tagNonHumanBeyond Redemption Ch. 01

Beyond Redemption Ch. 01


She sat in front of her computer listlessly and mulled things over in her mind.

She mentally went over the conversation in her own head, checking for loopholes and hints she might have accidently missed. Having finally come to a decision she opened her laptop and stared for a moment at the black screen then began typing as her white script appeared in the upper-left corner of the screen:

I will agree to your terms if you meet my demands. No compromise, No regrets.

After hitting the "enter" button, she wiped her sweaty brow with her wrist and her shaking slowly began to subside as a feeling of relief settled on her at the thought of the terms she had just agreed to.

She had lived far too long and it was becoming tiresome to live like this. She sighed as her vision blurred and the room was slowly sliding out of focus. She felt every second, every minute and every century of her life in her tired body keenly. Her old scars ached and her eyes rolled up into her head as she suffered another flashback. Her shaking got worse before subsiding again. And only after a searing hot pain flashed through her body, shooting along the scars on her back, was she jostled back to reality.

She came back to her senses in time to see the reply flash up on her screen, this time in blue script:

You've made a wise decision. You know what to do, do your part well and leave the rest to me. Although I do not approve of your decision this is the least I can do on her behalf.

She smiled shakily upon seeing the reply and nodded in a manner that seemed more like she was trying to convince herself that she was doing the right thing.

As if to reassure herself she quickly typed back:

You will allow me to keep my heritage?

The reply came almost too quickly as though her question was expected:

We hold fast to our contracts and we stand by what we agree upon, you will neither lose nor gain anything unless you agree to it.

This normally would have raised a red flag of alarm in her, but Ray was at her limit. She didn't have the strength left to continue and just hoped that like this she had at least managed to somehow secure what small measure of sanity she had left.

She staggered to her feet and grabbed on to the couch for support. She scanned the room. Her room. It had only been hers for a couple of months but it already felt like home. It was actually an apartment, but it was minuscule compared to what she was used to only a mere century ago. Still, it was snug and she liked it. She sighed in resignation and shuffled towards the balcony, one arm caressing her across the stomach and the other reaching out for supports on the way.

She lived on the seventh floor, which was quite a drop. It ought to do the job nicely, she thought.

And without the slightest hesitation, only a hint of sadness, Ray jumped up onto the balcony railing and let herself fall...

* ***********

He had been shouting and banging on the locker door for sometime now. He had no idea what time it was or how long he had been locked in the school locker. All he knew was that his legs were now numb from the crouching position the tight space had forced him into, and he now had a dull headache from having shouted for so long.

Finally, at long last, he heard a deep, gruff voice from behind the locker door

--"hello!?, is anyone there?"

Seth let out a muffled cry of relief from inside the locker after recognizing the voice of Ben the janitor.

-"Ben! It's me Seth!

Seth heard the tinkering sound of the keys Ben always carried and a few seconds later the locker door swung open. Seth squinted and blinked a few times to adjust to the hallway light. Ben looked at him sympathetically and after helping him out of the locker with a tug asked in a gruff voice. --" did they get to ye again lad?"

Seth sighed in resignation and nodded while averting his eyes in shame. Everyone knew he was being bullied, but unless he stepped up himself and complained about it, no one was about to help him. Although his being bullied was common knowledge, only Ben knew the full extent of it. He had many times before released Seth from the confines of lockers, gym rooms, showers and toilets.

Ben looked at him in a mixture of curiosity and pity

-"how long have ye been locked in there?"

Seth, still wallowing in shame, spoke to Ben's knees in what he hoped was an offhand manner --"a few hours, give or take."

Ben shook his head and clapped Seth on the shoulder sympathetically then said in a stern voice, -" why don't ye fight back lad!?, they're all but a buncha cowards the lot of'em."

They had been over it many times before, but this was the first time Ben had given him deliberate and direct advice. Not that those same guys hadn't tried to get a piece of Ben, with him being the janitor and all, he was a constant target of student pranks, and he dealt with them accordingly and effectively. Only Seth knew how kind Ben really was.

