As with most of my stories, if you don't have a thing for teeth and biting then you should probably skip on to another story because this one is heavy on it. If you do, then make yourself comfortable and read on.


This story comes from a way back and is about the first girl with whom I was really intimate. She was a hell of a one to pick..

I wasn't that cool as a kid. On Friday nights when the bad kids from school were just starting to try their luck creeping into bars with fake IDs, I was at home watching TV or playing video games. It wasn't entirely my own fault, we were kind of poor, dad had gone and so my weekend job actually made a difference to house finances. I had to be at work early with bright eyes.

Nah, ok, I was pretty shy too, it was just easier to stay at home so I did. This of course meant that while the bad lads at the end of the night were trying their luck with equally bad girls, I was just stuck with late night TV and my own imagination.

That all changed late one horrid cold windy Friday night. Mum came in to ask me if I wanted to go with her to pick up Fiona from whatever dive of a club she had found herself in this weekend. My half sister Fiona (Fi) was the final part of the home trilogy. At about ten years older then me still represented the closest thing I had to a sibling. As such we didn't get on much. She was sort of mean to me and didn't have much time for anyone who was not helping her get drunk, high or facilitate the expansion of her wardrobe. The upside of Fi was her friends. They were, well, a decade older than me and mostly drunk, high and dressed up to the nines which is pretty much all a teenage boy demands.

Mum drove while I fiddled with the radio. The car was freezing but was warming rapidly as we pulled out onto the dual carriageway. By the time we got to the next town along where we were picking up Fi, the car was toasty warm. Drunken decimation of the street entrance marked the corner of the street where Fi's club was. People sat about on the pavement, busied themselves with either drunken retching or trying to fight or mate with others.

This was time for me to do my bit. Mum hated getting out of the car and dealing with finding Fi amongst the drunken carnage. I, on the other hand, relished it. I loved the excitement in the air, the unpredictability and the drunken beautiful women streaming out of this place that was still to be out of bounds to me for at least another couple of years.

Fi was easy to spot, she was leant against a white wall, trying not to slide down it.

'Just need to wait for Betty', she shouted as she saw me, 'go sit in the car'.

I pointed to where the car was and determined not to instantly give in to my big sister. I bought a bag of chips from a busy street vendor and then jumped back in the car before any of the rolling thugs could mug me for them.

Mum gave Fi a honk and she staggered across the pavement towards us. Mum's window slid down and a drunk Fi stuck her head through the window.

'I need the front seat, I am gonna be sick', slurred Fi.

I moaned a protest as the injustice hit me but mum's eyes told me to get in the back so I did.

'And can Betty stay over too? She has missed her last bus.' Mumbled Fi as she fell into my nicely warmed front seat.

'Just get in', spat out mum.

The door opposite to me opened and in fell an absolute vision of beauty. My frustration with my rotten drunk sister was forgotten in an instant as Betty got into the back of the car next to me.

The first thing I saw was a long black leather boot stopping mid-thigh just below a tight red skirt. Following the boot and skirt hem was the rest of a fantastic body, a beautiful rounded bum, slim waist and full boobs only just held in by a matching red tight V-cut top.

I could hardly bring myself to look up at her face. She had full red lips punctuating a flawless alabaster complexion and framing brilliant white pearly teeth, split only by a tiny gap in the front. Dark painted eyes looked back at me and beautiful blond hair cascaded over bare shoulders. She was not tall but she was 100% voluptuous.

'Thank you for having me Miz Martin', Betty purred into the front of the car, her accent giving her away as American. I guessed she was mid-thirties but really could have been twenties or forties, she was one of these sort of timeless people.

Panicked I just about managed to spit out a 'hi' as her beautiful scent enveloped me.

I don't think she heard it, probably wondering why the small British guy next to her was squeaking. The interior lights in the car went off as we pulled away from the club and towards the fast road. I was in heaven, it sounds trivial now but at that age, just sitting next to a woman like Betty was enough to keep me on a fixed adrenaline high.

Fi and mum chatted in the front as I cosied myself into the back seat, daring only to sneak glances at Betty's thigh next to me. I looked out of my window and shoveled in the chips.

