tagIncest/TabooBetween Mom & Herself

Between Mom & Herself


Part 1 of 3: The New Beginning

The doorbell rang and I answered it. It was the delivery man with a package for my mother.

"Was that for me?" my mother asked, coming down the stairs.

She was still dressed in her office clothes after arriving home a few short minutes ago. She looked good. As a lawyer for a mid-sized downtown firm, it was practically required that she dress sharp.

Her fingers were still busy removing her earrings when she came down the stairs.

"It's those books you ordered," I said.

"Can you open it for me? Bring them to my room. Thanks."

She casually removed one earring, before working to remove the other. She turned around and headed back to her room.

As expected, opening the sealed package was a pain in the ass. I used my fingers to tear the opening, then I threw the package away (saving the receipt & shipping information of course).

It was a few self-help books that my mother ordered. The books were about women in the workplace and leadership skills. My mother had recently become a partner at the law firm, which meant more work and more responsibilities. She needed to do her very best. Being a woman in a male dominated firm, it was important for her to succeed and to show that women are perfectly capable of being leaders.

Basically she ordered the books to boost her confidence, at least in my opinion anyway.

When I finally got to her upstairs bedroom, she was halfway dressed in her home clothes. Her make-up was still on, and she looked really pretty. I put the stack of new books on her bed and she glanced at them.

"Looks like I've got some reading to do," she said, taking the top book and flipping through it.

"Are they all necessary?"

"Maybe not all of them. But it doesn't hurt to read them."

I nodded. "That's for sure. Anyway, take a shower and go prepare dinner. I'm starting to get hungry."

"You've got to be kidding me," she said, giving me a sharp look. "I'm holding books on women in the workplace, and you're talking to me like we're in the 1950's."

"Relax. I'm only joking," I said with a smile.

The skeptical look remained on her face. "I thought so."


The weekend came and all my mother did was read her books. I liked to relax and do fun stuff since my week was busy with college. Normally, my mother enjoyed making pastries, exercising, stretching, or going out with friends.

But she just read during that weekend.

Those books meant a lot to her. When I walked around the house, I would see her with reading glasses on, reading so attentively that she barely noticed that I was there.

We ordered pizza for dinner that night because neither of us wanted to cook. She had literally spent the whole day reading, but since she was an experienced attorney, she must have been used to it.

"Don't your eyes hurt?" I asked while we ate.

"I have a nice pair of glasses. And I read at the proper distance with the right amount of lighting."


We both went back to eating. I didn't think she would mention the books again because she probably knew I wasn't interested. But looking at her face, she was clearly still thinking about it. She's always had an expressive face and it wasn't hard to know what was on her mind.

"You know, I've learned a lot today," she said. "Becoming a partner at a law firm is a huge step. I'm excited about it, but I'll admit, I've been nervous these past few weeks."

For a second, I was at a loss for words. I didn't know exactly what to say. I didn't even know if she was talking to me, or if she was just thinking out loud.

"So I'm assuming those books helped?" I finally asked.

"Definitely. The main thing I've learned is how to assert myself in a more authoritative way, without being seen as being bossy or the other b-word. A woman has to walk a fine line in the corporate world."

I nodded. "Hopefully that'll change."

"Do you actually care about women's equality? Or are you just agreeing with whatever I say?"

"I don't know. But I'm happy for your promotion mom."

"At least you're being honest," she replied with a faint shrug.

"Seriously though, you'll do great. In my opinion, don't overthink things. Don't worry about all this discrimination and feminist stuff. It won't help you."

"Okay. And how many law firms or corporations have you worked for?" she asked with an eyebrow raised.

I shrugged. "None. I'll be quiet now."

Then I went back to eating because the conversation was unwinnable. My mother must have realized the same thing, and she finished her last slice of pizza.


A week had nearly passed. We didn't see each other much during the weekday because I had college classes and my mother always had a packed schedule, especially since becoming partner.

On a Friday afternoon, I was home alone watching tv while my mother was still at work.

