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Bifrost Ch. 03


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I originally submitted this story in interracial love, but as it's progressing, it's becoming much more fantasy based. I highly recommend reading the previous installations before this one. I apologize for the switch, and as always thank you for your support. Your continued feedback is appreciated.


The pearlescent gates of Vertan shone brightly in the daylight at the base of the mountains. The ancient structure stood at half the altitude of the rock it clung to, stating very clearly how impenetrable it could be against enemies. The hillsides outside of the gates were coated in multicolored flower fields. The air smelled permanently of spring and gentle rain.

Aztrit rode at the front of the caravan in between Kirk and Eric. Vertan was much more beautiful than she had pictured. She had only been once, centuries ago when the kingdom was destroyed from the war, and production on the gates had just begun. Vertan was wealthy from the mineral and gem deposits seated deeply in the mountains. Many came from afar to discover riches for themselves, but the deposits were only accessible with specialized tools created by the elves that resided here. Never did the sitting kings give their technology to travelers.

As they neared, a smaller portion of the bars at the bottom opened inward, seemingly by themselves. Aztrit slowed Fora as Kirk called for a halt. She looked over to him on his horse, his eyes were focused on the gates. After their time together at the pond, they had both struggled to pull away. She had helped him dress, covering his body with the formed black tunic he was currently wearing, while he kept undressing her. She had chosen to dress more conservatively, as was customary in Vertan. This time she donned a black silk dress that covered her neck line and flowed gently at her feet, still her leg was open, and it paired with heeled riding boots that came up to her mid thigh. She had pulled her hair out of her face, but Kirk had repeatedly released it from its binds. Now, in its straight form, it flowed down her back and around her shoulders.

She knew that Kirk was unworried because King Derkot had already given his approval, but something felt amiss. She had tried to shake the feeling on their ride over, but even through casual conversation with Eric, she was unsettled.

Kirk returned her gaze, and gave her a light smile. It had proven difficult to tear himself from her after they joined in the pond. Seeing her pull those dark suede boots over her brown thighs had made his efforts futile. He had wanted to press her up against the rough bark of the nearest tree, split her thighs, and hear her cry for him again. He searched her for her thoughts, finding that she wasn't mirroring the passion he was trying to communicate to her.

Before he got a chance to ask her why, three elves in full ruby adorned chest plates, braces, and greaves, passed under the towering pearl gates. He turned his attention to the tallest of the giants in the middle. His raven hair laid long about his slender shoulders. His face was narrow and features were delicate, but his sapphire eyes were unsettling, and they rested not on Kirk, but on Aztrit, who scowled back at the elf.

Kirk dismounted and came forward, standing in between her and the elf, noting how close he had gotten. Fora bucked and neighed behind him, as if trying to put distance between her rider and the onlooker. Kirk tried to pull his attention as he spoke, but the connection he seemed to share with Aztrit was powerful enough to make him feel as if he was interrupting. "Lord Verdulke of Karth for King Derkot." But the elf with the blue eyes, continued to keep his gaze on Aztrit, and now a smile plastered his cheekbones.

Aztrit looked at the elf with fury in her eyes. She knew him, and well. He could never keep himself from being deceitful. The smile he had displayed when Kirk introduced himself was almost enough for her to ruin his ruse. 'I smell you on him sister.' She heard him say in her mind. She narrowed her eyes and dismounted Fora. She too, had known who he was. She came to stand next to Kirk and was joined by Eric. She locked eyes with Kirk, who looked to her in confusion. She could feel anger rising from his body.

After Kirk introduced her as his healer and Eric as his second, the elf's smile fell quickly. He looked to the Lord who stood at the same height as he did, and tilted his head slightly to left. For awhile, he stayed just like that, trying to place what he was finding odd about the human in front of him. "King Derkot has been waiting, Lord Verdulke. However, today he finds himself, preoccupied. So tonight shall be a night of feasting to welcome you," The elf impishly bowed for emphasis. "And tomorrow, shall be one of planning and alliances. Thoroux and Gliker will show your second and your men to their... resting places. I, will give you a glance at Vertan as I show you to yours." The two blonde elves who stood at the leaders shoulders broke off and sheathed their weapons. Pulling Eric and the horses into the gates. "My name is Frovik, General of king Derkot's army. Follow me." Frovik flashed a smile to a disapproving Aztrit, enjoying how upset she was.

As they followed Frovik into the gates and along the path of laid pearl, they took in the high rise buildings weaving themselves into the mountain sides connected by bridges encrusted in jewels. She noticed they planned their city defensively, topping the buildings with thick spikes of silver ore. The marbled buildings ranged from the deepest noir to the most reflective eggshell. The elves lined the streets, watching as the foreigners went by. Each one was tall and graceful looking. The women adorned high collared dresses and full sleeves entwined with assorted jewels. Even the men wore flashy jewelry as they covered up. It wasn't hard to decipher that after they rebuilt, they focused on the wealthy nature of their origin to embolden the culture they had almost lost. There were no open air markets, just gossiping on lookers and jewels.

