tagIllustratedBetween Friends Ch. 02

Between Friends Ch. 02


We drove home is silence after Becky's wrestling encounter with her friend Donna. As she showered, I turned down the bed. Becky had hardly said a word since the match ended with her being knocked out for several minutes. I assumed she was sore, humiliated, and wanted to be left alone. What was supposed to have been just a playful tussle between two girl friends to entertain themselves and their husbands, had turned into something much more violent and erotic than anyone would have anticipated.

So I was surprised when she came into the bedroom wearing only silver satin thong panties. Such was usually an invitation for marital bliss. She slipped her lithe body into bed next to mine and whispered almost plaintively, "Make love to me. Just be gentle."

Afterwards, as we lay in the dark, naked and spent, Becky started reflecting. "I never expected that to happen with Donna and me."

"You mean her punching you and then putting you out with that sleeper hold of hers'?" I asked as I carefully massaged her back.

"Yeah, that too," she replied, "But my reaction is what I don't understand. Don't worry, I'm not sexually attracted to Donna and I don't think I'm a masochist. But pinning her and being taken down by her both were intensely arousing. As I was going out, the last thing I was aware of was dampening my swimsuit bottoms so much I though it was going to run down my leg."

I was stirred by that image and at the same time felt a twinge of possessive jealousy. I said, "Donna was obviously turned on too. You do know she felt you out pretty explicitly when you were unconscious?"

"Yes," Becky replied calmly, "She told me that as we were getting dressed. And I'm kind'a glad because she was just as shocked and surprised about what happened as I was."

Becky took my hand in hers' and continued, "I think it's all about both power and control, submission and giving in. Closely related to sex maybe, but not the same thing. I trusted her not to really hurt me so I just utterly surrendered when she had me in her sleeper hold. It was painful and yet somehow very sensuous."

Becky rolled over on top of me. Her subtle perfume and body heat were intensely alluring.

In a hushed voice she whispered, "Just don't get any ideas about beating me up, okay? What we have is different and infinitely better. I want you to come into me again, if you are up to it."

The next evening I was editing the video I had taken of the wrestling match. I loved the display of competitive aggression between the two women. But I was particularly taken by the scene of Becky in her revealing green bikini lying unconscious and spread-eagled on the floor. Next, there was Donna running her hand over Becky's prone body. Becky watched the tape with me and she studied Donna's expression carefully. It sure seemed to be about sex, at least for Donna. She looked like she was on the verge of climaxing as she slipped her hand inside of Becky's bikini and probed her wetness.

Becky, after she had been sleepered unconscious in the first match.

Several months passed. Becky and Donna still seemed to be good buddies. They even did a long planned photo shoot for the cover of the local city magazine that was running an issue highlighting physical fitness. The result was gorgeous. The two of them were smiling into the camera; Becky was wearing a red sport bra and Donna wearing a blue one, both with coordinated running tights. Donna's hand rested on Becky's shoulder as Becky flexed one arm with a chrome barbell. They got a lot of compliments about the picture and the accompanying article. The money wasn't bad either.

It wasn't long after that Becky announced to me, "You might think we're crazy and perverted but Donna and I want to wrestle at least one more time. We want to try to figure out why we reacted the way we did the first time. Of course we want you and Dave there too. You can video it if you want. Trust me, this is just between friends, nothing more."

"You'll get no argument from me," I said.

But the notion made me apprehensive as well as excited. I was wondering about Becky and how she would react. I also worried about how Donna would behave. The only time I had talked to Dave he said, with a wink his wife had been "horny as hell" since the first wrestling match. He didn't mention or seem to mind her violence or her apparent coming on to Becky.

The following Friday we returned to Donna and Dave's house. Once again the recreation room had been turned into a cushioned wrestling ring. Against the far wall there was the same sofa. The girls wanted some background music, and so jazz, heavy on the sax, was coming from the CD player.

Dave and I stood around with excited anticipation until our wives came downstairs in their dressing gowns. This time Donna disrobed first as Becky, imitating a ring announcer, said, "Now in this corner, wearing a purple two piece, standing 5'6" and weighing 132 pounds... Donna!" She was toned and even more attractive in a very snug bikini.

Then it was Becky's turn to step out of her robe. As she did so, Donna barked, "And in this corner, wearing a white bikini, standing 5'8" and weighing 124 pounds... Becky!"

Becky is ready to wrestle for a second time.

I noted both of our wives were wearing even smaller bikinis than last time. There must be a reason for this I couldn't immediately grasp. Perhaps they were trying to prove something. Becky never wore her white bikini in public, claiming it was too flimsy. So why was she wearing it now? She looked fantastic in it but it didn't look like it would stay in place during a wrestling competition.