There was a knock at the door and I answered it. It was the delivery man again with another package for my mother. Unlike the previous package, my mother didn't give me an advanced notice that something would be arriving.

I assumed she expected me to open it for her, since I opened the previous package. Instead of books, it was a small box. I wondered what it was.

When I opened the package, I got a big surprise.

My mother had ordered a vibrator. Not the old kind, but the new advanced kind. The kind that had a special top that was specifically designed to stimulate a woman's clitoris. Obviously, I'm not an expert in a woman's vibrator, but I've seen a few in porn videos.

A slew of thoughts ran through my mind. The most important question was; what the hell was my mother doing owning a vibrator? Obviously she's a human like everyone else, and she has her needs, but it was a jarring thought to think of my prim & proper well-educated mother using a sex device.

The other major question I had was; what the hell do I do now? I had already opened the shipping package. It was inevitable that my mother would know that I had seen the sex device she ordered online. There was no way around it.

I went upstairs to her room and placed the box on her bed. Things were about to become awkward between us...


Later that evening. I helped my mother prepare dinner. She never mentioned the sex toy I placed on her bed. But it was clear that it was on her mind since she seemed a little passive for a while.

"Thanks for opening my package for me," she said while chopping vegetables.

I was stirring a pot on the stove, and I couldn't tell if she was being sarcastic or not. Her attention was still focused on chopping the food.

"Sorry," I replied. "I thought you wanted me to open it."

She stopped what she was doing and looked at me, then I looked at her. It was an awkward situation and I still couldn't tell if she was upset.

"There's nothing to be sorry about. You did me a favor."

"So you're not mad?" I asked.

She brought the cutting board to the stove and pushed the chopped vegetables inside the pot. We stood close to each other and our eyes were locked.

"Of course I'm not mad. It was my fault for not giving you proper instructions. Besides, it's all part of the new me."

There was a sassy look of confidence on her face as she turned away. She went to the sink to wash the cutting board, and I was left stirring the food, wondering what she meant.

"The new you?" I asked.

"Well, I've learned some things from the books I've been reading. The prevailing wisdom is that women have true equality when there is sexual equality. And it makes perfect sense. So, that means I shouldn't be ashamed of having natural desires anymore. Sexually speaking, men and women should be viewed equally."

There was a newfound confidence and boldness in her attitude and voice. My mother never would have mentioned sex so casually before. But that was before. Now, there was a sense of feminism around her, which made things incredibly weird.

"Oh, well, whatever works for you," I replied.

She leaned against the kitchen countertop, facing me.

"I'll stop now. You look very uncomfortable hearing about my crazy new ideology, right?"

"Kind of. But it makes sense. Sexual equality is usually at the forefront of social movements."

She smiled, "Listen to us. We sound like a bunch of raving leftists."

"At least I'm in college. What's your excuse?"

She playfully shrugged, "I guess I don't have one."

"Have those books at least helped with your job? You know, since being promoted and everything."

"Absolutely. No question. Not necessarily for major things. I was perfectly qualified to become partner at the firm. But the books I've been reading have helped with the subtle aspects of being a female leader."

"That's cool," I replied. "Sounds like you're doing great."

"I am. And everyone in the office seems to think so too."


"There's an art to being a good leader," she noted. "It's all about saying the right things in the right way, if that makes any sense."

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Anyway, I hope I'm not boring you. Dinner is almost ready."

With that, she prepared the plates while I stirred the pot a few times.


Later that night. I heard it. It was the dreaded awkward sound that I hoped to never hear. But I guess it was inevitable.

When I went down the hall in the middle of the night to use the bathroom, I heard a faint buzzing noise coming from my mother's room. It was a low buzzing vibration which could only have come from my mother's new vibrator.

I felt embarrassed for simply standing in front of my mother's closed bedroom door to listen for a moment. I was curious. Lewd thoughts went through my mind. It must have been a jarring sight to see my well educated & respectable mother in bed, using a new vibrator on herself. I wondered what she thought about during her masturbation.

