tagErotic CouplingsBetween the Lines

Between the Lines


Thank you to Quoll for a witty title.


It was nearly closing time at the book store. I really had to make my selection and get the heck out of Dodge if I was going to buy anything. I didn't think the employees even knew I was still in the store. Most of them had retreated to the back room, intent on getting out as soon as possible after their work day ended. Sadly nothing was tickling my fancy, and mostly what I'd been doing was re-shelving books to their appropriate places. (Habits of recovering librarians die hard.) I ended up in the cookbook section, as usual, but all the descriptions of cream, eggs, and chocolate luxury were not doing it for me tonight. There, on the 3rd shelf, that book did not belong in this section. It wasn't a cookbook; about 12 inches tall, paperback, black with the title Hell Bound. I picked it up and flipped it open to see in which section it should go. It didn't take me long to figure it out when I read:

His hand loosely grasped her hair as she knelt before him, looking up with doe eyes. She was nude, legs spread enough he could see how pink her bare pussy was; how slick and shiny and obviously ready for him. He reached down with his other hand and caressed a bare breast, his fingers skimming lightly over the nipple. She gasped against his wrist, her eyes darting to the hard cock in front of her face and back up to meet his gaze. His hand tightened in her hair. "Open."

She licked her lips and parted them, as he slid his cock into her hot wet mouth.

Oh my. My breathing was a little ragged as I pictured the girl on the floor as myself, felt the silky weight of my lover's cock filling my mouth. After a surreptitious glance around, my hand slid to rub my pussy through my jeans as I continued reading.

His hand tightened in her hair, as she started a slow bob up and down his shaft, her lips tightened in a small o, her tongue laving the underside with each stroke. Someone had told her once the trick to an exceptional blow job was lots of saliva and eye contact. She looked up at him, letting him slide from her mouth, licking every inch.

He growled and pushed back between her lips; taking control now, slowly, thoroughly fucking her mouth, filling it completely, occasionally making her gag.

I could feel how hot my skin was, how turned on I was. I wanted to go buy the book, but couldn't seem to tear myself away. I was rubbing harder and faster. I started violently when the warm hand slid over mine, pulling me back against a solid and quite obviously from the erection pressed against my ass, male form. "Don't stop, and don't turn around."

I smelled him then, a hint of aftershave and hot male, mixed with the scent of hundreds of books. I shivered. I felt the teeth on my neck, right below my ear. "Keep reading." His hand pressed more insistently over mine. His other hand slid up to cup my breast, fingers pulling at my nipple through my tee. I moaned quietly and relaxed against him. I couldn't have stopped if I wanted to.

I want to watch you play with your pussy while you suck my cock." He stared down into her eyes, his hand still tight in her hair. "I want you to cum with me babygirl."

She moaned around his cock, and moved one hand between her thighs. Her fingers dipped into her wetness, getting them nice and slippery as she started to rub her clit fast, trying to catch up. She could already taste the salty precum coating her tongue. Luckily she got so hot sucking him off it wouldn't take long, not to mention he was still playing with her nipples; rougher now, pinching, pulling, making her whimper around his thickness.

His hand moved off mine, and slid underneath the waist band of my jeans, his fingers finding my clit immediately. My whole body was shaking against him. "Naughty girl, no panties, and a hot wet pussy," he whispered. He pressed my clit hard and I shattered into a million pieces. I sagged against him, the book now forgotten in my hand. He pulled his hand out of my jeans, kissed me one more time on the back of the neck, and then he was gone.

I stood, knees quivering, holding onto the shelf for support. After a few moments I slowly made my way up to the front counter to buy my book, stepping into the line for the check out. I looked around a little, which one? Or maybe none of them, he could have left already. There were two about the right height and build in the line. I finally got to the counter, and handed the cashier my book. He scanned the title and then looked up at me. "Excellent choice. Let me know what you think of it then."

I smiled at him and said thank you, still a little too strung out to make polite conversation. As he handed me my change I thought I caught a whiff of me on his fingers. I looked up, wide eyed, and he smiled enigmatically at me. I turned and walked out to my car, clutching the book to my chest. Could be, or maybe not. I couldn't be sure.

I think I'm glad I'm such a voracious reader, I'll be needing another trip to the book store soon.

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