Seth looked at him as though he was about to say something then quickly changed his mind and shook his head quickly.

He nodded at Ben in thanks, picked up his bag and walked down the hall and around the corner towards the exit.

--" this is the last time I pull ye outta a stinkin locker lad!, next time ye fight or I'm leavin ye in till the morn'!" He heard Ben yell at his back. Seth just sighed and shook his head again and continued walking.

His school was located in the suburbs and he normally took the bus to school, as he lived in an apartment downtown, but as there were no more busses at this hour he was forced to walk home.

It was dark outside when he exited the schoolyard, the stars were already visible in the sky. He took a deep breath of fresh air which felt like heaven in comparison to being confined in a small locker with nothing but the smell of sweaty socks as company.

With a quick glance at his wrist-watch which read 09:13 P.M, he set off towards his apartment at a brisk pace.

Being seventeen, in high-school, and a stereotypical version of a geek was tough, he thought as he walked. He had walked home so many times at night before that he didn't even have to pay attention to where he was going, it had become muscle memory, which left his mind free to dwell on the events of the day and thoughts that generally circulated in his head ever so often.

He thought about how Sydney had laughed at him today while he was being shoved in the locker by Nathan, the posse leader. When his thought trail reached the part as to WHY they were bullying him, he couldn't think of any reason. Sure he liked comics and strategy games, he also loved to bake and cook. It was a hobby of his which he intended to craft into a profession later on in life. Yes, he wanted to be a chef, and as ridiculous as that seemed. He didn't feel that it justified being bullied. It was an enigma to him. He loved the way his mother had smiled when she tasted his cooking, and the way his father supported his ambition to become a chef enthusiastically even though he would rather Seth did something more "befitting of a man" after high-school. Seth was no one special in his own mind. Even his looks were average, he thought. He stood six feet tall and had broad shoulders. He considered himself physically fit in general since he was after all training martial arts, though he was only still a beginner. He had nice muscles, though still a little on the skinny side, but in comparison to Nathan, he looked rather scrawny.

Nathan was a football player and was rather beefy.

He felt a stinging sensation in his chest as his thoughts wondered to Sydney. She is the most popular girl in school, and the prettiest, AND she is dating Nathan.

He admitted to himself that he had a secret crush on her since the time he once found her crying in one of the bathrooms. Having left the door ajar, he heard her sobs while passing by. She had looked so pretty with her swollen eyes and tear-streaked face. She had hugged him that time and he was too shocked to say anything comforting and just held her to his chest as she cried. Then, without a word, after having cried herself to silence, she stood on tip-toe, her full lips barely brushing his for a moment before meeting his warm cinnamon-brown eyes with her own startlingly blue eyes, then she kissed him, crushing her own lips against his for a moment, before she had run out of the bathroom and disappeared without having had said a word.

He wondered if he had hallucinated the whole thing, since later that day his head was being shoved down a toilet by a laughing Nathan, accompanied by a laughing Sydney, who was twisting a lock of her chocolate-brown hair around her finger carelessly as she watched Seth being given a swirly.

He hated Nathan, that was for certain, but he couldn't bring himself to hate Sydney. He couldn't help but replay that kiss in his mind when he thought of her. He felt again how her soft lips pressed against his own. He cursed himself still for having been too shocked to say anything comforting to her.

And now he cursed silently as he noticed the bulge in his pants while walking. It wasn't good to think of Sydney in public. He made a mental note to himself to leave such things for fantasizing before bed.

He turned right and walked around the corner, having realized with a start that he was already in town.

He passed through an ally way and around another corner before walking down a deserted, dark street located behind a building that faced the main street with all the shops. Two more blocks and then he would be home. This street had no lamps and it always made the hairs on the back of his neck rise whenever he had to walk through it at night.

As he passed one of the customary tall apartment buildings in that area just a block away from his own building, A large object falls in front of him, so close that it nearly collides with him. He heard the swoosh! Sound in his ear as it nearly clipped him on the shoulder before hearing a sickening sort of splat as it collided with the sidewalk at his feet and he was suddenly drenched in warm liquid, thick with the smell of iron.

