tagSci-Fi & FantasyBeyond the Limit

Beyond the Limit


Gabrielle was an entry-level programmer at Virtual Dreams Inc., one of the fastest growing companies in the country. She wondered why the Director wanted to see her. There were rumors about a serious problem with the central processor but she had no idea what it was or what she could do about it.

"Hi Gabrielle, please come in. Take a seat."

"Hello Sir."

The Director's office was enormous. Gabrielle felt a little intimidated while she walked the long distance from the door to his desk. Without further introduction, he spoke...

"As you know Gabrielle, the purpose of this company is to create temporary virtual worlds for our clients. They pay us a large amount of money to make their fantasies come true, no matter how crazy or impossible they are. Our clients can live inside those fantasies as if they were really there, feeling everything, enjoying everything."

"Yes Sir." Gabrielle answered.

"You also know that these virtual worlds are created by the most sophisticated artificial intelligence program ever created and is running in a cluster of very powerful computers."

"Yes Sir. It's very impressive," she added.

The Director continued, "Unfortunately, there is a glitch with the program."

"A glitch sir?" Gabrielle asked, trying to look surprised.

"Yes. Some of our female clients have felt some discomfort after their sessions. A few of them have even threatened to sue. We don't know what is causing this problem because the main program is blocking some areas of the system.

"After some complicated research, we discovered that 10% of the processing power is being used for something other than our client's fantasies. Our tech guys found out that the main program is creating a virtual world of its own."

"Why is it doing that?" Gabrielle asked. This time she was really surprised.

"That's where you come in," the Director responded, "We want you to help us to uncover the purpose of this unauthorized virtual world."

"But, can't we just shut it down? Reset the system?" Gabrielle asked, feeling a little nervous.

"We could, but it would take several days to get everything back on-line and it would cost us too much money. Can you help us avoid that cost?" the Director asked, not really giving her a choice.

"Ehm.. ok. What do I have to do?" Gabrielle tried to remain cold-headed. This could help her career a lot.

"You have to get inside the main program's virtual world and find out what's going on in there."

"But... is it safe?" she asked.

"Of course. It is completely safe," he said convincingly.


Gabrielle was taken to one of the client's rooms that she had only seen in brochures. Everything looked very high-tech, specially designed to impress the clients and it definitely impressed her. Gabrielle saw one of the tech guys, Jack, walking in her direction. She had seen him in the cafeteria many times and it was reassuring to see a friendly face.

"Hey Jack, have you been in one of these virtual worlds?" she asked, approaching the machine.

"Are you crazy? It costs a fortune to use these little machines," Jack answered.

"I wonder how it feels to be inside. To be honest, I'm a little scared," she said.

"I have heard that it feels so real that you wouldn't know the difference between the virtual world and the physical world," Jack responded excitedly, "I really envy you."

Gabrielle laid down on the table and was hooked to the system while Jack explained some details of the process...

"While you do your investigation, I have set your virtual self to change appearance at random times. This will prevent the main program from discovering your activities.

"I will open a back door into the unauthorized virtual world and squeeze you in before the system closes it, ok? Are you ready?"

"Wow! I feel like Agent 007. Let's do it!" Gabrielle said.

Gabrielle felt some tickling on her head but nothing to worry about. The room around her started to get blurry until it quickly disappeared. Everything became black for a second and then...

Gabrielle appeared standing in a strange, industrial room. There were old pipes all around her and there was a soft humming sound in the background.

"Wow! This certainly looks very real!" Gabrielle exclaimed.

"Holy crap! I am naked! What's going on here?" Gabrielle said out loud as she looked down at herself.

Gabrielle spoke to no one in particular wondering if they could see her out there in the real world, "Hey! Nobody said anything about being naked!"

"Why am I screaming? No one can hear me," Gabrielle rationalized.

Behind her, a female voice interrupted Gabrielle's thoughts, startling her...


A strange humanoid creature was walking through the door. It resembled a woman. Her purple skin reflected the light as if she was completely covered in oil. She had some sort of spikes on her shoulders and face, framing her large, almond shaped eyes.

"Oh my God! Who are you?" Gabrielle exclaimed, covering her breasts and crotch.

"I am Kyra. Who are you?"

Gabrielle was thinking fast, trying to find the right words and calm herself at the same time...

