Beyond The River


"Oh, I'm same way," the man agreed.

"You are a girl; you're standing here in a dress," Richard hissed as Seth located two jeans and two shirts marked with his size.

"But I'm not a girl," Seth hissed back.

Richard found three pairs of trousers and three shirts. Virginia happily pored through the dresses that hung and found two that she liked and one she just wasn't sure about.

"Don't like it in the shop; you'll hate it after," Richard reminded her.

Virginia nodded, and put the dress onto the rack again. She then whispered to the clerk and the man blushed but nodded. He then directed her to a low slung shelf. Richard also blushed when she retrieved two pair of pantaloons.

"Well now, uh, ma'am? You got two of these in wrong size," the merchant said to Seth as he looked through the items on the counter.

"For our younger brother," Virginia quickly offered.

"Oh, of course," the man nodded. "Uh, ma'am? Don't want nothing for yourself?"

Seth glowered at Richard, but did go to the dresses. The dress that Virginia had not been sure of was the one he took down, held it against himself, then nodded approval.

"Baths are ready, sir, ma'am," the hotelier said when the trio re-entered the hotel lobby.

"Oh thank goodness," Virginia said.

"And, going need our shoes polished," Richard said, dropping four bits onto the counter.

"Just set 'em out the door; have my boy take care of them," the man nodded.

Seth and Richard entered the first room and saw that a large wash bin sat on the floor. A bar of lye soap, two linen scraps, and a large flannel sheet sat on a small table next to the tub.

"You first or what?" Seth asked.

"Bit enough both of us," Richard said and began removing his boots.

He set his boots just outside the door. A moment later, Seth put his own pumps outside of the door.

He turned and saw that Richard was now nude and was gingerly getting into the large washtub.

Seth's eyes opened wide. He had felt Richard's manhood as it pressed against his buttocks. He had seen how Richard's manhood tented the front of his britches. But seeing it as it dangled, thick and long, seeing Richard's large, heavy and hairy scrotum as the man got into the water caused Seth's own manhood to quickly expand to full hardness.

With a heavy blush, Seth pulled the dress up and off. Then he stepped to the washtub, cock bobbing.

He placed a foot into the nearly scalding water and slowly, slowly placed that foot in. Then he pulled the other foot off the floor and slowly, slowly put that foot into the tub. Then he bent his knees and lowered his buttocks. He grunted as his bare buttocks made contact with the quite hot water. Richard chuckled as Seth jerked back upright. Slowly, slowly, Seth attempted to sit in the piping hot water again.

When his tender scrotum made contact, he again jerked upright.

"Oh for Pete's sake!" Richard chuckled as he took a linen scrap and dunked it into the hot water. He then grabbed the cake of lye soap and began to lather the scrap.

Seth gingerly sat into the water and managed to immerse himself into the tub. The water reached to above Richard's middle, just too where his mat of chest hair began. It reached to just below Seth's nipples. Richard handed Seth the second scrap of linen and the cake of soap.

For a few moments, the two scrubbed their limbs with the harsh soap. Then Richard took his own scrap of linen and vigorously scrubbed the grime and sweat from Seth's back.

The two men swiveled around, careful not to spill any water, and Seth scrubbed Richard's broad back.

Richard also dunked his head underneath the still quite hot water, scrubbed the soap around his hair, then dug in with fingernails.

Richard's final act was to grab the straight razor from the small table and scrape the several days' growth of beard from his face.

"You're quite handsome," Seth blurted out when Richard rinsed the soap from his face.

Richard stared at the young man for a long moment. Then he shrugged.

"Thanks; you're handsome too," Richard said.

Then Richard dunked his head under again, making sure he'd removed all soap lather. When he stood up, Seth saw that Richard's manhood had grown to hear full arousal. Richard grabbed the flannel sheet from the table and briskly dried his flesh.

His cock bobbled and bounced as he rubbed his flesh. Seth watched, eyes jerking from face to manhood, from manhood to face.

Then Richard held the flannel sheet between his hands and motioned to Seth.

"Now that I'm used to how hot it is, don't want get out," Seth complained, but did stand up.

His own cock was at full mast, hard and throbbing. Richard wrapped the flannel sheet around the young man's slender frame and rubbed his flesh vigorously. His final act was to gently blot Seth's long blond hair.

