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Better Than Tipping


(After a four month hiatus, here's another story. My thanks to Aquagal for the story idea as well as Magical Hands and Spicy Southern Belle for reading it over for me.)

As if Greg couldn't have had a worse day, he stood before the dispatch computer looking for his next delivery. Earlier that day, his boss at his main sales job told him that he would have to seek another place to work due to his lacking sales numbers. This plus the fact that he still had a ways to go to earn the money needed to buy his girlfriend's engagement ring put him on edge already. He hadn't even called her to tell her the news yet. He was worried that her lawyer father would use it as another reason she shouldn't be with him besides his supposed commitment issues and the ten year age difference. Now he found himself hoping for another good delivery since the rest of night saw dismal tips.

As he looked again at the screen, he ran his fingers through his dark brown hair. Unlike the other drivers that wore the official hat, he chose to look more casual. He believed in putting the customer at ease more than being a company guy and he hated the light green baseball caps anyway. As he tried to keep his mind off of his problems, a familiar address crossed the screen. He looked both ways before he started typing in his code to claim it. The address was one of his favorite customers even though it was also one of the hardest addresses to find. He found it purely by luck the first time and ever since, he tried to never allow another driver to catch it. As he thought about how much she would give for a tip this time, he heard the familiar sound of the person cutting telling him the order was ready.

After she placed the order, Ms. Flowers was debating whether her idea was a good one. Ever since her ex-husband left her for his personal assistant, she has had a dry spell on men in her small town. It was like the Cheers bar where everyone knew everyone and she knew she couldn't get the kind of guy she wanted. All the men in her suburb were married, gay, ugly or just undesirable and she knew that there was one fella who worked at her favorite pizza place that might help her with her itch.

Her plan was already in motion. Her usual pizza order was already made. She just had to change her outfit to be ready for when he arrived. She quickly walked into her bedroom where pictures of her two kids were sitting there smiling. All the pictures of her ex were already put away and she was lucky enough to have her plan happening on her husband's weekend to watch the kids. As she undid the red haired ponytail, she wondered allowed if he liked it up or down. She then let the thought exit her mind as she pulled her college sweatshirt up and over her head. Her black lacey bra was next so that her C-cup breasts hung free. She liked the feeling of the cold air on her nipples as she touched them a little before she remembered she had more to do.

Her sweatpants went next as she fell onto the bed. She could feel the air cooling the wet spot on her panties as she started reaching for them before she had second thoughts. What if it's a different driver, she thought before she decided to make sure it was him first. She then reached for her yellow apron that was liberally decorated with red chili peppers. As she tied the string, she could almost hear his car driving up in front of her house. She hurriedly went to the living room to make sure the rest was ready.

Greg arrived at the house about six minutes before the scheduled time. Since he knew exactly where the house was, he was hoping this would be one of Ms Flower's generous nights. He was still nervous. It wasn't because he didn't find her attractive. He thought she was a very beautiful woman and thought it was crazy that her husband left her. He heard rumors around town about her ex-husband's escapades with his personal assistant and the temptation of a fling with her was far too tempting. As he walked to the back of his SUV to grab her order, he sighed. He remembered what his father told him about how you never find all the eligible ones until you are spoken for. As he walked up the walk way, he had no way of knowing that he was being watched. He stepped onto her porch and rang the doorbell.

Meanwhile, she saw him through the window and noticed it was him. As she got ready to go to the door, she quickly lifted her legs and pulled off the black boy shorts she was wearing so that she was completely naked under the apron. She then swallowed and took a deep breath before answering the door.

"Hello there Greg, how are you tonight?" she asked in a sultry voice as she felt his eyes looking her over. It had been a while since she felt so slutty and so attractive.

"Um...Hi Ms. Flowers. Here's your order?" Greg could feel his cock harden under his khaki shorts as he saw her body under the apron. From what he could tell, she was at least topless underneath. He wondered in his head what the occasion was.

She could tell he was caught. "Let me go get the money. Um...can you come in since I think I left my purse in the living room?" she asked trying to keep up the sultry act. She then turned and started walking towards where the purse was set already knowing his reaction.

Greg allowed the screen door to close behind him as he watched her tush wave back and forth. As he started swallowing hard, he wondered what she was up to. He watched as she stopped in front of her purse and bent straight over, displaying a freshly trimmed pussy framed by her hips. He had to catch himself before he yelled damn!!!

She smiled knowing he probably liked the view before standing back up and turning around. In her hand was the money she owed as well as a ten dollar tip hopefully to buy his silence. The deed had been done and she saw the precum stain in his khaki's as she walked up to him almost in his face.

"Here's what I owe you, Greg. There's a ten dollar tip included to make sure you don't tell anyone about this." She let her hand rub were she saw the precum stain and then placed her index finger to her lip before sucking loudly. She then slowly took the pizza from his hand and placed it on the coffee table behind her before replacing it with money in his open palm. Greg's mouth was agape. As she looked at him, she could feel the heat coming from him because he was so close.

