tagGay MaleBi-Curious Fantasy to Reality Ch. 02

Bi-Curious Fantasy to Reality Ch. 02


When I woke up the next morning, Mark wasn't there. I guessed he was being discrete, not knowing how I'd be in the cold light of day. It was the right thing to do for as the fog of sleep cleared from my brain and recalled everything that had happened the night before, I panicked.

I grabbed my clothes, got dressed and escaped as quickly as possible.

Once I got home I showered and tried to put everything that had happened out of my mind. I mean, jerking off to gay stories was one thing, this was something else entirely. But at the same time, I had just had the best night's sex of my entire life. I was so confused.

Even though I had done a runner on Mark, I couldn't bring myself to call him and he didn't call me. Sunday stretched into Monday stretched into Tuesday into Wednesday but there was no contact.

I tried to go on as normal at work but every so often I would have a vivid flash of memory; the hardness of his penis as it slid over my tongue, the taste of his ass, the warmth of his semen as it flowed into mine. Each time my hand would creep towards my cock and I'd have to pull it away before I got in trouble.

By the time the following Saturday came around I still hadn't heard from Mark or had the guts to call him but we were all due for another big night out. I nearly didn't go but I realised I had to see him sooner or later. I made up my mind that I would tell him that last weekend was great but I was drunk and we should forget it ever happened. It sounded lame, even to me.

I got to the club a little late and most of the guys were there, but Mark wasn't. The sense of relief was unbelievable. It was just a postponement of the inevitable but it felt good to put it off for another day. I grabbed a beer and sat down, chatting to the guys and casting my eye around the room. There were some really hot girls there but I couldn't help noticing one or two hot guys as well. I pushed the thought it my mind and tried to decide who I was going to hit on first.

I was just making eye contact with a nice brunette when I heard a voice right by my ear.

"Hi" Mark said.

I took every ounce of self-control not to jump out of my skin there and then. I fixed a grin (not a very convincing one) and turned round.

An electric jolt ran through my body when I saw him. All the memories I had tried to suppress over the past week came violently flooding back. My penis began to harden unbidden.

"Hi" I said, almost through gritted teeth.

Marked tuned to the guy next to him, who I hadn't noticed: "Jay, I'd like to meet Josh, he's my date tonight"

The bottom dropped out of my world. It figured, if I hadn't called him all week he was hardly going to wait round for me, and I didn't want him to anyway, didn't I?

All of this passed through my mind but my kept my face steady and greeted Josh politely. He was a similar build to Mark, and looked like he worked out; he had very dark hair and was not unattractive. Unwanted images of them together flashed through my mind and I didn't like it.

We all made small talk for a couple of minutes before they went off to get drinks. Mark seemed to be playing along with my game of pretence. However, I quickly immersed myself in conversations about sport with the other guys so I wouldn't have to talk to them when they came back. I had lost interest in all the women in the club and just wanted to get out of there without looking weird. I couldn't help sneaking looks at Mark and Josh who were looking very comfortable with each other while they chatted amiably with the group.

Just when I thought I'd been long enough to make my excuses and leave, Mark and Josh got up and started to say their goodbyes. Again, images of them in bed came into my head and I felt a twinge of...what? Jealousy?

They waved at us all and made towards the door, my eyes following them. Josh went through the door and I thought Mark would follow but at that moment he turned back and his eyes locked onto mine. He raised an eyebrow and inclined his head towards the door. There was no mistaking the gesture. It simply said "Are you coming?"

At that point all the barriers I had been trying to raise around myself all week came crashing down. All the worry and nerves fell away in an instance leaving two important facts glowing brightly in my head. One, Josh wasn't Mark's date, he was *our* date. Second, there was no question, no fucking way of me saying no.

I nodded to Mark and he smiled. I swear I saw a touch of relief in that smile. He walked out the door and I knew what I had to do.

I waited an eternity before calling it a night. I made some excuse; I don't even know what it was and got the hell out of there. I grabbed a taxi, gave Mark's address and told him that there would be a healthy tip in it if he got me there quickly.

Even driving fast, the journey still took too long. The hardness of my cock against my jeans was almost painful and I was delirious with horny anticipation. I was imagining Mark and Josh together but this time I enjoyed the thought. I wondered what Josh's penis would look like, how it might feel in my hands, or elsewhere.

I got to Mark's and was quickly buzzed in. They were both sitting on the sofa - the same sofa on which I'd tasted my first man only a week before - watching the same porno that had got me going last time. I didn't need it now, not with two guys waiting to fuck me.

They both got up when I came in and moved towards me at once. Mark smiled but there was no talking. The air was electric. They weren't naked yet but they were both topless.