Then Richard walked to the large feather bed. He did not even bother to put a union suit on, just crawled into the large bed, nude. After a moment, Seth twisted the wick on the kerosene lamp, lowering the light in the room. He then scampered to the other side of the bed and crawled in. He actually squeaked when there was a sudden knock at the door.

"Mr. Aucliffe? Terribly sorry sir, but need the tub," the hotelier's voice came through the door.

"Tub's ready," Richard called back.

"Coming in, sir, again, terribly sorry, but have a new guest," the man said.

Two Negros entered and hefted the heavy wash bin. The hotelier grabbed the small table and the linens and soap.

"Again, sir," the man apologized and shut the door.

A moment later, Richard and Seth heard a knock at the door across the hall.

"But I am not done yet," they heard Virginia's protest.

"She does take forever," Seth giggled.

"You weren't all that ready get out neither," Richard lightly reminded Seth.

In the morning, Richard woke up, his naked body pressed tightly against the nude back of Seth. His hand was around Seth's middle, just above the crinkled hairs at the base of Seth's cock. His erect manhood was rubbing deliciously against Seth's smooth buttocks.

Seth murmured in his sleep as Richard pulled away. With difficulty, Richard managed to pull his new trousers on, and button them. Then he located his new shirt and pulled it on as well.

Seth roused and grabbed his own britches.

"What you doing?" Richard hissed.

"Getting my clothing on," Seth hissed back.

"Came up here a woman," Richard reminded him. "You go down as a boy, we going get run out of here if they don't hang us first."

With some grumbling, Seth pulled his new dress on and the two stepped out into the hall. Richard's boots had been polished to a dull gleam and Seth's shoes had been buffed as well.

Richard rapped on Virginia's door. A moment later, she answered, looking well and rested. She squealed happily when she saw her pumps had received quite a shine and put them on.

"Break our fast and then we'll be on our way," Richard said as he proceeded the two down the stairs.

After breakfast, Richard settled up their bill while Seth and Virginia went to the stables.

When Richard joined them, he found Virginia and Seth struggling to put the saddle on Brassy, the large draft horse Seth and Richard shared. Matt's mount, already had her saddle on.

Without a word, Richard jerked the saddle from the twins and quickly, efficiently saddled the brute. He settled the bill with the stable owner and assisted Seth into the saddle. Then he hoisted himself into the saddle.

Seth found riding in his breeches much more comfortable than riding in a dress had been. His bare legs were not being chased by the broad saddle. There was not a wad of cloth between his buttocks and the saddle.

But there was a second, less comfortable feeling of riding while wearing men's clothing. Richard's manhood did not press against him. Richard's broad chest did not press against his back.

Richard kept both hands on the reins, guiding the horse slowly along. Within moments, they were out of the town and Virginia swiveled into the saddle the dusty trail. She and Richard urged their mounts to start a light trot.

"Mr. Hallmark said at the next large river, we need to cross, then take the trail that runs north," Virginia said. As the early morning sun beat down on them.

"Say how far next river is?" Richard asked.

"About two days," Virginia said. "Then we'll be riding north about half a day."

Richard said nothing. They continued to travel at a steady pace.

That evening, as Seth crawled into the tent, he found Richard already asleep, his back to Seth. In the morning, Seth woke up, feeling the morning chill.

Richard and Virginia had prepared their breakfast. Then, after breaking camp, Richard quietly helped Seth into the saddle and their day's journey again began. Again, there was very minimal contact between Richard and Seth. There was very little conversation, other than what Virginia would instigate. For the most part, Richard and Virginia seemed content to travel in silence.

A second evening of sleeping with Richard's back to his own, a second morning waking alone and Seth made a decision.

"Virginia? A moment, please?" Seth quietly asked as he stepped out of the tent.

Brother and sister walked to a crop of rocks and sat. Richard did the preparations, keeping an eye on the heavy clouds that ambled in from the west.

"What in..." he wondered as brother and sister wiggled into Virginia's tent.

There was much giggling, much rustling, and then Virginia wiggled out. She was now dressed in Seth's trousers and blouse. But Seth's blouse was quite snug on Virginia. So snug that she could not button the top two buttons. Her large breasts swelled and pushed against the fabric, threatening to burst the buttons.

And then Seth wiggled out, dressed in the dress he'd purchased at the mercantile.

Richard said nothing as he quickly broke camp. Then he pulled two oilskins out of the saddlebags. He handed one to Virginia and kept the second one at the ready, should the clouds release their rain.

