"Emperor?" says a distant voice.

Emperor Faire barely heard the voice of his assistant Markus.

"Hmmm?" was his only reply.

"Sir, we are busy with plans for your anniversary celebration, and we are becoming concerned that you are simply sitting on your throne in your own world. Please forgive me for saying these things to you, but you must understand, the people expect you to show a little more enthusiasm during this special occasion."

Looking down at the picture in his hand and stroking it tenderly with his thumb, Faire sighs

"Yes of course".

"Everyone in the palace understands this is a hard time for you, but your people need to see you as the strong and powerful emperor they have come to know you as."

"You are correct, enough of this, I cannot let myself get this way any longer!" he exclaims and tears the picture in half and letting it drop to the floor.

"Very good sir, you have a meeting to attend shortly if you would like to prepare."

Without another word Emperor Faire marches out of the room, leaving Markus alone in the throne room. He picks up the torn picture from the floor, with every intention to throw it away. Suddenly one of the Emperor's many guards rushes in.

"Markus...." he calls out stopping in front of him, his face in a state of disbelief and excitement.

"What is it?" Markus asks anxiously.

"I saw... I saw her."

"Saw her? Her who?"

He points to the torn picture in Markus' hand,


"Are you sure it was her?"

"Positive. I would not make a mistake like that. I saw her, the woman that plagues the emperor's memories, the woman in all his dreams, and the woman he pines over every moment of the day. It was her."

"Did she see you?"


"Good, come let us plan what to do with this information."


Rena was busy washing the dishes; her back was turned and did not notice that she was being snuck up on. She is humming to herself, and glancing out the window over the sink, all the while the large man gets closer and closer to her.

Just before he is able to take her by surprise, her voice breaks the silence loud and clear "Don't even think about it, Don."

Don wraps his arms around Rena's waist in a warm embrace.

"Why whatever do you mean dear?"

She rolls her eyes but smiles when she feels his lips graze against her neck.

"I have never been able to sneak up on you, I don't know why."

Rena turns around, his arm still around her holding her close. She wraps her arms around his neck, pressing her hips against his. Smiling she says in a soft whisper next to his ear, "Does it really matter?" and brushes her lips against his ear.

He smiles and presses his hips into her firmly, "Not at all my love."

"Mmmm" Rena moans softly and uses the tip of her tongue to lick the ridge of his ear.

A shiver of pleasure runs up his spine. His hands slide underneath her shirt, his rough hands rubbing up her creamy soft and smooth skin. He slides her shirt up and over her head, her nipples immediately getting hard when the cool air touches them. His lips brushing against her neck lightly as she tilts her head to give him full access. His hands slide up from her waist to cup her breasts, gently rolling her hard nipple between his thumb and forefinger, causing a moan to escape her throat where his lips still roamed. She slid his shirt up, her fingers grazing against his bare sides as she lifted it. He lifted his arms and took his lips away from her skin only long enough for her to remove his shirt then immediately replaced his lips on her soft skin and his hands massaging her breasts once again. Her fingertips trace down his spine lightly, causing him to shiver. Goosebumps start appearing on his skin.

"Oh Rena" he whispers next to her ear, his breath moving past her ear softly making her body melt into his.

Her long nimble fingers start to unbuckle his belt, sliding down his trousers. He can see a smile on her lips and a wicked gleam in her eye. This look on her face along with the removal of his trousers causes a stirring of his manhood, this power she has over him is incredible and he would not change it for the world. She seems to be able to make him aroused with a mere look, and she knew it all too well. He felt her fingers wrap around his long hard shaft, her thumb rubbing the very tip slowly back and forth. His eye close slowly, she can hear his breathing change to a slightly faster pace. She starts sliding her hand up and down, only cupping his shaft in her fingers right now, but as she feels it twitch she wraps her fingers all the way around and pumps a little faster and a little harder until she hears him groan.

She was getting excited too; she could feel the dampness growing between her own legs. Just hearing him moan was something that would make her excited, she wasn't sure if he knew this or not, she didn't care either. As soon as she heard him groan she moved her body in close, her hips grinding against his. She ran her lips up his jaw line, sucking and gently nibbling his ear lobe. Licking up the ridge of his ear and blowing softly against the trail drove him wild. He grabbed her and quickly pushed her long skirt down over her hips; pressing her against the wall, pushing her legs apart with a gentle force that she seemed to welcome. The tip of his manhood moved along her inner thigh, up towards her wetness, he can feel the warmth beckoning to him. Lifting her legs up around his waist, she pulls him into her. With her arms around his neck as he presses himself into her welcoming body, he can hear her gasp with pleasure. He begins to move himself back and forth inside her, the pleasing friction makes them both moan against each other's lips as they kiss.

