Bi-Curious Newcomers Encouraged


"You want to do the honors?" Tom asked me, with a head nod toward Alice's lower body.

"Leave it to me," I replied.

I knelt on the edge of the bed and helped Alice climb up to all fours. She looked back at me for a moment and her hair fell to the far side of her face. I could see the brown flower between her butt cheeks from this angle and the bare waxed vulva lips squeezed between her thighs. My mouth led the way until my lips were buried between those thick vulva folds and my tongue parted the lips and found the little nub at the top.

"Mmmmm... yes, please," Alice cooed before continuing her assault on Tom's cock.

We spent a while in this position, Alice pleasuring her husband while I pleasured his wife. After a while, my face became coated in her brine and I could see her back expand and contract as her breathing sped up.

"Oh, Tom, he's gonna make me come!" Alice squealed.

"Fuck, yeah, baby, come all over his face!" her husband replied.

My tongue was dancing circles across her clit and her vulva lips and she reached to the skin just above her vagina and pulled it upward to give me better access. I felt the muscles in her legs surrounding my face clench as she came and then her posture slumped.

"That was nice," Alice panted. Tom smiled his approval. "Get a condom."

Tom opened a drawer next to the bed and removed a handful of wrapped condoms. Meanwhile, Alice flipped over on the bed. I could see now that she had a patch of bushy dark pubic hair just above her bare vulva.

"Come up here," Alice told me and I swung around to the middle of the bed to kneel next to her face.

While Tom unwrapped and then pulled the condom down over his massive erection, Alice sat up on her elbows and used only her lips and tongue to bring my erection back to life. While I watched, Tom saddled up between Alice's legs and began to pump his manhood in between her soft folds. Eventually, I had to take care of myself while Alice looked down at her husband while he pounded her opening. I didn't mind just watching them fuck for a few minutes and neither did my cock which was spewing a small stream of pre-cum.

"Leave some for our new friend," Alice politely requested after Tom spent several minutes thrusting his pole between her sopping wet folds.

"Of course," Tom replied and he flipped a sealed condom to me.

I tore open the wrapper and pulled the tight latex down my rock hard shaft. Then, I jumped off the front edge of the bed and found my way between Alice's legs. She pulled herself higher on the bed so I could get on my knees between her legs and I lifted her thighs so she could rest her calves on my shoulders while I pumped inside her slick hole.

"Oh, god, her pussy is so tight," I said.

"A nice surprise, right?" Tom replied.

"Thanks, I guess?" came Alice reply as her breasts flopped beneath her tank top.

Tom did us a favor by pulling Alice's top up over her breasts. She grasped her left breast in her left hand and cupped it while Tom fondled the otherside. They were even more glorious in person than in photos and I stared at her heavy knockers as they took on a life of their own each time her body rocked in response to my thrusts.

I tried to keep my pace steady so I wouldn't finish too quickly and, it turned out, Tom and Alice had a little more in mind.

"Hey, Bobby, you know what I really like?"

"What's that, Alice?" I asked between short breaths and grunts.

"I love to watch a man suck on Tom's cock while I get fucked. Do you think you can do that for me?"

My thrusts hesitated for a second. I still didn't find myself attracted to Tom, per se, but this couple was making a fantasy come true for me and I wanted to live up to my end of the bargain. Plus, at that moment, I would have done whatever this woman wanted to let me keep fucking her.

"Sure thing," I replied.

As I continued my thrusts, Tom stood and presented his cock to my left cheek. I turned to the side and opened my lips and let him slip himself inside my mouth. I could taste a little bit of the rubbery flavor his condom left behind but I tried to relax and let him take the lead.

"Have you ever sucked a dick before, Bobby?" Alice seductively asked.

I managed to get out a muffled "No."

"Just relax and let him get into your cheek so he can get his whole dick inside your mouth," she encouraged me.

I tried to do as she asked and, before I knew it, I felt like a chipmunk with the thick head of his cock pressing out my cheek. The experience was hotter than I could have anticipated. Suddenly, Tom's cock was just another sexual organ to play with, like it was an extension of what Alice and I were doing. I guess Tom liked it because his salty precum dribbled into my mouth..

"You sure you don't want to fuck Bobby?" Alice teased Tom.

"It's ok, I'll pass," he replied.

"It's always the same answer..." Alice complained. "But this is still so fucking hot - watching you take him in your mouth. Now excuse me while I shut up and come."

Within a few moments, Alice had released her tits and they were flopping to the sides of her ribcage as she rocked hard against my pelvis. She threw her hands up over her head and I got into the act. I leaned forward until Tom's cock popped out of my mouth and then pressed her hands into the mattress while I fucked her hard.