Then he helped Seth into the saddle and swung up behind the pretty boy. Seth gave a grateful wiggle as he could feel Richard's manhood against his buttocks. He felt warm, protected as Richard put one hand on the pommel, the other on the reins, keeping Seth boxed in.

"Oh, how could anyone ride any other way?" Virginia actually whooped as she easily swung her leg over the saddle.

She laughed as she trotted onto the dusty trail. Richard urged Brassy to follow and in moments, they were trotting alongside Virginia.

"Every time I ride, I shall dress like this," she declared.

Richard's cock, which was already quite hard from the feeling of Seth's warm buttocks, actually spurted a little of his excitement as he watched Virginia's breasts bobble and bounce, threatening to burst the blouse open.

The first droplets began to pelt the dusty trail. Virginia squealed and pulled the oilskin on over her head. By the time she managed to find the hole for her head, the rain was steadily pouring.

Richard pulled the second oilskin over himself and Seth. Seth had to press quite close to Richard; the head opening wasn't very large. He sighed as he felt Richard's hand holding his belly, felt Richard's chest pressing against his back.

The rain pounded steadily for several hours as they slowly walked their horses along the trail. Their heads were soaked, their shoulders were likewise soaked through as rain trickled in through the head opening of the oilskins.

But their haunches were dry.

Underneath the oilskin, Richard's hand caressed Seth's belly. Seth put both small hands on Richard's large hand as he reveled in the feeling of warmth and safety.

Richard's ministrations raised the hem of Seth's dress and Seth almost cooed with the delicious feelings.

Then Richard's hand dipped down and began rubbing along the length of Seth's cock.

Seth began to pant slightly as Richard's calloused hand lightly stroked his hard manhood. Just as Seth was prepared to stifle a groan, Richard reached and pinched the base of Seth's cock.

"Damn, think we'll ever see the end of this?" Virginia called out over the steady drumming of the rain.

"Mr. Hallmark say if this is the river we looking for?" Richard joked as he slowly began to stroke Seth's cock again.

Brother and sister giggled. Both giggled for different reasons.

Seth almost groaned as he felt Richard's lips graze his dainty ear. He began to pant in urgency as Richard continued to manipulate his hard cock. Just as he was about to release a torrent of his own, Richard again pinched the base of Hiscock, stilling the impending crisis.

Then the rain began to taper off.

"Oh, thank goodness," Virginia said.

When the clouds broke and allowed a shaft of sun to appear, they saw that it was late in the afternoon. They had been plodding along through the downpour for several hours.

"Oh look! A rainbow!" Seth squealed.

"Uh huh, how 'bout that, huh?" Richard agreed as they saw the colored arc ahead.

They rode on for another hour before they decided to make camp. That evening, Seth slept with his back against Richard's chest, his buttocks firmly against Richard's crotch.

He woke, Richard's hand gently, steadily stroking his hard manhood. He began to groan with the pleasure but a kiss from Richard stifled the groan.

Then he jerked and grunted and his seed began to spill from his manhood.

"Now you, all right?" Richard urged, placing Seth's small hand against his rampant manhood.

Seth took hold of Richard's large cock and stroked it.

"Kiss it?" Richard begged.

Seth bent his head and kissed the tip of Richard's drooling cock. Then he licked his lips.

Tasting Richard's seminal fluid, Seth decided he liked the flavor and bent to kiss Richard's cock again. Then he licked the tip, licked where the fluid was leaking from.

"Ooh!" Richard groaned, jaws clenched.

Seth opened his mouth and took the head of Richard's cock into his mouth. His small hand continued to stroke and milk Richard's thick cock.

"I'm, I'm 'bout to spend," Richard hissed.

Seth nodded agreement and Richard ground his teeth in an attempt to stifle his groan of pleasure.

Seth's mouth began to fill with a salty, slightly bitter tasting fluid. He likened it to boiled turnips, both in taste and texture. It was slightly less thick than boiled turnips and he was able to swallow it down.

"Thank you, Cynthia, that was heaven," Richard crooned as his manhood began to wilt in Seth's mouth.

Then Richard kissed Seth passionately. Seth put his slender arms around Richard's neck and returned his passionate kiss.

Dawn broke moments later and the three had a silent breakfast.

"Rain yesterday probably slowed us down a bit, but river's got to be somewhere up ahead," Richard commented as he and Virginia prepared the mounts.

"Just got to keep riding 'til we come across it," Virginia agreed.