Donna's purple bikini was very form fitting. Her top was almost too small; the fabric sharply outlined her arresting breasts and nipples.

The girls joined hands and raised them up for a pose. As they let go, Donna gave Becky a pat on the rear. Still smiling, they faced off with knees bent and arms at the ready.

As they circled each other, first one and then the other tried to gain a hold but were rebuffed. This continued for several moments. Both were being cautious. Suddenly Donna went in low and grabbed Becky around the waist, twisted her around once, and then both of them toppled to the floor. They seemed to loosen up at this point; laughing and shrieking like a couple of kids as they grappled.

Our wives begin to wrestle and soon are down on the mats.

From a crouching position, Becky executed a neat forward flip that ended with her sitting astride Donna's shoulders. She learned forward to pin Donna's arms over her head.

"You're not giving up already?" Becky asked in a mocking voice.

"Not by a long shot," Donna snarled.

She arched her back, got her feet flat on the floor and pushed up as hard as she could. The sudden jerk broke Becky's grip and with an added shove she toppled backwards while still astride her. Using her legs, Donna got a scissors around Becky's neck. As Becky strained against the hold, her legs stretched out on either side of Donna's upper body, her vulnerable nylon-clad crotch just inches from Donna's face.

Donna stared hard and then placed her hands on Becky's upper thighs. With her thumbs Donna pushed hard into Becky's vagina. This provoked a loud "Yiii!" from Becky. She brought one leg over and managed to roll away.

Donna and Becky are tightly entwined.

In a flash Donna pivoted around and gleefully threw herself onto Becky. They rolled back and forth several times, first one and then the other on top, but neither gaining control.

Becky almost broke free and tried to scramble to her feet but Donna held her around the hips and pulled her back down. She got on top of Becky and laid full length on top of her. They both squealed and groaned. It was almost like they enjoyed embracing each other. As if to reinforce that suspicion, suddenly they paused and just stared at each other while breathing hard.

Our wives seem to enjoy the close bodily contact.

"Okay this is good, really good," panted Donna. "But let's see if I can take you all the way down."

Donna rolled off of my wife and leapt to her feet. Becky looked puzzled as Donna took her by the hand and pulled her up to her feet as well. Then, quick as a flash, Donna lashed out with her foot which thudded into Becky's stomach. With a sharp grunt Becky doubled over. Donna had a gleeful look on her face as she followed up her kick with a quick rabbit punch to Becky's gut.

Becky doubles over from a kick in the stomach.

Donna follows up with a gut punch.

Becky's eyes bulged and she let out a deep "Ughh!" as she doubled over again. She was momentarily incapacitated by the pain. I had hoped Donna wouldn't resort to punching but the wrestling seemed to get her excited and she couldn't help herself. But maybe this was part of her strategy to dominate and control Becky. At any rate, Becky did not resist as Donna leaned into her and in one swift motion hoisted her up on her shoulders.

Becky was now draped upside down on Donna's back. Her white bikini stretched tightly over her prominently displayed butt. Donna turned several times, showing off her power and displaying Becky to maximum effect. I had to admit the sight of Donna completely dominating my wife was very arousing for both Dave and me.

Becky is dominated by a triumphant Donna.

Becky was in a state of semi-consciousness as Donna released her and she dropped to the floor. She lay unmoving splayed out on her stomach.

Donna gloated and poked her with her foot, "Can you hear me? I beat you and I beat you good! Have you had enough?"

Becky lays stretched out on the mats.

Becky seemed like she was out cold. But momentarily she started to stir. At first she groaned and then she turned over with a long drawn out sigh.

"O goody!" Donna squealed in delight, "We can continue!"

I don't know if Becky heard her or not as she struggled to her hands and knees. Donna dropped to her knees, embraced Becky around the middle and flipped her onto her back. Becky tried to resist but she was still too disoriented. She flailed impotently as Donna again embraced her around the middle and squeezed.

Donna tightly embraces a hardly resisting Becky.

Becky gasped but at the same time seemed to recover. She twisted away but as she did so the tie of her top around her neck came undone. Donna seemed to thoroughly enjoy herself as she leaned backwards into Becky and lifted both her head and legs up until her body was in a "U" shape. At the same time Donna's spread legs revealed that the crotch of her bikini was discolored by dampness. She seemed to be physically excited.

Donna reveals how turned on she is by the wrestling.

How can they pretend this is not arousing them sexually I thought to myself? At the same time I knew how being turned on made Donna even more aggressive.

Donna swung around and pushed herself into Becky while raising her legs and butt high off the mats. Becky tried to squirm out of the hold but Donna bore down all the harder. Donna's round ass was sharply defined by flexing muscles.