Betty broke the silence in the back, 'can I have one of those?' she asked leaning towards me, close enough that I could feel her warm breath on my ear.

'Of course' I grinned back at her, glad for the darkness concealing my instant hardness. I lent back towards her, my shoulder touching her soft upper arm. I thrust the bag towards her in offering.

'Would you put it in my mouth? My hand are all dirty', she whispered back to me.

With trembling fingers I picked up a warm chip, dabbed it in some sauce and brought it up towards Betty's beautiful lips. She smiled and parted those beautiful lips allowing me to pass it in to the darkness of her large soft mouth. When my finger came to rest on the softness of her lower lip I paused, allowing her to bite off the end of the chip.

I was transfixed in silence to her angelic face, unable to see Betty's incisors coming together behind her soft lips. A quick pink tongue darted out and pulled the rest of the chip in to her mouth in a single movement.

She giggled a silvery laugh, I guess enjoying her effect on me. 'Mmmm, one more?'. She leant her chin on my shoulder and brushed my cheek with her nose as she whispered into my ear.

'Of course'.

I looked down at the bag and pulled out a second chip, trying not to quake with anticipation.

My fingers trembling, I passed the chip up towards the parted lips of Betty. It went in between her soft lips but they did not come together. I brushed my finger slowly in towards her warm waiting mouth. Finger and thumb holding the chip moved into her mouth and rested down softly on her lower lip. I could feel the hard dent of her lower teeth just touching my finger pad. As my finger rested, she smiled slowly, widely, deliberately, peeling back her lips as she did so I could see her upper teeth. As if caught it the headlights I was motionless as a line of obviously sharp incisors flanked by small but very pointed canines revealed themselves.


In an instant a perfectly interlacing wall of enamel snapped shut in front of my eyes, cleanly severing the chip and leaving my finger resting just in front of Betty's beautiful front teeth.

I nearly passed out with the high as she again giggled out a silvery laugh. 'Thanks'. 'You should be careful of that.'

The car pulled up the driveway and we all got out. All three of the ladies pushed in front through the warmth of the open front door. Betty was pulled in by Fi without so much as a glance over her shoulder towards me. My heart sank as the three ladies strode into the warmth of the kitchen, slamming the door behind them. The tinkling of whisky glasses marking the start of the nightcap.

I resigned myself to bolting up the front door, shouting goodnight to mum and then going straight to bed. As I lay in the dark, every now and then I could hear the long lilting accent of Betty over the raucous noise of my family as they went down through the bottle of whisky. Mum had joined them and I think the three of them must have polished off a single malt in just over an hour.

The increase in volume and stamping of feet up the stairs signified three drunken women retiring for the night. One by one I heard giggles and laughs get replaced by heavy breathing and snores through the house in a multitude of intoxicated coma.

Very soon, I was the only one awake. My heart was still pounding, the adrenaline only subsiding a little as I went over in my mind the chip incident in the car and the idea of the woman sleeping in the spare room only a few doors down from my own.

I imagined what it would have been like had I, instead of going in to my own room had hidden under the bed of the spare room and watched Betty retire. She would have come in turning on the light and shutting the door behind her. The two of us would have been closed together in the room, as I would have peered out at the hard step of the bottom of her long leather boots.

Would I have been able to peer out from under the valence to see her peeling off those boots, maybe dropping her skirt and peeling off her tight top? ..and then what? What would she have on underneath? Would I have been able to see any part of her beautifully rounded breasts or her.. Anyways I had not and now she was asleep and in bed.

Insomnia gave way to a need to pee, a natural side effect to having been so hard over the last few hours. I jumped out into the cold and pulled on a t-shirt. Without almost any sound at all, I opened my bedroom door and padded down the hall to the bathroom. What I was not prepared for as I passed it was that the door to the spare room was slightly ajar. My eyes lingered on the gap as I passed and I could barely make out a dark form inside.

The bare bulb of the bathroom light assaulted me with its brightness and made me blink my eyes for a few moments as I lent against the loo to pee. I had to push my rapidly hardening dick down in the direction of the loo simply in order to hit it as an idea formed in my head. Not really an idea, more a notion.

