Between Friends: KO Frenzy Ch. 03


Becky sighs as she responds to Donna's caresses.

You can't say you didn't want what happened next. You don't protest as I eagerly but slowly pull your bikini bottoms off of you. You lay there in all your revealed nakedness and you seem to be okay with that. I then strip off my bikini and lay down next to you. We tentatively embrace. At first you are passive then you respond in turn. We fondle each other's boobs until my nipples become equally hard with yearning.

We kiss each other, this time mutually. I feel your eagerness mixed with hesitation. I lean down and kiss one of your nipples. I taste the saltiness and feel you get even harder as I run my tongue around your tit. You whole body quivers.

You kiss me on the breasts in return. Ohhh! I feel like I am about to explode!

Then we work our way down. I kiss you lightly on the belly and then the waist. You do the same. We hesitate to go below the waist and look up at each other.

We know this is the point of no return. But then we embrace tightly. I feel your pussy pushing into mine. We pull apart, breathing hard, flushed with longing. Then, as if by mutual consent, I shift around until we are in a "69" position. We excitedly kiss and stroke each other's pussys, exploring our warm wetness. As you find my clit and stroke it with your finger I work you hard little clit with my tongue. Your fluff is soaked. I feel you tensing the same way I am. You have never gone all the way with a woman have you? Neither have I.

Wrestling turns to love making as Becky and Donna bring each other to mutual orgasm.

I grab your butt cheeks as they contract causing your engorged vagina folds to open like the pedals of a flower. You do the same with me and we both are about to come. We were so primed that it didn't take long. An instant later our bodies tense and we both sharply cry out "Ahhh!" as our mutual orgasms wash over us. I swear you even manage to ejaculate some of your womanhood into my face. I think I did the same because I feel you jerk back with a little exclamation of surprise, "Oh!" We quiver spasmodically before collapsing on top of each other.

I turn back around and we lay side by side, relaxed, and kissing lightly. It was good for me and you can't tell me it wasn't good for you too. I never thought it would come to this but I'm glad we finally did it, even if we never do it again.

Becky allows the effect of her climax to linger.

Moments later we help each other put our swimsuits back on. Just before I slide your top into place I lean over and kiss one of your still erect nipples. You gently push me away. We soak away our soreness and exhaustion in the hot tub. We are soon mellow and relaxed. We laugh and giggle. It is like we are high or something. What happened between us will stay between us. Afterwards we talk about our husbands. We continue to play our little games.

Your friend, Donna


I put the letter back where I found it. I think Becky is feeling guilty. It was disturbing to imagine my wife physically involved with another woman. I admit it was a hot fantasy when it was just that - a fantasy. But the reality causes me to resolve to even things up with the two of them. Okay, if wrestling makes them so hot, let's see what happens when both Dave and I get involved in a winner-take-all match and the knockouts are no love taps.

The End (to be continued)

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