tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBeyond Desire, A True Need Ch. 01

Beyond Desire, A True Need Ch. 01


Dedication: This is for my best Scotty friend, Justine. I had to add a little something for me, but everything else, is all for you. Hope you enjoy.

“Okay, so guys, I want you to try and finish up those pie charts this weekend,” Willow stammered trying to get the words out through the rushing children, “Miss Calendar expects to see them on Mon…,” she trailed off realizing she was the only one left in the room.

Willow began packing up the last remains of her work assignment. Teaching was fun…when the students listened to her. She really thought they still preferred Miss Calendar, to her, but she would make the best of it. Miss Calendar was far too busy researching how to restore Angelus’ soul. So, Willow being to the most reliable choice, was chosen to temporarily take over teaching.

It was Friday. A nice relaxing weekend awaited her, yet she did not budge from her chair. Everyone had plans. Xander was with Cordelia; Giles with Jenny; Oz, whom she had been sort-of dating since Buffy’s birthday, had a gig in Monterey. And Buffy, although no one else knew but Willow, was busing getting it on with Angelus. She had left school early to do, what she called, Slayer recon, but Willow knew better. She was leaving to join Angelus in his bed. Willow knew Buffy wanted Angel back, but would settle for Angelus for the time being.

So, with everyone with their plans, Willow had no one at all; except one person. Only it wasn’t right. She shouldn’t have these thoughts about someone of the same sex. And she had Oz to think about. And Justine, Justine had Steph to think about. But it had happened. She had made out with a girl behind the Stacks in the library. Unbeknownst to her that Angelus and Buffy were only two stacks away, going at it, while witnessing Willow’s little decent into her own darkness. It wasn’t until after Buffy and Angelus had finished, that they stood watching the pair of lesbians? Could Willow really be one? But Angelus had told Buffy, it appeared she was very much enjoying herself. Then, the two girls looked up, seeing them, and ran for the door. So, the two pairs of lovers had come to the same conclusion: Don’t ask. Don’t tell. Hey, if it worked for the U.S army. It could for them.

Willow realized that while she was reminiscing, she had opened her legs, and a hand had traveled between her thighs. Gently massaging her panty-soaked core, Willow closed her eyes once more. Where was the harm in this? It was Friday, and the school notably empty and desolate, there was no one there to catch her. It was her first kiss with a woman. But if it had to be anyone, Justine was perfect; her beautifully rounded breasts that peeked over her tiny t-shirt; the way her skirt had clung to her hips and thighs, beautifully molding her body. Willow could remember her smell. The arousal she knew the other girl held for her. Their first kiss was so intense. As if doing it, was the greatest sin on earth. But surely, something that good couldn’t be wrong? Or maybe, just because it felt so good, it was wrong.

“You really shouldn’t be doing that,” a voice drifted over to Willow as she shot up from her seat.

“What?” she asked, flustered, trying to straighten her skirt.
Justine smiled, “I said, you really shouldn’t be doing that. In school, I mean. Someone could catch you,” she laughed a little, “I mean, I could smell you all the way down the hall.”

“Smell? I smell? Why do I…”

Justine walked slowly over to her, “Sshh. Not a bad smell. A good smell. What were you thinking of?”

Willow blushed, “I can’t….I mean…nothing.”

“Nothing,” Justine said as she raised a finely tweezed eyebrow, “so it was nothing that made you smell so sweet. It was nothing that was causing you to rub your hands into your pussy?”

Willow’s brows furrowed, “Um, yeah.” Man, what a dork, Willow thought. I want her so bad. But I can’t tell her. Telling her would mean I’d have to talk. Talking with me equals, stammering, scared Willow. Stammering, scared Willow equals, Justine running away.

“You don’t have to be shy, you know,” Justine said softly, “I know you want me. And I want you. Everyday I see you walk down the halls, I’m so wet. I have to run into the bathroom stall, and masturbate,” Justine softly traced the outline of Willow’s breast through her jumper, as Willow closed her eyes, “I want to make love to you. Please let me?”

Willow’s eyes shot open, “But Steph….and Oz…”

“Don’t have to know. You shouldn’t be the only one not aloud to give in to your desires. I mean, we did see Buffy and her boyfriend going at it. Why are they allowed to, and were not? Don’t you want to know what it would feel like to have my fingers inside of you? To see me lick your juice off of them? Don’t you want to taste me?”

“Yes,” she replied simply.

Justine moved toward the classroom door, and shut it. The loud door echoing throughout the hall. Justine slowly made her way back to Willow, shifting her hips in the most luscious way, causing honey to seep through Willow’s too-soaked panties.

