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I know, been a while but I finally wrote something. I would as ALWAYS thank the very patient and amazing jacuzzigal for her help and also would like to thank the two cranky assholes that pushed me to start writing again. I would also like to thank my LOVELY wife for all her love and support.

As a warning, there is no explicit sex in this story.

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I guess in most stories, you start at the beginning. But here, I think everything can be explained better by starting at the end.

So here I am, at the Waffle Shop at 3:30 am; halfway though my eggs. The girls from the Triple XXXposure were bitching about their boss again two tables behind me, three sorority kids were trying to cram for a test for tomorrow in front of me, and Gurdy the Waitress has just refilled my Mellow Yellow.

Then a shadow fell over me.

"Well Max," my voice dripped with sarcasm, "I was wondering when you'd show."

Max was Maxwell Carns, my soon to be ex-father-in-law.

"Uh...Chris, I am...can we talk?"

Damn, I had known this man for over three years now and he was not only being NICE to me for the first time but also this was the first time I had ever seen him anything but super confident and in control.

I had to hear this. "Sit down Max, you're scaring the kids."

And he was. The sorority gals kept looking up from behind their books with fearful bloodshot eyes. See, Max was a powerful man, in body and ability. Max owns the largest warehouse in the area and the only real trucking business within one hundred miles. When the local economy went belly up about fifteen years ago, Max stayed and many people owe their livelihoods, their houses--heck their lives--to him.

Take the fact that he's six foot six inches plus he still looks like he works in the 'big house' and you've got a man people didn't mess with. Max took the seat across from me in the booth. Man, he looked like crap. Unshaven, circles around his eyes. No sleep at the Carns' house? Ah poor babies.

"Chris, I know you are hurt but can't you and Kelly get past this little incident and --"

"LITTLE INCIDENT?" I had to stop myself, my heart felt like it was about to come out of my chest and beat my arms in a race to strangle this man sitting in front of me. I took a few seconds to calm down, reminding myself that I didn't want to fight him. I wanted to win.

As I calmed, I noticed that everyone seemed to be trying their best to ignore us. But heck, I knew they wanted to listen in, they wanted the dirt...well; why not give it to them?

"Ok Max what part of this 'incident' do you want me to get past?" I asked. I didn't raise my voice, but I also didn't try to whisper.

"It was just a one time--"

"Wrong, this has been going on for years, Max, and you know it."

"She had never done this before, she had never chea--"

"Oh come on Max, she's been fucking me around for years. Want to hear? Ok!"

I pushed my quickly cooling eggs to the side and picked up a biscuit.

"When I first met her and tried to get her number, she flaunted every guy that wanted to fuck her and WAS fucking her. Why Max? Why would she do that?"

"She was trying to run you off Chris, but you won her over and --"

"Nope!" I stated, interrupting him as I put the apple butter on. "She was trying to see if I was willing to fight over her, and like an idiot I did. I gave her the attention she demanded."

I took a bite of the biscuit and continued.

"And then she took me home to meet papa, and you hated me. Hated my politics, hated my career, hated my style, everything. At first I thought that it was just papa bear growling. But no, you don't like me. I'm not good enough for your precious little girl."

Took another bite, the apple butter was good. Max's jaw worked up and down but the words couldn't escape his mouth. We both knew I was right and he couldn't argue it.

"But I can live with that. I am supposed to prove to you that I'm a good guy. But I couldn't. 'Don't argue with daddy, just take what he says and don't say or do anything.' Oh, we had some royal battles over that. And after that time when I didn't just sit by and let you insult me? When I humiliated you in front of all your friends by standing there arguing you on everything under the sun and winning? Well she told me that I couldn't go back to your house. Heck I didn't care, but we stayed together. Wonder what she was trying to do...see how subservient I was?"

A long drink gave me a chance to check out Max closely. This was not how he was expecting this to go. He wanted me to be hurt and tore up. Then he could approach me begging and crying and in his humility save my marriage... yeah, like that was happening.