The buzzing sound stopped, and I quietly walked away so my mother wouldn't know I was there. The last thing I ever wanted was for her knowing that I was listening.


Morning. We were both in the kitchen eating our breakfast. My mother was dressed in a sharp stylish suit, while she stood and finished her coffee. It was weird seeing her after I had listened to her masturbating with the vibrator the night before, but it was also kind of arousing.

"I ordered more things online," she said before sipping her coffee again. "It should arrive in about a week."

"Should I open it for you?"

My reply was sarcastic, since the last time I opened her package, I discovered her new vibrator. She easily picked up on the joke and gave me a sharp, but playful look. The kind of look only a mother could give.

"Go ahead," she replied. "They're books. Put them in my room."

"What kind of books? The same motivational stuff as before?"

"Not exactly. They're more spiritual books in a way. A colleague recommended them to me, and I'd like to keep an open mind."

I nodded. "Whatever works for you."

"Some of the content is a little unconventional," she said with a playful shrug. "But if it worked for my colleague, then maybe it'll work for me."

And eventually, it did...


It was over a week later when the bundle of books had arrived. To my surprise, the books all had sexual themes. History of women's sexual advancements, women's sexual identities, sex and spirituality, and even a guide on female masturbation.

As I held them in my hand, I couldn't help but feel extremely awkward, but slightly aroused. As someone who loves older women, I thought the idea of a woman reading this stuff was enticing, even if it was my own mother.

That night, my mother explained that a female colleague had recommended the books. The woman was in her 50's, and had become a mentor to my mother in how to lead. They were also close friends for many years.

She seemed happy about her new direction in life. And I was happy for her.

Part 2 of 3: The New Experience

A few months later...

My mother won her first major settlement since becoming partner. She had spent a considerable amount of time on a fraud case which involved complex financial matters.

She tried explaining it to me a few times, but I could never understand.

It was a high point for my mother. She proved to herself, and to everyone at the firm, that she was worthy of her title. She was already well-regarded at work, but she got the validation that she desperately seemed to want (and in the form of a multi-million dollar settlement). Plus, she felt as though justice was served. She strongly believed in her case and the cause she was fighting for.

However, what neither of us knew at the time was that her big legal victory would be the catalyst for even more life changes. Changes which would reshape our lives forever.


We sat down together. She had just come home from work, and while she was still wearing her suit, she wanted to tell me something.

"I'm going on a short vacation at the end of the week," she said happily.

"Really? Alone?"

"With people from the firm. It's a small retreat. Women only."

I raised an eyebrow. "Isn't that sexist?"

"It's not," she replied, rolling her eyes. "It's a fun little thing organized by some of the women I work with. It should be fun."

"Well that's cool."

"Should be. We're going to a Southern California resort for a few days."

"Nice. I'm a little surprised though."


"You're a workaholic. Taking a sudden vacation doesn't seem like something you'd do."

"It was my senior partner's idea," she smiled. "I've busted my butt for years for that law firm. And now my work is being recognized. Particularly after that big settlement I helped reach. I've made the firm a lot of money."


"I know, right? Anyway, me and a few other ladies are going at the end of the week. It's only for a few days."

"Well you deserve it. You work really hard."

She smiled again. "Thank you. I feel good about things. I'm excited. It's hard to explain, but I finally feel that everything is coming together for me."

I nodded and agreed. It was good seeing her so happy.


The rest of the week was her time to relax. It looked as though a weight had been lifted from her chest. She finally got to loosen up. And she spent plenty of time shopping for the perfect outfits to wear for the trip.

I caught a few glimpses of her new stuff when I passed by her room and saw her packing. She bought a few pairs of bikinis, which seemed unlike her. She was always a prude when it came to showing her body. But I was glad she was excited and going to have fun.

When she finally left, I was happy for her, and also happy that I had the house to myself. Who doesn't like living alone for a while? I got to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted.

