tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBetty Jean's Movie Adventure

Betty Jean's Movie Adventure


Some parts maybe true.

My name is Betty Jean, a small town girl raised on a small farm in northern Illinois. My parents were very young when they were married, nineteen and twenty respectively. My mother was a small petite woman who was, and still is, very beautiful. My father is of average height and weight but also very handsome in a rugged sort of way.

I was raised on a small, one hundred eighty acre farm that my father rented. While we made a modest living, money was always tight trying to make ends meet. We raised some cattle, hogs and had around twenty five milk cows. Due to the demands of the milk cows we rarely ever went on vacations. As soon as I was old enough I began to help with the chores around the farm. I would help feed the small calves, making many of them my pets, also washing the milkers after dad had finished milking. We also had a large vegetable which I helped with as we canned a lot of vegetables.

I eventually ended up with 2 sisters who were much younger than I was so they were not able to help around the farm until much latter in my life. I really enjoyed working around the farm, since it was the way I was raised, I couldn't think of any other way of living. My dad was a very religious man and very much a stern disciplinarian. More than once I had felt his belt slapping my butt when I screwed up.

I was very lucky in that I inherited my mothers good-looks genes. Unfortunately I did not inherit her petite frame. Although I only grew to five foot two inches tall I was what we called large boned. I was always a little on the heavy side, I prefer to call myself "curvy." Where as my mother wore a 32A bra I was already up to a 34C size bra. I had a small twenty two inch waist, which made my boobs and ass both look bigger than they really were. I had a nice round, firm ass that I always thought was too big, but that was the hand I was dealt.

I always counted my many and obvious blessings. As I had just turned eighteen, I realized that I was developing into a very beautiful woman with a very firm and curvy body. I was a good student, being on the honor roll more often than not. I was blessed with a very outgoing personality, making friends very easily. Between my good looks and personality I always had a date for all the school functions. I was never in a serious relationship with any one boy as my father was always preaching to me about boys, sex, and sin. This did not prevent me from having sex whenever I really liked the boy I was on a date with.

Quite by accident I found out my parents had to get married. It was a fate that I didn't want to happen to me. I'm sure that is why my parents kept such close tabs on me while I was going thru my dating process.

Entering the summer before my senior year I asked my father if I could get a summer job to earn some extra money, which I never had any extra of. My sisters were now old enough to start helping around the farm with chores so my working wouldn't be a burden to my father. I applied at several business and the small manufacturing plant in town with no success. As luck would have it my father was very good friends with a local bar owner, Steve, who also owned the small theater in town. Steve was a dark haired, good looking man I would say in his mid thirties. Even though my father was a religious man, he wasn't adverse to an occasional drink, or three or four. Steve asked my father if he thought I would be interested in working at the theater during the summer for him. I was elated and thrilled upon hearing about this job opportunity. I immediately, eagerly, accepted the minimum wage job.

The theater was open weekdays from six to around ten, weekends from noon to ten. I worked three evenings shifts and the weekends. I was very fortunate to work with a school friend of mine named Mary. We would alternate taking tickets and running the concession stand. Steve, the owner would come over and change the movie reels when needed as his bar was right across the street. Since the theater only seated around seventy five people, once the movie started one of us would watch the movie while the other one ran the concession stand.

It was my second week of working at the theater when it was my turn to watch the movie. We always sat in the back row so if we were needed to help the other person out we were close at hand. I was sitting in the back row when a tall, dark-haired, good looking guy sat down next to me. I was kind of surprised as there many seats available closer to the screen. After a short time he held out his hand and introduced himself as Jack. I returned his handshake and told him my name was Betty Jean. The movie had an intermission which allowed the patrons to go to the bathroom, or buy some more snacks. It was during this time that Steve would come over from his bar and change the movie reels.

Jack approached the concession stand, purchased a box of popcorn and started to talk to me. He told me he lived in a near by town that didn't have a movie theater. He was twenty four years old, worked construction, and was a movie buff. He also explained that he had hurt his back and was waiting for the doctor to release him so he could go back to work. In the meantime he was killing time by going to movies.

As the movie resumed we returned to our seats in the back row. Jack shared his popcorn with me as we engaged in some small talk. When the movie ended Jack leaned over, kissed me and said, "I hope to see you again." I replied, "I certainly hope so." The next evening, as the movie started, I took my customary seat in the back row. Just as the movie was starting Jack walked in and sat down next to me. Jack looked at me with a big smile on his face, leaned over and kissed me. I wasn't so bashful this time as I eagerly returned his kiss. I was flattered that this good looking, older guy was interested in me. It wasn't long before we really started to kiss in earnest. Being in the back of the dark theater we could see anyone coming or leaving the theater, so we always on alert as to not attract any unwanted attention. As our kissing heated up I felt a hand begin to fondle my breast. I was shocked and immediately removed his hand from my breast. Jack kept trying to feel my breast up as I constantly removed his hand from it's intended destination. I really was interested in Jack and did not want to scare him away so the next time he started to play with my boob I allowed him to continue feeling me up. This went on for sometime as I was really enjoying it and was starting to get turned on.

