tagGroup SexBetter Than Tipping Ch. 02

Better Than Tipping Ch. 02


(A usual, this was made possible by Aquagal who started the idea, MagicalHands and SpicySouthernBelle who read it through for me and Aqua's sister in plotting, fungatorgurl)

Greg was just getting home from the pizza place when his cell phone went off. He lived on his own now since his seduction at the hands of Anne Marie. Her pure passion seemed to open his eyes when it came to his relationship with his ex and withdrawing from her was simple. One smile from her father told him that he at least made him happier and her eyes didn't betray any form of hurt. It was as if Annemarie allowed him to see what he really needed.

The relationship with her was not as grandiose as it seemed though. In fact, in the few weeks since the initial seduction, there had only been one such interlude. It was like Greg was being told that Annemarie was not ready for a commitment or even a relationship. The wounds from her divorce seemed to still be too fresh. No matter how hot she was, Greg knew that she didn't want a rebound. It was this mindset that was in his head as he looked on the display and saw her number.

"Hello?" he asked inquisitively.

"Hello, lover," her sultry voice said. Greg could already feel his cock harden from it as if her voice pressed a button to make it spring upward. "What are your plans for tonight?"

"I just got home and haven't thought about it yet. Why do you ask?" He secretly hoped he would have another chance with her. Even just the chance to spend time with her would be welcomed.

"What about what's her name? Don't you have a date or something?" she pried. She already knew the answer since her ex and his ex's father were business buddies and the gossip spread after the break up. In a way it made her heart glad considering how happy she could make him and the ex wasn't good enough for Greg in her opinion. It wasn't like she was looking to make him a boyfriend or something, but she knew she could please a man better than some inexperienced slut who couldn't even give a good enough blow job to save her life, so the gossip said. Greg could sense the bitterness in her voice towards his ex.

"We're done, Ms. Flowers..."

"Uh uh, what's my name again?" She knew she had him back on her leash when he called her Ms Flowers. He didn't call her anything otherwise since she seduced him. It kind of turned her on to. It must be something about the age difference or something. She could here him stutter at the other end.

"A-a-a-annemarie," he said.

"Good boy," she said. "Now here's what I need tonight. I need you to come over and bring a swimsuit with you. I just bought a new hot tub and I need someone else to help me enjoy it. Think you can handle it"

"Yes ma'am," he answered. He started going through his mind to where his swimsuit was.

"Good, stud, be here in thirty or I'll have to complain to your manager," she said jokingly. As she hit the button to end the call, she looked over to the hot tub. It was already set for the surprise she had for him for helping her feel attractive again. As she remembered how his cock felt in her pussy, the doorbell rang.

Greg took a quick shower before slipping into his black swim trunks. They hung down to the knee although he still thought they were a little baggier than they needed to be. He started walking to the door with towel and keys in hand when his cell rang. A quick look onto the display showed the picture of his ex. It only took a moment to allow it to ring since he didn't want to mess up his luck that night.

He slid into his SUV after throwing his towel and phone onto the seat next to him. He already had the fastest route in his head already as he negotiated the turns and stop lights until he found her out of the way address. He was going to park on the street in front as he always did for pizza delivery, but felt entitled enough to park right behind her car. As he stepped out of the car, he was pondering whether he should just walk in or knock when his phone rang again. He looked at the display and again it was his ex. This time, his patience was tried too much. He steadied himself before he answered.


"Greg, it's me. Can we talk?"

"I'm kind of busy right now. Can we talk later?"

"Sure...." Her voice was more reserved than usual. Even though Greg's interest was piqued, he knew that there was fiery redhead waiting for him inside.

He knocked on the door before an unfamiliar looking blonde woman opened it for him. This stunned Greg. She was dressed in a very tiny black bikini. She had sun-kissed skin and her green eyes sparkled at the sight of Greg. Her blond hair was straight, but wavy and her curves filled out her bikini in very mouth watering ways. Greg started to speak.

"Hi," he said trying to sound a bit more masculine. She grinned before speaking.

"Evenin, Sugah," she said with her Tennessee drawl showing. This slight change was something Greg was not used to, but it made her hotness go up a few points.

"So, is Annemarie around?" he asked. She noticed that he still asked for Annemarie even though she stood before him. She thought about how smitten he was. Annemarie did well, she thought in her head.

