Heavy boot treads came into the room and stopped to shut the door. As they drew parallel, I recognized them as the brown leather Western Style ones of Betty. Heels facing me, she sat down heavily on the bed above me, which creaked but did not give too much.

One by one she pulled off and discarded to the far corner the boots. Then two white bobby socked feet came down on the floor, the clinking of a buckle and the pair of jeans fell down next to me. I could feel myself panting in anticipation. Then the shirt fell next to the jeans, blocking off part of the stream of yellow light.

Betty padded over to the sink in the far corner and I heard her start to brush her teeth. As I thought of those beautiful sharp ivory teeth being cleaned one by one, my hard dick crept out of the slit in my pajamas. I turned my body and slithered silently down to the bottom end of the bed that faced the sink. Peeking out from under the valence I could see her bent away from me over the sink, brushing vigorously.

Betty's body was an absolute marvel. She stood in nothing but a pair of tiny white panties covered in large red dots. Her ample boobs were hanging low and just grazing the top of the sink. They jiggled a little as she brushed. I saw long brown pointed nipples, erect due to the cold in the room scraping one side and then the other of the sink bowl.

Betty's bum was the proverbial peach, tanned and firm. She stood with her legs just parted enough that I could see the outline of her pussy marked by the droop in her panties. Beautifully rounded the fold in the panties marked a clear slit where her labia major rested slightly parted behind the thin silk lining. What I would have given to bury my face into her pussy and run my tongue up her slit.

Having captured an image that would stay with me forever I slid back into the dark under the bed as she spat and rinsed.

She padded back towards me and clicked the light out. The room fell into darkness and I heard her recline on the bed above me. I wrapped myself in my quilt and closed my own eyes, matching my breathing to hers as she fell into deep sleep.

I lay for what I know was more than an hour as I forced myself to time it by the church hour chimes down in the village.

Once confident she was fast asleep and that there was no more activity in the house, I inched my way out from under the bed. As I did so, I knocked Betty's discarded jeans, which scraped her belt buckle on the floor. She gasped and so I froze but immediately the deep sleep breathing resumed. I counted out a full minute and then continued getting out from underneath.

As I brought my self up on to my knees I saw the beautiful face of Betty daubed gently in the soft moonlight that shone in through the window. She lay on her back, face up as she had been last time I had left her in bed.

I moved my face in towards her and lent oh so softly on the side of the bed so that my eyes were less than an inch from her beautiful red lips. I moved gently so that my lips just brushed hers and then stopped there for a moment. I wondered quickly if this would be the closest I would ever come to actually kissing her and so vowed to remember each detail of the moment.

Betty's breathing stayed even with only a minor intake of breath as her lips parted so very slightly. I brought my eyes down closely and saw large the sight of her front teeth through the tiny parting.

Not being able to help it now, I brought up my fingers and very gently pulled back her beautiful top lip to reveal the perfect line of jagged side teeth. Vicious and mesmerizing, I wished time would stand still.

It didn't.

Betty fidgeted much like she had two weeks before and opened her mouth wide. I was too close to her to panic dive under the bed so I just froze.

I found myself with my eyes peering directly into her gaping mouth. Beautiful ridged incisors a few centimeters from the front of my nose and a cascade of devilishly sharp molars and pre-molars running down the sides to the soft black chasm at the back.

I brought my fingers up and lowered them millimeter by millimeter into Betty's open mouth. I alighted with the most gentle of touches on a molar on one side and then gently lowered the flat of my finger so that it ran right down the line of biting edges of her side teeth.

The little pointed jags grazed across my skin as my mind flashed back to Betty severing the chip and the toast in single hard bites. I wondered what would happen if she snapped shut now, I wondered if I would lose my finger. With anyone else probably not, with Betty it was unclear.

I ran my finger up one side of her teeth and then turned it over and ran it back down the other side. I was in absolute ecstasy as I saw it run back between the vicious line of teeth and especially between her razor sharp canines.

Then the unthinkable happened.

Betty closed her teeth, trapping my finger between a whole long row of side teeth.

She was not biting hard at all but the sharp crests of molars dented in both above and below my finger and the two canines that trapped it just above the knuckle were like two opposing needles, just resting there. My heart was in my mouth and I almost came in a single breath.

Betty let out a soft moan and there was a twitch under the cover. Crumbs, an erotic dream again maybe?

She did not bite down any harder but as her breathing became deeper and intensified, I could feel her tongue licking up and down the side of my finger still trapped between her closed teeth.

The hand moving under the covers moved with more pronounced strokes, making the duvet rise up and down. Betty's whole body seemed to shiver up and down with it as did her breaths.

Then a hand shot up and grasped my one that was trapped by her mouth. The illusion that she was asleep was broken and my sense of impending doom was confirmed as she spoke softly and slowly.

'Get in here, you can do something for me', she almost rasped into my face.

As she spoke she held my hand and in particular my errant finger between her teeth. Each syllable made a little bite and she pronounced it with a pause.

She let me go and lifted up the side of the duvet to reveal herself in the moonlight.

She had perfect round breasts with large nipples that would poked directly up into the air. Her boobs lay flat on top of her above a bare midriff which rolled smoothly down to the panties. The panties rose again in the perfect outline of her pussy.

She pulled me on top of her so that I sat on top of her silky panties, one leg either side of her, looking down into her perfect curl framed face. She took both of my hands and traced them around her breasts.

There was nothing I could do about my cock which was sticking like a flagpole out of the fly of my pajamas. Betty's eyes seemed to fix on it while idly rubbing her breasts with my hands.

