tagErotic CouplingsBetween the Covers Ch. 02

Between the Covers Ch. 02

bypocket rocket©

This was good Beth thought to herself on this long warm evening. He felt amazingly good in her mouth and she had total control of him and his pleasures. Between her lips and resting on her velvet tongue she took his cock delicately and lovingly in a rhythmic motion. Her fingers clasping at his thighs and stroking occasionally up and down and exploring up between his legs and under his balls. Cupping them and curling her fingertips around them tightly enough to evoke a groan from him. His hands gently cradling her head and playing heavy fingers in her hair, tossing and ruffling it slightly as she lapped once at the tip and sucked him in again making him let out a forced moan. She knew he was near the end. His hips moved to her and helped to fuck her mouth. It was slow and powerful to her. To do this and love every last possible minute of entertaining him and his desires for her. She truly loved the taste and feel of him and the hardness in her mouth but most of all the knowledge of how she could give him so much pleasure by doing this for him.

On the bed behind her was Jill. Fresh and warm and with still clinging damp hair from a long hot shower. She wanted to be clean and smelling wonderful for her night together. Jill was younger than Beth by a few years. Still in her early twenties and very tiny. Barely five feet tall and had small petite features. Her breasts were large though and round and hung beautifully. Her hair, darker than usual as it was wet right now was a light brown and cut in a bob above the shoulders. This cut made her round face even broader and her smile was pretty, as were her green eyes. She lay on the bed wrapped in a white bath towel, watching her boyfriend and now fiancé` being sucked by Beth. Jill felt so turned on by this scene and could not resist stroking at her body through the towel. Jack shifted his hips suddenly and groaned out loud. Beth felt the warm rush of pillow cream on her tongue and held it there for a moment before letting small amounts down her throat. She moaned as she did enjoying the final release of her efforts.

For months they had corresponded back and forth by e mailing. It was on Jack's urging that she do so and get to know Jill as well. He had met Beth on day and they slept together.

During the e mailing that little fact was let out but Jill was alright with this. She too had confessions of little affairs but she had hers with other women. She told Elizabeth in one letter of how she woke up one morning and knew she wanted to experiment with her sexuality. She had trouble thinking about doing this. Finding someone would pose a problem. In the end she approached her best friend with this and they went off and had a weekend together. Jill discovered that she loved every last second. Then it was the idea of being in a threesome that got her excited. She told jack that for her birthday she wanted to do it.

Beth had kept the e-mail address in her dresser drawer for a month before getting enough nerve to use it. One night, late, she wrote a note to Jack and invited Jill to reply and with the note sent along a photo of herself so Jill could see her face and decide if she was attracted. Doing this seem so odd and awkward to Beth. She didn't know how she would feel about being with a woman but to have that woman turn her down, well that would be odder still.

When Jill saw the picture she was very interested in the possibilities. So it went on. The discussions between the three of them and the exchange of likes and dislikes and Jill comforting Beth on how it would be so nice and good.

Now Beth was here, back in the city and in their bedroom. They had gone out for Jill's birthday dinner and now they were enjoying her present, together.

'Mmm, Beth....my turn k. Will you come and cuddle with me for a bit.' Jill said in a little whisper. She wriggled out of the towel and lay with her arms out stretched waiting for Beth to fall into them.

Beth climbed up onto the bed and snuggled down next to Jill and she wrapped her hands around Beth's neck and nuzzled alittle bit at her neck. Jill smelled of lavender and was still so warm from the shower. They shared soft kisses and Jill let her small hands play up Beth's neck and up under her hair, raking the fingertips through it. Beth was struck by the feel of Jill's hot skin on her own. This was real, finally. She placed a hand on Jill's cheek and smiled at her before kissing her passionately once.

'Happy birthday Jill.... Um, Jack and I have been talking and we came up with something we thought you would like for your birthday present...' Beth whispered in her ear.

'Me....' she said and kissed Jill again on the cheek and then on her lips.

Beth rolled away from Jill onto the other side of the bed and Jack came to her. Jill could see that his cock was recovering already and slightly stiffened. He held Beth by one wrist and tied the cloth around it and then the other and pulled the knot tight drawing her hands together above her head. Beth lay there silently as Jack bound her and tired her hands up to the headboard.

Jill lay in her side and watched this and asked,

'Hmmmm, do I get to keep you?' she smiled.

'Yep! For tonight anyway. In the morning I turn into a pumpkin. But tonight I am all yours Jill, and Jack can share me too.'

Jill moved over and lay next to her. Touching her face and running her hand up the length of Beth’s stretched arm. She kissed Beth as she climbed over her body and straddled Beth between her thighs. She looked down at her lover. Tied and captive to her pleasures.

'Remember what I talked about in my letters sweetie...well I am going to do them for you now Beth.' Jill sighed.

Jack sat up on the bed near them and watched the erotic scene unfolding. Jill gave him a small glancing look and smiled and thanked him for this as she began smoothing her palms up and over Beth's breasts. Paying close attention to her nipples. Tugging and caressing each one in turn and moving back and forth rocking over Beth.

'Feels nice doesn't it Beth. Close your eyes and feel me touching you.'

She stroked Beth for moments more and moved up so that she was over Beth and lowered her sex down. Beth could smell her scent and knew what was to come next. Jack got up and sat on his calves and kissed Jill deeply as she moved down onto Beth's waiting mouth. She lowered ever so gently and Beth took her in on her tongue. Tasting a woman for the first time. The taste close to her own and familiar. It didn't take too long having heard the wonderful sounds Jill was making to feel more confident that she was loving Jill the way she should. She found Jill's swollen clit and sucked it between her teeth. Flickering it against the tip of her tongue and going harder on her as Jill urged her to suck deeper. Jack was stroking Jill on her back and feeling the tension building. Her moans were high and squealing as she panted harder. Her cheeks red and blushed as her face tightened at the height of it all before a long low moan and a rush of her orgasm taking her small body to ecstasy.

