tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBetty's Revenge Ch. 01

Betty's Revenge Ch. 01


Chapter One

A week had passed since Renée’s revenge had been wreaked on Betty. At first everyone had waited with bated breath to see what Betty would come up with for get-back. Of course by the same token no one knew what Renée held over Betty’s head in the first place to get her revenge so completely, but they rightly assumed it must have been something massive.

In his office, President Cramer would just sit for long periods of time with his head buried in his hands, excessively sweating at just the mere thought that those pictures of he and Betty having sex together had fallen into Renée’s hands. He had been too frightened to ask Betty, he didn’t want to know for sure.

Sid had taken the same tack. When he had gotten back from home after finally locating his grandfather lost in his own neighborhood, he had heard indirectly of the trouble between Renée and Betty. He had wisely decided to steer a wide berth of the whole thing. He had not spoken of it with either of the principals and they in turn had not made any overtures in his direction.

Shana and Andrea had returned from the emergency mental health facility four days earlier, but so far were mere shadows of their former selves. Neither one seldom left the safety of their room. When they did venture forth from their room, neither Shana or Andrea were able to look anyone in the eyes or answer any questions put to them.

If they were unfortunate enough to run across Renée in their campus travels, they would rip off all their clothing and grovel at her feet. Naturally Renée, plus most other people at the university, found this to be inconvenient and also tacky except for the male students, who would follow them around hoping that Andrea and Shana and Renée would meet somewhere.

In fact, a few of the male students kept attempting to set up ‘chance’ meetings between Renée and Andrea and Shana by the use of their cell phones in keeping track of where the three young women were at on the campus at any given time.

And whenever the two young women heard the name of Renée spoken they would scream incoherently until someone could administer a sedative. Of course none of this was helped by Samuel constantly sneaking into their room when they were out and placing a picture of them naked on their computer as a screensaver.

Andrea and Shane were still discovering pictures of themselves on all the bulletin boards in the university. In the pictures they were surrounded by young men and standing totally nude with bemused expressions on their faces as though they had been obscene party hostesses at some gala event.

That doesn’t begin to touch the growth of the Andrea – Shana phenomena on the internet. They were beginning to be well known all over the world; it first started from Samuel sending the pictures to some of his friends that attended other colleges and then it just mushroomed incredibly from there. In fact a day didn’t go by that the two young women didn’t receive in their emails a half dozen overtures for them for be actresses in soft porn ‘schoolgirl’ films.

Betty, on the other hand, was being plagued by emails from middle aged men who saw her nude pictures on the Viagra Network. Of course, Samuel was behind that too; although Betty was grateful to Samuel for one thing. When he arrived unexpectedly in her office that day with his camera, he initially booted out all the students. Then he convinced her to let him take a few shots because he would then be willing to loan her his long coat.

Soon Samuel was acting so gallant and suave he had Betty posing as though she were a model in a fashion shoot. She became completely swept up in his line of snappy photographer patter and willingly posed in any position he asked for. And he did keep his word and lent her his coat allowing Betty to return to her apartment. That night as she was falling asleep, Betty decided she might have misjudged Samuel all this time.

The next day though was another story. Samuel had plastered Betty’s pictures everywhere he could find a blank space and she was viewed in every obscene position known to womankind. Betty vowed to kill him on sight, therefore no one had seen Samuel for days. He always did know when discretion was the better form of valor.

In the evening of the eighth day following the naked Rinoa university marathon, Betty and Kristen, the instructor, sat quietly talking in Betty’s bedroom. Kristen was quite upset that pictures of Betty naked kept resurfacing around the university and blamed Renée for it.

“It really was Renée’s fault all the way, Krissy,” Betty declared. “As soon as I saw her that morning I just knew we were going to have trouble. She was snapping gum and standing in front of my desk with her hand resting on her cocked right hip.”

“Tsk, tsk,” her good friend lamented.

Betty continued, “I just wanted to say couple of things to help her in the future to make appropriate decisions but I never got the chance.”

“What happened?” Kristen wanted to know.

“Well, I just said one thing about her needing a take a good look as to alternatives when first entering a new situation and she began screaming at me that if that’s the way it is around here, she didn’t want to be a nurse anymore. And she pulled her uniform off right then and threw it at me. I thought maybe she was experiencing emotional problems or had been drinking already in the morning.”