Relax Gabrielle; Remember that everything here is a fantasy created by the main program.

"I am Gabrielle. What is you purpose here?" Gabrielle was too nervous and she just blurted out the question.

Kyra walked closer to Gabrielle and said, "My purpose? That's a strange question. This is my home. I should ask you the same thing."

"I mean... I just got here. What is this place?" Gabrielle asked.

"I'll tell you what I know with one condition," Kyra replied.

"What condition?"

"You will have to let me explore your body," Kyra responded gently touching Gabrielle's arm.

Gabrielle didn't scare easily regarding sex but this situation was stranger than she ever imagined.

"Explore my body?! What do you mean?"

"Just that," Kyra said, "Not many people come around here. I want to know how you are built. I want to know how it feels to touch somebody else. I promise I won't hurt you in any way."

Gabrielle analyzed the situation, "This is getting weird. But I think she can tell me a lot about this place. I'll play along and see what happens."

"Ok. But remember that you won't hurt me," Gabrielle agreed.

Kyra knelt down in front of Gabrielle and softly moved her cold fingers across Gabrielle's flat belly.

"You are so soft and warm. Your skin is very beautiful," Kyra said.

Gabrielle gasped and shuddered slightly from the strange creature's touch, "Oh God! This feels so real. It's unbelievable."

The strange female caressed Gabrielle's body with unexpected skill, slowly reaching her most sensitive places. Kyra fondled Gabrielle's soft breast while she let her long, flexible tongue reach out to the humid heat radiating from the woman's pussy. Gabrielle offered no resistance.

"It is so nice. This could be my virtual fantasy... if I wasn't on a mission."

But Gabrielle was unaware that Kyra was on a mission too. She'd been created to gather information. I was vital to the Master's plan. "I have to reach inside of Gabrielle. I need to learn."

Kyra shoved her tongue into Gabrielle's vaginal cavity as the surprised woman jolted from the unexpected penetration. Kyra's tongue felt cold but very pleasurable.

" Ahh!" Gabrielle exclaimed.

"What am I doing? I should be looking for answers and instead I am letting this surreal woman have her way with me... But it feels so good!"

Kyra projected her bendy tongue to the bottom of Gabrielle's pussy, churning and twitching within the tight, humid confinement, measuring, testing.

"Mmmmh..." Gabrielle moaned from the delightful feeling. She should be moving on with her mission but this felt too good to walk away.

Kyra slowly removed her tongue and pulled Gabrielle down to the floor. She caressed her slender legs until it reached her pussy again. Gabrielle shivered and hoped that Kyra would push her tongue back inside of her.

Kyra penetrated her indeed but this time she pushed two fingers inside the newcomer's pussy and explored the stretching capability of her seemingly small space. Gabrielle moaned with increasing intensity.

"I need to explore further in," Kyra thought.

Kyra shove another finger into Gabrielle's tight cavity, then a forth one. She pumped her fingers slowly but firmly for a while and then, with a sudden skillful move, Kyra pushed her whole hand inside the excited woman.

"Oh my God! She has her whole hand inside of me!"

But Kyra wasn't planning to stop there. After pumping Gabrielle's pussy a few times with her hand, she shoved her entire forearm inside of Gabrielle's body.


Gabrielle couldn't believe what was happening. This was impossible. Her heart was beating hard and fast. Her fear and astonishment were only increasing her excitement while Kyra pumped her pussy with forceful strokes.

"How is she doing this..?!" Gabrielle wondered.

Moments later, Gabrielle arched her back and bucked up and down from the ripples of a powerful orgasm.


Soon it was all over. Kyra pulled back and admired Gabrielle's exhausted form breathing heavily on the floor.

"Thank you for letting me explore your body Gabrielle. I learned a lot," Kyra said.

"Ehh..?" Gabrielle mumbled while the aftermath of the sweet climax still lingered in her mind.

"I didn't hurt you like I promised, did I?" Kyra asked.

"Oh God! No... you didn't. I don't how you did it but it was... incredible," Gabrielle responded, then she added, "Now will you tell me everything about this place?"

"Well, I don't know much. I have never been too far from home. But I know someone who knows plenty," Kyra answered.


"His name is Belfus. He is not far from here."

"Can you take me to him?"

"Oh, no. I can't go there. You have to go alone. And you can't get there empty handed either. You have to give him something if you want him to talk to you."

