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This is the story of the best Valentin's day ever!!

My name is Nathan but everyone calls me Nay.

I was only 19 at the time but I was aware of my sexuality enough to understand that I had an attraction to men. Thankfully my girlfriend Jean (also 19) knew I was bi curios and once told me she liked the idea of me with another man. This made things very interesting.

She was the one who started the conversation after fingering my ass while she gave me head one day. The feeling of her fingers inside me made me cum so much and the orgasm felt like the longest one I had ever had until that day.

We talked about it and the next thing I knew we were at the adult toy store. Jean really got into the idea of putting things up my ass, she bought a bullet vibrator, anal beads, anal numbing cream, a 6 inch dildo with straps, and a butt plug.

As soon as we got back to my place Jean wanted to try out some of our new toys. We started with just the vibrator and that felt good but we soon moved on to the anal beads. At first I did not get the point of the beads but I was excited to try new things. I swear I had an orgasm the second she pulled the beads out of my ass but there was no cum and I was not even hard. It was a really fun day and we had only just gotten started.

Next she strapped on the dildo and asked me to suck on it. I was not sure what this was going to accomplish sense I did not think either one of us would get anything out of it but I got on my knees and started sucking. Jean started playing with herself as she watched me suck on the dildo then she grabbed the vibrator and slipped it under the strap on. I could barely feel the vibrations at the tip of the dildo as I sucked on it. Jean grabbed my hair and started pulling and pushing so I would take the dildo deeper and suck it faster. I could see she was really turned on and by this point my cock was hard enough to cut diamonds. I continued to suck on it and even let her jam it all the way down my throat a couple of time but I kept gagging so I stopped.

Jean looked at me and said "Are you ready to take it up the ass babe?"

I just said "Sure why not?" Then I climbed on the bed and got on all four with my ass hanging out in the air. I tried not to show it but I extremely excited about the whole idea. The anticipation of what was about to happen was killing me and I felt like it took Jean a really long time to work her way behind me. Finally I felt the cold touch of her finger covered in numbing cream teasing my ass hole and slowly working its way inside.

She played with my ass for a minute or two pushing and pulling her finger inside me faster and faster. I felt a worm tingly feeling as the cream started to heat up. Next I felt her put one hand on my lower back and then the first touch of the dildo. She rubbed it on my ass hole and butt crack for a little bit then she started slipping it inside me ever so slowly. I could feel it going inside me deeper and deeper as she slowly thrusted back and forth. Then I felt her waist bump against me from behind as she had gotten the full length of the dildo up my ass.

At this point she grabbed me by the hips and started to speed up. I started to thrust myself back and spread my legs out as much as I could. Jean reached around, grabbed my dick and started to jerk me off. She continued to pound my ass until I nutted all over the bed then she gave me a few more thrust and started to pull it out. I felt like that was the best sex I had ever had.

After words she asked me to go down on her and finish her off. I eat her pussy for about five minutes while I fingered her. At the same time I slipped my thumb up her ass and that got her off faster than I had ever been able to do before.

We had sex on a regular basis and every once in a while we would get extra freaky with our toys. Often we found ourselves talking about what it would be like if we had another man join us in bed. Valentin's day came around and Jean told me she had an idea of how we could make this Valentin's extra special. We put an add online that said "Couple looking for a bi sexual man interested in casual sex with a man and a women. Must have laid back attitude and an open mind. Party favors welcome." We up loaded a picture of Jeans fucking me in the ass with the strap on. All you could see of both of us was from the waist down. Even so we had plenty of interesting responses.

We chatted back and forth with a few different guys but both of us kept going back to the same one. His name is Brandon and he seemed to have a lot in common with the both of us. We invited him over to our apartment the night before Valentin's to just hang out and get to know one another.

We seemed to get along with him right away. When he stepped out of the room Jean and I talked about him. We both agreed on the fact he was really hot and a supper chill dude. We watched an old movie, smoked a few joints and had a few drinks. I ordered a pizza and we talked for a few hours.

Jean asked me in a whisper "Do you want me to start thing up with him?" I looked over at her and simply knotted yes with my head. Jean sat on Brandon's lap and kissed him while I watched from across the room. They made out for a few minutes and then Jean got on her knees and started undoing his belt. He made gestures at me with his hand indicating he wanted me to come over and slowly started walking over. By the time I made my way over Jean was already playing with his cock and he took off his shirt. I got on my knees beside of Jean and watched as she started licking his dick.

