Between What's Wrong and Right


She stopped again and took a deep breath.

"And I think it's time I took what was offered to me, what I want... have wanted for years, but was afraid to take it then because of some misguided and outmoded notions. I'm not telling you that it's entirely comfortable for me. It's not, and I don't know when it will be. But at least I think it would be extremely stupid for me to throw away something that most people don't even get once in a lifetime, and here I am, being given it twice, and I'm giving it up. That's kind of dumb. And I don't think I should do it."

She closed her eyes.

"What I'm trying to tell you here is that, maybe if it's not too late, maybe we can start again, Tanya? I told you I had been thinking of moving down nearer to Aimee and..."

Tanya turned Christine to herself and took her lips in a kiss that was gentle, but fiery in the intensity had been burning in her for years. She didn't care anymore for words. The day had fired up all the yearning, all the want that had been lying dormant in her, and now that she could give free rein to it, she let it all out against those soft lips, gently nibbling at them until Christine melted in her arms.

Tanya looked around, her gaze coming to rest on the loungers against the back wall of the deck, and she pulled Christine to them, laying her down on one before sitting down to face her and bending to take those lips again. She desperately needed her.

Tanya could feel nothing but the blood flowing through her, her lips on Christine's, and her hands running over the loose t-shirt she wore, coming to rest on her full breasts. She weighed one in a hand, feeling its fullness, the weight of it heavy and supple against her palm. She traced her hand over the curve of it, delighting in the feel of a hardened nub rising into her palm as she brushed her fingers over it.

"How I've wanted you," she said against sweet lips that were nibbling hungrily at hers now.

She left a trail of wet kisses across a cheek, to the corner of an eye and down to an ear where she bit gently.

She got a gasp in reply.

Tanya snaked her tongue out and traced the whorls, then latched on to the earlobe, suckling lightly. Her hand sought the hem of the t-shirt and she slid in, running over the stomach, slipping a thumb into the bellybutton.

"Aah," Christine let out a strangled breath, arching up slightly into her hand.

Tanya needed to feel those soft breasts in her hands. She dug upwards until she encountered Christine's bra. She slipped a hand under it and finally cupped the mound.

"You sleep with a bra on?" she asked in Christine's ear, tweaking a nipple between two fingers.

"I'm not, oh God, not sleeping right now," Christine gasped.

Tanya chuckled and leaned back, taking hold of Christine's t-shirt and moving it up so that it rested wadded up under her chin. She bent and placed her mouth where her hand had been, sucking the hardened nipple through the soft material of the bra. Her other hand cupped Christine's neck, a thumb idly rubbing circles just behind the ear.

"It has its uses," she said, lifting her head to look at Christine, before bending and blowing cool air on the wet material.

"Oh... oh. Yes." Christine's whole body trembled in a shiver that contradicted the warm summer night.

Tanya reached around and unhooked the bra, moving it out of the way and finally locked her lips around the taut nipple, biting on it gently and rolling it around her mouth.

A low moan thrummed through Christine at this assault.

She was like melted warmth in her mouth. Tanya reached a hand down and found the waistband of Christine's pajamas, pushing the material down, but Christine resisted, holding her wrist and stopping her.

"Not here, please, not here," Christine whispered urgently. "We can't do this here."

"Come to my room then," Tanya said and kissed her deeply once, her tongue entangling with Christine's with a sweet wetness that drugged them both.

She broke off, breathless, and got up, pulling Christine up with her.

"For God's sake, please come in where I can have you the way I want you."

They hotfooted it to the room and as soon as the door was closed, they got into bed, sinking down into the downy softness.

Tanya gathered Christine to her body and pressed her lips to her forehead. "I want you," she said simply.

"Well, you have me," came Christine's amused rejoinder.

"Ha-ha. Funny. I'll show you how I'm going to have you," she said and pushed herself up, kneeling on the bed beside Christine's prone body.

She started to take Christine's shirt off again, which had fallen back to cover her in the move.

"No," Christine said and stopped her, suddenly shy. "Please. I'm not the young girl I used to be, Tanya."

"Neither am I."

"I've had two kids..."

"And I've had a lifetime of loving you, so stop talking and let me look at you," she demanded.

Gently, Tanya detached the hands covering hers and slid the t-shirt up over her body.

Christine sat up and slipped it up and over her head. "I'm serious; my body's not the same as it was..."

"Shh." Tanya cupped a hand over Christine's belly. "I'd be worried if you had the same body you had when you were twenty. We've both lived, Christine, and have the bodies to match. And my love for you is not as shallow as to disappear with your slight girly figure. You're as beautiful to me as... as I don't know what, Christine. I'm not good with poetic words, you know it. But God knows, I forget to breathe when I look at you."

She cupped the face that she had loved for years. "You're beautiful, Christine. So beautiful inside out that I ache for you in every way possible."

Tanya lay down beside her and pulled Christine into her embrace. She pressed herself against her, breasts pressed into breasts and thighs against thighs. She pressed her face into the warm hollow of her neck and felt the pulse beat against her lips, slow and drugged. Christine smelled of honey and a slight hint of oranges, a smell so essentially Christine that it brought back familiar memories to Tanya.