"Do you know what happened THEN? She started hanging around old boyfriends, telling me they were just friends." I held up my hand to stop Max from launching in and defending her. "I know she never cheated then. Trust me after I beat the hell out of poor little Thomas for grabbing her ass in that bar, they ALL came to me and told me that nothing happened. She was just...what this is all about...testing me again.

"She wanted to know if I was jealous and if I cared. Would I react to her seeing her old lovers, the guys she fucked in her bed at her house? Well yeah we broke up after that. Best three months of my life I'll tell ya."

I finished off the biscuit and dusted off my hands. Max was quiet. I didn't know if it was the realization that she wasn't as innocent as he thought. Then on the other hand, maybe he knew and it was my attitude. But hey, either way it worked, he wasn't talking.

"Well my dumb ass let her beg her way back in. That was about the time she stopped going back home so often. She was doing that to be with me more and everything was good, really good. Then I fucked it up by proposing.

"I don't know why I did it; I won that damn ring in a contest at the jewelers, didn't mean that much to me. But I did and that's when the strange shit started.

"All these really hot chicks started coming out of the wood work. They'd meet me at work, at the gym, while shopping, everywhere. Well a lot of good-looking girls are ok, but it's NOT ok when they all started hitting on me. Asking me to dinner, out right telling me they'd like to fuck me. Heck even Lee Ann at work started. She even locked us in a storeroom one day and opened up her dress. She said she was nude. Man I fought every instinct God gave me to keep from looking at her. Told every one of them about me being engaged and everything, nothing seemed to work.

"How fucking surprised was I at the rehearsal party to see these gals again. Some of her sorority girlfriends and the rest were either relatives or friends from high school.

"Oh Lee Ann said she was sorry but they just HAD to make sure I wasn't an asshole that would cheat on poor little Kelly. Well guessed I passed, didn't I?

"Then the day of the wedding, I got another test when you whipped out that prenup. If I cheat I get nothing. Notice that if she cheated nothing was said. I asked that if she did, could I be free and clear. Guess that was foreshadowing, huh Max? Oh you had your lawyer write it up. Your gal cheats and I get $12,000 in my bank account, keep my clothes, my car, and the little house I got from my grandparents. Woo freaken hoo."

I leaned in to Max, "But I signed it. Got ya there, Max, I could tell.

"And then what the hell happened last Saturday? First I get called in to work eight fucken hours because someone decided that they would rather go to the damn amusement park than go to work. Made my day hell, but it was only the beginning. Huh Max?

"So I come home after work. Can't park my car in the driveway; have to park in the street. Why? Some one else has their car in my space.

"Did I think much of it? Well yes but not like that. Thought one of the damned neighbors had parked there and Kelly never told them to move.

"So I go into my house and look around. Kelly's car was in the driveway, where was she?

"'Kelly,' I yelled out.

"'Up here in the bedroom,' was my return.

"So like a lamb I went up there to ask about the car, but I was not expecting what I saw when I entered the room: Kelly and this guy in bed together, in our bed, in MY bed. They are spooning and he's got his cock in her, his hand caressing her breast as he slowly pumps.

"I was stunned for a sec then screamed, 'WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?'

"Stupid right? I mean 'Duh' my wife was cheating on me. But right then I wasn't thinking straight.

"'Oh honey I love you but I have to have more than you give me. Don't worry; I will still sleep with you. This is just sex, nothing to do with you.' She...she...fuck, she just did."

"So this fucker is well...fuckin my wife and she's beginning to moan there and all as my blood boils."

"Then she has to step it up a notch. 'Hon, can you get us something to drink, please?'

"That snapped me out of my state I'll tell you. 'You want me to get a drink for the two of you?'

"She was nice to the cuckold, placing their order smiling, 'Yes and make it something from your stash of beers, the good stuff.'