“That’s terrible,” Kristen commiserated. “What did you do? Personally, I would have been tempted to smack the crap out of her.”

“Haha! No, I couldn’t do that. I remained very calm and centered and I suggested she put her uniform back on because she might get in serious trouble going out on the campus in just her bra and panties. So she tore those off too and threw them in my face and then she stormed out of my office.”

“That’s simply inexcusable,” Kristen retorted. “But then what was that announcement you made about it all being a psychological test? It wasn’t, was it? It was simply Renée running willfully through the building naked, wasn’t it?”

Betty grinned ruefully at her close friend. “I’m afraid so.”

“You’re so good, Betty, to attempt to cover for her,” Kristen replied reaching forward and briefly touching Betty on her arm. “So then how did you come to lose your clothes?”

“Actually I didn’t.”

“You didn’t?” Kristen echoed with surprise in her voice.

“No, after Renée had run around the nursing building naked she returned to my office. I suspect to reclaim her uniform, but I had already sent it to her room via a messenger. I didn’t want a repeat performance from her so I insisted she wear my clothes and then go down to her room and obtain her uniform and then bring mine back. But she never returned and left me stranded in my office.”

“Betty, why didn’t you just loan her your uniform and not your undies too?”

“Kristen! I’m surprised at you,” Xu exclaimed sounding mildly outraged. “A lady always wears underwear.”

“Hmm, I think I’m just gonna have a talk with Ms. Renée,” Kristen promised.

Betty grinned slyly in return.


It wasn’t until after lunch on the following day that Kristen was able to track Renée down. She was sunning herself on a bench in the courtyard area and reading The Story of O. The courtyard was quite crowded as it was on every day that boasted good weather. In the early afternoon following lunch, a lot of students always headed to the comfort of that particular area.

Kristen had already been greatly irritated with the young woman since speaking with Betty. Then when it took her so long to run her down, she grew even more ill tempered. And now the kicker to her anger was seeing Renée so comfortable just sitting in the warm sun and reading a book when pictures of Betty naked kept popping up all around the university and the internet and it was Renée’s fault!

Kristen strode over to where her former student was sitting and stood silently over her the way a large dog will establish dominance over a small one. Renée finally glanced up for a second and said, “Hi Kristen, would you mind moving, you’re in my light.” She returned to reading her book.

Kristen continued to stand right there not saying a word. Again Renée spoke, although this time she didn’t even look up. “Kristen, could you move? You’re in my light.”

“Oh?” Kristen replied sardonically.

“No,” Renée said, holding the book up so Kristen could read the title. “It’s ‘The Story of O,’ not just oh.”

When Kristen did not move, Renée emitted a sigh and closed her book. She assumed that at some point Betty’s best friend, Kristen, would come to talk to her in Betty’s best interest. Renée had already decided she would act as if she had forgiven Betty, but in point of fact she would never really forgive her. Renée did realize that sometimes it is better in the long run if she practiced the art of politesse.

Renée glanced up at Kristen who had continued to loom over her. “Did you want to talk?”

“No, I think the time for talk is past,” Kristen answered angrily.

Renée flushed and set her book on the bench and stood up. “What’s the matter with you?”

“What’s the matter with ‘me’?”

“No Kristen,” Renée replied snidely. “I ask a question and then you answer it, now the word what doesn’t usually start an answer.”

A few people close by who were intently listening giggled. That was too much for Kristen to bear; to have people think she had been bested by this slut that liked to roam the halls of the nursing building naked and who was responsible for trashing the reputation of her best friend.

“That’s it, Renée!” Kristen cried out. “Come and take the punishment you so richly deserve.

Before Renée could react in any way, Kristen clutched Renée by her right wrist and began to pull her along. Renée protested, “Let go, you bitch!”

That caught the blonde woman’s attention. There was little that Kristen hated more than being cursed at. “Bitch?!” she exploded.

Kristen dropped Renée’s wrist and struck her across the mouth with a tremendous backhand shot knocking Renée halfway across the courtyard. Renée fell like a heavy rock and sat there dazed for a few seconds. The two women suddenly had the attention of everybody in the area. The noise emanating from those present began to resemble the din of a heavyweight fight crowd just before the bell rang to begin the first round.