Justine stared at Willow’s eyes and her hands slowly unbuckled the clasps of Willow’s jumper. Willow sighed in pleasure as Justine slowly dragged the garment down her legs, tossing it to the floor, leaving Willow left in a tiny top with a cow on it, and her panties which had little sheep on them. Justine smiled as she saw Willow’s nipples grow hard. “No bra?” she quizzically asked

“N... no…,” Willow stuttered. I was so anxious about teaching I forgot.

“Hmm, good for me,” Justine said as she drew close to Willow and kissed her dry lips, using her tongue to moisten them. At the soft invitation, Willow opened her mouth, allowing Justine’s tongue to venture in further. Willow, finally gaining courage, let her tongue dance along Justine’s as the kiss heated up. Justine pushed Willow onto the desk, as her hands roamed over her cotton covered breasts.

“Hmm…Justine…..I want you to…”

Justine looked into Willow’s eyes, “Say it. I need to hear you say it.”

“Make love to me?”

Justine nodded as she kissed her way down Willow’s collar-bone, then clasped onto a clothes nipple. Biting down softly as Willow whimpered and bucked beneath her.

Willow began struggling to take off Justine’s clothes as this amazing woman still attached herself to Willow’s breast. She managed to undo Justine’s fly and zipper, as Willow’s grown, Justine pushed the rest down her legs, kicking them away.

Justine stood straight and watched Willow’s flushed face, and the heaving of her chest. She quickly rid herself of the remaining offending garments she had on, and also pulled Willow’s t-shirt away, as her perky breasts pounce free, her nipples begging to be tugged and pulled again. The only cloth that separated them, was Willow’s sheep panties. When she began to pull them down herself, Justine stopped her. “Don’t. Leave them on. I’m going to chew through them.

At those words, lust took complete control and Justine stood overtop Willow on the desk. She kissed Willow hard, allowing a hand to travel down Willow’s body, and resting on top of her nether-curls. Willow bucked beneath her. She had never been naked with anyone before. Not even Oz. But Oz was no longer on her mind. Only Justine.

Justine traveled down Willow’s body; licking her way in the valley of Willow’s breasts, softly inserting her tongue inside her belly-button, gently biting down on her hip-bone, causing goose-bumps to form on the tiny red-heads body, all the way massaging Willow’s pussy.

Justine stood back taking a seat in Miss Calendar’s chair. She looked up, imaging all the kids that were there only a short time before. This would be Willow’s first time. The first time anyone was going to taste her sweet juices. She slowly tugged her panties down her legs, then away. Willow stared at her, nervous and excited at everything that was happening. Then it happened. Justine’s eyes grew to a predators gaze, and Willow was the prey. Justine slowly lowered her head, still keeping eye contact, and delved into Willow’s soaked pussy.

Willow bucked and screamed. Never had anything felt so good, and so bad. It was delicious. That was the only word to describe it.
Justine slowly circled the girl’s clit, then dropped a little lower, dragging her tongue up Willow’s entire snatch, which had her bucking and writhing beneath her. The taste of this girl was magnificent. She had imagined for the longest time what it would be like to taste her. To have her juices smeared across her face. But oh, those fantasies were never like this. To be eating this, still so innocent, girl out in a classroom, where anyone could walk through those doors at any time, was beyond ecstasy. One of her hands made their way up to one of Willow’s breasts, and began to manipulate it, as the other hand opened Willow’s pussy lips so she could reach every part of this girl.

Willow began to cry as Justine started plunging her tongue into her core. The feeling was amazing. She had lengthened her tongue and started to jab inside her. All Willow could think was Justine’s tongue was inside of her body. Justine tore her hand away from Willow’s breast and plunge two fingers inside of her. Willow screamed.

Justine looked up, “You really are tight, aren’t you. No one has ever been here before. You taste so good, Willow. I want to eat you forever.” She began thrusting the fingers inside her faster.

“Yes, Justine. Please baby, fuck me. Only you…..I want you…” Willow screamed as Justine delved into her pussy again, licking away all the juice that flowed out of her body. Justine maneuvered her mouth over Willow’s clit and began to suck in earnest. Willow, unaware of the intense feelings washing over her, screamed as she came all over Justine’s fingers and mouth.

Justine continued to lap up the remnants of her juice as she kissed her thighs in contentment. “You are so beautiful when you come. Did you know that?”

Willow blushed again, “No. I’ve never done that before. It was scary. And intense, and…amazing.”

Justine smiled, her face still wet with sex, “Thanks,”

Willow, noticing she needed to get cleaned up, pulled Justine up, then maneuvered them on the desk so that she straddled Justine.

Justine laughed, “Wow. Where did the shy girl go?”