She presses her fingers deep into his back as she feels the explosive orgasm building inside her. The harder she pressed, the harder he seemed to thrust into her, driving them both wild with passion. She could feel his body tense, and she knew he was not long before he would be overwhelmed with it all and need to release it inside her.

"Oh God Don" she managed to whisper breathlessly. Hearing his name on her lips while in the throes of passion was enough to drive him over the edge. He felt the spasm and sweet release, as did she. When she felt his warm liquid starting to fill her it caused a wave of pleasure to roll up her body and her orgasm was released at last. With her hands grabbing the back of his head she pressed her lips to his firmly, and moaned deeply into his mouth.

They lied on the floor of the kitchen for awhile, her head resting on his shoulder and his arm around her. She softly stroked his chest with her hand, a smile of contentment on both their lips. Neither was aware that their bliss would soon be rudely interrupted.


Rena and Don were finishing getting dressed when they heard the creaking of wheels coming up the road. This was the only house on this road, so either these people were lost or they were coming to pay a visit, but the look they gave each other said that neither was expecting visitors. Glancing out the window that faced the road, they saw an enclosed wagon without windows that had the Emperor of Faire's seal on the side pull up. Two very large men were sitting up on the seat.

"What are they doing here? They are a little outside their borders, this is a free land." Said Don haughtily, he did not care for the politics in the neighbouring land, and was proud to be a free born man. Emperor Faire got his position through a hostile attack and ruled with an iron fist. He had been the Emperor for a few years now, and many of his followers believed in him blindly.

"Calm yourself" Rena said softly, but she was just as curious to the presence of these men at their doorstep.

The two men got down from their perch atop the wagon and walked to their door. Their knock was loud and more intimidating than it needed to be if this were a social call. Without waiting for the door to be opened for them, they opened it and walked in, having to bend over as they entered.

"This is the home of Rena Amara" said the one on the left. It was a statement more than it was a question.

"What of it" said Don stepping forward "You have no power here..."

"Shut up!" he said using the back of his large hand to strike Don across the face.

Reeling back from the blow, his hand on the side of his face, Rena rushes to his side, trying to see the damage. Whispering words of comfort in his ear, and for an unexplainable reason they made him feel better.

"You are she" said the other, looking her up and down. "She doesn't look that dangerous" he said to his partner in a hushed tone but Rena still heard them.

"We were told she was very dangerous and to collar her immediately, so we shall"

It was then that Rena saw a flash of light gleaming off a piece of silver metal in one of the men's hands. She recognized it immediately for what it was a Collar of Power. It was made to bind the powers of a witch and render her helpless. She glanced at Don, he did not know her for what she truly was, nor did she want him to, at least not yet, she wasn't ready. She had been so careful not to allow him to know. She was worried that if it was revealed to him now in this moment that he will feel so betrayed that he will allow them to take her and good riddance.

She stood up straight, looking the man with the collar in the eye. "I am she... what is it that you want?" Sounding more confident than she felt.

"You are to come with us" he glances at Don "peacefully"

Rena caught his meaning, there was no missing it.

"They can't take you Rena, they don't have the authority to do so."

"We can't stop them, they will kill you just to take me, and you can't do anything to help if you are dead" she whispered harshly

Don looked at each of the men up and down slowly, seeing their strong muscles as well as their weapons on their hips. There was no hope he could win a fight with one of these men let alone both, and Rena was so delicate he couldn't stand to see her get hurt. He sighs in defeat.

With that sigh, the larger of the two steps forward. Rena step in front of Don, facing him.

"Call Jeremy" she whispered.

"Jeremy?" Don was perplexed, why would she tell him to call that guy, he was just a very skinny man that could be snapped in half like a twig. He would be no help in rescuing Rena.

"Promise me..." she said, the desperation in her voice told him that he must do as she asked and that she truly believed Jeremy had something to offer. All he could do is nod as he watched the large man snap the silver collar around her neck in one fluid motion. She gasped as if it caused her pain, but how a smooth piece of metal could cause her physical pain he didn't know, it must be the shock of the cold collar against her beautiful and delicate throat.

"Come" said the man pulling her towards the door, she follows him out. Don steps forward but the second of the men moves in front of him.

"And as for you" he says in a gruff voice. That was all Don heard before he felt the strong punch to the face, blacking out before even hitting the floor.

Rena was securely shackled in the wagon, a set of irons on her wrists, and another set on her ankles. Each of the shackles was attached to the metal walls of the wagon by a heavy chain. The man even took an extra precaution by clipping a chain to the metal collar. Rena could feel the extra weight against her. She was surprised that they were so through in making sure she could not escape, they obviously did not trust the Collar of Power to do its job. The man eventually left her, and she could hear the lock of the wagon door click as he closed it. After a few moments she felt the wagon jerk forward, as she sat all alone with her thoughts, all she could do was hope that Don did as she asked, and wonder at what terrible fate might befall her when the wagon stopped.

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