I finished in the loo and turned off the light. I stood in the blackness for a few moments allowing my eyes to readjust. Then I slid back the bolt on the toilet door and moved pad by pad, almost a centimeter at a time towards the door of the spare room. Once I was just in position to see through the door I simply stood in the darkness in silence, just looking in.

I could see Betty lying on her back, well tucked up in the big soft duvet. Her head was tilted towards center of the room, away from the wall. The depth of her breath meant that she was fast asleep and so I inched my way in to the room, taking care not to make the tiniest sound. Once I had passed the threshold of the door, I gently nudged it closed in case anyone else should get up and walk down the hallway.

I knelt down next to the beautiful sleeping Betty, my chin almost touching the side of her bed. The duvet rose and fell in time with her breaths and a slight air disturbance came from between her very slightly parted lips. I could feel the warmth moisture of her breath on the bridge of my nose as I peered into the seemingly giant red lips. I simply froze there and waited for a few seconds in langrous ecstasy, building up the courage to touch her, convincing myself that a third of a bottle of whisky would make for a sound sleep.

With no sound at all, I brought my finger closer to her waiting parted lips and then very gently rested it on the lower one, in the same place to which it had been invited earlier that same night.

The soft full lip peeled back as I touched it to reveal Betty's lower teeth. These were not the new small adult teeth of girls I knew of my own age but the ones of and incredible adult woman from far across the seas.

Some of her lower teeth were slightly crooked, some were straight, all were deeply ridged and sharp. I pushed round her lip a little and exposed a lower canine. It was almost beautifully teardrop shaped except for the vicious slightly inward pointing tip. I rested my finger on its tip a moment, just imagining what it would be like if she bit down.

My finger moved up away from Betty's bottom lip and proceeded to peel back the side of her top lip. Betty's lower teeth had been an adrenaline shock but nothing had prepared me for her upper pre-molars and canines. They were almost like those of an animal or a movie vampire. Although not particularly long, each one was deadly sharp and I watched my finger as it traced a line under their sharp biting edges, pausing under her slightly longer eye-tooth.

Then panic.

She stirred, twitched, murmured in her sleep and my heart leapt. I pulled my finger away from her mouth in an instant and got down flat on the dark floor by her bed not daring to breathe.

I stayed immutable for I don't know how long, praying the pounding of my heart was audible only inside my own head. Betty shifted in her bed slightly, straightening up her face to look at the ceiling and fidgeting a little under the sheets.

Presently her deep breathing resumed and I counted to 100 to be sure she was really back to sleep.

Her lower jaw was now much more dropped than before. I brought myself up over her and peered down into the deepness of her mouth. Slowly, inch by inch, the inquisitive fingers returned. Pausing briefly on the softness of her lower lip, I pushed my finger in until the first knuckle was flush with her lips. I felt no teeth, only the luxurious warm softness of her tongue. Her warm breath tickled the sensitive hairs on the back of my hand.

Betty stirred again and shut her mouth.

I was stuck. To pull back in my panic would surely wake her but what would happen if she felt a foreign object in her mouth? Scream for sure. How the f*ck would I explain this? I couldn't.

I stayed frozen to the spot with my two fingers in her mouth. I felt her large soft lips around the mid of my fingers and the encasing of her soft wide tongue below the pads and her upper palette above them. I felt no teeth but I knew they were there, sharp, hidden just below the protection of the full lips. Kneeling with my fingers in the hot mouth of this incredible woman was to that point the most erotic experience of my young life. It was promptly replaced by the next, which was when Betty softly started to suck.

Her tongue rippled gently under my fingers and she moaned a little in her sleep. I don't know but I fancied there was a slight twitch under the bed sheets.

The fullness of what might lie under the sheet hit me. It was certainly this fantastic strange woman and she could be naked. The encircling and sucking of the soft tongue intensified slightly, there were a few more undulations under the covers and then, after what felt like a wonderful terrifying few minutes, Betty's mouth opened wide and she breathed out a long soft 'Ahhhhhh'.

It was intense enough that her warm breath found its way up to my face allowing me to smell her soft scent as I peered down into her open array of sharp teeth that had been absent from sight but not my thoughts for at least a few minutes.

