Bianca Ch. 02


... laved it with her wet tongue before trying to close her lips around the fat head. Having a small portion of his member in her mouth wasn't very comfortable, and she dreaded having to work even more of it in. Bianca sucked on the head, expertly maneuvering her tongue around it and snaking the tip inside the pee-slit.

He moaned and put his hand on her head, tangling his fingers in the soft dark tresses. And then he pushed down, forcing more cock into the teen's mouth.

"Take it in... thata girl... "he muttered as his meat filled her mouth and he felt the head touch the back of her throat.

Bianca tried hard to fight the gag-reflex and lift her head up, but he had a strong hold on her hair. Her lips were stretched so much, she thought they would tear at the corners. She wanted to bring him off quick and end her discomfort. Sliding a hand inside his boxers, she cupped a massive ball and began gently kneading it, while she sucked hard on the man-meat inside her mouth.

He gradually eased the hold on her hair and allowed her more control. She lifted her mouth off the rigid member and ran her tongue on the underside, from base to tip. He moaned, but then grabbed her hair again and filled her mouth with his cockmeat. He looked down and saw the way her pretty lips stretched around it. She looked very uncomfortable. He lifted her head up by the hair, and then pushed it down on his prick again. Back up, and then back down. He began jacking himself off with her mouth. It felt so good around his thick prick. He could feel his orgasm building up.

He became more violent as he neared his climax, slamming her face into his crotch as his cock almost went down her throat.

"Ohh yess... almost there... such a good girl... oh fuck... " he managed to say through clenched teeth, and then he quickly lifted her face up and shot his warm cum all over her cheeks, lips, nose, and forehead. It was splattered everywhere.

Bianca just stayed there between his legs, her throat and lips sore, feeling low and degraded.

She licked her lips, forgetting that they were covered with his jizz, and tasted the coagulating substance. She was disgusted, not with the taste, but with her situation and him.

He put his soft prick back inside the boxers, for now, and patted Bianca on the head. She glared at him as she wiped the cum from her face with her shirt.

"Thanks honey, I enjoyed that very much... but I feel that I should make it up to you. I never leave my girls unsatisfied. "

That said, he got up on his knees and motioned for her to lie down. She reluctantly lay back on the floor. He quickly removed his coat and proceeded towards her.

"Good thing about me, my dear, is the fact that I love a woman's pussy. The scent, the taste, everything. I thoroughly enjoy having my face buried between soft thighs... such as yours... and I'm absolutely positive you'll enjoy it as well. "

Bianca's eyes widened.

He positioned himself between her smooth tan legs and stroked the insides of her thighs. She let out an involuntary moan.

"Hehe... maybe you'll enjoy it even more than I thought... "

He pushed her thighs apart, amused by the sight of her soaked panties that managed to wedge themselves between her pussy lips, which were slick with her juices. He was amused because her obvious arousal contradicted her attitude about this whole thing. And he's seen this way too many times. He wondered if there was a girl out there that would remain dry before he fucked her. This one was sopping wet. Which was actually very good because her juices would provide necessary lubrication for later on...

Bianca watched him hook his fingers around the thin straps of her thong panties and pull them down. She lifted her ass off the floor, allowing him to pull them off further. Her hairless cunt was on display.

He completely removed the rolled up thong and tossed it to the side. He would keep it as a souvenir... add it to his collection.

"Tell me sugar, do you shave or wax that smooth cunt of yours?" he asked.

"Both" she replied quietly.

"Both, eh? Why both?"

"Umm... I shave the mound, but get the lips and everything else waxed" she said.

"Alright... that's good. I like that. " he said, ending this brief conversation.

He reached out and traced the outside of her pussy with his fingers, feeling her heat and slippery juices. Bianca closed her eyes.

"Do you like it when I touch you?" he whispered, moving his fingers between her labia, dangerously close to her clit.

She said nothing, but sucked in her breath when she felt him touching the area around her super-sensitive button.

"I asked you a question... and I'm not going to repeat myself again. " he warned, pulling back the hood of the pink organ.

"Yes" she finally replied hoarsely.

"'Yes' what, my dear?"

"Yes, I like it when you touch me. "

"Good girl... "

He bent down and blew cold air on her exposed clit. She shivered. Her eyes still remained closed.

Bianca had mixed feelings about her predicament. On one hand, he had kidnapped her and raped her mouth... but on the other hand, she was very aroused... and yes, she wanted him...

As soon as that thought crossed her mind, she felt his tongue on her pussy.

"Ohhh... " a moan escaped her mouth.

He was licking his way around her swollen labia. Then moved his tongue in between the pink slippery petals. She tasted so sweet and her scent was clean and inviting. He was always amazed at how each girl smelled and tasted differently. He liked this one.

Sliding his hands under her thighs and wrapping them around, he pulled them apart, opening her up more. He watched as the juices that had accumulated in her cunt now steadily flowed down between her buttocks, coating her little puckered anus. And then he went back to her sweet warm gash.

With the aid of his fingers he held her pussy lips open, and then began licking up her nectar. Every swipe of his powerful tongue elicited a moan from his sexy victim.

He looked up to see her pulling at her hard nipples and digging her nails into the soft flesh of her tits. She was actually leaving red marks.

"Hmm... there's a little masochist in her... "he thought, and decided to alter his cunt-eating tactics for this young chica. He continued licking her, but would occasionally nibble hard on her inner labia, causing her to cry out... but an increase in juice-flow would occur. She liked it.

When he began to suck on her erect clitoris, she started writhing and her breathing became shallow. 'Whines' and 'yelps' replaced the regular moans. He bit down on it... unintentionally a little too hard.

"OHHHH GODDDDDDD! Ohhhh... ungghhhh...!" she screamed at first, but then her screams gave way to moans and guttural noises. Her face was flushed. He knew she had climaxed. Just to make sure, he plunged two fingers into her very tight love canal, feeling her powerful muscles spasming around them. He was right.

more to come!

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