Mark wasted no time in kissing me, roughly shoving his tongue into mouth. I liked it. I kissed him back before Josh pulled my head round and tongued me deeply too. This was so erotic I felt close to ejaculation already!

I kissed them both for a few minutes, trying to give them equal attention, always letting them take control, their tongues in my mouth. I was enjoying this but I was ready for more. Without any prompting, I dropped to my knees and began kissing their crotches, fumbling madly at their belts. I needed a penis in me so badly I could have screamed.

"Slow down" Mark said, speaking for the first time.

I leant back to catch my breath while Mark finished undressing. Josh kept his clothes on for the moment, admiring Mark's body.

Finally Mark was naked and his semi-erect penis was revealed to me again. I moaned lustfully at the site of it, reminded of the intense pleasure I had experienced with it inside me. Having calmed down a little, I took my time. I slid my hands over his hips and around to the cheeks of his ass and pulled him towards me. I took his penis in my hand and planted a gentle kiss on the shaft. I lifted up his penis so I could kiss each of his balls. They looked heavy, and I hoped he hadn't masturbated all week so they'd be full the semen I craved. I drew my tongue along his length and then leaned forward, letting the head slide into my mouth. Again I found the taste of his penis intoxicating, demanding that I have more. My lips closed around him and I looked him in the eye as I moved back and forward.

"Mark, you were right" breathed Josh. In my cock-induced trance I had almost forgotten he was there. I looked over, continuing to suck on Mark's beautiful member. Josh was naked also, and fully erect. On seeing it I let out a muffled gasp. I'd thought Mark was big but Josh was on another level. He must have been 9" long and thicker still than Mark. I wondered how I was going to get it in my mouth, let alone my ass, but I knew I was going to try all the same. Still enjoying Mark in my mouth, I reached up and began to touch Josh's huge cock, thrilled to be close to another incredible penis. I felt his balls as well and they were large and, I imagined, full of hot cum.

At that point Mark gently pulled me off his cock. "I don't want to cum yet, this party's only just starting" he grinned and guided me to the bedroom where he had taken my virginity.

We all got on the bed, me in the middle and they both held me close in a three-way hug. I could their cocks against me, Josh nestled in the crack on my ass, and Mark's rubbing against mine. Mark and I were kissing furiously. I felt movement behind me and then strong arms prying me away from Mark and turning me round. But instead of Josh's head being where I expected, I was presented with his stiff penis, wow. I didn't waste time kissing or licking it, I engulfed it immediately with my mouth. I couldn't get much in but it didn't matter. I made the most of what I could get at sucking relentlessly on the head. He tasted different to Mark, saltier I think, but still delicious. I knew then what I had been trying to deny all week: I loved cock unconditionally. I would do whatever Mark and Josh wanted, as long as they promised to put their penises in my hands, my mouth, my anus, everywhere.

Josh went to work on my cock just as I sucked his. I couldn't imagine how erotic we must have looked, lying on our sides on the bed, heads working in sync. Mark, not wanting to feel left out, kissed his way down to my ass and pulled my cheeks apart. Although I had licked his ass the week before (and loved it!) he hadn't done it to me, in fact no-one ever had. He teased me at first, kissing, licking and nibbling at my cheeks before sliding his tongue between them. Josh's penis slid from my mouth and let out a guttural moan. I couldn't stand it anymore. The anticipation and the incredible blowjob I was receiving were bad enough, but with Mark licking and probing my anus I simply couldn't contain myself. I erupted in an immense orgasm, pumping Josh's mouth full of my semen, convulsing as I did so. He kept his mouth on me though, sucking and swallowing every drop.

I collapsed back on the bed, feeling worried that my night might be over. But Mark was already jacking me, my cock slick with mine and Josh's juices. I was surprised to find I was already beginning to respond and I was still horny and desperate for more cock.

I didn't have to wait long. Mark and Josh were either side of me again; taking turns tongue-fucking my mouth. Mark took my hand and brought it to my mouth, sliding a finger in. He then brought my arm around behind him and I knew what he wanted. I penetrated him gleefully, pushing my digit as far as it would go. But Mark quickly pulled my hand away and guided it toward Josh's ass. Again my finger was inside another man's anus, moving around, rubbing. But just as quickly as it was in, Mark gently took my hand away again, guiding it toward my mouth. He didn't force it in but I needed no encouragement. I greedily sucked on my finger and then they both kissed me at once, their mouths competing for my attention. I suppose looking back it was a weird thing to do, but it seemed like we had just made a pact, a sex pact to give each other as much pleasure as possible.