'Ohhhh Beth...owahhhhhhh Beth...yeeesssss...' she cried out. Jill leapt up and landed on top of Beth and kissed her so hard and lovingly it took what breath Beth still had away. Jill's lust on her mouth as she took her own taste from Elizabeth's lips.

'Mmmmm Beth sweetie you were so good. Your first time and you made me cum so hard...thank you so much. God that was so good, it went all through me you went all through me!' she moaned and kissed with Beth for some time. Jack lying on his side and running his palm up and down Jill's back. He was into watching her kissing with Beth. It aroused him so much. Beth lay on leg up and over Jill and held her to kisses. Beth had discovered to her surprise that kissing a woman was indeed very nice and good. Jill stroked her hair back and sat up still straddling Beth. A sheen of perspiration on her skin.

'Oh Beth...I want you to feel so good tonight. I want to make love with you over and over again! I would love to lick you after being fucked.' She said firmly and got off Beth and moved to Jack and gave him a kiss, a long kiss as her hand made love to his cock. She moved down his chest planting soft kisses on his skin and down to his penis standing at attention and demanding the same. She sucked lightly on him there and looked up and then at Beth who lay watching. She lay down and let Jack cross over her body and over to Beth laying in wait.

'Let me see you two making love. Like you did in the rainstorm Jack.' she giggled. It was then that the cat was out of the bag and Jack knew they had been talking behind his back. He blushed alittle and tried to ignore Jill's smile.

Beth laughing opened her legs wide and one foot dangled off the side of the bed. She was very wet and in need now. That old feeling of being super sexual came over her and she felt like this was so perfect. To lay tied for them.

Jack's entry was strong and in one thrust he was deep into her. She felt her entire being cry out and the back arched up off the bed. Jill gasped in unison with Beth as he did this to her. Knowing of how that wonderful cock felt and the firmness that he had. Once inside though he was gentle and let the heat surround him and he moved evenly in it. Hovering up over Beth and looking down into her eyes as he moved up and down deeper in her. Rocking himself in her, and touching her completely. Beth sucked on her lower lip and closed her eyes as he made several stronger thrusts. Fucking her harder now and faster and she held in the moaning as long as she could before releasing her screams into the air. Jill came closer now and began to suck and touch Beth's breasts. Jack leaned down and kissed Jill on the face and hair as she moved on Beth. Opening her eyes for a second she watched them kissing and smiled then felt the tingle below as he moved harder again for a few stronger thrusts. She squirmed on the bed under him. Jill stroked her face and hair as she came and watched her face changing as the waves passed over and all through her.

'Oh Beth, sweetie I love how you sound. I'm going to love you now.'

With that she moved down and gestured to Jack to let her in. She got on her knees and bent down over Beth's pussy and touched it with the fingers of one hand. Taking a little cream on her fingers and licking them one by one. Jack moved off the bed and sat on the edge holding Beth by the foot and gently caressing the soul. Usually she was extremely ticklish but his hands were so warm and soft and firm. It felt really good.

As his hand passed up onto her ankle she felt the first lick to her thigh. Beth cried out and sighed heavily. It was the first touch of a woman on her and she felt it like fire. Soft and smooth and perfect on her skin. Jill licked deeper and explored up into the slick folds of her lips and to her hole which was open and willing to let her tongue enter. Jill gave her lover a deep penetrating lick and then moved to suck and play with Beth's aroused clit. Beth let out a high cry as Jill forced the tip of her thumb up into her pussy and sucked on her clit really hard. Her little finger moved up and entered Beth's asshole and Jill heard a second high screaming of pain and pleasure. With the fingers of her other hand Jill fucked Beth up inside her canal and rubbing the roof of it. Beth now knew that that little special spot did indeed exist. Jill had found it and was deeply enjoying what she was doing to Beth. She sucked and licked faster on Beth and stopped only to listen to the sounds of desire coming from above as she fingered Beth faster.

It was soon that Beth came, hard.

Laying out of breath they both shared soft kisses and it was then that Jill asked Jack to untie Beth so she could join in more fully.

'You still haven’t given me my presents yet Jack my boy!' she panted as he released Beth from the scarves that bound her all evening. She stroked her wrists to comfort them and rolled over onto her belly resting her head on her hands.

'What is it you would like dearest...anything special???' he smirked.

"I want you both to fuck me...at the same time.' she smiled and stood up.

Jack sat on the edge of the bed touching his cock and gesturing for her to come and sit on his lap.

Beth understood what was going on right away and moved off the bed on wobbling legs and got on the floor as Jill backed onto his cock and felt the fullness inside her. She began to move on him and gave Beth a loving look inviting her in. Jill held Beth behind the head as she moved on his cock up and down and felt the velvet of Beth lapping at her all the while. Beth felt herself starting to cum during this. It overwhelmed her senses and as she licked Jill she was moaning to herself almost drowning out the sounds of breathing and sighs from above her. Her tongue occasionally making contact on his shaft and he stopped to let her lick him as well. Beth sat up and watched them.

Jill got up as well and moved to the floor. On her hands and knees and Jack moved in behind her to take her. Jill lowered her body down on her elbows and began to pleasure Beth one last time as she started to climax from Jack's taking of her.

After some time they moved to the bed and lay with Jill in the middle and letting both of her lovers tease her skin with fingertips and light kisses.

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