tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBetter than Wine Tasting

Better than Wine Tasting


"I'm sorry, honey," I said, giving my wife a guilty frown. "I just need to get a bit more done before we leave."

"What the fuck, Sam?" Silvia exclaimed, her voice sharp with agitation. "I've been driving for five hours to pick you up here in the middle of nowhere. And now I have to sit around and wait for you?"

"I'm really sorry. Just another hour. Two at the most."

Silvia raised her sunglasses up to her forehead, making sure her deep brown eyes had my full attention. "So at least three then?"

"No, probably not. I just need to complete my part so Joel and Mark can finish the script over the weekend."

I felt the guilt creeping into the back of my mind. I knew I was disappointing her, but I didn't want to stop now that I was on a flow. Going up to this cabin with my two friends and co-writers had proven to be a great idea. The three of us had been trying for ages to write a script for a TV series pilot. We had struggled before, but had a massive breakthrough over the past week, inspired by the combination of fresh air and lack of other distractions. Throughout the week, we had come up with a plot for a crime drama with enough twists and angles to make it unique. Finally, we were getting somewhere.

Silvia stared at me in silence, her jaw tense. "Fine," she said eventually. "So, what am I supposed to do while I wait for the almighty genius to finish?"

The sarcasm made me somewhat relieved. It was the silence I dreaded.

"I think Joel and Mark are going for a swim," I said, loud enough that my two friends could hear me from inside the cabin. "Maybe you could go with them?"

As if on cue, Joel and Mark emerged.

"Hello Mrs. Anderson," they greeted her, kissing her on the cheek.

Like myself, my friends were just in their board shorts. The weather had been great all week, and none of us had bothered to put a shirt on.

"We were just about to head down to the lake," Joel said. "Do you want to join us?"

"That sounds good, right honey?" I chimed in enthusiastically.

Silvia sighed "Well, we were meant to go on a tour around the wine district, remember? So I didn't exactly see any reason to pack my bikini. Now, if you had told me we were going to hang around here I..."

"Couldn't you just go in your underwear? Or if you prefer, I'm sure no one would mind if you skinny dip," I joked in an impetuous attempt to divert the attention from my shortcomings.

I regretted it straight away. Joel and Mark laughed nervously, but Silvia didn't seem amused in the slightest. She stared at me with fiery eyes, raising her finger at me. As she parted her lips, I braced myself for one of her rants. They usually included a mixture of English and Italian curses.

But instead she just lowered her finger. "Fine. I'll leave you alone." She lowered her sunglasses back to her eyes, making her expression difficult to read. "What way to the lake guys?"

Mark stroked his beard, something he often did in times of uncertainty.

"It's just down this way," Joel said hesitantly.

Without a word, Silvia turned and headed down the track towards the lake, her raven black ponytail bouncing with her stride.

"Shall I put your bag inside?" I shouted after her, trying to get back on her good side. "It's going to get stinking hot in the car."

"Yes," she said, not looking back.

The guys gave me a confused look, and I mouthed a "thank you" to them. The way I saw it, I had gotten off easy. They followed Silvia down the winding path into the surrounding forest, and I returned to my laptop.

"Now where was I?" I muttered out loud to myself.

I stared at the text I had been working on before Silvia arrived, trying my best to concentrate. But my own text no longer seemed to make sense, words just blurring into meaningless statements about a fictional innuendo I no longer cared about. The focus was gone. I had disappointed my wife, and I knew she wasn't happy with me.

Sometimes I thought she was too good for me. She couldn't have been more supportive when I decided to quit my dead-end job and pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a writer. Sure, she had a hot temper, but that was just part of what made her so enticing.

I tried to shake the distractions out of my head to focus on the script. But I couldn't even remember what the story of the pilot was anymore.

"I'm sure no one would mind if you skinny dip."

My own words kept spinning in my head. I should have known better than to say stupid things like that. Sure, I had bantered along those lines in private before, teasing her to show off a bit. It was my own awkward way of letting her know just how privileged I felt to have such a sexy wife. But now I had said it in front of my friends. Surely she understood that it was just a stupid joke?