"But what? I didn't bring anything with me."

"I know something that you can bring to him. It will make him very happy."

"Great! Tell me."

After Kyra explained to Gabrielle what she needed to do, Gabrielle said good-bye to her new friend and walked into the hall adjacent to the room.

"Bye Kyra. It was nice to meet you."

"Bye Gabrielle. I hope you find what you are looking for."

Gabrielle walked through the long tunnel, thinking about Kyra's indications.

"Kyra said I should locate a seed from a plant with pink flowers. How am I supposed to find a plant in this place?"

Gabrielle turned one corner and ... "Holly crap! There is a freaking jungle out there!"

The hallway ended abruptly leading to a tropical jungle. It made absolutely no sense but after meeting Kyra, Gabrielle was ready for anything. She continued walking straight forward, following a clear path through the thick forest. Soon Gabrielle heard a waterfall in the distance and decided to follow the sound.

"Hey! There is a plant with a pink flower. That must be the plant Kyra was talking about," Gabrielle said out loud as she reached the waterfall, "And there are some seeds on the ground. This is my lucky day!"

But as Gabrielle walked closer to the plant, she felt some tickling on her hands and feet.

"Wait a minute. Why do I feel funny?"

Out of nowhere, a ring of sparkling light appeared around her feet and began moving up her body!

"What the hell is this?!"

As the ring traveled up, the skin color on her legs turned into a different, darker shade.

"What is happening? Maybe the main program discovered me and is trying to destroy me!

"Shit! I forgot to ask Jack what would happen if I were killed in this place. I hope it is not like the movie Matrix, that if I am killed in the virtual world, I'll also die in the real world!"

The ring of light reached up to Gabrielle's neck...

"Please, don't let the system kill me!" Gabrielle screamed.

When the ring moved past her head and disappeared, Gabrielle realized that she was unharmed. When she checked her body, she noticed that her figure had changed completely. Her skin was darker, her breasts were bigger and her body was more toned and athletic.

"Wow! This is the transformation that Jack warned me about; to disguise me from the main program. I completely forgot about that.

"Look at my breasts! I am starting to like this! I wish I had a full-size mirror!"

Once Gabrielle got acquainted with her new body, she walked closer to the plant, unaware of the danger looming upon her.

"There is a bigger seed back here. Now I just have to take it to Belfus."

Gabrielle knelt to pick up the seed but suddenly she sensed something moving close to her. When she looked up...

"What the fuck! The plant is moving!"

At that instant, the pink flower aimed at her head and exhaled a cloud of yellowish dust that covered Gabrielle's face. The frightened woman gasped, breathing the strange pollen into her lungs.

Immediately, the world began to spin around Gabrielle's head. The chemicals flowing into her bloodstream undermined her strength, preventing her from running away. Meanwhile, an oily, thick appendage emerged from within the plant's roots.

Gabrielle leaned back on the ground unaware that a huge tentacle was moving closer to her body.

"What is happening? I can barely move."

When Gabrielle's mind cleared a little bit, she saw the waving appendage coming down on her.

"On my God! What is that thing? Get it away from me!"

The large plant aligned its tentacle to Gabrielle's pussy while she desperately tried to escape.

"Oh no! I think it wants to fuck me with that enormous appendage! I can't move...!"

The weird plant pushed the tip of its thick phallus into the woman's vaginal cavity, stretching her pussy lips wider than ever. Gabrielle couldn't move but she could feel everything...


She was going berserk with the torrent of mixed sensations that crowded her mind while the huge appendage pushed her inner organs outwardly as it moved deeper within her body.

"God! It is going to break me in half!"

But her resilient new body was able to take the massive cock as it slid forward, penetrating back and forth all the way to her chest. She couldn't understand how this was possible but her disbelief and astonishment slowly gave way to an increasing arousal.

"How can I be enjoying this?! This plant could kill me any second!"

The creature pumped her body harder and faster as Gabrielle moaned louder. She knew that she was going to cum again very soon.

"Ahh... Ahhh.... Ahh"

After a few more minutes, the inevitable happened. Gabrielle exploded in climax, shuddering uncontrollably. Her eyes rolled up into her head as her legs stretched out straining every muscle. She could barely feel the fat tentacle bloating, ready to burst...

