tagIncest/TabooBi adventures of Jim & Nick 5

Bi adventures of Jim & Nick 5


Not so much Jim and Nick this time but Nick will be back in future stories


The sunlight beamed through the nearly closed blinds that hung over the large window of Nick and Janette's living room. The single beam signaling the arrival of a new morning slowly worked its way across the room before finding its way into the barely cracked green eyes of Hayley Harper. The blonde haired beauty was almost awake already from her slumber on the oversized couch of her host's when the sunlight finished the job of stirring her. Hayley looked around the room with a devilish grin on her face; everyone had just passed out and slept in the living room. Nick and Janette both still fully nude on the other couch. Nick's slender tattooed body laid on top of his sleeping girlfriend, it almost appeared they fell asleep or passed out while fucking. Jim Harper Hayley's own significant other laid on the floor his bare cock semi-erect, the mischievous woman knew that Jim got slightly overworked last night, but she also knew there was not a chance in hell her husband of many years was ever going to complain. The cookout/sex party was a fantastic success, the wife and mother of two had hoped Janette would jump on board and Hayley was without a doubt not disappointed.

The blonde haired woman wiggled her firm tan butt free from the leather of the couch. She winced a little as the leather pulled from her flesh. She rotated her legs around to place her feet on the soft-carpeted floor. She stretched her arms as she softly yawned, her toes wiggling in the carpet on what had to be one of several wet spots on it. Her body was stiff and sore, from multiple penetrations by both men, but like her husband, she was not going to complain one bit.

"Jim wake up." Hayley said in a muffled whisper as to only rouse her husband and not their friends.

"Oh come on babe I can't." Jim mumbled in his sleep.

Hayley giggled as she stroked her long blonde hair back behind her ears. "No silly wake up." She again spoke in a low whisper as to hopefully not awaken their friend's from their slumber.

Jim finally arose from the floor the sunlight peering through the blinds now being blocked by his shaved bald head. "Yeah what's up hon?" The husband asked as he yawned and stretched.

"Nothing just thinking we need to get going, I worry about the kids home alone all night."

"They're adults. Well legally they are adults."

"I know but remember what I thought they did?" Hayley said in a low tone trying to get her point across without actually raising her voice.

"Yeah, I do and do you want to rush home to confront them or to attempt to catch them." Jim smiled as he wondered what the true motives of his wife were.

"Yes!" Hayley said in an excited whisper.

Jim rolled his eyes, and he sighed deeply. "That wasn't a yes or no question." He said to his wife as she was getting off the couch and heading towards the bathroom. Jim knew there was no stopping Hayley when she had her mind made up and as much as he did not think, it was true he knew Hayley had convinced herself that their kids had been up to some naughty things.

"Where is Hayley going?" A voice asked from across the room.


"Yeah who else?"

"Hell I don't know but you scared the fuck out of me, I thought you were asleep under that jackass." Jim said with a laugh as he stood up and leered at his best friend's girlfriend who had somehow wiggled her way free from under her boyfriend.

"He passed out after you, and he started doing them moonshine shots, he talked a big game of really fucking me hard and then passed out."

"I'm sorry."

"Oh he does that shit all the time. He is a great fuck but if he lived up to his own hype game, I would likely not be able to walk, so it's cool. Where is the little wifey off to?"

"I assume your bathroom."

"Oh okay..." Janette said with a wink and a smile. The diminutive woman rubbed her matted pubic hair with her left hand while she reaches out with the right to grasp Jim's semi-erect cock. "Hmm, pretty nice considering you fucked us all last night." Janette twitched her eyebrows up and down before walking off towards the bathroom.

Jim sat down on the couch for a second the sudden standing up coupled with the copious amounts of alcohol that had been consumed the night before suddenly had his baldhead spinning. "To much booze I guess?" He questioned aloud to himself as he gathered his bearings, he was unsure if it was the residual effects of the alcohol or Janette's touch that was affecting the blood flow to his brain.

