tagIllustratedBetween Friends: KO Frenzy Ch. 02

Between Friends: KO Frenzy Ch. 02


Becky rolls off Wren during a roommate wrestling encounter.

This starts an obsession which years later leads to her first encounter with Donna. Becky's latest encounter with Donna had left her bruised and battered. I had long since concluded this wrestling thing was going too far and that was before knowing what really happened in the earlier three-way match involving Donna's husband Dave. Becky had been knocked out by a punch to the jaw from Donna and, as I discovered later, was almost raped by Dave while she was unconscious. Fortunately Dave knew where to draw the line and actually saved Becky from further abuse by his wife.

I thought that was supposed to have been their last match. But now they were at it again. I confronted her with my concern she was playing with fire and demanded to know why she was so into this. Sure, I liked the sexy wrestling aspect of it. It fueled a lot of delightful fantasies. But every match seemed to be getting more extreme, more violent. I did not want to see her get hurt.

Her response was unanticipated. She wanted me to sleeper her. She said it was a very sensual experience and then she promised she would tell me something about herself that she had never before revealed. My curiosity got the best of me and I reluctantly agreed. Telling me to wait, she went into our bedroom. When she called me to come in the curtains had been pulled, a scented candle bathed the room in sandalwood, and soft rock played on the radio. She had a coy look on her face and was wearing only T-shirt and lavender panties. She asked me to sit down behind her and she kissed me passionately.

Becky is ready to be "sleepered."

She told me how to apply the sleeper hold and cautioned me to release the instant I felt her go limp. Then she purred to go for it. I put her in the hold and she gave out a little sigh of anticipation. I applied pressure and pulled her back toward me. She groaned and struggled by pulling at my arms, her feet kicked out as well. I had just concluded this was a bad idea and was about to let go when all of a sudden she arched her back and then immediately went limp.

I released and she became dead weight in my arms. I let her fall back into the bed. She laid still, her eyes closed and her mouth slack. Although she was breathing regularly she was totally unconscious. There was not an ounce of tension in her entire body. I ran my hands slowly up and down her body. There was no response.

I continued to touch her but mostly I just gazed at her for the two or three minutes she was out. She woke up with a sigh, a smile spreading across her face. She opened her eyes and looked at me saying, "I want you in me right now."

I was glad to oblige since the whole experience had excited me as well. I quickly stripped while she wiggled out of what little she had on. I lowered myself down on top of her and barely penetrated her before several powerful orgasms rocked her body and she shrieked with delight. I climaxed with equal fervency.

Minutes later we were drinking wine in bed and caressing each other. She turned over on her stomach. This was an indication she wanted a massage. I started at her neck and shoulders and worked my way down her back. When I got to her butt she spread her legs slightly. I went lower and soon had her damp vulva cradled in my hand. She sighed with pleasure. A little more gentle pressure caused her to climax again, her muscle contractions pushing hard against my hand.

Now exhausted from the physical exertion, she rolled back over, laid her head on my shoulder and started her story. She took me back fifteen years when she was a shy university freshman away from home for the first time. This is what she said:

As you already know, I shared an apartment with a girl I had met though a want ad. She had a tongue twister of a name: Wendella. But everyone called her "Wren." It was a cute name for a cute girl. Wren was always polite, never depressed, and had loads of friends. She always looked sharp and all the guys ogled her. What was not to like? She was slender, beautiful, had doe eyes, and stylish blond hair.

Wren and I became friends even though we were not at all alike. I just went to classes and pretty much kept to myself except for sports. But Wren bounced from one boyfriend to another. One night I came in late and she was necking with a guy on the couch. Her skirt was hiked up and her blouse was unbuttoned half way down. I guess I thought they were going to do it. I offered to bunk out for the night but they both just got up and she showed him to the door. He said good night and that was it... go figure. Then she casually told me she was still a virgin.

Of course you know I was a virgin too... no surprise. But Wren seemed to be so confident and experienced it did surprise me about her.

One thing Wren and I liked to do together was go running. After one run we got back to the apartment all hot and sweaty because we had worn our cold weather tights but it was warmer than we thought once we got going. We are in a goofy mood. We start to horse around and pretty soon we're wrestling on the carpet. We slid around quite a bit because of our tight jerseys and spandex pants. We must have looked silly.

But I pin her once. She lay under me without moving, just looking up at me with those big eyes of hers'. Suddenly she wiggles free, gets me between her legs, flips me over, and has me flat on my back before I know it.

"Got you!" she chirps.

It ends as fast as it begins. She jumps up, laughing, and heads for her bedroom. I sit up breathing heavily and smiling. I know I'm blushing. I think I might even be turned on a little.