Donna bears down hard as Becky is pretzeled under her weight.

Becky batted Donna's arms away but Donna grabbed her white top and gave a yank. It pulled away and Becky's small but well-rounded breasts were totally revealed. Becky grimaced in protest but made no attempt to cover herself. Rather, she pulled Dona's top off of her in turn. Now both women were topless. At first I felt embarrassed but now the contest seemed to become even more interesting as our partially-naked wives continued to struggle with each other.

Donna pretzels Becky as she presses her advantage.

Still in control, Donna stood up and pulled the flailing Becky to her knees. She embraced her from behind with what looked like a sleeper hold.

I only thought, "She is going to sleeper Becky like last time." This excited me all the more as I recalled how sensual Becky said being sleepered was for her.

Becky yanks off Donna's top as she is taken down.

Becky struggled at first but gradually relaxed. She willingly surrendered to Donna's firm embrace. Donna applied pressure, not to knock out Becky immediately, but to keep her suspended in a state of sensual-arousal. Apparently knowing she was turning Becky on increased Donna's own erotic pleasure as well.

Donna sleepers Becky very slowly into unconsciousness.

Finally Becky's body went completely limp. She really was out cold this time. Donna released her grip and Becky was left lying on the mat.

Donna looked down on her unconscious friend while breathing hard. "Okay cutie, I got you and I got you good! How are you feeling sweetie? Oh, I see your little tities are standing at attention."

The unconscious Becky lies helplessly on the mats.

Donna looked at Dave and me. "There, ain't she cute? You want a better look?"

With that, Donna hooked Becky under her arms and sat her up in a sitting position against a couch. Donna cupped one of Becky's breasts in her hand and lightly pinched her still erect nipple.

"Ohh, nice and hard."

Donna tried to pretend she was just making fun of Becky's condition. But she sure seemed to want to feel her out. Becky leaned limply back into the cushions, utterly oblivious to what was being done to her. I wondered if she had indeed been turned-on by the wrestling and if she was experiencing any sensations now? Becky, clad only in her tight little bikini panties that left little to the imagination, concealed her inner secrets none-the-less.

Becky is put on prominent display by Donna.

Becky started to come around. At first she straightened up in her sitting position and looked first at Dave and I as if to say, "Got an eye-full?"

We thought the contest was over. But then Becky regarded Donna, It ain't over 'til it's over."

Becky slowly picked her herself up off the floor. She set her jaw with a renewed look of determination. She motioned to Donna and in a flash had embraced her and thrown her to the mats.

In a blur of motion the tables are suddenly turned.

Flesh slapped against Flesh as our wives grappled with a level of energy we thought they had long-since expended. Donna was obviously caught off-guard as Becky put her in a half nelson and pressed her hard into the mats. Becky seemed to be trying awfully hard to prove something. She could be more than just a passive victim. She flipped Donna over and drove her fist into her gut, "Whump, whump!"

It is now Donna who is dominated and overpowered.

Donna cried out in pain but Becky kept up the onslaught. She got her legs around Donna and squeezed her hard in a scissors hold. Donna went limp and now was the one on the verge of being overwhelmed.

Then Becky used her decepavily slender but powerful legs to flip Donna over her own body and onto her back. Donna didn't have time to react before Becky leapt on her and straddled her upper torso. At the same time Becky applied a smother hold.

Donna is thrown all over the mats.

Donna gave out a muffled protest but Becky seemed possessed and refused to let up. She would maintain later that this was just her natural aggressiveness being kicked into overdrive. But I thought of times when she went into an orgasmic frenzy when we made vigorous love. At those moments she also insisted on being on top, wanting either my cock or my tongue deep inside of her, and she wouldn't let up until we were both exhausted. She seemed to be in a similar state as she now rode Donna who writhed between her legs.

Becky is definitely the one on top now.

Slowly Donna's resistance weakened. In the next instant she was out cold. Becky flexed her body and let out a cry of triumph. She got up and looked down on Donna who was utterly spent and knocked out. There was no question; this match was Becky's victory by shear will and determination. One bare-breasted beauty stood over the other.

When they had recovered and gotten dressed, they both calmly insisted they were nothing more than friends engaging in and utterly immersing themselves in hard competition. But I strongly suspected there was much more to it than that. They were both in deep denial. Subsequent events would prove me right.

I was just as turned on by Becky's stunning feat of power and domination as I was by seeing her helpless and overcome. Now I wanted nothing so much as to get her home and into bed where I could reclaim my rightful place in the order of things. Donna was my competitor as well. Becky would only be too eager to romp with me. She wouldn't even take time to shower off before she fell into bed with me and we made almost violent love with the both the smell of her excretion and Donna's scent clinging to her body.

The End (to be continued)

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