Beverly, January

About 10 pm one night I met Beverly on the Internet through one of those chat sites and after a fairly tame first 30 minutes or so I got a bit bolder and asked about her, what she looked like, where she lived and when she said a town near me I asked if she was looking for more than just chat. When she said she could possibly want more than just chat, I asked if we could meet sometime, to get to know each other better while at the same time telling her I was 56 and married and interested in seeing whether my visualisation of her, from the description she gave me, was close.

She stalled me at this point by suggesting we swap pictures to which I agreed and sent her one of me through the chat link, but was a bit worried when she asked for my mobile number as she only had a few pictures of her self on her mobile. Our chat had got me interested enough to agree and I sent her my number. I slowly steered our conversation onto sex and was pleasantly surprised when after sometime she went into four letter detail about what she liked sexually, which seamed to be everything except anal and water sports. This at first slightly shocked me as I was a stranger to her, but I responded in the same vein, which turned us both on, talking so openly about what we wanted and liked sexually.

Through all this conversation as I waited impatiently for her pictures to arrive on my phone I thought she was just on a wind up as this was to good to be true. We went into the sort of graphic detail that I thought men only thought but never said to a woman, it appeared that we liked doing and receiving the same sexual pleasures.

We talked tell about 2 am about how she likes to fuck and how she likes to cum and see or feel a stiff cock cum etc. Just before we finished chatting I sent her a couple of nude pictures of me after seeing the three she sent me of her body. None of the pictures swapped showed faces for now. She said that she wasn't put off by my pictures and I had to pause the chat for a few minutes after looking at her pictures as having sat chatting with a stiff cock most of the night I had to have a wank while looking at the vision she had sent to my mobile and needed to clean up.

When I came back on chat she asked what I thought of her pictures, so I told her "what do you think, I just had to get some tissue's to clean up as they made me cum". Until now I had only been thinking about using her to fuck whenever I could, but what with the chat about herself and now having seen the pictures I knew I wanted more than just a fuck buddy. The pictures showed my ideal woman in her prime at 41 and definitely raring to go, she had gorgeous 44DD breasts with large nipples and the nicest looking pussy I have seen for long time with large lips to grip your cock with each thrust.

She was my ideal woman, well filled out with large powerful thighs and large breasts not one of those silly pin up types that you would be scared of breaking in the heat of passion. Beverly was all woman with plenty to get hold of and caress during sex. Her body blew my mind and I started to push for a meet. I didn't care whether we just chatted or more, but I had to meet her this week to see if she was my soul mate and being a man I pushed for a secluded meet in a car as for various reasons both our houses are out of bounds.

I was so surprised when Beverly agreed, as I couldn't get to where she lives during the week before 11pm due to working the late shift, as I knew it meant neither of us getting home before 1am. Over the next few nights we swapped facial pictures and organised our meet for around 11pm on the Thursday night. I arrived with all kinds of apprehensions and nerves and sent her a text to give her 15 minutes to warm her car up as it was only 1 degree outside.

I parked near her house and got in her car with a cheery "Hi Beverly" etc and she drove to a very secluded wooded car park while we chatted about various things. This chat continued after we parked as I didn't want to just start and use her body for my gratification like others she told me had already done, I wanted to fuck her brains out, who wouldn't if you saw her, but I wanted more than just sex, I wanted the tenderness and passion, of kissing and cuddling more than the sex.

After a long relaxing chat I turned in the passenger car seat and leaned forward to see if she would allow me to kiss her. That first kiss rekindle all the longing that I had suppressed for years, it made me feel electrified and at the moment I knew Beverly was everything I needed and decided that although when we arranged the meeting I had thought that if she wasn't for me then I would just cajole her into fucking and use her like the others she had told me about.

That first passionate kiss and those that followed removed any thought of using her just for sex. I still wanted sex but I wanted Beverly to want to meet me for being me not just another fuck. Her kisses released all sorts of confusing feelings within me that I hadn't had for years and my hands started clumsily to explore her body. What little I could feel through her coat felt nice and I lowered my hands to her trouser covered right knee and slowly felt my way up the inside of her slightly parted thigh and then as my hand awkwardly crossed over what felt like a very hot cunt, she broke the kiss.

My first thought was fear of loosing her as I thought I had gone to far to quick. It was a good job it was dark in her car or she would have seen the look of relief and pleasure on my face when she said "lets get more comfortable" and despite the cold weather removed her coat and reclined her seat. I now knelt on the passenger seat facing her and removed my coat as well, and was soon eagerly back in her arms kissing her with a passion that kept us both warm.

As we kissed I let my left hand caress her breasts through her T-shirt, they felt fantastic and I could feel her nipples stiffening through her clothes and decided although cold to lower my hand to the bottom of her T-shirt and then up her back so I could feel and caress her bare flesh for the first time. We continued like this for some time before I moved my hand round to cup and caress her lovely breast through her bra before concentrating on teasing her hard nipple. As I teased her nipple it got bigger and harder and my cock uncomfortably followed suit in my trousers.

When we next stopped for a much needed breather in our kissing I relaxed with my head on her shoulder and nibbled and kissed her neck and throat as I let my hand slide down her lovely warm flesh until it rested on her trousered crutch which allowed her T-shirt to fall back and keep her a bit warmer. As Beverly was getting her breath back I felt her thighs slowly part as wide as the space in the car would allow and I shifted my hand down between her legs to cup the hottest cunt ever.

