tagErotic HorrorBeyond the Wall of Sleep - Story List

Beyond the Wall of Sleep - Story List


Please see this announcement for challenge full details.

A big and special thank-you to blackrandl1958 for organizing Beyond the Wall of Sleep.
A Montauk Horror by Bebop3

A Passover Haunting by sbrooks103x

Across the Universe by Harddaysknight

Beauty and the Beast by Fredoberto

Beloved Daughter. by angiquesophie

Bride in Black by BurntRedstone

Guilt and Lust by JoeDreamer

Haunted by GirlintheMoon

I was a Teenage Wereslut by Lost Boy

Midnight at the Villa Diodati by ChloeTzang

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall by MattblackUK

My Life as a Rat by stev2244

My Troublous Dreams This Night by A_Bierce

Neverending Love by Ahazura

Oh Frankie. by laptopwriter

Oleander Dreams by Raisa_Greywood

Pleasure Doll by GirlintheMoon

The Deathsuit by Etaski

The House on the Ridge by Todd172

The Kilo of Sin Similla by PostScriptor

The Long Black Veil by woodmanone

The Participant by whatdreamsmaycome

The Shadows Whisper by Mainefiddleheads

The Sparrow's Tale by RichardGerald

The Vivisectionist by Bebop3

They Always Wait by eidetic

What Rough Beast by dtiverson

Wrong Side of the Tracks by DeathAndTaxes

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A big thank-you to all the authors who contribute both to this themed challenge, and to Lit readers every day.

Without the readers, there could be no writers. Thank you for reading these tales!

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by Anonymous

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by PiperHamlin03/18/19

I've been working my way through these stories

I haven't hit a bad one yet. Naturally I started with HDK's story, since so many readers have commented on the fact he emulates my style. I can easily say his excedes anything I've ever written.

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by Anonymous03/17/19

I have read four.

I am blown away. If the rest are anything like what I've read, this is the best reading day, ever.

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