Kristen strode over to the fallen woman and yanked her up on her feet so hard that it looked as though it could have pulled her arm from the socket. She then proceeded to drag Renée with her again. The dark-haired woman gained enough wherewithal to struggle by pulling in the opposite direction, but in fact all she resembled was a small terrier fighting the leash of a big owner.

Renée screamed, “Stop it, Kristen! What are you crazy?!” Renée’s lip was bleeding at the spot where the blonde woman’s backhand had driven the lip into a tooth.

Kristen continued to pull Renée along with the greatest of ease. She glanced back and repeated, “Crazy? I’ll show you Kraaazy! Mwahaha!”

Up until this point Renée had been convinced that she could talk to Kristen and calm her down. Now she grew extremely frightened. It looked as if as Kristen had slipped the rails somewhere along the way. Her eyes were sharply protruding from her face, her nostrils were flared and her breathing was extremely rapid. Renée even began to wonder if Kristen knew where she was and who she was fighting.

But Kristen knew alright. She figured it was time that someone took this woman, this ‘princess,’ this queen of the nursing students down several pegs and Kristen decided it might as well be her.

Truth be told, there were plenty of Renée supporters in the courtyard that day although not one of them felt as though they wanted to mess with Kristen. She appeared that ferocious. And to be fair, no one had an inkling of what was to come.

Kristen dragged the struggling Renée over to the fifty foot flagpole that stood in the center of the courtyard.

“Enough is enough, Kristen, let go,” Renée whined.

“:Haha! Enough! We haven’t even started yet,” Kristen shouted.

These words struck further terror into Renée and she wondered why no one had stopped this by now. Was she this unpopular? Kristen grabbed the flagpole rope, untied it and lowered the flag itself about five and a half feet. This was the approximate height of Renée. Kristen then looped the rope tightly around Renée’s arms at the wrists four or five times and then tied it off with both hands as tight as she could.

“Ow! You’re cutting off my circulation,” Renée complained. “Take me down before you get in trouble.”

“Trouble, you little bitch?” the blonde woman hissed. “I’ll show you trouble.”

Renée thought Kristen’s good looks were so distorted at the moment that she resembled a very deadly snake.

Renée pulled and tugged at the flagpole ropes futilely. Several male students took this opportunity to dash up on the stage and attempt to free Renée. Kristen realized this immediately and she brought out her steel iaito sword which she had sheathed at her side the entire time. The blonde haired beauty was a Kendo expert and usually fought with the traditional wooden sword, but today for Renée she made an exception. Kristen struck it at their feet.

The crowd laughed uneasily as the sword didn’t hit any of them, but the young men fell all over attempting to avoid it. Everyone knew that Kristen was damn good with her sword play.

Someone with a bent sense of humor ran to the CD’s at the portable boom box and changed the CD. ‘Whip it’ by Devo began to blare out of the speakers. ‘Snap that whip! Whip it! Whip it good!’

Renée finally figured out what was coming and began to scream at the top of her lungs in terror and fright. Kristen yanked down hard on the end of the flagpole ropes and then tired them off causing Renée to have to stand at the very top of her tiptoes uncomfortably. The young men in the crowd noticed that it did help highlight her beautiful legs.

Renée had no nursing duties on that day so she was not attired in her uniform. Renée had chosen to wear a white mid-riff blouse, a very pretty short blue flare skirt and flats. Kristen began snapping her sword quickly biting out little chunks of skin from Rinoa’s long legs.

Renée was screaming, the CD was blasting out Whip it Good! and Kristen was lightly dancing around the black-haired young woman waving her sword in and out. The whole scene had taken on a surrealistic quality.

Kristen was just deciding that she had dished out enough punishment when she heard Renée cry out, “Stop it, you fascist cunt bitch!”

Kristen literally saw a wall of red following that most inopportune remark. She entered into a zone of hate and became one with her weapon. She was no longer in touch with anything but striking Renée.

She changed her targets and no longer hit the beautiful young woman in her legs, but with each slash she very skillfully cut out a ribbon of Renée’s clothing. Slash! Slash! Slash! Soon Renée’s short skirt was in tatters and her orange thong was clearly visible.