'Mmmm, I can use that', she murmured, never once taking her eyes of my rock hard member. She moved one hand down to my cock and wrapped her fingers around it.

It was the first time I had seen a real live woman in the flesh let alone been touched and it sent electricity out of my cock and all over my body. I was helpless as she gently glided a finger over the head and then down again.

Then, without losing hold of my cock, she looped her other hand over my shoulder and pulled me onto herself. I found myself lying flat on top of her, face to beautiful face.

She pulled me up very slightly so that my cock was trapped between my body and her silky panties through which I could feel her soaking cleft running along the line of my dick.

Her legs curled round my bum, pulling me against her hard and allowing her purchase to rub herself up and down me. Her back arched and her head pushed back into the pillow. She opened her mouth wide and let out a guttural moan.

I did what came naturally and ran my tongue along the line of her top teeth, starting at one fang and finishing at the next. Betty's teeth slammed shut in what almost felt like a warning and her head tilted back into the pillow with closed eyes as she literally pulled me up and down against herself like a giant dildo.

My hard cock rubbed her slick silky panties up into her cleft and I both felt and glimpsed her beautiful pink bald pussy for the first time.

In an instant Betty flipped us over, unleashing a surprising amount of strength for her small frame. I found myself lying back on her soft pillow, staring up at her beautiful gold curl encircled face.

She kissed me quickly on the lips and then spun her body round, sitting back on my face in a 69 position. She pulled her panties to the side, allowing my tongue access to the full length of her slit.

I slowly licked the full length finishing up at her clit, looping around it and then and then gradually stroking all the way back down. Betty let out a throaty moan as I did so and pushed herself hard back on my chin and lips.

Betty worked herself back and forth on my lower face, her strokes becoming harder and more brutal in intensity, her hand snaking its way down to the base of my flag-pole erect cock. She used the grip to work herself even harder and more furiously on my face, her pussy completely now enveloping my mouth.

Then Betty moaned and let out a long sigh. As she did so, she bent herself forwards, taking my cock all the way into her beautiful mouth. The action rolled her pussy so that her clit stabbed between my lips. As I sucked, she sucked and I felt sensations I had so far only ever imagined as her warm luxurious mouth and tongue drew me in and pushed me out.

As I came nearer and nearer to the edge, I felt Betty's lips slide away from her sharp front teeth. Occurring rarely at first, making a tiny sharp pricks in the end of my cock intermittently. The more she sucked and sucked, the more often the teeth came together slightly, grazing up and down my shaft and stabbing the head.

Then Betty stopped moving her pussy and lay heavily on my body, panting. She gently licked the head of my cock with giant swirling movements of her tongue

The cessation of her body was followed by a few seconds pregnant pause of even her tongue which told me something was about to happen. I fancied that I heard her licking her lips and churning her mouth, almost like and animal about to feed.

Ever so gently, she folded her warm mouth back over my cock and let it rest between her long sharp row of side teeth. Hard, angled molars ending in sharp pointed canines, all digging into the soft flesh, the pain was intense but the excitement that came with it pumped adrenaline through my body as I have never felt.

Betty's throbbing, gyrating pussy continued its path on my face but this time with new intensity. I stuck out my tongue catching her clit as she rubbed. Her breathing and moaning rose and her teeth bit down harder on my still solid cock.

Pleasure really did start to give way to pain as I started to struggle to try to free my cock but my head remained firmly clamped between Betty's thighs as she rammed herself into my face. Sharp teeth released my shaft to be instantly replaced only by a another hard bite from her front teeth, then her side teeth, then her front teeth on the head and shaft of my cock as she came in deep moans.

Betty's rocking subsided and she slowly released my injured cock as she gasped to catch her breath back. She sat back on me a little and relaxed.

'If you come in my mouth then I own this', she giggled.

Betty bent back down to my cock, pushing it in through her soft lips again. This time, no teeth, just a warm lapping mouth.

Betty went further and further down until I must have been part way down her throat. I felt her lower lip push down hard on the base of my cock and then a strange sensation as she pushed my balls into her mouth with it. How she was breathing I don't know, I was entirely focused on the undulating, swallowing throat.

I came closer and closer to the edge, trying to hold it back but not being able to fight Betty's expert actions or her beautiful bald pussy above my face.

As I felt myself stiffen up in orgasm Betty's teeth again clamped down, this time threatening to sever all that I had at the very base. As she bit harder and harder, I came down her throat, almost passing out with the excitement. Betty's throat milked me dry, the strength of her suction overwhelming. It was clear in an instant that she had already mostly swallowed me, all it would take to lose my cock and balls forever would be one hard, vicious bite. I wondered if it would come.

It didn't.

I relaxed and as I did, so did she, giggling slightly, she got off me and turned to kiss me on the lips. I could hardly move with the emotions washing over me. The best orgasm of my life combined with the removal of the threat to castrate me made me quake with relief.

'Don't forget I own this now she purred', gently brushing my cock with the back of her hand. 'If you ever use it with anyone else then you will lose it.'

At the time I didn't care and when I got up the next morning I found she had left early and so I didn't dwell on her words.

Over the next few weeks, as the incredible ring of teeth marks up and down my shaft and the red ring around the base rendered me almost unable to walk, I thought back to her words and realized the predicament I was in. If I ever touched another girl then would Betty come back and finish what she had started? What if she never came back? Surely she was joking?

These thoughts haunted me for months until I met Jess.

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