As if reading my mind, I heard my wife giggling in the distance. At least she seemed to be in a better mood already.

I tried one last time to focus on the script, but soon gave up.

"Ah, fuck it!" I said as I slammed the laptop shut. The inspiration was long gone.

Weighing my options, I decided the best thing to do was to chase after my wife and tell her that we could leave straight away. Hopefully she would forgive me and we could continue with our planned weekend of wine tasting.

I hurried down the path to catch up with Silvia and friends, making sure not to trip on the uneven ground. It seemed no one maintained the path, and it was just trampled by visitors to the cabin.

My stupid joke reappeared in my head. "I'm sure no one would mind if you skinny dip." Why on earth had I said that? Surely I didn't expect my wife to go for a naked swim with my friends? And how would I react if she actually did it?

It appeared they hadn't been in much of a hurry, and I soon spotted them up ahead. They were standing near the edge of an outcrop, overlooking the panorama view of the lake and surrounding forest. I had gone there a few times during the past week with my friends, and I knew the scenery was stunning. Joel seemed to be pointing out some of the sights, and Silvia stretched her neck to look in the direction he guided her.

I found myself taking in a different sight — the enticing view of my beautiful wife. She really was a stunning woman, and I admired the curves of her ass as she leaned over to look down the cliff they were standing on. I couldn't help smirking to myself when I noticed that Mark, who was standing a bit further back from the edge, did the same.

Silvia wasn't exactly dressed for a stroll in the forest. She wore a tight black skirt, accompanied by a fashionable red blouse. Even from a distance, I could see her painted toenails sparkling in the sun. Her delicate sandals were far from the casual model my friends and I were wearing, the straps reaching up to clasp her slim ankles. They also provided some elevation under her heels, which did a great job of accentuating her slender legs, but was probably less suited for hiking rough terrain.

It was strangely thrilling to observe my wife from afar. I approached them with careful steps, hoping to get a bit closer before they turned around and spotted me.

But my plans changed as I accidentally stepped on a dry twig. Acting on instinct, I ducked behind a rock as I heard the cracking sound.

"Did you hear anything?" I heard my wife ask.

"Yeah, probably a deer or something," Joel said. "They are quite common here."

Silvia seemed to accept the answer. "OK. Shall we continue? It's getting pretty hot."

I sighed deeply at my own stupidity. What could possibly have prompted me to hide like that? My intention was to get back on my wife's good side, and now I was spying on her like some pervert. Or maybe like some obsessive and jealous husband? Was I subconsciously attempting to find out if she was actually on her way to go skinny dipping with my friends?

Either way, I had to put a stop to this foolish behavior. But on the other hand, I couldn't just jump up straight away from behind the rock — then she'd know I'd been spying on her. I couldn't risk that if I wanted to have a nice weekend with my wife. Thus, I waited until they had disappeared into the forest path again before emerging. As I followed them, I convinced myself that nothing out of the ordinary was going on. I just had to apologize to my wife and we could be on our way.

I soon heard their voices again.

"Are you sure you don't mind?" Silvia said. "It's just that I didn't dress for a hike like this."

I didn't hear his friends replying, but no one seemed to protest. Silvia's words intrigued me. What could they possibly mind? I spotted the three of them in a clearing, and rather than doing what I had decided, I hunkered behind the hump I was coming up over and peered at them.

"What are you doing?" I asked myself. "You were meant to put a stop to this!"

It wasn't too late to just approach them, and I was just about to do so when I noticed what Silvia was doing. She was unbuttoning her blouse! One by one she undid her buttons, and I saw my friends pretending not to look. How could I blame them?

"Are we coming back the same way?" she asked casually as she slid the blouse off her shoulders.

I froze in my hunkered position, captivated by the strangely sensual sight of my wife's unexpected exposure. The bra was cut low, and her chest swayed alluringly as she walked over to a tree at the edge of the clearing.

"Yes, this is the only trail," Joel said after a long pause. It seemed he was mesmerized as well.

Silvia hung her blouse on a branch. "Do you think it's safe to hang this here and pick it up on the way back? I rather not carry it with me."