Janette slowly pushed open her bathroom door to reveal Hayley standing there still fully nude, the married woman had washed her face and was now applying some toothpaste to brush she removed from her purse. Janette licked her lips as she watched Hayley's large frim tan ass shake just a little as she brushed her teeth. The pale-skinned woman tossed her long almost black hair back as she took in a huge breath to muster her confidence as she walked into the room. Janette was on a mission she had never been sexually aggressive, but after last night she felt something change in her and something was wanting out. The near goth looking girl stood behind Hayley their skin tones in stark contrast as without a word she lowered herself to her knees behind her.

Hayley was blissfully unaware of the presence of the other woman as she brushed her teeth, the minty paste filling her mouth to the point she finally bent over to spit the film out. That was it the moment Janette was looking for she grasped Hayley's ass cheeks spreading them open as she was bent over. The goth looking woman buried her face into the mother of two. Janette's tongue plunged into Hayley's dirty pussy from behind then slid up to her asshole then back down again. Hayley's long manicured fingers grasped at the edges of the sink for support, the sudden shockwave of pleasure sending her to a near instant orgasm.

"What the fuck!" The wife and mother managed to exclaim as she gripped the sink with great intensity.

"I'm sorry you ate me last night, and I wanted to taste you this morning." Janet meekly replied as she raised her head away and looked down as if being scolded. A feeling of embarrassment washed over the smaller woman her milk-white skin becoming a crimson hue around her cheeks.

"Well don't fucking stop."

Janette's embarrassment vanished as quickly as it arrived as her friend's words hit her like a wake up call. Hayley was not upset just shocked Janette cheered loudly in her head as she pushed her tongue in and out of Hayley's abused asshole, then down to the married woman's pussy. Janette had previously only minimal contact with a woman sexually before last night, but now she was here on her own bathroom floor alternating tongue fucking a woman's pussy and her ass. She was not sure what was going on but could only assume it was similar to what Nick felt when he had been with Jim.

Hayley now knowing what was occurring bent herself further over the sink her large melon like breasts smashed against the cold porcelain as she gave her friend more access to the dirty abused holes she was after. "Fuck that's good clean me out, baby." She moaned as she could feel Janette's long tongue sliding deep in her pussy then into her ass almost as if she was trying to snake out every drop of cum that Jim and Nick deposited in each hole. The juices flowed from the married mom's pussy rolling down each thigh as she had managed to get a hand under her to show some attention to her clit as the tongue of Janette showed more than a little love to each other her holes. "Why don't we take this to your bed?"

Janette did not answer she just pulled her face away and stood up. The duo turned to the doorway to exit into the master bedroom only to be greeted by Jim holding a raging hard cock in his hand stroking it vigorously. "Care if I come too."

"Where's Nick?"

"I tried to wake your old man up, but he is snoring away."

"Snooze you lose, come on." Janette said as she smiled at Hayley and Jim. The smaller woman gleefully led her friends from the bathroom into a large bedroom.

The room was simple it was evident that the couple only used the room for two things having just a bed and a pair of nightstands within. Janette pulled Jim and Hayley into the room the bubbly personality that exuded from her went entirely against the look she presented on the surface. The sexual confidence running through Janette's veins had her ready to burst as she reached her bed and turned to face the married couple she led into the room.

"Well, what are you waiting for finish what you started." Hayley playfully announced as she crawled onto the bed taking a position with her head resting against the headboard as she playfully opened and closed her legs.

"Go on get up there and eat that woman's pussy." Jim said as he could see Janette hesitate for a brief moment.

Janette's barely five-foot-tall body struggled ever so slightly as she climbed onto the massive bed and crawled on all four's towards the well-used married pussy she had tasted in the bathroom. Jim slapped his large hand down across the milky white butt cheek of the small woman as she crawled. Janette's eyes clenched shut as she bit her bottom lip, the pain roared through her body almost giving her an orgasm.

Janet carefully licked the small wet trails of pussy juice that had rolled down Hayley's thighs moments earlier before reaching her primary target. The diminutive woman's thin lips kissed the married woman's pussy gently as she took her time spreading it open. Janette was a natural at eating pussy as her tongue slid inside then up to the clit. She caressed every fold and crevice of Hayley's hot wet slit, as she tasted a mixture of the married woman's own natural juices and the guy's cum.