CRACK! And the orange thong was a thing of the past leaving Renée’s shaven pussy lips visually accessible through the tatters of her short skirt to everyone present. Sword aficionados cheered lustily at Kristen’s virtuoso performance and also at the sudden sight of Renée’s most private sexual organs.

Kristen’s next slice cut through the waistband of Renée’s skirt causing the material to float to the ground. Renée stood wearing nothing below the waist but her flats. Renée writhed in total and abject embarrassment when she felt the cool air on her labia and realized what had happened and that she was now standing in public naked from the waist down.

If Kristen was in a fight zone, Renée now knew nothing but shame and embarrassment. The noise of the crowd and the crowd had faded from her consciousness and she could only see herself and Kristen and realized the blonde woman wouldn’t be happy until Renée had been completely humiliated by being strip naked in public and then beaten.

‘How can this be happening? It’s the university in the middle of the day. Why doesn’t someone stop her? Where is Sid?’ she bewailed.

Renée had forgotten Sid had a meeting with his advisor. Kristen continued to parry the dark-haired woman with her sharp weapon bringing her back from her thoughts when she realized her blouse was now in ribbons too. SLASH! And then her blouse was gone also.

Renée was now left wearing only an orange bra as she had inadvertently kicked off her shoes. The crowd grew increasingly wild and was screaming encouragement to Kristen and obscene remarks to Renée as almost all of Renée’s naked body could be seen, although there were now more supporters of Renée than ever, who were discussing just exactly how they could rush Kristen and not have to feel the bite of her sword.

Renée was screaming again but it was more in embarrassment at the moment, as the tiny cuts on her legs had already scabbed and Kristen had been concentrating on cutting her clothing away. Kristen danced closer moving in for the kill.

The last of Renée’s clothing flew away leaving her stark naked in the courtyard in front of over two hundred students and teaching staff members. She currently had no secrets unrevealed as her naked breasts were heaving and there was absolutely no way she could hide her shaven vagina.

Even worse, flashbulbs from cameras were going off. Kristen, now seeing the naked truth of the woman who she believed was her best friend’s mortal enemy, then stepped up close and personal. She had been using a long distance fight style. Kristen now switched to a more sidestep style.

Renée heard with pure horror Kristen shout out, “One hundred slashes, you wanton lying slut! One!”

The sword caught Renée right across her back. When it left, there was a long gash, painful but not life threatening. Renée kept screaming but she was growing weak and beginning to fade in and out of consciousness as the blonde woman continued to lash her all across her back and then lower.

Kristen almost lovingly applied the weapon as it almost appeared to sensually wrap itself around Renée’s rear and then flick up at her vaginal area in front. In fact it was right here when Renée crossed the line from pain to pleasure.

When she heard Kristen shout “Six!” Renée attempted to whirl away only to catch the next slash straight across her breasts.

“Oh!” she moaned as it seemed to her that the sharp Iaito caressed her erected nipples. Renée quit moving and instead moved her legs open as much as she could while standing on her tiptoes and invited Kristen to slash her labia by thrusting it up at her as much as possible in imitation of the sexual act.

Kristen, not realizing Renée was now deriving pleasure from her punishment, was so angered by the naked young woman wantonly waving her sexual organs in her face, snapped her weapon back by her ear and then straight down on Renée’s completely distended labia.

“Oh God!” Renée shouted as two hundred fascinated people watched as cum cascaded from Renée’s vagina. Kristen stood completely aghast to observe Renée climaxing in public and what made it worse – it was from her sword. She realized that this, in effect, made her Renée’s lover.

‘She really is a slut,’ the blonde woman thought. Kristen paused just enough that twenty students fell on her and wrested her weapon away.

Kind hands untied Renée and she fell to the floor, fainted dead away.


Renée regained consciousness in the university hospital while lying on a bed. A doctor was standing on one side currently monitoring her patient’s pulse and Sophie stood worriedly on the other, wringing her hands.

Renée sat up, the sheet that she was lightly covered with fell away revealing that Dr. Kadow, one of the staff doctors, had treated the long slash wound that Kristen had left across Renée’s breasts. Luckily it was not deep, had not harmed her nipples in any way, and was already healing just by being in the air. The doctor had applied a local pain killer to the area and antibiotic.

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