I think Beverly wanted more as she moved to spread her legs wider so I started to massage her cunt through her clothes and we both started kissing more passionately than before. Thus encouraged I moved my hand down inside her trousers to get to her hot little treasure, this proved awkward at first as I had got my hand under her thong as well as her trousers so I removed my hand and tried again. This time my hand slid down over the smooth curve of her stomach till it found the nicely prominent mound of her hot cunt beneath the smooth shear thong. The thong must have been a small one, as I easily moved it to one side to feel her bare cunt for the first time.

I slowly felt all over her hot cunt, tracing either side of her pouting lips I could feel the soft, short downy hair that surrounded it until I let one finger slowly glide over the length of her cunt lips which caused Beverly to start kissing stronger so I parted the lips of her cunt with two fingers and tried to gently slide my middle finger between them. This didn't prove possible as her cunt was very sticky with her juice so I just got my finger in as deep as I thought comfortable for Beverly and started massaging every inch of her hot moist cunt, waiting till she was wet enough for me to tease her clit without causing any irritation.

Once I felt the friction on my finger reducing as her cunt juices started to flow I moved my finger down to her vagina several times to gather some of her juice that pooled in her opening and bring it up to her stiff clit. As I was doing this Beverly reached between my legs and started expertly massaging my throbbing cock. I don't know exactly how she was massaging my cock but it was the best technique I have ever experienced as it kept me so close to cumming with no risk of actually cumming.

She was doing such a brilliant job on my cock and causing such exquisite pleasure I was determined to make her cum hard. This wasn't that easy for me as I was using my left hand and am right handed in the confines of her trousers, as I didn't want to accidentally hurt her in my passion to make Beverly cum. I don't know whether it was my technique or me but I knew she was getting close to her first cum when she started giving little whimpering moans as her cunt started to get really juicy and her cunt lips swelled around my fingers.

I changed to caressing all over her face and neck as she got steadily closer to cumming until I stiffened slightly and Beverly fearing the worst stopped massaging my cock, but she needn't have worried about me cumming with her expert technique as it wasn't for that reason I stiffened, it was because I started to get cramp in my right thigh and had to change position slightly while continuing to keep her building to a climax.

A short while after I had stiffened Beverly resumed her superb treatment of my cock with her hands as I slid my middle finger down to her vagina for more juice to lubricate her overheated clit. As my finger gathered more juicy lubricant I couldn't resist pushing it in a couple of knuckles and was amazed at how tight, wet and hot she felt inside her vagina. I could feel my cock leaking precum now at the thought of going a lot further if she wanted. A minute or two after my finger returned to tease her throbbing clit I felt her imperceptibly tense and give a long quiet moan as she closed her thighs tightly on my hand. She had cum, so I slowly slowed down my teasing of her clit so that she came down nice and slowly from what I hoped was a good cum. As she calmed down she moved her head towards mine and I resumed kissing her mouth as my hand now cupped a very swollen and hopefully satisfied cunt.

As se calmed right down she stopped teasing my cock and we broke apart so we could both recover and I assumed go back home. After chatting about things I can't remember now for a few minutes I couldn't resist trying for more of this perfect woman and leaned forward to kiss her while at the same time getting a nice handful of her still swollen cunt. She responded to my kissing and I moved my left hand back down her trousers to find her wet cunt lips spread wide, which puzzled me until I found that her now damp thong was wedged tightly between them. I quickly pulled the thong out and to one side as I went back to work on her now very juicy cunt to make her cum again as we kissed and cuddled passionately in the confines of her car.

To ease my arm muscles now and then as my hand and fingers worked on her cunt and clit I went back to tease those magnificent breasts of hers and gave serious thought the last time I was teasing them to removing the bra so I could tease them with my mouth but decided to save that for another time as it was so cold.

It took a bit longer for my fingers gliding around her cunt and over her clit to build Beverly up to her second orgasm this time and just after she started making little whimpering moans she moaned "harder" which I was pleased to do, as I wanted to do this all night long. Unfortunately for me for me with the increased pressure of my finger on her sensitive clit she came, a little louder this time, which pleased me. I continued to kiss her as she calmed down and for some reason I can't explain I was happy to end there if that's what Beverly wanted as it was now 2:30 am.

We broke apart again although this time I kept my arm round her shoulders and we just looked at each other in the dim light, neither knowing what the other wanted or expected now. At that moment I only wanted to make Beverly happy and if she had indicated she wanted me to fuck her tight wet cunt then I would have fucked her so hard it would have bruised her thighs, even though I don't think its possible inside a car.

I am not sure whether Beverly thought my arm on her shoulders was me trying to indicate I wanted her to make me cum or not, but that was not my intention as for now I was content, I left it there out of affection. Without a word being spoken Beverly leaned over to me and we kissed and cuddled briefly as her hand found my leaking cock to continue her exquisite torture of it. Then she placed her head on my reclined stomach and I undid my trousers to give her access to what was throbbing as it tried to take control of me.

If Beverly only knew how close I came to blowing my load of cum at the first touch of her hand on my bare cock, the sensation blew my mind and my cock took over as I struggled to get control of my mind back from my cock I asked quietly "Do you want to fuck?"

She replied "its late, next time."

Again I nearly came all over her delicate hand, but knowing I was seeing her in a hotel room in weeks time I managed to stop myself cumming.

I was so satisfied with the evening and Beverly was right it was getting late that I was quite happy to just end the evening now with a kiss. I think this surprised Beverly, as she hadn't met a man like me before who could be satisfied totally without cumming.

So we had a quick kiss, got ourselves sorted out and drove back to my car. That quick kiss and leaving her that night were the only disappointing times for me of the whole evening.

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