"Oh my, where are my manners? This way please, Sugah." The blond turned and Greg was treated to a good view of her ass in the black thong she wore for bottoms. She looked to be a little shorter than Greg also which made it easy to see to look down at her ass as it swished in front of her. He followed her to the backyard where his initial target of his affection was sitting in her hot tub. Her red hair was back in a pony tail as usual when he saw her and her eyes were closed. The blonde seemed to keep her mouth shut as Greg leaned down and kissed her upside down on the lips. As she opened her eyes, he rose up so she could see his eyes looking at her before the blonde spoke up.

"You two kids need a room?" All three of them laughed as the blonde climbed up the small ladder and slowly slid into the hot water. As Greg readied himself to step in, he noticed the swim suit Annemarie was wearing. It looked like a deep rich purple and he could tell she was excited by her hardened nipples showing through the fabric. He slowly slid into the water and sat down between the two hotties before Annemarie spoke up.

"Greg, I see you already met Clementine. She is my best friend since high school." Greg thought the name matched since her youthful looks reminded. As Annemarie turned to reach over the edge of the hot tub, she showed off her own thronged bottom which made Greg rise harder. Clementine didn't lose her view of this fact and she slowly slid closer to Greg. Before he had a chance to say something, Annemarie slid right beside him on the other side. Both top enclosed sets of breasts were now closer to his face as they both looked down on him.

"Greg, I told Clementine about you a little and she was really interested in meeting you. She was my little brother's girlfriend before I graduated and we hit it off. So she's closer to your age and everything. I think you should let her check out your lips, don't you Clementine?"

She didn't answer, but simply leaned down and took Greg's face between her hands before planting a big kiss on his lips. Greg began to return it in kind before he felt her tongue slipping between his lips. His hands then began to slip around and grasp each woman around their posteriors. This somehow made Clementine kiss him deeper while Annemarie started kissing him along his neck. His cock was struggling for air under his trunks as Annemarie started stroking it between them. She then whispered into Greg's ear.

"She's never had a man fuck her ass, Greg. Wanna be the first?"

Greg was in shock right before Clementine whispered in his other ear, "Annemarie told me how hot it was when you did it to her. I can't wait for you to do it to me."

Greg could almost feel his cock explode as the girls huddled closer with their breasts touching through their tops before he saw both of them untie them from the back. Their breasts were then uncovered and Greg could actually tease both nipples with his tongue. Greg didn't know the history between the two, but thoughts of fucking Clementine while Annemarie watched were running through his head. Before long, Annemarie whispered how they should take this inside before both topless girls rose out of the tub and walked into the house. Greg soon followed before the girls stood before him and bent over, slowly removing the bottoms in front of him and showing off their naked pussies. Greg was stunned again.

"DAMN!" he cried as the girls turned and winked at him before both of them jogged into the living room. Greg was just about to follow them when Annemarie yelled.

"Make sure those wet trunks stay in the kitchen, stud man." Greg quickly complied, allowing his trunks to slide down to the ground before stepping out of them. As he entered the room, he saw the beautiful sight of Annemarie having her nipple pinched by Clementine. The erotic image pushed him forward before Annemarie told him to stand before them. As he stood, Clementine leaned forward and began to nibble on the tip of his cock. Annemarie lay back and spread her legs to use two fingers to rub her pussy as she watched.

"You're gonna love this, Greg. Clementine is certified Psi Gamma Sucka. She is an excellent cock sucker." At these words, Clementine opened her mouth and inhaled half of Greg's cock before allowing her emerald eyes to shine on him. Greg had to think of anything to keep from cumming right there. She was definitely an ace when it came to sucking cock and the way Annemarie was friggin her pussy was almost inhuman, as if she hadn't played in years. This alone made Greg start to stutter until Annemarie eased his mind.

"Cum in her mouth, stud man. She loves to swallow," she said and almost on cue, Clementine sucked even harder. Greg gave into the animal impulses as he started unloading wave after wave of cum into her throat. Clementine, true to her hype, was swallowing everything Greg unloaded until his dick fell out of her mouth. She smiled at him before she leaned back to start playing with her pussy.