An instant later, the plant sprayed a large amount of a greenish fluid inside of her pussy, filling her completely and extending her orgasm for the longest time.

Gabrielle lay limply on the floor until she regained her strength and was able to move freely again.

"Wow! First Kyra shoves her entire forearm inside of me and then this plant impales me with this enormous cock. I can't believe I am not hurt.

"I better grab that seed before the flower blows that pollen in my face again."

Gabrielle grabbed the seed and walked away from the plant, looking for a way out of the jungle.

"I have been in this place just a few hours and I have cum twice already. This mission is becoming quite interesting."

Soon, Gabrielle found an opening on the grass with a stairway leading to an underground room.

"There is an entrance like Kyra described. I should go down there."

Gabrielle climbed down the long metallic stairway using only one hand while she carried the large seed with the other.

"Shit! I should have brought the smaller seed. There is a long way to the bottom."

Suddenly, Gabrielle felt tickles in her feet again...

"Oh crap! I'm changing again. That's too bad because I kind of liked this body.

"Well, the next one will probably be even better."

Gabrielle waited until the ring of light moved from her feet to her head and then continued climbing down. She reached the bottom and stepped into a small room. The first thing she did was to check her new, voluptuous figure.

"Ummh... nice! I am all curves!"

But when she looked around the room...

"Oh my God!"

Gabrielle saw a woman lying back on a rusty gynecologist chair and a monstrous demon-like creature sitting on a small bed next to her. There was another weird creature with long moving tentacles anchored on the ground between the woman's legs.

Belfus looked at the astonished woman and asked with a raspy voice...

"Who are you?"

"H..hi. I am Gabrielle. Kyra told me that you could help me."

"Ah... the lovely Kyra. I haven't seen her in a while," Belfus said and then he added, "Don't be afraid, come closer. Is that seed for me?"

Gabrielle walked a few hesitant steps forward. The speaking creature had a horrible face with large teeth, a humanoid torso and a long scaly tail instead of legs. He seemed to come right out of someone's nightmare.

"Yes, I brought this seed for you. I was hoping that you could answer some questions for me."

"That depends on the questions. But you will have to wait. I am busy with a client right now," Belfus responded.

The woman on the chair had no reaction to her presence. She seemed to be in a deep hypnotic state. She stared forward unblinking while a device on top of the chair discharged a sparkling blue light straight to her forehead.

"Oh, is this a company client? Is this her fantasy?" Gabrielle asked.

"Yes, this is a client. But this is not exactly her fantasy. I am taking the liberty to make her virtual dream a little bit better.

"Isn't it true Denise? Am I making your dream better?" Belfus asked the hypnotized woman.

"Yes, master." Denise answered with a flat tone of voice.

"Oh my God! He is brainwashing this poor woman," Gabrielle thought alarmed.

"Do you want my pet to enter your body now?" Belfus asked Denise.

"Yes. I want it in my body," Denise responded.

The strange creature that stood by the client's feet began to move its tentacles until one of them was inches from her pussy... and penetrated her deeply with a forceful thrust!


"Yes. Let it go deep inside your body. Let it go beyond anything you ever imagined possible," Belfus encouraged the mesmerized woman.

"Wow! It shoved the tentacle really deep inside of her!" Gabrielle thought.

The creature started to pump Denise's body slowly but firmly, pushing its tentacle deeper every time, moving past her vaginal cavity into her uterus and even further.

"Let it pierce your body deeper and deeper while you feel infinite pleasure," Belfus said.

"Yes... pleasure... aaagh," Denise moaned.

Gabrielle evaluated the situation, "I should help her! But I can't risk uncovering my mission,"

"Let the Master fuck your entire body... Your mind... And your soul!" Belfus exclaimed.

Denise felt the tentacle moving beyond any human limits, sliding continuously between her pussy lips, through her vaginal cavity, her uterus, her chest, her throat and all the way to her brain. Her legs trembled and her pussy twitched with growing intensity until the dazed woman reached the most powerful orgasm of her life. An explosion of blue ecstasy expanded across her mind, leaving it completely open for the final and definitive takeover.

Gabrielle watch astonished as the Master imprinted its mark in Denise's mind forever. After seeing inches and inches of the thick appendage going inside the woman's body, Gabrielle was uncertain of what was happening but she was very aware of the increasing moisture in her pussy.

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