sensitive spot. His hands grabbed either side of my shirt and tried to unbutton it, but he was shaking and it wasn't working, but he kept kissing me, down towards me breasts.

It was taking too long, the buttons weren't working. I pushed him away slightly and I could almost here my body protest. I grabbed either side and ripped it down, the buttons exploding off. He laughed and kissed me again, pushing the remnants of my shirt down my shoulders and off my body. He expertly unhooked my bra and yanked it away, kissing me as he cupped one of my breasts. The nipples hardened and perked up like they never had. He leaned down and licked one then suckled them. I threw back my head and moaned.

"Fuck. I want you inside me so badly right now," I said as my pussy was contracting with each suckle of my breast. Chris didn't respond but groaned in response and I could literally see his bulge get bigger. "Bedroom." I said through a moan, putting my hands in his hair.

"What?" He asked, coming up to kiss me again.

"Bedroom!" I said, pointing. He grabbed me and lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around him so that he could carry me. We stumbled across the room, kissing the whole way. He dropped me on the bed, ramming his bulge into my crotch. He sat up and lifted his shirt off. I stopped him from coming all the way down and ran my hands down his defined abs, they were incredible.

"I've wanted to touch these forever," I said but then I saw the bulge of his pants and I unbuttoned them, my attention on something entirely new. But he laid me down, pushing himself between my legs and when our chests touched and my nipples rubbed against him it made me want to cum right there and then.

He unbuttoned my shorts and practically ripped them off my body along with my underwear. His hand touched my wet mound and I let out a yelp, a good erotic yelp. A noise I had never made before in my life. He stuck a finger in my hot hole, and it slipped in so easily because of my wetness. He leaned down and kissed me, and than kissed down my body over my nipples and to my pelvis, causing my to writhe underneath him.

He licked me and tasted it, making both of us let out a soft inner moan. He pumped his finger in and out while licking my clit. I could already feel myself about to explode.

"Oh fuck. I'm about to cum." He just moaned in response and continued. "No! Stop." He looked up, his finger now rubbing my clit; I was writhing, trying to prevent myself from exploding. "I want to come the first time with you inside me." He looked at me and nodded. But it was my turn.

I grabbed his pants and unbuttoned them, yanking them off, and then the boxers. His cock swung out and I gasped, it was at least 9 inches, and when I grabbed it with my hand it grew and hardened until 10. I started to pump my hand around the shaft, and my pussy ached with the thought of it inside of me. I leaned down and licked it from his balls until I'd licked the pre-cum off the top.

He moaned, "Stop, I'm going to cum." He leaned into me and kissed me, and I stopped, but I kept my hand on his monstrous dick, not wanting to let go. He looked around.

"Condom?" He asked, completely out of breath. I looked at him, and I had already made my decision.

"I'm on the pill. I want you to come inside of me." That was all he needed for convincing. He rubbed his shaft along my slit, somehow making it impossibly wetter, "but.... how?" He looked where I was pointing, at the intense size of his dick. "How will it fit?"

"I know it will fit, want to know how?" I nodded and watched as he positioned the head of his cock at my opening. I spread my legs wide, and bent my knees slightly. "I know because we were made for each other. I know because we will be a whole and it will fit perfectly there, because that's where it belongs. It was made to fit there."

I wanted to laugh, or cry, or both again. Because what he said was perfect. Then he pushed his 10 incher into me. I cried out in pleasure as my pussy enveloped his cock, stretching as it filled me gloriously up. And he was right; his dick literally hit the end of my canal just as his balls hit my ass. He smiled at me, almost like "I told you so."

He leaned down and kissed me, and I kissed him hard back. "Hard or soft?" He asked me. I only needed to smile at him for him to know what I wanted. And I wanted it SO bad.

He pulled nearly all the way out, just so his head was puckering my flower. And then he dove back into me with a grunt. He started to pump, in out in out in out. And I started to feel the orgasm returning. His dick rubbed against my g-spot and I cried out, he knew he'd touched it. He started ramming into me harder. Faster and harder. He was moaning and I was practically screaming.

"Fuck. Holy fuck, yes yes yes. Come on fuck me, fuck me so hard! Fuck me COME ON! Harder! Please. YES! YES!" I could feel it building, and I could feel his dick start to quiver. He was nearly screaming too.

"UGH. FUCK! Fuck I'm going to come." But he kept pumping.

Then he slowed down, his balls and dick still ready to explode. And he pulled in and out very slowly, slow enough that I could feel his dick twitching. That was all I needed. I came with as much force as a tsunami, it built up and I held it just on the edge, giving me the most intense pleasure I'd ever felt. As that was happening Chris was pumping into me harder again fucking me like a machine. His dick exploded just as I went over the edge and we came together. I felt our juices rolling down my vagina inside me and it made my orgasm continue, I realized I was clutching myself to his back, my nails digging in. I sank to the bed, convulsions rippling through me and causing my whole body to shake. We kissed and he stayed there, inside me, semi-hard.

I clutched him to me, and we kissed, our breathing calming down as our orgasms subsided. I hadn't felt anything like what I'd just experienced before; it was something unexplainable. He looked into my eyes and I felt his cock harden slightly inside of me, causing my pussy to contract around it. I giggled, and he silenced it with a kiss. He slid out and laid next to me so we were tangled together.

"I feel so empty without you inside of me, how did I go my whole life like this?" He laughed and in response he easily slid his softening member back in, just resting it there in my warmth.

"I think it finally found a home." He said and we laughed at our silly comments, almost delirious in our lust filled haze. "Sarah..." I kissed him, without tongue, just to taste the salt of his sweat on his lips.

"I didn't know it was possible to feel this way," I whispered to him, and I could tell he knew what I meant.

"Sarah, I love you. Not the 'I love you' guys say during or after sex because they just wanted a fuck. I truly love you. I've never said that to anyone not related to me. Just looking at you makes my head spin.... and my dick grow hard, but it's more than lust. I love you with all of my being, emotionally, and then.... and then this. This is more than I could ever imagine. Am I making any sense?" I looked at him and kissed him, knowing exactly what he was trying to say, but letting him know it didn't need to be said because I felt it too.

"I love you too." We laid there for some time, just in each other's arms, the one part of our relationship we'd never gotten. "I better go clean up the kitchen," I whispered after a long time. I stood up and started to walk out the door, but I heard the bed creak behind me. Chris grabbed me and spun me into his arms, our crotch's touching and both of us immediately becoming aroused again.

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