tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBeware the Babysitter

Beware the Babysitter


Warning: This story is along the same lines and tradition of stories by authors like Temptanddestroy, Wannabeboytoy, DarkBetrayal and NeverGiveIn. It involves adultery and humiliation. Don't leave comments about how horrible the story and I am for writing this kind of story am when you know damn well what is involved. You have been warned. Remember, it is only a fantasy. I do not wish this upon anyone or condone it. Enjoy!


"What did you do to our children?" My wife, Betty, yelled at our new babysitter, Vanessa.

"They're downstairs." Vanessa said calmly.

"In the basement?" Betty screamed. "You locked them in the basement so you could have friends over?"

"No... I locked them in the basement so that I could get fucked, but you ruined that!" Vanessa yelled at my wife.

My wife and I had come home a little early and had seen two young men run out the back of our house. Vanessa was half naked and hadn't bothered to cover up yet.

"Get out of our home right now!" Betty yelled. I was listening to the argument but my eyes weren't. They were locked onto Vanessa's huge tits! And she noticed.

"I'm not leaving until I get paid!" Vanessa snapped back.

"You think I'll actually pay you $100 for this?"

"Hmmm..." Vanessa eyed me up and down, taking notice that I was looking at her young hot half-naked body. "Better make it $1000!" Vanessa made the obscene demand.

"You're crazy! I'm letting my kids out! Cover up first and then we'll discuss any kind of payment but you can be damn sure that it will be less than $100!" Betty said as she started to turn away.

"That's what you think! But I think your husband doesn't want me to cover up..." Vanessa said walking over to me and shedding her clothes. "In fact... I think your husband wants to fuck me... right here, right now!"

Before any objections could be made Vanessa unzipped me and whipped my cock out. I was hard from looking at her. She pushed me into a nearby chair and sat on my cock. My dick was inside our babysitter's pussy. I was fucking our babysitter before I knew it. And it felt amazing. Vanessa started to ride me with an evil smile. I was instantly under her sexy spell.

"Your husband is really hard in my tight cunt! He loves it!" Vanessa laughed. I felt powerless under the babysitter and her powerful cunt muscles.

"What the hell are you doing?! Barry, get her off of you!" My wife yelled. She didn't know how to react to the situation and neither did I. Vanessa just continued to bounce and ride on my cock.

"Your husband loves my big young tits better than your small pair! And he loves my young cunt better than your old crone vagina!" Vanessa spat with a sneer and another wicked laugh.

My wife was done hearing this and being forced to watch this. "You bitch!" Betty yelled. She tackled Vanessa. They fell to the floor in front of me and were clawing at one another.

I was in a daze but I saw Vanessa overpower my wife. She pinned Betty to the floor and proceeded to beat on her until my wife stopped fighting back. Betty was near unconsciousness. Her face was bruised, scratched and bleeding, definitely scarred.

"Betty?" I finally started to get up and be her husband when Vanessa pushed me back down onto the chair.

"I'm not done with you, Mr. Penner. I still haven't cum and now I want more than a good orgasm... I want you to cum in my pussy..." the babysitter said as she put my hard dick back inside her. This time she rode me reverse cowgirl so she could see my wife.

"But... but... Are you...on... ugh... birth...con..." I started to ask.

"No... I'm not on birth control... You're going to cum inside my unprotected womb... And if you don't get me pregnant this time then I'll make sure of it in later sessions!" she giggled and continued fucking me. She grabbed my hands and guided them to her ass and then her big bouncing tits. My hands squeezed her perfect lustful flesh. It was only a matter of time now. "Your husband is going to get me pregnant, Mrs. Penner. And he's going to love my children more than the brats you birthed him." Vanessa giggled as though it was funny and cute but it was pure evil. And she had me completely under her spell. I would do anything for the babysitter and her young hotter than hot body.

"Barry... My love... how could... you?... no... stop..." my wife begged me.

Vanessa turned her head towards me. "You're mine now aren't you?" she whispered to me. I nodded. "Then tell her!"

"I'm all yours, Vanessa! Your ass, your pussy, your face, your legs, your hair, your... big... tits... your body is perfect! You're so much hotter than my wife!" I yelled so that Betty heard every word. I was completely corrupted. It felt so good giving into Vanessa and her tempting body and into her devious plans.

"Do you love her anymore?" Vanessa asked. Betty was already crying.

"No... I love... your... body... more!" I yelled. "Oh God! I'm cumming!" I erupted inside our babysitter, ultimately impregnating her in front of my faithful wife.

"He's mine! He's all mine! Yes! I'm cumming!" Vanessa screamed and came on my cock.

When I was finally finished impregnating Vanessa she kissed me nastily and sloppily. Then she stood up and stood over my helpless wife. Her pussy started to drip my cum from her cunt and onto Betty's face. "You see, Bitch? The hotter body always wins no matter what the situation. You should have just paid me $1000, now your husband and your home is all mine. The only way you'll get any of his sperm is from me." Vanessa sat down on Betty's face and smothered her. She forced my wife to suck my cum from her pussy.

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