She looked at me and said "Well aren't you going to join me in the fun" Then she put his dick in her mouth and started sucking it. I looked at Brandon and he said "Feel free to join in the fun big guy!" Then he winked at me and pulled his dick out of her mouth and told her "Let him have a try and see if he likes it." She smiled, told me to go ahead and then she put my hand on his dick. It felt worm and soaking wet from Jeans saliva. I started to shake, I was so nervous and turned on at the same time.

I started to lick the shaft and Jean got up beside of Brandon and started kissing him. I put his dick in my mouth and started to suck on it as I watched Jean making out with him. He put his hand on my head to make sure his dick was not falling out of my mouth but he did not push down because Jean had already told him it was my first time. Jean got back on the ground next to me and started to suck on his balls. We took turns sucking his dick and licking the shaft together.

I head his cock half way down my throat when Jean grabbed my hair and pushed my head all the way down. I gagged right away but it did not stop Jean. She was getting aggressive with it and I could feel Brandon's balls slapping against my chin as his dick went all the way down my throat.

He started moaning and grunting suddenly I felt his hot cum shoot into the back of my throat. I tried to swallow as much as I could but there was just too much. Jean pulled my head off of his cock and kissed me passionately sticking her tongue in my mouth as she wanted a taste of his cum.

Jean and I started ripping each other's cloths off and grouping each other. Brandon just watched as he rolled a joint. I was so horny I just threw her on the floor and shoved my dick inside her tight wet pussy. I could not help myself I fucked her as hard as I could and just one I was getting ready to cum she said "Stop." I was in shock I did not want to do anything against her will but i sure as hell did not want to stop. I pulled out and took a step back.

Jean looked at Brandon and asked him "Do you want Nay to fuck you up the ass?" Brandon smiled and said "I would love to take your dick up my ass." I felt my dick jolt and get even harder if that was possible. Brandon took his pants off and got on his knees with his head against the couch.

His sexy little ass hole looking ever so inviting. I decided to lick it and try to shove my tongue as deep inside as I could. Then I slowly put my dick inside him and he thrusted back shoving it all the way in his ass. Jean played with herself using the dildo as watched us. She was cheering me on while I pounded Brandon's ass until I busted a nut, after I came in his ass he looked at me and said "That felt amazing." I slowly pulled my dick out.

Brandon and I sat on the couch smoking a joint while we watched Jean play with herself. Then Brandon started playing with his dick and Jean got up on her knees and started giving him head again. Brandon told her to get on all four and started to fuck her doggy style. I watched for a minute or two before my cock was hard again. Then I got in front of them and put my dick in Jeans mouth. She easily took my dick all the way down her throat.

We fucked like that for about fifteen minutes then Jean asked me to lay on my back so she could ride my cock and asked Brandon to put fuck her up the ass at the same time. It took us a little time to get situated correctly but was we did it felt awesome. I could feel Brandon's cock as he shoved it in and out of her ass. The idea of it still turns me on to this day. Brandon grabbed her tits and kissed her as he fucked her in the ass. I just watched and enjoyed the way it felt to have her ride my cock. Suddenly I could feel Jean shaking as she thrusted back and forth faster and faster.

I could feel Brandon speeding up as if he was about to cum then Jean started screaming. "Yeah!! Fuck me!! Oh yeah!!Oh!! Oh God yes!! OH YEAH!! Fuck me harder!! Fuck me!! Fuck me!! FUCK ME!!" I felt Brandon thrust forward really hard and suddenly stop as he grunted out loud "Oh fuck yeah!!" At the same time I felt the cum shoot out of my cock and I mound. Jean let out a "Fuck Yeah!!" and said "That was the best sex ever!!"

Brandon got up first then Jean and then I did. We looked at the window only to see the first few rays of sunlight over the horizon. We took turns in the shower and talked for the next few hours. Jean and i went to bed after Brandon headed out. We spent the rest of the day in bed and spent next few days talking about that night.

Best Valentine's Day ever!!

We still see Brandon from time to time and we always have a good time. He likes to bring a girl with him sometimes but he always checks with us to make sure we are ok with it. Isn't life just wonderful?

Till next time ;)

-Love Nay-

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