tagInterracial LoveBifrost Ch. 02

Bifrost Ch. 02


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Kirk escorted Aztrit back to her chambers. When they reached her door, they both stood frozen in its shadow. The torches flickering on either side were the only noise permeating the hallway. Suddenly, they couldn't find the words.

She truly had nothing to say. They had acted on impulse, cultivating the connection between them. It had happened so fast, she hadn't had time to think about how confused she would feel afterwards. But, she knew even if she had been given hours to think about it, she wouldn't have rejected his touch. He was so impressive to her. Since the moment they had met she was stimulated by him, visually, in combat, and now physically. His pale hands making private paths around her brown body was a fantasy that he had made true for her. The callouses from wielding his axe made his touch unbearably pleasurable. Her face was still burning with the afterglow of their playful encounter. The fearless warrior in her was severely lost. She was afraid of what it would mean if she fully accepted him as her lover. She doubted she would be strong enough to pull away, and take him for Valhalla. Aztrit was not one to be shy about indulging in the pleasures of the flesh. Nor was she virginous. But she was finding it hard to maintain her confidence in his presence. A fact that could play to be fatal to her task.

"Doors do not open by themselves Valkyrie." Kirk said quietly behind her. He had watched her grapple with what they had done for several minutes while she toyed with her hands. He couldn't explain why he had needed her so detrimentally in that moment either. It had started exactly when he had seen her, whispering over his men in the great hall. Her hair had been obscuring most of her face, only letting him see her slim, upturned, brown nose and her long fanned eyelashes. He had recognized her out of her Valkyrie Armour, and was convinced she was there to take them. But as she had looked up and he saw the brilliant shade of gold her iris was, he hesitated attacking her. Every moment since, he had tried to harbour his distrust, but he failed every time their eyes connected. He could see the fearlessness in her soul, and she brimmed with intelligence and beauty. He was still awestruck that she continuously gave the breath from her body to help others, no matter how it pained her. He imagined it pained her more to watch others suffer. He had missed her when she was gone. They had met so briefly, but she seeped into his thoughts throughout each day. Seeing Eric hold her hand in his had been infuriating. But deep inside, he was proud to hear from her own lips that Kirk himself was doing particularly well keeping her entertained. He had wanted to kiss her deeply in front of his cousin, just to ensure he knew the Aztrit was available to Kirk, and no one else, even though he had always made an effort to keep his affairs private.

"Forgive me, Lord Verdulke. Doors are an entirely new concept for me." She looked up over her shoulder and lifted her brows, sarcasm dripping from her full lips.

"Oh, aye? Has the arthritis in your hands kept you from learning?" He laughed at his own joke, and felt her elbow collide with his ribs. He doubled over in pain and coughed profusely.

She gasped and apologized repeatedly, "I'm sorry Kirk, I didn't mean to hit you so hard." She placed a hand on his back and bent over to try to apologize to his downturned face. "I'm so sorry."

He lifted his silver eyes to hers and straightened his back with a smile, "Can I have a kiss to heal it Valkyrie?" She had no time to be angry at his deception. He backed her into the closed door and lifted her chin as he laid his lips against hers.

She didn't fight him as he lifted her. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he pressed her back harder against the sturdy wood. She wasn't used to being so submissive. Away from him, she was a goddess, fighting in gruesome wars, and leading legions of her warrior sisters. But in his arms, she wasn't an immortal, she was a woman drowning in desire. She ran her hands through his hair as she enjoyed the thickness of his lips. She licked his bottom lip and sucked it gently between her teeth. His hard length pressed into her. She threw her head back, giving him access to her neck. He placed kisses on her collarbone and listened to the small noises she made in response. She tightened her hold on his shoulders to let him reach around her to the brass door knob.