Startled, Seth stumbled on his own feet while trying to take a step back and instead fell on his arse. He held perfectly still, barely daring to breathe as he squinted in the darkness, straining to see what caused the impact.

At first, his heart fell as he thought someone had thrown a garbage bag out of their window as he happened to be passing by.

This day couldn't get any worse he thought as he got to his knees and inched closer for further inspection. His hands on the sidewalk barely a few centimeters away from the object in question, he was able to make out the silhouette of a humanoid form sprawled in front of him in the darkness of the street.

Oh GREAT! He thought, thinking it was probably one of those sex dolls that some angry fetishist had thrown out of their window in anger.

In his shaken and disheveled state, he failed to realize that a sex doll did not account for the pungent smell of iron that was now thick in the air and on his clothes.

He was tired, hungry, and now he was annoyed. But as the sound of a lone car coming down the street alerted Seth to his own surroundings, it also flooded the pavement with light from its headlights, illuminating what was barely an inch away from Seth's hands.

Seth looked at the scene before him and scuttled backwards stumbling clumsily on his own hands and feet, shock and horror splayed across his fair features.

Her body lay face down, but her face was turned towards him, or what was left of it.

The part of her face that had collided with the ground had spattered across the pavement.

She was drenched in blood. The entire pavement surrounding him was spattered in crimson. He looked down at his hands and realized with horror that he was spattered with blood too. It dripped down from his soaked dark-blonde hair onto his chest.

He took a deep breath swallowing the bile that was rising in his throat and took a moment to look at the girl, before the car passed them by, oblivious, and plunging him into darkness again. The image was burned into his eyes however and much too late, his adrenaline finally kicked in. he quickly grabbed his bag and rushed towards his own building. Half way there, he slowed down to a stop and after a few gulps of air to prevent himself from vomiting, he realized that he saw her finger twitch in that brief moment of light. He had assumed she had died on impact, but he vividly recollected her eye (the one that hadn't been crushed) it was of purest amber in color and stared directly at him. Her pupil had contracted in reaction to the light. He couldn't make out much more, as everything was covered in blood.


She might have still been alive then!

He reached for his cell phone and dialed 911, but before making the call, he thought he should go back and check in order to decide which to call, an ambulance or the police.

He sprinted back to the pavement and tried to illuminate the area with the flash of the camera on is cell phone, but to his utter astonishment, there was no body. The only evidence of anything having happened was the large puddle of blood on the ground and the red droplets that were oozing down the building wall.

Seems he was seeing things often these days, he thought. First Sydney's kiss, and now this. He shook his head in disbelief and turned to walk home.

He walked up three flights of stairs before stopping at the fourth landing and took out his keys to unlock his door.

No one was home to welcome him. He lived alone.

His parents lived in a near by small town that had no high school which forced him to relocate on his own to study. He still visited them as often as he could, and they were always generous and gave him money to make up for the bus tickets he had to buy.

They also paid him to come and cook for them, his father often said jokingly.

He smiled to himself at the thought of his parents and the realization of how lucky he felt that they were of the kind and understanding type.

He was exhausted after the events of today, and without even undressing, he just took off his shoes and left his backpack near the door, then, after making sure the door was locked, he made his way through the living room and into the bathroom.