You also recall Matt and Charlie, friends of Wren. One time the three of them came to one of my ballgames and the four of us went out for the rest of the evening. It was a great time. Charlie made the observation that I really loosened up once I had a few beers. You know how alcohol goes right to my head; it did even more back in those days.

A week later we all went out again, this time to a dance. When we got back to the apartment Matt had a bottle of tequila and we started to pass it around. They were coaxing me drink and seemed to enjoy watching what it did to me. We all ended up sitting on the floor even though we girls were in skirts. Wren told them about how she and I had wrestled on the floor. That seemed to get the boys all excited. They asked if we would wrestle in front of them.

Wren was pretty tanked and she started to playfully shove me. "Come on, let's wrestle."

I was sloshed by now too and my inhibitions had melted away. Charlie told me to take another swig on the bottle, which I did. Wren gave me another push. Okay, let's do it. I felt loose, I felt sexy, and I felt I could do anything. I started to stand up but that last jolt of tequila did it - I passed out and fell to the floor.

So there I was, out cold, lying there on the carpet in a short skirt. This seemed to please Matt and Charlie immensely, or so they indicated afterwards. I woke up, and far from feeling sick, I felt really relaxed and mellow. I had never passed out before and I guess I made the connection between going out and feeling uninhibited and sexy. I know it makes no sense but there it is.

Becky lies passed out on the floor in front of her friends.

For weeks following Matt and Charlie kept pestering Wren and me about wrestling in front of them. They said we had promised but I had passed out before anything had happened.

Now, let me break off from the story and tell you that it was my idea for Donna and me to wrestle for you and Dave that first time. It all goes back to the time Wren and I finally did wrestle in front of Matt and Charlie and it ended in a totally unexpected way.

I had no inking of any of this part of Becky's past. So I was all ears as she continued:

We invited the boys over to the apartment with the promise that they were going to get their wish. We had decided we were going to spice up the action by pretending to punch each other. Wren had done some drama and knew how to convincingly stage fight. She taught me how to pull punches and smack our hands against our own bodies for sound effects.

We had several rum cokes before they arrived and a shot of bourbon with them. This got us all loosened up. Wren and I were really pushing the limits when we decided to wear our swimsuits when we wrestled. I had a gold string bikini I used to lay out in. Wren wore a bright red string bikini.

Matt and Charlie started whooping when they saw us showing off in our little outfits. We enjoyed their attention. We even danced together when some party music came on the radio right at that moment. I know this isn't like me but it was the times, the people, and the setting, not to mention the booze. Becky is confident she can take Wren down.

Wren and I started to playfully grapple with each other. We went back and forth, pushing and pulling against each other. Then we embraced in a mutual bear hug and tumbled to the carpet. We rolled around, still tightly holding on to each other, first one on top and then the other. We were having fun and the boys were enjoying it too. Charlie was kneading his crotch that made me realize we were playing a risky game with them and perhaps enticing them along a little too much.

Wren and Becky grapple playfully at first.

But we were totally into it at this point. Wren pinned my arms over my head, sat on me and scooted up until she was straddling my face. That little maneuver knocked my top out of place and I knew I was on display but I didn't care. I could smell her body scent mixed with the nylon from her swimsuit as she leaned over me. Suddenly I felt I was getting turned on.

I just wanted to lay there and experience the sensation but Matt and Charlie egged us on. "Come on, get her! Let's see some action!"

Wren straddles Becky. Both girls are starting to get turned on.

Wren relaxed and I slipped out from under her. Now I was on top. I rolled to the side while holding her down with an arm across her neck. My boobs were totally hanging out of my top at this point but I didn't care at that moment. With my other arm I lifted one of Wren's outstretched legs up and over her head so she was doubled over with her little butt up in the air staining the fabric of her tight red bikini. The boys' excitement increased as they beheld this unintentional display of tits and ass we were providing for them.

Swimsuits slip out of place as the action gets more heated and personal.

I let go and Wren got up next to me and whispered, "Let's punch each other. I'll go first and then you do it."

We both got up and adjusted our attire. Then we made a show of circling each other. Wren's fist suddenly shot out just barely grazed my chin. I slapped my stomach to make a "splat!" I jerked my head to the side and let out a yelp and threw myself backwards, stumbling right into Matt. He pushed me back toward Wren. "Go get her. This is getting so radical!"

So far, so good. We apparently were convincing fighters.

Now I lashed out with my fist. I swished by her chin. She threw up her arms and spun around until she hit the wall and made a show of sliding slowly down the wall until she was sitting on the floor with her legs stretched out at sharp angles. Her head lolled to one side and she had a glassy expression that was very convincing. Charlie and Matt were asking each other how hard they thought I had hit her.