Jim stood at the foot of the bed listening to the soft moans of his wife; he knew Janette was sending her into orgasm easily. The husband of many years knew the day after a tryst like they had last night that his wife was overly sensitive and would cum almost on command. Jim stroked his hard cock up and down a few more times before climbing onto the bed himself. He smiled and winked at his wife as Hayley gripped Janette's raven colored hair and buried her face deeper into her wanton pussy.

Jim soaked his cock in saliva as he lifted Janette up a little and then with no warning the horny man speared the little woman with his massive cock. Jim was not gentle and was not easy as he entered the woman's slightly hairy pussy. He wanted to be balls deep, and he wasted little time forcing himself in as far as he could. Janette tried to lift her head to cry out as the invading cock pained as well as pleasured her body, but her attempt failed in vain with Hayley's firm grip forcing her mouth to stay firmly on her bald pussy.

Janette was in euphoria as the married couple was using her. This was one of her most prominent sexual fantasies to be a helpless sex toy, and right now with Jim pounding into her and Hayley, grinding her pussy across her face the woman could not have felt more helpless. The night before the young woman's hairy pussy was well fucked, but still was having to stretch to accommodate the girth of the invading cock this morning.

Jim grunted and groaned as the tightness, coupled with the heat and wetness made it difficult not to spill his load quickly. "Fucking hell you feel so good!" He growled as she slapped his hand down across the red handprint on Janette's ass cheek.

"Oh god..." Janette moaned out as she managed to get her head loose from Hayley's grasp.

"You like my husband's cock? You like that big thick dick fucking you?" Hayley questioned her with a smile. "Come on answer me you little slut." Hayley said with an authoritative tone as she lightly slapped Janette's face.

"Oh yes..."

"Oh yes is that all I get?"

"Oh yes, ma'am?" Janette asked in between moans and gasps for air. Her body was experiencing waves of pleasure, unlike anything she had felt before.

Hayley reveled in this position; she liked being the semi-dominate one. She had asked that same question to several other women she had shared her husband with and the wife never really knew what answer she was looking for from the women. The mischievous blonde had honestly picked up the questioning from a porn movie and thought it was just something hot to say to a woman as Jim speared them. Hayley was more than enjoying the round two with the raven-haired cutie this morning, but she also knew she wanted to get home sooner rather than later as she wiggled her way out from under Janette.

The wife and mother of two did not know how much longer Jim was going to last, but she knew the look in his eyes; he was a man on a mission who was not stopping till he came. She crawled across the bed taking up behind her husband kissing his sweat covered back. She smiled at the sight of his muscular ass cheeks flexing with each thrust into the wet pussy of Janette. "Come on baby fuck this little whore harder." She whispered into his ear.

Jim grunted hard at his wife's words; her dirty filthy mouth often was all it took to drive him over the edge. "Oh fuck..." he moaned out as his pace and force heightened.

"You're hurting me, don't fucking stop!" Janette cried out as she buried her face into a pillow as the massive cock invade her with even more vigor.

"That's it baby rip her pussy apart, rip that whore's pussy open." Hayley was again whispering into his ear to keep her words from Janette.

Jim could not hold back, Hayley's words were the final straw. He gripped a handful of black hair and jerked Janette's head back while he emptied his balls deep into her flooding the little woman's pussy with a deluge of cum. Jim immediately pulled out and fell next to Janette on the bed as he gasped for air next to her.

Janette rolled over onto her back and immediately ran her fingers inside her pussy pulling out the freshly deposited cum and placing it to her mouth. "Whore huh?"

"Oh, my I am sorry sweetie, it's just that..."

"I fucking loved it, and I got excellent hearing by the way." Janette smiled as she sucked her fingers clean.

Hayley unleashed a sigh of relief as she moved over so she could kiss Janette's now cum covered lips. "I didn't want to offend you and well some women and name calling. I just didn't know."

"Oh it's awesome I wish I could get Nick to do it more."

"I heard him say slut last night, so I knew that seemed okay, but some women and the word whore. I just didn't know." Hayley said with a smile.

"Bitch, slut, whore, cunt... You name it I will probably like it." The trio hung around the bedroom for a few more minutes before they heard the shower kick on in the bathroom. "I guess Nick is up, too bad he missed round two, I will tell him your kids called and y'all had to cut out."