Jack asked me to go out with him after the movie but I told him that my parents always picked me up after the show to take me home. Besides, I knew dad wouldn't let me go out with someone so much older than me. Jack kissed me, telling me he would see me next week, as he was busy that weekend.

I could hardly wait for the next week to come so I could see Jack again. I had to settle for my "little Friend, "as I described my dildo, to help me thru the weekend. Filled with anticipation I eagerly returned to work the next week. Sure enough as the movie began, I was seated in the back of the theater, in walked Jack, kissed me, and sat down next to me. It wasn't very long after the show had started that we started kissing. Jack wasted no time in reaching over and began playing with my boobs. It didn't take him long to work his hand inside my bra, playing with my nice handful of tit.

Jack continued to play with my tits, alternating feeling one and then the other. Intermission interrupted us so we gathered ourselves together as I went to help with the concession stand. When the movie resumed I returned to my seat next to Jack, continuing our making out. Jack massaged my tits for a little while when he slowly started to work his hand up my thigh. I kept pushing his hand away but to no avail. I eventually let him work his hand up to my panty clad pussy. He tried to get his hand inside my panties but I told him "NO!" I spread my legs a little so he could massage my pussy easier thru my panties. I have to admit that I was really getting turned on. It was everything I had to not moan out loud in pleasure. I felt embarrassed as I knew my panties must now be getting very wet from the attention my boobs and pussy were receiving. Jack then removed his hands from my tits and pussy as I heard the unmistakable sound of a zipper, unzipping. Jack reached over taking my hand and placing it in his lap, which now had his erect penis standing at full attention. I was shocked, but I figured he needed some relief. If we weren't in the movie theater I would have jumped his bones and fucked him right there.

I slowly started to slide my hand up and down this shaft, thinking he must want a hand job to relieve himself. Someone walked by us and I quickly removed my hand from his cock. Once the person had left I resumed my stroking his cock. All of a sudden Jack grabbed the back of my head, forcing my head down to his awaiting cock. I had no intention of giving Jack a blow job, but he held my head down on his lap until I gave in, opening my mouth, to take his manhood in. I slowly started to suck on his nice size cock, when Jack started to push my head up and down on his cock. I continued to apply as much suction as I could, bobbing up and down on his nice sized member. It wasn't too long before Jack let a low moan and filled my mouth with his seed, with some dribbling down my chin.

I couldn't believe that I had just given a blow job to a guy I just met the week before and hardly knew. I also couldn't deny that I had really enjoyed this sexually charged experience. I was sure that my "special friend" was going to get a good workout that evening. As the show ended jack thanked me and hoped that I wasn't offended with his actions. I assured him that I wasn't, enjoying every minute of it. Jack said he hoped we could meet outside the theater sometime. I again told him I would try but between my working on the farm and at the theater it would be difficult to get away, but that I would try.

I didn't see Jack at the next couple of shows when I realized I didn't even know his last name, address, or telephone number. I was about to give up hope of seeing Jack again, when as I was sitting in back of the theater, Jack walked in and sat down next to me. Jack gave me a big, passionate kiss, proceeding to tell me he had missed me. I told him that I had missed him also. I told Jack I had to check on the concession stand and would return shortly. I immediately went to the ladies restroom and removed my bra. I then returned to my seat next to Jack. We started to kiss and make out with Jack right away starting to play with my boobs. You should have seen the expression on his face when he realized that I wasn't wearing a bra! Jack immediately put his hand under my blouse and started to play with my boobs. My tits were like putty in his hands. Feeling daring, I unbuttoned the top two buttons on my blouse for his easier access for Jack to play with my sensitive tits.

I then pulled Jack's head down to my chest so he could sample my suckable tits. Jack began to suck on my nipple, gently rolling it in his mouth with his tongue. Jack then slid his hand under my skirt, rubbing my now damp pussy thru my panties. I was hot to trot between my tits being sucked on and my pussy being massaged, enjoying every second of my encounter. I knew we couldn't have intercourse there so I reached over and unzipped his pants. Immediately his cock sprung free of his pants, being at full mast. I leaned over and began to gently suck on his nice sized manhood. I didn't need any prompting this time as I began to bob my head up and down on his shaft. I was really into giving Jack a good blow job when all of a sudden I saw a light shine on us.

I looked up to see the owner, Steve, shining a flashlight on us. There I was with my tits hanging out, a hand on my pussy, and a cock in my mouth. There was a fast and furious shuffle as I buttoned my blouse and Jack put his cock back into his pants. I could tell Steve was angry. Steve told Jack to"get out of the theater and never come back, "which he did. He then told me to come up to the office/projection booth.

As I followed Steve up to the office my mind was racing a mile a minute. I was scared to death, apprehensive as to what was to happen to me. We arrived at the office and Steve shut the door behind him telling me to sit down.

"I should fire your ass for this outrage, "Steve said. I promised that I would never do anything like this again, if he would give me another chance. Steve said he would talk to me tomorrow to let me know how he was going to handle the situation. I spent a sleepless night dreading what was to come. If Steve told my dad I would surely get the beating of my life, as well as probably getting grounded for my whole senior year. I was never so terrified in my short, young life.