"Oh, God, Bobby, it's like I can feel you in my stomach. Don't fucking stop!" She begged.

I followed orders and quickened my pace. I had to strain to avoid coming as my balls pounded up against her ass. The glow of the sweat on her forehead was really turning me on. I loved it when I could tell a woman was really getting her money's worth.

"After I come, I want you to fuck my tits until I come, ok?" Alice asked me between panting breaths.

"Fuck, that sounds hot," came Tom's response. I could hear the sound of his hand schlocking against his wet shaft next to me. I could only nod to acknowledge Alice's question.

Alice's lips curled inward as she started to moan and wail. Tom crawled up next to her and was aggressively stroking his cock over her soft stomach. Alice wailed and clenched again and, after taking a moment, pulled her breasts together with an eager look on her face.

"OK, fuck my tits, Bobby," Alice whispered, her eyes were wide with anticipation..

I couldn't take it anymore. I pulled my dick from her wet folds and straddled her rib cage on my knees. My dick slipped between her glistening breasts and she pulled her thick breasts together to form a sheath for my shaft.

"Ooooh, yeah. Oooooh, yeah," I shouted as I felt my groin tighten and my cock quiver between her fleshy mounds.

"I'm coming, baby," Tom shouted and, before I knew what was happening, a stream of milky white liquid erupted from the eye of his cock across Alice's tits and down into the valley where my cock was still pumping.

I could feel the warmth of the thick fluid lubricate my cock. More cum followed and soon I was pumping my dick through a frothy valley of semen.

"God, that's hot," I said to Alice and I stared down into the brown circles at the tips of her breasts that were pressed up against my thighs. My groin and balls strained and my shaft spasmed and fired a shot of clear liquidy semen up into Alice's neck.

"Let me help," Tom offered. He took my shaft in his hand and pumped his hand around my spasming cock. A rope of white cum fired from my tip, this time reaching Alice's chin and lips. He continued stroking and I continued pumping stream after stream of semen down onto his wife.

When my cock dried up, Tom held me in place while his wife sat forward and stuffed my sloppy meaty shaft into her mouth. She used her tongue to strip my cock bare of her husband's creamy gift and then suck out the remaining semen still inside my softening shaft.

"Oh, my God. Fuck that was awesome," I said as I crumbled backward into the soft bed.

Weight shifted toward the top of the bed, a drawer on the bedside table opened, and, when I looked up, Alice was offering Tom and I some wet wipes to clean up with. She rolled off the side of the bed and used her palm to hold the streaming cum on her chest in place as she darted to the bathroom. Her butt jiggled and bounced as she jogged across the room.

"How'd I do?" I asked Tom as I wiped my balls and shaft with the cool wet towelette.

"Oh, yeah, you did well," Tom replied.

I looked up and he was nodding down toward my enthusiastically as sweat poured down the sides of his face. Tom and I drank a little more whiskey in the nude and cooled off while we waited for Alice to rinse off in the shower. It was always a little hard to look a man straight in the eyes after I had banged the ever living bejeesus out of his wife.

"Did you miss me," rang Alice's voice as she re-entered the room a few minutes later. She was wearing a towel tied around her torso. It hung down off her shapely breasts.

"Definitely," Tom replied.

"I guess this is where I take off?" I said as more statement than question.

"Sorry to see you go," Alice said as she circled around behind Tom, tossed her arms around his neck and hung her hands down to his chest. "But, listen, this was a lot of fun. What do you say, Tom, should we give Bobby a callback?"

"That sounds like a great plan. What do you say, Bobby?"

"I'm game. This was fun and you guys just let me know the next time you need a pick up. Maybe you can even show me a few more things I don't know?"

"With the way you got me off tonight, we'll show you whatever you want," Alice said with a smile.

I dressed and grabbed my back. With a hug for Alice and a stiff handshake for Tom, I said my goodbyes and left the room. It was difficult to stumble to the elevator after all the moving and shaking I had done back in the hotel room, so I Uber'd my way home. It was worth the price to get back to my own apartment and shower quickly so I could wash off all the fluids and juices sticking to my body. The wet wipe just didn't cut it.

Just before I fell asleep, my phone buzzed. There was another message with another picture. It looked like Tom had taken this one as it was Alice spread eagle on the bed, one hand seductively cupping a breast while the other was buried between her legs.

"We fucked one more time and came while we talked about how hot your cock and mouth felt. We'll talk soon.

T & A"

Looks like there were going to be more new adventures in my future.

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