Mark flipped me over and dragged me playfully down the bed. This was it. I got up on all fours and spread my legs wide. Josh moved in front of me, Mark behind. Then as one, they both slid their glorious cocks into me. Mark's mouth had done wonders to relax my anus and his penis entered me with little trouble but no less pleasure. How could I have ever doubted that this was what I wanted? To have a man slide a rock hard penis into my anus and make love to me. I knew there was no going back that I would need many more experiences like this before I was satisfied.

At the same time I was experiencing the intense pleasure of Mark's penetration, Josh's incredible member had made its way back into my mouth. This time it wasn't going to get away. This was my most secret fantasy, deeper than the one's I had lived out what suddenly seemed a lifetime ago, and I was loving every second of it.

They both held still for a moment before they began a rhythmic thrusting into my ass and mouth. AS Mark pulled out, Josh pushed in. Each time he got a little further into my mouth, until I had a good few inches to play with. And play I did. I used every part of my mouth and tongue to give him pleasure in return for the pleasure he was giving me by allowing me to suck him. I tried to touch every part of his penis with my tongue, licking as much of him as I could. Bracing myself on my left elbow, I reached up with my right hand to jack him off while I sucked and licked.

Mark was still fucking me, but slowly, clearly intent on taking his time with me which suited me just fine. After a few minutes I pulled Josh's cock out of my mouth and kissed and licked the parts I couldn't reach, working down to his balls, licking them and gently grabbing the scrotum with my lips. I couldn't get any lower so I looked up at Josh and told him to turn around. He did so and leaned forward, exposing his ass to my mouth. This time there was no pause, just raw excitement as I lowered my head to his crack and extended my tongue. It slid gently across the smooth, pink flesh and I was rewarded with lustful moan. Enjoying this I probed deeper, feeling the heat of his anus around my mouth and tongue. I rimmed him for a good five minutes before the need for his penis overtook me again. I pulled back and he turned around, thrusting into my mouth once more. I knew they couldn't keep this up for long and I began to imagine what Josh's orgasm might be like, his huge penis pumping semen from those heavy balls straight into my mouth. Would it taste nicer than Mark's? Would it feel warm sliding down my throat? Would I even be able to swallow it all? I couldn't wait to find out and redoubled my efforts, desperately trying to make Josh cum.

Mark had picked up his pace now and I sensed he was close. I had been so focused on pleasing Josh that I had barely had time to enjoy the fucking of a lifetime I was getting. I took a minute to savour it. I could feel the ridge of the head as it opened me up, seeking my prostate and the quivering sensation I got when it found it. I could feel the length and girth of the rest of him it filled me up and those heavy balls hitting my ass as he entered me fully.

I couldn't wait for either of them to cum and sucked and sucked on Josh's penis, willing the semen out, moaning like a whore the whole time.

I pulled off Josh's cock one last time and said between thrusts "fuck....me. Cum...in...me....please".

I couldn't explain how I felt but I didn't just want their cum, I needed their cum, needed it inside my mouth and anus, needed to know that I had done a good job and pleasured them to the point of orgasm.

I returned to Josh's cock just in time. My pumping hand, my sucking mouth, my licking tongue had done the job well. Josh almost screamed as he came, the semen I so desperately needed flooding my mouth. Mark had come in my mouth before but this was something else. I swallowed as much as I could, loving the salty taste of it but I had to pull back and let him cum on my face. I closed my eyes and let its warmth wash over me it was so erotic.

Meanwhile Mark was mercilessly pounding my ass. I braced myself on my elbows so he could push harder and squeezed his penis as it moved in and out. It was too much for him and in one huge thrust he let loose a torrent of semen into my ass. It felt amazing, indescribable. I could feel it too, filling me up, it was so hot I thought I was being scalded.

We both collapsed, with him on top of me and I turned my head and experienced the most sensuous kiss I'd ever had.

In the end, Mark pulled out of me and I lay on the bed between him and Josh, sharing kisses while I gently held their cocks. I was in total awe of the experience I had just had. Two amazing cocks had given me so much pleasure and I had done my best to return it. They had rewarded me large amounts of semen, that I could feel warming my ass and belly. How could any girl compare to having a rock hard penis invading your most intimate places?

I started to feel sleepy but Mark shook me awake and said "Don't sleep just now, we haven't finished yet".

I realised he was talking about the last part of my fantasy, the crowning glory of kneeling between them as they took turns filling my mouth with their cum.

My hands started pumping them as my own penis started to rise in anticipation.

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Addicted to cock

I'm bi and I crave cock. I have never been able to be satiated. This wonderful story is a fantasy of mine that I hope some day to experience. Thanks so much. I loved it and it will replay in my mindmore...

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Fantasy cum true

I was the ‘meat’ in the sandwich a few times in my 20s .. my friend Tom was gay and he had a circle of gay friends including Brad who I like a lot ( Tom and I had a ‘fling’ in our teens but hadn’tmore...

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