Jim and Hayley both kissed Janette good-bye as they knew if they hung around longer there would likely be a round two with Nick, which would put them even later getting home. The married couple excused themselves from the bedroom as they gathered up what few things they had brought over and quickly dressed in the massive oversized closet of their hosts, before exiting the house and getting into their truck. "I feel bad we kinda just skipped out on Nicky, and it was because of him this whole new dynamic to our friendship even exists."

"Well we can go back in if you want; it was you that was in a rush to get home." Said, Jim, as he held his finger over the start button for the truck wondering if he should push it or not.

"No. No, we will see Nick and Janette again I know that without a doubt that little woman can eat pussy great I am not going to go without that." Hayley said as she patted between her legs and smiled at her husband.

The couple could not stop smiling as they drove down the highway on their way home. "So did you have fun?" Hayley questioned as she leaned over and snuggled into her husband's right shoulder.

"Well yeah that was a great night, and an amazing morning." Jim replied, shocked that his wife would even have to ask about it.

"I'm glad; I had kinda spoke with Nick in advance about what I was hoping the night could turn into but that was better than even I had planned." The blonde haired vixen confessed.

"I figured it was something like that going on."

"You're not mad are you?"

"Why the hell would I be mad?"

"I don't know you just had that tone."

"Oh, the tone..." Jim laughed as he was accused of using "the tone" with his wife.

"You really do have a tone Jim Harper, and you use it on me all the time when you're mad or angry with me."

"Okay well if I got a tone it's caused by that ass hat up there in the Toyota can't fucking drive." Jim loudly announced as he pointed to the car in front of him weaving around and driving under the speed limit.

"Yeah, I can see that ass hats piss me off too." Hayley loudly laughed as she watched the car weave back and forth.

The ride home was for the most part quiet with the occasional obscenity being muttered as Jim vented his frustration with other people's driving abilities. Hayley fiddled with the radio changing the station roughly every three point five seconds, as she was never quite happy with the songs being played.

"Would you just pick a station?"

"They all suck."

"We have satellite radio there has to be something that doesn't suck."

"Nope checked them all, they all suck." Hayley laughed as she parked the radio on a rock station and went to play with her phone. "I can't get that daughter of mine to answer her phone or text me back."

"She's likely ignoring you."

"I'll bust her ass if she is." Hayley said as she glared at her husband.

"Well, maybe she is face down ass up taking her brother deep."

"Mmm, now that's a visual I can appreciate."

"Oh shit, I shouldn't have said that I am going to get you all wound up aren't I." Jim laughed as he changed lanes to exit the interstate.

"Jim am I fucked up?"


"Am I fucked up? I mean I have sexual fantasies of our kids. Do you know how often I try to catch a glimpse of our son's cock? And the more I think about it if they did fuck the other day I am not mad I am just upset I didn't get to watch it."

"Hayley Beth we have talked about this before, and no you're not fucked up well, maybe a little bit, but no more than most people. These fantasies of yours all started recently; it's not as if you were chasing them as kids. They are technically adults both are legally of age. Besides as of now it's all just that your thoughts and some fantasy it hasn't happened for real."

"Well no not until they were both adults, and then I found that website with the stories and well a lot of them were about moms and sons and well one thing led to another."

"Okay, slow down you're rambling. We both have fetishes yours is of a more taboo variety, and that is okay. I think you are an amazing mom and that you would do anything for our kids don't over think it okay. Again it hasn't happened all just fantasy."

"I get it, so you don't think I am fucked up?"

"No, I don't think you are fucked up, well yeah I do at times but not because of this." Jim chuckled as he reached over and brushed his wife's long blonde hair back.

"What the hell do you know you want to fuck your daughter and enjoy being bi." Hayley laughed aloud at her own words, as she made light of the conversation.

"Crazy bitch..." Jim said with a grin as he turned the truck down the first road after the interstate exit. "We will be home in a bit, and maybe you can catch your son in the act."

At the Harper household, Wes and Autumn were in full damage control mode as they quickly swept through the large family home throwing away bottles and plates from the impromptu party they had while their parents were away. The siblings each dragging sizable black contractor bags through the house throwing away any and all signs of the events that transpired while their mom and dad were out for the night.

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