"'Hell no bitch! If you want them, you can have them,' I spat. 'But you have to get them yourself.'

"She groaned, 'Now don't talk tha--'

"'Shut the fuck up! You want more, you can have it, but you don't get it with me. NO CHEATING, that was what we said before marriage.'

"Little fucker had slowed down. 'Oh come on man don't rock the boat. You'll get her 4 four or 5 five nights a week. And hey, you get to live in this big ass house so just get the-'

"'Talk to me again and you'll spend the rest of your days eating your food through a straw.' I have never actually seen a man deflate before. Not only his little ass cock but as a man. Thought he was going to piss on the bed.

"'Fuck you bitch; keep the damn house. I am out of here,' I yelled as I left. And who the hell do I run into? Mike, your damned son. What kind of perverted family do you have, huh? Sis is bangin an ass in my marital bed and bubba is wandering the house?"

"Bubba's rendition of helping: 'Slow down Chris, this isn't what you--'

"'Fuck you, Mike. What the hell? No, forget it, I am out of here. Get out of my way.' I tried to brush past him but the dumb ass grabbed my arm.

"Now you know I don't like Mike. We aint gotten along since that thing with Stacy. So when he grabbed me, with how wired I was, well you know... is he feeling better now? One punch...that's all it took. I swear I was going to try and break his jaw, but I hit him in the neck. Man if you ever get hit in the throat you are out of the fight, and he was. After he went down I headed to my back room and got my backpack for camping--...I was going to need that gear--...and headed out the door."

"Mike's ah doing better Chris, he ah... well the doctors say that -"

"Great! Actually, who cares?" I played with a piece of toast before continuing "Now where was I? Oh yeah.

"Kelly came running out of the house as I drove off, her little bathrobe flapping and screaming up a storm, but hey, she made her bed."

"Where to stay? Well that was easy. I still had the old house and had just finished remodeling it with a few friends... hadn't put it up for rent yet so I have the perfect place to stay."

"Sunday I drove back to the house to get my stuff. Low and behold it was empty. Church perhaps, I don't know. So I grabbed my clothes and anything else I would need and took off. Dropped the stuff off at the house and went to the Salvation Army to get a bed...that floor was too hard." I could hear a riff of laughter around me as I took a drink of Dew.

"And who was waiting on me when I got back? Your little darling.

"Well the bed could stay in the truck for all I cared at that point. Parked the truck and headed to the door to get inside."

"'Chris! Chris!' she yelled. Man she ran as fast as she could from her car to me. "'Stop! Please, we have to talk. I have to explain!'

"Well that's all I heard because at that time I had made it into the house."

"She pounded on the door and pounded, rang the doorbell and everything. But I wasn't going to talk to the bitch. What was there to explain? She was fucking another guy in my bed. End of story."

"So what did I do? Open the door and yell at her? Nope. Maybe call the police? Nope. Sneak out the back door? Nope. I put on headphones and started reading a magazine.

"Eventually the cops came and told her to leave. It took a bit for them to get me to open the door but after I noticed the lights I had to. Nothing much there, MY house in MY name, I can be there if I want. So they sent her away. Anyone else and she'd have been in jail but she's your little baby girl."

Max nervously thanked Gurdy as she put a cup of coffee in front of him. This was not how he was used to things. Usually HE was in control. He ran that show. But this time, I was the lead and I was not letting go of the reigns.

"Well Monday I got my twelve grand out of the bank account bright and early then took me off of the accounts. It wasn't my money any more right?"

"I also canceled all our joint credit cards--...not that I ever used them--...and cleaned things up.

"I also went to S&K and got an interview. They've been looking to expand and had tried to get me to come in for a while, but I didn't because Kelly thought it was too much of a risk. Hell I came in and they gave me an offer, nice one too. I took it.

"Then I went to work, walked into the boss's office, 'Tom, I hate to say this but I am quitting.'