Their lips pressed together again as he carried her over the threshold and closed the door behind him. They kissed hungrily as he made his way over to the bed and laid her in it. He looked at her with her hair fanned across the thick quilt, and her eyes hooded. Her dress had risen and only slightly covered her womanhood. He was eager to have her take everything he could give. But as he thought about how beautiful she was, he slowed his movements to undress himself. Whether or not he wanted to have sex with her was not what was keeping him from devouring her. He didn't want to rush the blessing that would be her in bed with him. He didn't want their relationship to be centered around what they could do for each other physically. He really enjoyed her presence, and her mind. No one had been as willing to challenge him as she had. He put his hands on either side of her and hovered over her face. He focused his steel eyes on her and breathed deeply. "I can't control myself around you Aztrit." He gripped the blanket tighter.

She sat up and took in the confusion rimming his eyes. She understood. They had been trying to get to know each other throughout the day, but she had missed his intoxicating presence while she had been away. The distance had put the opposite effect on their companionship that she had hoped for. Everytime they asked questions about each other, they ended up being intimate. Her soul resonated with everything he told her. His love for his country, his tales of battle, his loyalty to his clan, and the loneliness that came from leading others. Maybe they were both just eager to have someone who seemed to understand them, before they had even revealed anything to each other. She too had been fighting harder against her emotions today. In hopes of keeping how disappointed Odin would be, in mind. But it was proving to be harder on them both to fight against their attraction. They would have short spurts of intimacy, and then retract, remembering that their relationship was supposed to be a professional one. It was a time for honesty.

She placed a hand on his chest and felt the gentle beating of his heart underneath his skin. "I feel different from how I felt three days ago. I'm sorry I disrespected you and your household. I just, needed to breath. To try to understand this odd pull I'm beginning to feel towards you. It's so strong."

He was surprised to hear her say she felt it too. "It's like a stone in my chest. Whenever I'm around you the weight becomes heavier." He touched his forehead to hers and kissed her gently. "I'm still trying to understand how I got a Valkyrie to join me in bed."

"I have low standards, and a weakness for men who know how to swing an axe." He laughed as she joked. "When you started swinging, I was actually impressed with your power. You can fathom that after so many centuries it takes a great deal to impress me over combat. I was hoping to keep what I was from you, but seeing that I had no weapons and a handsome warrior trying to kill me, I figured you would come to understand what I was. Although I'm positive, you might not have fought me if you had seen my Valkyrie form."

"I saw you on the field at Haverslhab." She pulled back as he said this. Humans could not see her form unless she willingly let them. And she never allowed that to happen.

"What did you see?" She let him go as she questioned him. Again she was left questioning his lineage. She wondered what else he could see. And if he wasn't pure, it would explain why he was more capable fighting her than other humans had been.

Sensing they were going to begin talking instead, he backed away and brought the chair from the desk to the edge of the bed where she sat. "We were riding away quickly, so I only caught glimpses. But I saw something tall with large black feathered wing stretching from green and gold armour. One second, the bodies were there, the next blue flames engulfed them and they disappeared. I wasn't sure what I saw. Until you came inside the great hall. I saw you praying and I recognized your face from the field. But I wasn't really sure it was you until we fought. From the moment you summoned your blade, I knew you were Valkyrie."

"So you saw someone praying and decided to attack them?" She said with playfulness to her tone.

He shrugged and continued, "Valkyrie aren't exactly something I have experience fighting. If I was wrong, the axe wouldn't have hit you, I aimed it to your left. I guess I was just lucky to be right about my assumptions."

"I was trying to help your men, why would you want to hurt me?" She felt herself getting defensive. It was the way he made her sound like a beast with no soul.

"I just didn't know what to expect. You're not exactly a friendly fairytale creature, and you came to my home uninvited the same day you stole the souls of a fraction of my men and set their bodies on fire. What would you have done?'' He knew it was beginning to sound harsh as it crossed from his lips. But he didn't want to lie.

She scoffed, "Stole? Every man is an offering to Odin on the field. You all decided to fight willingly and all of your men died honourably. I am not the one who murdered them, so how am I the disgusting creature in this reality of yours?"