The next day I arrived at the theater early to learn my fate. Steve was there to meet me, with an unhappy look on his face. He told me he had Carol come in to take my place working for the day. Steve then said he had made his decision and would talk to me in his apartment, which was over his bar, as it would be more private. When we arrived at Steve's apartment he had me sit down and told me that he had reached his decision. I think I was visibly shaking by this time, not knowing what to expect. Steve asked me, "if I were him what would I do?" I was a loss for an answer to his question.

Steve said, "he could fire me, which meant he would have to explain to my father, his friend, why he had done so." He said another option was that"I could finish what I had started at the theater with him."

I was very confused and asked what he had meant by, "finishing what I had started." Steve then proceeded to unzip his pants and told me to"suck his cock like I had been sucking on my boyfriend's cock."

I told Steve that I couldn't do that. Steve then picked up the phone and said, "I'm going to call your dad." I immediately rushed over to him and put the phone down. I told him I would do it this one time, and one time only, if he promised not to tell my father. Steve said he would, but to make it worth his while I was to remove my clothes while I gave him a blow job. Seeing I had no choice I started to removed my clothes. When I got down to my bra and panties I stopped and headed over to Steve. Steve told me to "remove all of your clothes." I reluctantly removed my bra and panties, standing in front of Steve completely naked.

Steve had removed his clothes and sat back down in his chair. I was amazed as to what I saw! It wasn't a foot long but it was the biggest cock I had ever seen, very long and very thick. Steve complimented me on my nice firm body and big tits. He then motioned for me to come over and begin sucking his cock.

It was an effort for me to get my mouth around his huge manhood. I started out slowly sucking and licking as best I could. I began to bob my head up and down on his shaft as well as using my hand to slide up and down on his shaft at the same time. Steve then reached down and began to play with my tits as I was sucking him off. I was really getting turned on as I continued to suck on his cock. I increased my pace on sucking and stroking, doing my best to make him cum. Steve had great staying power as I continued to suck and stroke. After quite awhile Steve let out a groan and filled my moth with his seed. I swallowed as much as I could with of his spunk running out the side of my mouth and down on my tits.

Steve said"I see that all that practice sucking Jack's cock had paid off as I was a natural born cocksucker."

I could feel his cock start to go limp so I started to remove his cock from my mouth. Steve pushed my head back down on his cock and told me to"keep sucking, clean me up." As I continued to suck on his cock I could feel it starting to spring back to life. Steve then pulled my mouth off his cock and stood up, having me also stand up with him. Steve then proceeded to kiss me which was very erotic as I could feel his erection pushing against my chest.

Steve then proceeded to walk me towards the couch, all the time continuing to kiss me. When we reached the couch he gently laid me down and got on top of me. I protested, telling him "intercourse wasn't part of our deal." Steve said he could always call my father if I didn't want to have sex with him. I had no choice and told him to "go ahead." Fortunately for me I was very worked up at this point, with my pussy flowing with my love juices. Steve positioned his purple headed monster at the entrance of my slit and started to enter me very slowly. I let out a half groan and half scream at the same time. "No, your too big, please stop, "I pleaded with him.

Steve was an experienced lover as he very slowly worked his cock into me in short thrusts, going a little deeper each time, stretching my pussy wider than it had ever been stretched before. When he had his full length in me, I began to relax and enjoy the fucking I was receiving. I began to moan in pleasure as his long, strong strokes were setting me on fire with passion that I never knew existed."Yes, fuck me with your big cock, " I pleaded. I could hardly believe the words coming out of my mouth. I could feel my body tense up, with my heart racing faster and faster with each stroke. My body tensed up as I let out a scream as my orgasm raced thru my body. I laid there panting as Steve continued to pump his cock in and out of me. Finally Steve let out a groan and filled my well used pussy with his seed, with much of it running down my leg. We laid there for some time with Steve continuing to kiss me, slowly removing his spent cock from my stretched out pussy.

As Steve got up I just laid on the couch trying to calm down from the fucking and the orgasm that I had just experienced. I closed my eyes, trying to recover from the greatest sex I had ever experienced, sore pussy and all. I finally opened my eyes to see Steve standing over taking pictures of my naked, cum drenched body. I asked him, "what the hell are you doing?"

Steve said this was his "little insurance policy." Steve said he was going to fuck me once a week and if I refused he would anonymously send my naked pictures pictures to my father. He also said I could keep my job at the theater and gave me a small raise at the same time. Steve went on to explain that Jack was a friend of his, that the two of them had set me up so he could fuck me. He had wanted to fuck me the first time he laid eyes on me. Steve also stated that if I wanted Jack to screw me he would set it up and we could use his apartment as Jack was eagerly awaiting his chance to fuck me since I had sent him home with a case of blue balls on a couple of occasions. Jack had wanted to fuck me, with Steve, the first time but Steve said he had wanted me all to himself for the first time. Steve also stated that if I would want to make some "extra money" he had some customers that would be more than willing to pay good money to have sex with me.

This was the start to my summer which was going to prove to be very interesting!!

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