"Yes, should be fine," Mark said. "We haven't seen anyone else around all week."

I felt a confusing rush come over me as Silvia continued on the path down towards the lake. There was my wife parading around in the wild in her bra. It was white, contrasting against her olive skin. I didn't recognize it, but from what I could tell from a distance it was a laced model, framing her ample chest. I guessed she had bought it for my benefit later, but now she was giving my friends the first view.

I tried to rid myself of the fascination I felt, reasoning that walking around in her bra was of course rather innocent. Had I stumbled on a strange woman in her bra on a hike on a warm summer's day, I probably wouldn't have though much about it.

But she wasn't a stranger. She was my adored wife, walking around in her sexy bra with my colleagues and friends.

I waited until they were safely around the corner before I continued to follow them. As I crossed to the other side of the clearing they had been standing in, I stopped and looked at the red blouse hanging before me on the branch. It was the evidence that Silvia was currently walking around in just her bra further down the road. And she had no intentions of covering up, at least not before coming back to this location. Would she be equally relaxed about her wardrobe when I caught up with them? And did I want her to cover up?

I decided to bring the blouse with me. Wouldn't that have been the most expected thing to do if I had just stumbled upon it while trying to catch up with them?

But the closer I got to their voices, the less certain I felt that I should just approach them as if nothing was out of the ordinary. Would Silvia actually want me to? Would she feel embarrassed if her husband caught her walking around in her bra?

I still hadn't made up my mind when I next spotted them, and lacking a clear plan I ducked behind the root of a tree. As I peered over the root, I felt my heart skip a beat. My wife was in that very moment unzipping her skirt.

They had just reached the part of the trail where the terrain was particularly difficult, and I could understand how it would be challenging to make it down that section in her tight skirt. But couldn't she just have hitched it up or, if she really had to remove it, put it back on once she was past the difficult part?

But she did no such thing. She stepped out of her skirt and folded it neatly. Placing it on a rock, she continued down the path in just her matching underwear. And of course, she was wearing string panties — she never allowed for any lines when she wore a tight skirt — leaving her round ass almost completely exposed.

I felt a hint of jealousy at the notion of my wife showing off her goods. But that sensation was overshadowed by a rush of excitement from watching her walking around brazenly in just her underwear. Both notions were amplified when she all of a suddenly needed to steady herself with her hand in Mark's as they walked down the rocky path.

I sat for a while to collect myself. Why was this so erotic to watch? Of course, she was a sexy woman, and I always felt blessed when seeing her in various stages of undress. But watching her parade around like this was exciting on a different level. Part of me felt I should run after her and suggest she'd cover up. But there was a stronger part that desired to watch her more.

I tried to rationalize the situation, concluding that she was just doing what I had suggested — going for a swim in her underwear. It was a little bit odd that she had decided to strip down halfway to the lake, but her clothes weren't fit for hiking along a trail like this. I hurried after them, taking her skirt with me as I passed it. The way I saw it, I couldn't just bring her the blouse and leave her skirt behind.

The path increasingly meandered outside of the forest into the open areas next to the lake. It made it possible to watch them for longer periods before rushing after them again. Each time I sat back and observed them, I was mesmerized by the alluring sight. Silvia always had a certain grace in the way she walked, and now was no difference.

Watching them for longer periods also meant I had to chase after them at a very brisk pace

to catch up. Each time I got increasingly worried that I might lose them. As I hurried, I spotted something dangling from a branch next to the trail. At first I couldn't make out what it was, and in my haste I almost passed it without paying any further attention to it.

But something made me stop in my tracks. What was that? White fabric, straps, lace...

I gasped as it sunk in. It was undeniably a bra hanging there next to the trail, swaying lightly in the gentle summer breeze. Was it really hers? A part of me thought that she would never walk around topless in the wilderness. But another, equally rational part of me thought about the odds of finding a bra that looked just like hers, hanging on a branch minutes after she had passed that point. It was clasped around the branch it was hanging from. I undid it and studied it. I was quite familiar with her regular selection of underwear, but she had been wearing a new set. The cups looked too small for her, but the bra I saw her wearing was cut very low, making it hard to judge the size. I read the tag. D-cups seemed right, but I realized I didn't actually know what size she usually wore.