My mother constantly texted me. That's just the way she was. She was worried about me. And she was probably more worried that I would do something crazy like throw a big party at home (which wasn't my thing anyway). She also promised take a bunch of pictures and send them to me.

The day after she arrived, I got an email from my mother. There was no message or anything. Just a bunch of pictures of the Southern California view. Pictures of the resort. The ocean, the beach, trees, boats, things like that. No pictures of her or the colleagues. It looked gorgeous and I wished I was there.

On the next day, she sent even more pictures. More pictures from the beach and resort area. This time, there were some pictures of my mother taken by a colleague. She wore a bikini, but it was covered by a white tshirt. There were also pictures of her friends, as well as group photos. I had met some of her colleagues before. They're very nice people. One of them was her 'mentor,' a lawyer in her 50's. The other two were also lawyers, and the other person was a young paralegal.

Looking at the group photos, it was clear that they were a bunch of legal professionals looking to relax. Despite their laid back beach attire, they still had the appearance of being well-educated and a bit wonky. That's not a bad thing. That's just the type of women they are. There was nothing but smiles on their faces as they posed on the resort and beach.

On the third night, I received an email from my mother. It was titled Greetings from So Cal

I clicked open the email and read it:

I hope everything is okay at home. We're all having a great time here. I'll tell you more when I get back. Here are some pictures.

love mom

With a simple click, everything was downloaded. There were 68 images total, which meant that my mother had another fun day with her friends. And with that many images, I only wanted to skim through it. After all, I expected the pictures to be all the same anyway. All of the previous pictures were mostly of the same things.

I scrolled down and I was right. More pictures of the ocean, the beach, trees, the resort, and her friends. I nearly closed the file, but I continued scrolling down anyway.

That's when a particular image caught my eye. I enlarged one of the pictures and I couldn't believe what I saw. My mother's 50 year old legal mentor was topless on the beach with a smile on her face. It was the most natural thing in the world to that lady. She was a very nice person and I couldn't believe that I had just seen her topless. Her breasts sagged a little (which I didn't mind) and she looked great for any age. More importantly, I couldn't believe that my mother had sent that to me, or even taken that picture.

It must have been a mistake.

I scrolled down, wondering what other surprises I might find. Or, in other words, what surprises my mother must have accidentally sent me.

Like any young man, I carefully scanned the rest of the pictures for any nude images. I saw her lawyer friends topless too. They were gorgeous. And I couldn't believe my eyes. Her young paralegal was completely nude coming out of the ocean water. It was an unbelievable set of pictures. And I was continuously surprised that my mother would take such pictures of blatant nudity from her friends.

I was aroused. Very aroused.

The final picture is what nearly caused my jaw to drop. It was a picture of all the friends topless, including the naked paralegal. The picture included my bare breasted mom smiling at the camera.

It was hard to believe that my once prudish mother would pose topless in a public area. With a smile on her face, standing next to her topless friends, she looked so brazen and comfortable with her body.

I became strangely aroused seeing her body, which was beautifully shaped and mature. Her skin was a bright shade of white. Her breasts were about average size. The shape of her breasts and body reflected her age (in a good way). Anyone who has a thing for classy older women would definitely find my mother extremely attractive.

As I stared at the topless photo of the group, there was no doubt in my mind that my mother had sent the last set of pictures by accident. She was becoming more open with herself, but there was no way she would be that open.

My suspicion was confirmed a minute later, when I received another email from my mother entitled, Please don't open the last email.

I clicked and read the new message:

don't open the other email. delete it. i sent you the wrong one. here are the right set of pictures

I opened the file and saw that it was mostly the exact same pictures. But less. The nude pictures at the end had been removed. I could only imagine how humiliated she must have felt by sending me the wrong images.

My mother could be clumsy with technology sometimes, and I was sure that she would never make that same mistake again.


She came home with a relaxed aura. I had never seen her so laid back before. The brief vacation had worked wonders. She smiled more, she was more upbeat, and she laughed a little more often.

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