"I didn't call you a disgusting creature. Don't put words into my mouth that I never spoke." He knew she had just been doing what she was made to do, but apart of him was angry seeing his men burn.

"I treated the men you led, with the utmost respect. The eternal flames of Asgard were a blessing of devotion for their acts of bravery. Never would I forget the value their lives held. I came here to help you, not to be scorned for taking my role to the God's seriously. I am not an unfeeling thing that can't comprehend the importance of life."

"Aztrit I never said-"

"You implied that I defiled them. That I was the one who tore them from this world, but I was not the one who took their lives. It's unfair for you to treat me like I did."

"How could I ever have known what you were here for before we got a chance to speak?"

"You didn't bother to ask! You attacked me, remember? You never gave me a chance to tell you before you tried to kill me. That's always how it is with you humans. You fight before you even attempt to understand what you're doing. You're never happy unless someone dies from your efforts." She couldn't help her shouting. She was feeling more vulnerable and attacked by his words than she had ever been. "You never care who you hurt along the way. You're greedy, selfish creatures that can't see beyond their feeble lives."

He stood and glared at her. So now she was attacking his character? How could he ever not care about the loss he felt everyday thinking of people who were no longer with him because of pointless wars? "You could never understand the loss I've felt. Immortal things like you have never cared about us unless we had something to offer. You won't ever be able to appreciate the world around you because you'll outlive it. Some of us have a finite amount of time to correct the mistakes our ancestors made while we try not to make our own."

She slid off the bed and stood returning his icy glare. Who was he to belittle her? Decades from now, he would be nothing more than decaying bones, and she would live on. Why should she waste her time debating whether or not to do what her father wished, if Kirk had already decided she was a beast? "I should thank you Lord Verdulke, you have no idea how easy you've made this appointment for me. If you want someone to warm your bed, take one of the common whores who serve you. I'll be your healer and nothing more, I'll be the cold withering beast you know me to be and take whoever I feel worthy to serve Odin in Valhalla. And after I'm through, I hope you enjoy your short pointless life." She was seething. Why had he pretended he saw her as more than what she did? What was the point of making her feel so connected to him so quickly if he still saw her as a monster? She felt foolish for coming so close to giving herself to him.

Kirk balled his fists with anger. He knew she couldn't have been as loving and open as she let on. Underneath her attractive exterior she was still a thief. Exactly as he saw her the very first time, inhuman and beastial. He was glad she was saying these things now. This way he never had to restrain himself around her. He would always remember that she saw him as nothing more than a parasite. "If your God's still find it necessary to meddle in things they have no business in, you can meet us in Vertan a week and a half from now. But, I truly hope Odin will rethink the involvement of the Valkyrie."

She watched him as he left. He slammed the heavy door behind him not once looking back. She couldn't fathom how she had questioned her loyalty to her father for Kirk. She would do exactly as her father wished when it came time. Never would she question it again. With a gust of light and wind she too left. The fire went out from the force of her exit, leaving the room cold and void of the passion that had given it life.


The morning Kirk was due to begin his travels to Vertan, he awoke far too early. He sat up quickly in his bed and looked around frantically. His only company was the waving fireplace warming the cold stone hearth. He felt the light sheen of sweat on his scarred chest. He lingered over the dip in the middle and passed the skin along where the cut Aztrit had gifted him should have been. His hair hung over his eyes as he lowered his head. He regretted how that night went so deeply. The pain in his chest accompanied with the pull sunken in his body reminded him constantly of his unsavory words. He had thought to apologize later that same night, but when he had re-entered the room, she and the fire, were both gone. Each day he had waited for her to return, knowing all the while she had no reason to. He had told her not to return, that he didn't need her help. He was ashamed with how he treated her. He knew it was the warrior in both of them becoming defensive, instead of the lovers they had quickly become. He didn't expect her to be waiting for him in Vertan, but he was hoping she would be.