"Come along, Cynthia," Richard said.

Virginia looked over at her brother. Seth blushed hotly but hoisted the hem of his dress as Richard helped him into the saddle. She swung herself up into her saddle and started toward the trail. A moment later, Richard and Seth joined her. Another day's slow ambling travel began.

It was close to evening when they could hear the roar of the river ahead.

"Would rather see what we doing when we cross that," Richard offered.

"Agreed," Virginia said.

After their evening meal, Richard crawled into his tent. A moment later, Seth wiggled into the tent, dress already hiked up to his waist.

They kissed softly, hands touching each other. Then Richard wet one finger in his mouth and traced Seth's tight anus with the tip of the wet finger. His other hand continued to tweak and tease Seth's slight chest and small nipples.

"Ooh!" Seth moaned when Richard's finger pushed into his posterior.

"Shh, Cynthia, you'll rouse Virginia," Richard whispered.

Richard thrust his finger in and out of Seth's tight orifice. Each motion caused Seth to shiver and shudder in pleasure.

But when Richard added a second finger to the thrusting, Seth stiffened, then spent mightily. His seed spurted out and dotted Richard's own hard cock and hairy scrotum.

"Oh, my darling, I'll tend to that," Seth moaned quietly.

He bent and wiggled around and took Richard's hard cock into his mouth. He lapped and sucked at the cock head. Then he released the cockhead and lapped his own semen from his lover's hard cock. Richards's testicles had a heady aroma, a manly aroma as he lapped at the sac.

When Richard's cock and testicles were cleaned of his semen, Seth again took Richard's fat cock into his mouth and hands. Richard again fingered Seth's tight hole and Seth moaned and shivered in pleasure. But when he felt Richard's hot mouth capture his cock, Seth screamed in pleasure.

Fortunately for the slumbering Virginia, Seth's scream of pleasure was muffled by the large cock in his mouth.

"Oh Darling, sweet darling, I'm about to spend," he hissed urgently as Richard continued to thrust two fingers in and out of him.

Then he began to stroke and suck Richard's cock in earnest.

They achieved their crisis together, each filling the other's mouths with their seed. Then Seth wiggled around, put his back to Richard's chest and fell into a contented sleep.

Morning came far too early for the two lovers. Virginia was already up and anxious to begin the day's journey when Richard blearily wiggled out of the tent.

"Could have had breakfast ready for us," he grumbled to the girl and staggered off to find a tree to water.

When he returned, Virginia and Seth were busily preparing their morning meal. Virginia's eyebrows did rise when Seth poured a cup of coffee for Richard but she said nothing. She said nothing when Seth leaned against Richard as they ate.

As children, Virginia and Seth had played together. Their three older brothers had wanted little to do with the late arrivals to their family. Perhaps it was because their mother had expired while birthing them. Perhaps it was because the three Charmers men were already grown and married with children of their own.

Whatever the reason, Virginia and Seth were left to amuse themselves. Seth normally acquiesced to Virginia's wishes, often played the games she wished to play.

When one of the servants moved to shear Seth's golden locks, his first question was whether or not Virginia would be shorn as well.

"Well, no, of course not, silly child," the servant had snapped.

"Then you shall not touch mine," Seth said in a rare moment of determination.

And in a rare moment of solidarity, Henry Charmers conceded to his youngest son's wishes.

When Virginia's physique began to change, when her menses befell her, Seth was actually quite jealous. As of yet, he had not developed much. There was not even hair beginning to form under his arms.

Now, as they sat and ate, Virginia realized she was the jealous one. Richard Aucliffe was a handsome, rugged man, with his shoulder length brown hair, deep brown eyes and ruddy complexion. His body was broad, muscular, virile.

And he was a true gentleman. He had made sure that Virginia was cared for, that her needs were tended to, and that her modesty was intact. After rescuing them from those marauders that quickly beset upon them, he certainly could have wrested her virtue from her. But he had not.

They broke camp, then trotted toward the river's edge.

"Oh, well, would you just look at that," Virginia said. "Would you just look at that."

There was a wooden bridge that traversed the river. They could have very easily traversed the river the previous evening.

""Mr. Hallmark said nothing of a bridge," Seth defended.

"Didn't say there wasn't one either," Virginia said as they trotted across the structure.

It was nearly a two hour journey before they reached the trail that turned north. Virginia almost broke into a gallop but reined her enthusiasm in.

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