"'Why? I thought you liked it here,' the man was honestly concerned.

"'Actually I hate it. You're a good boss, man, but I didn't go to school to be a clerk. Look, I hate to be leaving you in a pinch but I just caught my wife fucking another man and I have to get out.'

"'Damn, not Kelly? Well I hate to let you go. . . unless I can talk you out of it?' he hinted.

"I could see the ol' man gearing up but I couldn't lead him on.

"'Sorry Tom, no can do. Thanks for everything.'

"So I left the office, but I could see his shrew of a secretary tying to act all innocent on the phone...you know the witch was telling someone what she 'accidentally overheard.'

"Then I went to Mrs. Hynes. Nice shark huh? Yeah I know she has an assistant helping me on the divorce but man who would have expected Kelly to get served with papers at work Tuesday?

"Well she tried getting me to talk to her all day yesterday after papers were served, and all day today, but I'm very good a being gone. Guess you've had your guys looking out for me and saw my car in the lot huh? Thought you'd fix it between Kelly and me?

"So Max, what was the little incident? Her fucking another man in our marriage bed?

"Let's look at it, Max. Why did she cheat?

"Ok choice one, I suck in bed. Well she liked it when we were dating, and even told me that we had to slow down because I wanted it more than she did. Higher sex drive. Oh did I want to bang all the time? Heck no, half the fun in is the chase... to get HER to want you so much that SHE attacks you. But Kelly never liked the little notes, the calls at work, the dinners, the little presents... waste of time and money. So that's out.

"Oh I know she was getting me back for cheating on her...No wait I never did. I wasn't having an affair while dating her or married to her. Hmm can't be that.

"Oh she heard about the bachelor party and wanted to get me back for... no wait I spent that night looking for Stacy with Mike after their latest row.

"Now why would she cheat? And like she did? I was trying to give her everything in her emotional and physical needs.... Hmm.

"What if it was another test? See if I was in love with her or if I just wanted the money 'she' had. You know the money that YOU earned. The money that you spend to keep her 'Edible Flowers' store open?

"Oh I like this...what if she wanted me to find them and get mad and beat the guy up or rush off? Well that explains Mike; he's there to keep me from killing the guy or to keep me from running off so she can tell me she is SO happy with me. That she now knows that I really love her because if I was there for the cash, then I would be ok with her fucking around.

"But I just left; I didn't play that game, Max.

"I tried for years to put up with your entire damned family and their 'tests.' But what did I get? Trust, love, respect? No, I get to come home to her fucking another man so I can once again prove myself."

Max finally regained his senses, "Isn't there anything or anyway to salvage your marriage? I know Kelly truly loves you." He pleaded.

"Does she Max? I get tired man, I really do." I could hear someone open the door to the Waffle house. "I don't know what you did, Max, to raise your girl that way, but I can't live with it anymore. And she'll never change. She needs someone who can constantly show her his need for her. I just don't have that anymore. She's tested me for the last time. I loved her, Max, but she killed it. Hope all of you are happy now."

I stood up. Max never moved. As I put on my jacket I saw Kelly standing at the counter, she'd heard my last remark; she must have been the last one to come in. She stood there as our eyes met. I could see the tears in her eyes, the shake in her chin, but...I felt nothing.

I took out a twenty, laid it on the table and headed out into the night.

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No ending.

Finish the darn story. Not bad till here.

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She's a Bitch

The story is great, but, to me, the ending wasn't quite right.
Personally, it wasn't a Strong enough ending. An extra paragraph or two describing what happened After he walked out the door. Things likemore...

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after life is never EZ. TK U MLJ LV NV

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Test could not be won

There was no passing the test and staying married. Stay married - fail test - Cuck, get a divorce - pass test - but your divorced. Chris passed the test.

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somenone said betrayed is not a closet-cuck because

he spends all his time reading cuckold stories - but actually that is exactly what makes the friendless virgin a complete closet-cuckie!

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