"I love you so much, Christine," she murmured against heated skin and tasted it with an open-mouthed kiss on her collarbone.

She slid a hand down her body until she felt the pajamas under her fingers, and dipped in, slightly stroking the curls there. She reached lower and felt Christine tremble in her arms.

"Does that feel good?"

Christine murmured wordlessly and tightened her arms around Tanya. She didn't reply but thrust her hips forward in a motion that said more than any words could.

Tanya slid the hand deeper and the thighs parted, giving her access. She cupped a hand around the naked center and dipped a finger into the moist slit, sliding it deeper into the space. A strangled sound escaped from Christine's throat as Tanya touched a sensitive spot.

"Let me take this off," Tanya whispered, impatient to touch Christine intimately without any obstructions.

They rolled apart and pulled-pushed the pajamas off and Tanya sat up, gazing at her lover's beauty while taking her own clothes off hurriedly, then lying down on top of her and kissing her urgently. She buried a hand again between Christine's legs, stroking a silky thigh while kissing her neck, then sliding down, finally taking a juicy nipple into her mouth and suckling greedily.

Christine's body twisted, demanding more, and Tanya slowly laid a finger to her tight nub of pleasure. She stroked it slowly, back and forth until she could feel Christine's breath grow ragged in her chest. Then she slid two fingers into her, her thumb still rubbing lazy circles around the clit.

"Oh," Christine said, settling herself around the fingers. "Oh, God."

Tanya raised herself on an elbow and looked down at Christine spread out below her. She slipped a finger of her other hand in her hot mouth as Christine took it in wordlessly, her whole body strained upwards as she sucked at Tanya's finger urgently, making mewling sounds deep in her throat.

"Now, love, let go," Tanya coaxed as her thumb got more insistent against Christine's clit.

Christine let out an eager moan and ground herself against her, gritting her teeth urgently and locking her eyes with Tanya in a silent plea, before helplessly giving in to the emotions overwhelming her and dissolving into a liquid wetness that rocked her body with spasms from the inside out. She turned her head into the pillow, the tendons in her neck standing out in sharp sculpted relief as she rode her orgasm with Tanya milking her clit slowly and expertly.

When she lay spent, breathing heavily, Tanya climbed onto her supple body, aligning herself so that she lay with her wet core against Christine's thigh. Tanya kissed her taut neck, tasting sweat, salt and bare flesh. She ran a flat tongue over the length of the slender column, nibbling when she came to the jawbone.

Christine was melted softness in Tanya's arms as she pressed herself on the smooth thigh and started moving so that it rubbed against her clit. Christine got the idea and thrust her leg up and into Tanya.

Tanya's body was draped across the form beneath her, her open mouth attached to the warm neck as she moved. Her aching need grew and she clasped her lover to her with her arms underneath shoulders, nipples rubbing against nipples and pussy against a hard leg. Her breath came in gasps as she rode her, hard and urgent, with the pulse in her clit throbbing as she rubbed herself on naked flesh.

With a groan of pure need, Tanya ground against her harder. She was close, so close. Christine's soft warm hands came to settle on her buttocks, pushing her down into herself so that they both were moaning and writhing together, damp need to smooth skin.

Tanya came, feeling her pussy convulse as waves of pleasure spread outwards from her core, drowning her in pleasure so deep that every nerve in her body tingled with ecstasy. She let out a whimper into Christine's neck and lay over her, weak and spent, in the aftermath of the orgasm.

Christine cradled her head in her hand, wrapping her arms around her. "I love you, too," she whispered.

Tanya moved off her and cuddled against Christine, feeling her breath against her shoulder, exhausted by the exertions of the past hour. She lazily stroked damp skin, feeling the tired warmth pool within her. They shifted until they fitted comfortably against each other, relaxed and sleepy in the aftermath of good lovemaking.

"I need to ask for something," Christine said.

"Anything," Tanya promised.

"Wouldn't you want to know what I was asking for before promising me anything?"

Tanya smiled. "No."

"I want to be with you, Tanya, but not openly," Christine said. "Not yet. I still think about what I said earlier, about my kids. They're probably old enough to understand and it's 2012, high time for people to openly state their sexuality I know, but I'm not that strong, Tanya. Not yet. I still... I will need time."

"We have all the time in the world, Love; as much as you need." Tanya looked deep into her eyes. "I don't need anyone else to know about you and me, Christine. Never have. As long as I can be with you, in whatever way, and love you, I will never ask for anything more."

"That you will have," Christine replied. "Loving me, and all my love in return, for as long as we live. I promise."

Tanya leaned in and kissed her then, a deep kiss that sealed the promise of a future between them.

* * *

Author's note: This story was inspired by the song "All Over Me" by Lindsay Harper, originally featured on the Loving Annabelle soundtrack.

To readers: I hope you liked the story. Votes, comments and feedback are always appreciated. I like hearing from you so please do write. Every email with a return address will receive a reply. :)

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