"Unless you'd rather stay here for a few. I can't eat a whole medium veggie by myself." The sultry voice was almost pure sexual napalm to Greg's brain as he slid his hand into his pocket to put the money somewhere. He then looked down as Ms Flowers gave him a seductive glance.

"M-m-ms. Flowers, I...I...I...have..."

"A girlfriend? I know. She's a delightful girl. But you see, Greg, I need a good hard cock right now and you're the only one here. You are a customer service expert, right?" she said as her hand returned to stroke his dick through his shorts.

Greg let out a groan before he felt his knees want to give. He stepped backwards before landing on the couch. Ms. Flowers then was about to remove the apron when he started to speak again.

"Ms. Flowers, I-I-I..."

"Please, Greg, my replacement cocks call me Annemarie. Especially when I'm about to make them cum harder than they ever had before." Her voice was more domineering at this point as she simply fell to her knees and started to slide her hand under his shorts.

"Mmmmm. It's already hard. I bet this sausage needs to be quality checked," she said sarcastically as she reached up and undid his belt. Greg was still stunned as her hands danced along the button and his zipper before his cock was exposed to her view. Greg thought she was just going to inhale it straight on before he saw her slowly run her tongue up from the bottom of the shaft upwards to the tip like a cat lapping up milk. The tongue then ran downwards to where his balls were before she moaned softly.

"Mmmmmmm. It's just the right size to. It's gonna fit so good down my throat," she whispered seductively as she lowered her mouth till it was almost surrounding the head. Greg was so close to cumming already. He wondered in his mind of this would be a short trip.

Annemarie then slowly closed her lips around his cock before lowering her head. She estimated Greg to be at least a least a six incher from when she excited him earlier and was surprised when most of his thick seven inches was in her mouth. She could already feel him tense up as she went deeper, almost gagging on his cock.

The cum shot was quick and plentiful as she started swallowing as much as she could as he moaned loudly. Her throat could barely swallow the amount as she tried her best before pulling off, the stray shots landing on her apron and her chest. By the time Greg opened his eyes, she was already standing up to pull the top apron string over her head to reveal herself in all her naked glory.

"I can't believe you messed up my favorite apron, Greg," she said mockingly. She then smiled a wicked smile. "I hope you can lick pussy as much as you cum." She went beside Greg on the couch and sat before Greg took the hint. He was on the floor on his knees admiring her trimmed pussy lips before she egged him on.

"I can't cum from sucking you off. Get that tongue moving!" she demanded. He complied as his tongue started burying itself inside her pussy. She could already feel a tremor as his tongue first hit her clitoris before she felt him spreading her legs apart. She felt so wanton and so slutty. She wanted nothing less than to feel his tongue deep inside her while she climaxed. Yet her pussy yearned for more.

"Is your cock hard again yet?" she demanded. Greg was surprised already at what was going on and even more surprised when her voice turned the way it did. His cock was already solid, and thick and ready to slam her well. He stood up before he simply slammed it inside her exposed pussy.

"UUUuuuuuuuuuuuuu....." she moaned as he started forcing his thick cock inside her pussy lips. She felt the control of the situation leaving her as she begged for him to fuck her. She pleaded for him to slam her pussy and make her hurt. Greg's fury was unleashed as his hands found a nipple and pinched hard, making her scream out in a mixture of pain and delight. He wanted to use her like the slut she was acting like. He wanted to fuck her harder than his girlfriend and make it so she couldn't sit the next day. It was then he decided to do something he never did before.

It started when he pulled out right before she climaxed. She looked at him angrily before she felt him climbing onto the couch. It was poised at her lips before he pushed her head back onto his cock. As he started face fucking her, he felt her gag a few times and her saliva lubricating his cock. It was almost predictable that she was trying to pull his cock out of her mouth before he abruptly pulled out.

"What are you doing?" she demanded.

"Bitch, I'm gonna fuck your ass. Turn over, now." Annemarie had never been dommed before and the shock that her pizza guy found his Dom voice made her turn over. She then felt his goatee against her rear as his tongue began to lick. The invading tongue felt good against her ass as she moaned loudly, her hand reaching under and rubbing her clit. She then felt the tongue leave and the head of his cock touch her virgin hole.

'Oh God, no..." she said. Greg couldn't hear as he pressed his cock against her. She moaned even louder as it slipped inside a little. The pain was intense before a sense of warmness started to overcome her. She moaned a little more as he started feeding her millimeter by millimeter ever so slowly. Each little bit rocked her until even her hand on her pussy stopped. It was an excruciating long wait before she felt him stop pressing.

"It's all the way in, slut. Are you ready?" His voice was loud, demanding and not like the Greg she knew. It turned her on immensely when she whimpered and he started pulling out slowly before he started fucking her. It was pleasure, pain, euphoria all rolled into one. Her nipples rubbed against the fabric of the couch and were turning red. Her face was teary eyed and she was moaning loud enough to make her hoarse. The climaxes were sudden and in succession until she was lifeless against the couch before she felt his cock leave her ass.

She could feel his salvos landing on her ass before he fell to the ground exhausted. There was a long silence as she started to rouse and turn towards him. She was speechless to start with before she found her voice....

"I should have done this a long time ago."

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