He turned on the water and stepped underneath the hot jets, fully clothed. He panicked for a split second at the crimson water that was running down his grey jeans and down the drain before recalling that he was covered in blood. After a few seconds of relaxation, he started to remove his clothing and wringing the blood out of them before tossing them in the hamper. Standing alone in a steaming hot shower made thoughts of Sydney come to mind unbidden. This time, however, he welcomed them. He felt himself grow hard as he replayed the kiss in mind. He let his imagination go further and he was now kissing her back, his hands sliding down her back to squeeze her small ass as she moaned into his mouth. Seth gripped his penis and began with slow motions as his imagination ran rampant. She was now pulling his shirt off and they broke the kiss for a few seconds as his shirt came over his head, then their lips met again passionately. He began unbuttoning her shirt until it was unbuttoned half way down before sliding his hand inside her laced bra to fondle her full breasts. Seth was now stroking his shaft in fast motion, his cock was erect and extremely rigid. He could feel his pulse from the large vein that ran along his shaft. After fondling her, he slid the shirt off her shoulders and let hang around her waist, then sinking his fingers into the softness of her ass cheeks, he carried her over to the sink, her legs wrapping around his waist. She leaned back against the mirror over the sink and groaned loudly as he lowered his head to her right breast and began sucking it very hard. He imagined she would like a little rough treatment. He then did the same to the other nipple, while pinching the previous one and twisting it between his thumb and index finger. He was close to coming now, as he stood in the shower, his cock which was considerable in its erect state had swelled a little more as he was getting closer and closer to his anticipated orgasm. He bit down on her nipple and she screamed, tangling her fingers in his dark-blonde locks and yanking. Her nipple bled a bit and he lapped at it soothingly with his tongue, drawing a soft moan from her. Then she nuzzled up against his ear and whispered a request to let her suck his cock. He groaned in the shower, his eyes shut tightly. Fully absorbed in his fantasy. She slid off the sink and got to her knees in front of him, unzipping his jeans and pulling them down as though she wanted nothing more than to taste him. She moaned longingly as she noticed the large bulge in his boxers and quickly pulled them down. Just as his large erection was freed from the confines of his boxers, she clamped her moist, warm lips around the head and ran her tongue over the tip, tasting the pre cum. She ran her tongue along the shaft, lubricating it, then she began sucking it, taking it very deep, sucking him all the way down to the base of his cock. She started to increase the pace until he felt like he could no longer hold back. He gripped her hair and began fucking her mouth until he felt his cock swell and explode as he came deep into her throat.

Seth awoke from his fantasy to find that he came all over the shower wall. He felt light-headed and dizzy. That was the first time he fantasized about anyone like that. He almost felt guilty. After regaining his senses, he washed up and shampooed his hair, scrubbed his body then turned off the hot water, letting only the cold water run. It felt spectacular and refreshing against his steaming skin. After a few seconds, he turned the shower off and walked out after grabbing a towel. He turned on the TV and flipped through a few channels before deciding that he was too tired to watch anything. He turned the TV off and headed to bed.

He fell asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

He was laying in his bed naked and Sydney was riding him, her full breasts bounced and she was moaning loudly as she screamed his name. He reached up with one hand to fondle her breasts, while sliding the other one in between where their bodies met to rub her clitoris. She looked amazing with her chocolate brown locks bouncing around her shoulders. Her blue eyes were sparkling and her pale skin was glistening with sweat.

-"yes yes fuck me harder Seth!" she screamed.

She bent forwards and Seth roughly grabbed her ass with both hands and began ramming into her from underneath. He switched grips to her hips in order to press her down, sinking his large cock further inside her. He felt her vaginal walls convulse around him and he knew she had climaxed. He sat up, forcing her back and down unto the bed, then with an animalistic snarl he lifted her legs up on his shoulders and sank his face in her cunt, biting and sucking her clit roughly as she thrashed around on the bed. He licked up all her juices then shoved two fingers into her soaking cunt. He felt her convulse again before he started to fuck her with his fingers as fast as he could, then adding a third finger. She came yet again, screaming his name. She lay there panting for a second before gently pushing him back down unto his back again, then she positioned herself to ride him, this time facing away from him. She grabbed his swollen cock and positioned it right at the entrance of her anus, then started to slowly lower herself onto his head. He couldn't hold back. The tightness of her asshole was causing him to feel agony because of how slow he was entering her. He quickly sat up, wrapped a strong arm around her waist and forced her down on his rigid shaft, impaling her. He was buried to the hilt in her amazingly tight ass. She screamed as delicious pain and pleasure ripped through her and climaxed as he buried himself deep in her arse. Then she started to ride him, bouncing up and down as he watched with fascination as his hard cock slid in and out of her asshole.

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