Self preservation kicked back in and I withdrew my fingers and padded quickly, much more clumsily than before, back into the safety of my own bed. The relief of having got away with it washed over me as I wrapped myself in my own, now cold duvet and warmed up. My hand found my own hard dick almost instantly and I satisfied myself with the hand that was still wet with Betty's saliva and the memories of how it had just got there. I slept soundly for the rest of that night, sweet dreams perfectly preserved.


The sound of frying and the smell of fresh bacon greeted me first thing in the morning and I jumped out of bed to pull on my work clothes. I passed Betty's door, excitement peaking as I did, on my way down the stairs to get my early breakfast.

I shot out to work and probably did the most cheerful shift I ever have, driving like a maniac on the way home lest the beautiful Betty would still be around the house. My heart sank as I entered to see a hung over Fi and nobody else. My impulse was to quiz her on the lovely Betty but I thought better of it. Fi is mean but not stupid.

Two weeks passed and no mention of Betty. I had pinched Fi's address book but she was not in it. Then, on a Friday night as I came in to the kitchen, there she was.

Leaning against the radiator in the kitchen chatting away to mum, Fi making toast. I said a quick hi to all, poured myself a welcome cup of tea and then slid into a corner of the kitchen pretending to examine a leaflet I had picked off the doormat.

Out of the corner of my eye I slowly worked my way up Betty. She was dressed simply in figure hugging jeans, boot cut and hanging loosely over what looked like soft brown leather cowboy boots. She wore a checked shirt on top with a knot at the bottom showing off her bare brown midriff and cutting an angular V across the deep cleft of her breast.

As I worked my way up the blond curls, peeling off her temples she looked across at me quickly, my eyes locking with her sparkling blue ones. I looked down quickly and tried not to go pink.

Fi put some toast in the middle of the table and we all took a piece. As Betty lifted it to her stunning red lips there was nothing I could do but watch as they parted. Caught again like a frozen animal she quickly locked her eyes on mine and bit down in a snap, cleanly removing a semi circle of toast. Once done, she smiled a glittering sparkle of blue eyes and white pearls across at me. Caught I stared at the floor, redness passing over my face, tears forming in the corner of my eyes and a hard on like a mallet in my trousers under the table.

I sat and stared at the text on the table in front of me until the women finished their toast and Fi and Betty flounced past me on the way to get changed to go out. Mum looked up from her tea after they were gone and smiled at me over her glasses.

'You like her don't you honey'.

'No', I snapped back, not raising my eyes to meet my mothers.

'It's ok. She is a very beautiful lady. It is normal.'

I said nothing, once my mother got up to go and water the garden I took the remainder of my tea to my bedroom and turned on the TV.

I heard the door slam as the two girls went out and then emerged from my room to hang about in kitchen for the rest of the night, barely able to contain the butterflies in my stomach as a plan came together. Some time around midnight the call came in and mum shouted to ask me to go with her to pick up the girls. I shouted back that I was really tired and wanted to go to bed. Mum groaned a little but left me to go and get them on her own.

Once the sound of the car was gone I barely sprinted up the stairs and into my room where I changed for bed into some long, warm pajamas. I went and got a load of spare pillows and put them in a line down my bed to look like a body. I turned out the light and left the room.

I then went and found a spare duvet and pillow and pushed it under the spare bed, right into the far corner. I sat on the stairs in exuberant anticipation until I heard the car pull back up the drive and then I shot under the spare bed.

The front door opened and the voices fell in to the hall way downstairs. Footsteps tottered into the kitchen as they had before. Bad news this time though, I heard the kettle go on which meant tea, which meant no whisky, which meant potentially less sound sleep.

I lay frozen in place in the dark under the bed until I heard footsteps coming up the stairs as the women went to bed. I could feel little drips of perspiration forming on my brow as I prayed that mum would not look in on me in my room. There was no indication she did and the thought of it was pushed quickly from my mind as the door to the spare room opened and the light went on. Shafts of yellow poked under the bed to where I was hiding and I squirmed back into the recess of the dark corner.

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