Wren reacts dramatically to a fake punch and slides to the floor as if knocked senseless.

I felt a surge of dampness between my legs. It made me weak in the knees. I squeezed my legs together, stumbled a bit and couldn't help but to let out a little whimper of pleasure.

I leaned over her and shook her and she pretended to wake up. As I pulled her up she whispered to me, "This is making me so hot and I know you're hot too because it is starting to show. But let's keep it up. Hit me again."

Wow, she's turned on too, I realized. But I got a little too cocky, a little too careless. If we had been sober we would have known better but the booze started calling the shots. I aimed a fake blow with my foot to her stomach. I kicked out but my foot really hit her with a hard thud. Wren's eyes bulged, her cheeks puffed out and she doubled over in real pain. In my over-wrought state I didn't know what I had done and thought she was still acting as she moaned and staggered but stayed on her feet.

"God, that hurt," she hissed between clenched teeth while she fought back tears. She finally got her balance and managed to straighten up. "Here, let's see how you like it...."

I thought she was kidding. But she came in low and hit me with all that she had right in the stomach. Pain shot through me and I couldn't breath. I could do nothing but clutch myself and double over. Then I lost my balance and tumbled to the floor.

Wren lashes out with a savage punch.

Becky is doubled over by the blow to the stomach.

Becky collapses and almost passes out from the impact of the unexpected punch.

We were both so out of it at this point we didn't know what we were doing. Matt and Charlie were yelling and hollering. I was in pain but still was aware of being highly aroused at the same time.

We both staggered to our feet and glared at each other. As if by mutual unspoken consent we decided to end it with a grand finale. We had agreed beforehand to both go down as we simultaneously appear to punch each other. For some reason we thought we could still do it. We should have known better.

We clinched in a bear hug and succeeded in squeezing the air out of each other and we both dropped to our knees. I'm sure the sight of our bodies pressed hard against each other while we gasped and groaned drove the guys wild.

Then we stood back and aimed mutual blows, hers' to my chin and mine to her stomach. It was supposed to have been faked but unfortunately it turned out to be real. I connected with her and buried my fist in her gut. She connected with me right on the cheek. I remember seeing her go down but then everything went blank for me and the last thing I felt was falling backwards and hitting the carpet.

The pain from being hit hard at the waistline of her bikini causes Wren to pass out.

Wren's punch to Becky's jaw propels her violently backwards. She hits the floor as if she had been shot through the heart.

We both must have been out for a minute or two. When I woke up I was laying spread out on my back. My top had somehow come loose and had fallen off. I'm afraid I didn't leave much to the imagination. Wren was a little more demure; she was laying on her side holding herself where I had hit her. Charlie and Matt were standing over us with looks of concern mixed with lust on their faces. For some reason I felt like I had been moved when I was unconscious. We both managed to recover our senses and were relieved to find that no real harm had been done.

Only partially clad, the unconscious Becky lies sprawled out on the floor.

Becky slowly recovers from having been knocked out.

We told the boys we wanted them to leave but hoped they had enjoyed the show. They didn't have much to say as they slipped out. After they left we checked for damage and stated apologizing. Then I noticed Wren had little stain circles on the lower part of her swimsuit but not far enough down for them to have been caused by her. I looked down at myself and discovered I had the same on my bikini. It was like something had been dribbled on us.

"That's cum." Wren said. "I wasn't all the way out like you were. The boys humped us through their shorts. No penetration so don't freak on me. But they both creamed themselves. I guess we had it coming. But at least we are still virgins. This was a dumb thing to have done."

That was the last time we ever did something like that. Somehow things returned to normal and even though we sometimes talked about our night of sexy wrestling and Charlie gave us pictures he had taken. I often thought about it and it was a frequent fantasy when I got off on myself, that is, before I met you.

But then when I got to know Donna I discovered she had enjoyed wrestling when she was younger. So you can imagine how that brought all my old fantasies back. Now Donna is into it far more than I am. I'm really done. I'd like to put it all behind me and keep faithful in our relationship and keep Donna as just a friend.

Becky ended her story and I was surprised to say the least. Later on she dug out Charlie's pictures he had given her. Now I understood why she was so into this wrestling with Donna. But her resolve to end it did not ring true. She made it all sound so innocent and easy. Maybe in her mind it was. Or maybe she was just trying to convince herself that it was.

Unfortunately I was the one who was right. There would be a next time with Donna and it would propel both of them into a full-blown sexual encounter.

The End (to be continued)

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