Greg fell to the couch exhausted before he allowed his fingers to start playing with both of them at the same time. His fingers began to dance along their clits as their eyes remained shut, unsure of what Greg was planning for them. His fingers stiffened and began to act like mini-cocks as he started to drill them. Both women were squirming until they heard him speak.

"Both of you turn over."

They immediately complied as his Dom style voice started to reveal itself again. Greg began to lick the pussy of Annemarie first as Clementine began to finger herself before Greg stopped her.

"No, if you want me to take your ass like I took hers, you will be a patient little minx, you understand?"

Clementine nodded slowly. She was in obvious shock over how this mild mannered pizza guy could become so forceful and commanding. It excited her to know she would be thoroughly fucked by him. As Annemarie was starting to get close, her moans were growing louder and louder. Clementine could feel her pussy growing wetter and wetter as Greg didn't let up on his licking her. She came with a loud cry as his tongue was buried all the way inside her pussy. It was a moment before he moved from her.

"Clementine, darling, you are gonna ride my face while our little slut here sucks me off. The quicker you cum, the quicker I can shove my man meat inside your ass. Do you understand?"

She didn't answer, but felt Greg's hands pull her hips downward until her pussy touched his lips. He started licking like his life depended on it while Annemarie started slowly sucking him back to hardness. Unlike with Annemarie where he took his time, he wanted to get Clementine off quickly. To assist him, he slid his middle finger inside her pussy and got it well lubed before slowly using it to slide her sphincter open. The welcomed invasion started working on Clementine as her ass felt like it was on fire with the slight pain before a wave of pleasure washed over her. He started sliding it deeper inside her as he felt Annemarie's lips caressing his cock. He could feel his strength returning and it felt like the timing was just about right.

Clementine cried out loudly as Annemarie did until Greg's face was covered in cum. Greg then climbed from underneath Clementine before he told her to move to the coffee table. She obeyed as she got down and leaned against it. He found the lube on the end table and began to squirt some on his fingers before he gathered a wicked idea.

"Annemarie, I need you to lube her up for me."

She was in shock. Annemarie didn't have a lesbian bone in her body. Her mouth opened to object before he squirted some of the Astroglide on her fingers. She then got the idea and slowly slid two of her slender fingers inside her hole while Greg worked on his cock with the condom on it. It was a few minutes before Greg whispered that it was time. He poised his cock near her rear entrance before another wicked idea crossed his mind.

"Now spread her cheeks open. I want to make this as comfy as possible...at first," he said wickedly and Annemarie felt powerless to disobey. With her ass wide open, Greg began to slowly press his cock against her hole until he felt the give. Clementine began cursing loudly as he slid it in millimeter by millimeter until he slid halfway in. He paused to allow her the chance to accommodate his seven inch girth before he pressed forward. Her moan was pure liquor, pure bourbon even as it was intoxicating to Greg's ears.

Unknown to either of them, Annemarie pulled out a digital camera and began to take video of his cock sliding into Clementine's pussy. She loved the way the little minx would play the innocent when they hung out until there was a man present that she wanted to fuck. No matter how much she had feelings for Greg, his hard cock was being used for sweet revenge for the little sabotages Clementine did before Annemarie got married. It wasn't an evil intention, but one she could use later.

Clementine was not paying attention because all she knew was that Greg was ripping her insides apart and she loved every moment of it. She wanted to feel his cock inside her barebacked, but was happy at last that someone claimed her last cherry. Clementine was sick of the loneliness after Annemarie's brother caught her cheating on him. Since then, she was known to her home town as Clementine Bucksaw, the human masturbation device. She had never been satisfied sexually and was excited that this pizza guy was going to bring her close. She started to entertain the thought of stealing him from Annemarie so he could fuck her all by himself, but the feeling in her ass brought her back down to Earth.

Greg started to pull out one last time before he felt Clementine squeeze her bowels a little. Her head fell to the table where a banshee cry erupted from the depths of her soul. It was then he pulled out of her ass and allowed the condom to fall off before jerking his cock over her exposed asshole and pussy. Before he had a chance to react, Annemarie was on the ground sucking on his cock and milking the last few drops off. Greg looked down at her and realized that he neglected her. He pulls her up to her feet and looks her in the eye.

"When I recuperate, your ass is mine."

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