“Don’t know,” was all she said before leaning down and lapping up all of her own sweetness that was left on Justine’s face. Quickly moving lower to kiss her long and hard, tangling her tongue with her lovers. She pulled away, “It’s my turn. I want to taste you,” Willow said as she began kissing along Justine’s jaw-line, slowly moving lower to her breasts. Willow smiled, still a little nervous, but she wanted, nay, needed, her first taste of a woman. She leaned down and slowly circled the areolas of Justine’s breasts. Then taking the nipples in her mouth and sucking hard. Justine’s hands came to rest on the back of Willow’s head, urging her along.

Willow wasn’t sure at first, but now she knew. This was wonderful. Justine felt so soft. It felt so natural to be making love to this woman. She gathered her courage, and continued on her journey, copying what Justine had done to her earlier. When she reached the juncture of her thighs, Willow inhaled the scent of Justine. The whole room smelt of sex. Slowly, cautiously, Willow lowered her head and took a little taste before stepping back to look at Justine’s face for approval.

Justine had been in heaven. Having Willow taste her entire body was killing her. She wanted Willow to go faster. Take what she knew she wanted. But it was her first time. She also wanted Willow to love everything about it. So that she would come back for more. It was at the first contact of Willow’s tongue on her slippery pussy, that sent shivers throughout Justine’s body as she arched up to Willow’s mouth, realizing it was no longer there. Justine looked up at her face, “Don’t stop, Willow. It feels wonderful. Sweetheart, you’re doing a great job. Make me come, darling. Make me come all over your face, the way you did mine.”

Willow’s eyes grew wide with fury, as her lips curled into a smile. She used both her hand to open Justine to her, “I want to taste you. I want to make you scream the way you made me scream.”

Justine’s head dropped to the desk with a thud, “Oh, God, please.” Willow settled herself comfortably on the chair and lowered her head. She licked the entire length of Justine’s snatch, “Oh, fuck,” Justine cried out as Willow began sucking in earnest. It was tangy, but the taste was amazing. It was a drug. She quickly learned what Justine had been doing and jabbed her tongue in and out of Justine’s snatch, making her grip Willow’s hair tightly, as she thrusted up to meet her tongue. “Fuck me, Willow. Fuck me,” Justine screamed.

Justine cum was already oozing out of her, and Willow tried her best at being able to drink it all. She allowed her tongue to move up to Justine’s clit and puched one finger inside of her. Justine pussy contracted with the finger inside of her. She moaned Willow’s name, as she still had her hands firmly on top of Willow’s head. As if Willow had some better place to be. But Willow was finally inside of her. She added a second finger, which only cause Justine to clamp down tighter on the fingers.

“I’m coming Willow. I’m coming,” Justine shouted, as Willow once again moved her moth to Justine’s opening. She used one finger to massage and manipulate her clit, and the other, that was covered in Justine’s juices, she reached up as Justine stuck it in her mouth, sucking it for all she was worth. “Fuck, yes Willow,” Justine screamed as she came. Her cum spilling into Willow’s waiting mouth.

As Justine’s breathing began to regulate again, Willow climbed on top of her. “Oh, no you don’t. were not done. My pussy is soaked, and yours is too,” Justine smiled as Willow began to slowly hump her, grinding their pussies into one another. Their legs tangled, and their tongues dueled, as they each raged closer to completion.

They bucked and grinded against each other, unaware that a couple stood at the back door of the classroom watching them. Angelus whispered into Buffy’s ear as he thrusted into her from behind. “See, Buff, looks like your innocent Willow isn’t so innocent after all. All it takes is a nice juicy pussy.” Buffy could only groan as she grinded herself onto Angelus’ shaft, as she kept her eyes forward on the mating couple in front of her.

She had heard the voices in the hall when she passed by, peaking in, she had seen Willow sprawled on the desk, with someone between her thighs. At first she thought it must be Oz, but when a head came into view, Buffy recognized Justine from the library. It made her instantly wet. And ten minutes later, when Angelus had come looking for her, he found his Slayer’s fingers deep inside her own snatch, masturbating to the scene in front of her. Without even letting her know he was there, he pushed her into the wall and thrust into her tight pussy.

“It’s so beautiful Angelus. Watching them.”

“I know it is darling. It’s about time everyone gave into their needs around here,” he said grunting as he continued his assault on her core, “now, as long as people keep fucking the people they want to fuck, we can all be happy.”

Buffy couldn’t hold back any longer as she watched Justine and Willow fuck each other into screaming orgasms, which caused Buffy to explode right along with them. And at the feeling of her contracting pussy, Angelus grunted and spilled his seed deep inside of her as well.

Both couples lay against each other exhausted; each knowing that who they were with at that moment, was exactly who they should always be with.

Fini….was it good for you???

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