I shook the speculation out of my head. There was no point thinking about it further when the answer was walking just minutes down the road. I scurried after them.

I slowed down as I heard Silvia's voice, taking care that didn't hear my steps. Long gone was the intention to run up to them and pretend I was only then just catching up. I crouched down, hiding behind rocks as I moved closer. They appeared to have stopped walking, and I guessed they had reached another open area with a good view of the lake. As I drew near, I heard Silvia talking about sights she was pointing out. My heart beat rapidly, and I knew it wasn't just from running. I was desperate to find out if my wife was in fact topless in broad daylight.

It was too risky to move closer on the increasingly open trail, and I decided to backtrack and crawl over a hill that overlooked the open area where I heard their voices coming from. On my hands and knees I crawled, hoping the sound of dry leaves and twigs wouldn't be too loud. They were only chatting sporadically now, but they still didn't seem to move. Ever so carefully, I peeked over the edge.

And there she was, with her tits in all their naked glory on display for the world to see. I realized with excited perplexity that this was how I had hoped to find her. She was acting as if it was perfectly normal to stand there with nothing but her tiny panties to cover her body, pointing out something in the distance to Joel and Mark. She was standing with her side towards me, and even from afar I could see the detailed contours of her breasts. Her noticeably erect nipples were also pointing towards the scenery before her. It was a captivating sight.

It was difficult to see exactly where she was looking behind her glasses, and I quickly ducked down as she turned her head in my direction. I didn't want to get caught, partly because it would anger her if she found out I was prying on her, but the primary reason was that I didn't want to stop watching her. My head was spinning. Had she even bothered coming up with an excuse for removing her bra, or was she just openly flaunting herself?

As thrilling as it was to pry on her exposure, there was also a sense of betrayal to what she was doing. Not so much because she was showing off her tits to my friends — if I was honest with myself, this made her exposure even more thrilling to watch. What bothered me was that she was doing it without me. I had teasingly encouraged her to show off on numerous occasions, but she would always turn me down. Hunkering out of sight from my topless wife, I began recalling an occasion when she had turned the tables on me.

We had been hanging out on the beach with a group of friends, and while the others were swimming, I dared her to remove her bikini top. I was lying on my back, grinning up at her as she knelt beside me, applying sunscreen to her arms. She gave me a raised eyebrow, and to my surprise she began slowly pulling at the rosette in the back. My mouth fell open, and I stared with captivated eyes. But just as the knot came undone, she lay down on her stomach next to me. She had a pleased smirk on her face.

"Come on, honey," I pushed. "Don't be a spoilsport!"

She condescendingly patted my cheek. "Oh, was my little pervert getting his hopes up?"

I grunted in defeat.

"Is that what you want?" she mocked. "Showing off my tits?"

I was dumbfounded as she called me out. I wasn't sure myself how sincere my suggestion was.

"Do you want them to drool over me?" she continued. "Maybe I should show them more than my tits? Do you want me to strip down here on beach and let everybody see me naked?"

She leaned in close, whispering with exaggerated sensuality in my ear.

"Maybe seeing me isn't enough? What if one of them wants to touch me? Would you like that — watching your wife get fondled by someone in public?"

Her hand had been traveling from my face down over my torso and was now lingering above the hem of my shorts.

"And then we could invite someone back to our place," she continued. "What a great idea, sharing me with one of your friends. You could fuck my mouth while he takes me from behind!"

She held her mouth open as a mock invite, at the same time suggestively pushing her ass up. I knew she was just toying with me, but I still couldn't utter a single word.

"You could take turns fucking me, and then finish by covering me with cum. Just like in porn! Do you want that, honey? To make your wife act like a whoreish little slut?"

She reached down and briefly squeezed my erection.

"You might want to hide that," she said softly. "They're coming back."

I snapped back to reality and quickly turned to my stomach as I saw our friends exiting the water. I shook my head in disbelief. Silvia's elegant surface concealed a surprisingly wicked mind. She really was a fire-cracker sometimes, for better or for worse.

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