Aztrit hadn't slept in days. After her argument with Kirk she had returned to her home in Asgard and devoted herself to watching her sisters. She knew her Valkyrie would be able to function independently without her presence, but keeping herself busy was preferable to thinking about the mess she had made with her words. She had felt incredibly foolish when she left. She knew her defensiveness came from a place of insecurity. She wasn't happy only having battle to look forward too. War captivated her everyday, and to have let her warrior execute what had been growing with Lord Verdulke was behaviour she was ashamed of.

"Aztrit, are you listening?" A soft voice spoke to her, shaking her from the hold her heart had on her mind.

She looked to her sister in arms Dahlia. Her Dark hair wisped passionately under her silver helmet. Her face was long and slender, graced with two emerald colored eyes that bore through your soul. She was much taller than her, and Aztrit often wondered if Dahlia would be more fighting to be Odin's daughter than she would. She had tried not to resent how unique she was in Asgard, but it was hard to be looked down on for the nature of her heritage. She was dark, and only half of a god. Dahlia was a pure spirit, not a god, but her purity made it easier for her to be accepted.

"I'm sorry Dahlia, please continue." Aztrit shook her head. Focusing on the matters in Valhalla was proving to be more difficult than she had expected. The walls surrounding it were taking damage every night, and the Valkyries on guard couldn't explain it. So tonight she had stood watch to determine what the cause of the problem was.

Dahlia loved Aztrit as a sister and a leader. Never had she been afraid serving under her, and she never expected to be lead by anyone else. The respect all of the Valkyries held for her was the most that they had given any leader, even Odin himself. Aztrit was always focused, staying leagues ahead of any adversity they could come across. But lately, she had been distant and distracted. She took her responsibilities seriously, and her sister was beginning to worry her. She knew she had been visiting Midgard before she returned, but Dahlia could not get her to confide in her what had happened while she was there. "Your watch is over. I'll take over for you and check on our sisters inside the hall. You should go get some rest, unless you want to talk to me about what happened on Midgard."

Aztrit listened to the waterfalls falling off of the surface of Valhalla. To be a place so plagued with death, it was one of the most serene places in Asgard. The large white walls surrounding the brimstone hall, and the golden tree atop it stood proudly on the floating plateau. Animals and spirits alike roamed its low green hillsides and bathed in the ponds scattered through the lush green fields. Being here would usually quiet her mind, and help her navigate any problems she had come across. But not even the beauty of her home could sift through the emotional pain that was beginning to rack through her. She had joked at first about the intensity of her attraction to Kirk, but she was learning quickly that ignoring the pull in her stomach was faulty. She had never felt worse, and they had only argued once. Imaging how upset with her he would be if he found out how she had been deceiving him was surely to be leaps and bounds more painful than she was experiencing now.

"Who is he?"

Aztrit looked up at her beaming friend in shock. "Excuse me?" Why had she ever expected Dahlia to leave her alone to her thoughts. If her blade wasn't swinging, her mouth was running. "Don't do this Dahlia. You know I don't have someone."

Dahlia dipped her slender feet into the crystal water in the pond they sat next to. She spoke up as the water from the bottomless water fell effortlessly over the side of the world. "You've been out of it for almost two weeks. The first time you come back with a glow and you smile more than I've seen you smile in eons. And the second time you come home you sulk endlessly and you can't even focus on standing watch. I give you permission to end me if I'm wrong that it's a man."

"Do you want to die now or later?" Aztrit rolled her eyes and shifted to her casual clothing. "Leave it alone Dahl."

"You've never hidden things from me. Don't start now Aztrit." Dahlia pleaded with her. Even if it didn't make her feel better to talk about it, she could at least confide in her and feel supported. "He must be quiet the hero if you wont tell me about him."

"How do you know he's a hero?" Aztrit forced it out not believing her own half lie.

"Because that's all we favour. We're surrounded by them everyday. We watch them develop on the fields and grow attached to their valour. If he isn't a hero, he wouldn't impress you. All your other affairs have been heroes. But never have I seen you this lost over one."

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