The buildings seemed to go on for miles, going deeper into the valley in between the mountains. Except for their colours, they were all identical. The people of Vertan favoured order and uniformity, but there was a hidden layer of creativity in each architectural anomaly. Frovik's humoured voice cut through her thoughts, "Have you ever seen anything like it, healer?" He didn't turn to look at her when he asked this. She sucked her teeth to force herself to stay quiet. He knew she had. She carried on observing, ignoring his attempt to rile her.

Kirk looked between the two. Frovik laughed at her silence, while Aztrit became angrier at every attempt he made to speak to her. Did they know each other? He knew she had been intimate with other beings in Midgard, was Frovik one of them? As Frovik spoke to a lesser elf to his side, Kirk leaned over and spoke to her, "Do you know him? He seems quiet interested in you."

She bit her lip and looked away from him. What was she supposed to say? She didn't want to cause more trouble than Frovik had already started. "No?" she formed it into a question, trying to find the right way to explain how she knew him.

"No? You sound unsure." He stood straight and eyed her as she fiddled with her hands. A lie in its darkest form. He didn't understand why she wouldn't just tell him if she had been with him previously. He knew she wasn't a virgin when he took her, so what was the point in lying? He looked back to Frovik and felt a new feeling in the back of his throat. Jealousy. Was it more than sex with him?

She felt twinges of pain that she was positive was coming from Kirk. She didn't want to lie. But she felt that if she had told him the truth right then, he would do something rash. She chose to stay quiet. She knew she would pay for it, but now wasn't the time.

They continued the path as it began to round through the center of the city. On either side, were long silver halls with observatories atop them, spinning slowly. The silver casted deep shadows on the mountains, making the city seem encapsulated in luxury. The hall to the right ended with a circular building topped with a statue of the Goddess Idunn, keeper of apples and youth. Frovik stopped in front of the hall to the left, it stopped when it met the mountain perpendicular to itself. This hall will be where you'll stay as honoured guests of King Derkot. Will you be staying separately, or together?" Frovik's eyes switched in between the two, seemingly excited for an answer.

"Separately." Kirk said first, not looking at her.

Frovik grinned wider, "Of course, Lord Verdulke. This way." He led them into the cool building, their steps echoing off of the heavy slabs underneath them. He led Kirk to the first door past a trickling fountain. As he opened the door for the Lord, he fixed his lips to speak again. "If you wish, I can arrange for you to have company to warm your bed tonight My Lord."

Aztrit balled her fists as she looked in between them. She could strangle Frovik. Kirk closed the door behind him without looking at the rage on her face. She looked to Frovik as he laughed and wiped tears from his eyes. She grabbed him by his slender throat, not being able to help her transformation. Her wings spread drastically behind her while her armour materialized on her body. He didn't stop his laughter. She pressed harder into his neck as his facial features dissolved. She threw him down the hallway, his back hitting the mountain wall at the end. She advanced with her wings as her brother came to life in front of her.

He stood taller than her in his true from. His lengthy black hair stayed the same as his sapphire eyes faded to his mischievous green. His armour radiated on his body, a twisted bronze engulfing his slender pale form. His face was rounder than the elf's he had stolen the likeness of, with a scar gracing his neck horizontally. "Aztrit, don't be so mad dearest sister. Although I have to say, fucking the man you're supposed to kill is a little messy for Odin's favourite." His face lost his humour and he began to summon his staff.

She set her feet on the ground and summoned Hurink. "Don't do this here Loki. You've had enough fun for today. Return the general and be on your way."

"Always the respectable Valkyrie. I just wonder, if anyone else knows about your...indiscretions. You're usually so strict. Surely you didn't think we would check up on you and find your scents intertwined. Too half-breeds make a very intriguing fragrance." He put his weapon away and eyed the hallway around him. This would undoubtedly give him power over her. But he would have to bicker with himself whether or not to use it. They might not be siblings by birth, but he did have an odd love for his sister. "Think about this before it gets out any further Aztrit. Surely this is enough for father to consider it treasonous."

"After everything you've done Loki, I'm finding it hard to believe that I'll be the first to be cast out." She put her weapons away and changed back to her human form. She knew his words were true. It was different for Loki, he couldn't help his urge to be abrasive, but for her to shun her father with her actions, would be enough for him to retaliate fiercely against her. "Put everything back the way you found it brother, and leave."

"Don't you want to know why he sent me?"

She looked him up and down, "I doubt he would send you if it was so important? Why not Thor?"

Loki came closer and drew his voice to a whisper, "It's by my own doing that I'm here. So I've been sent down here to try to atone for my mistake." He sighed as she looked at him with suspicion, "It's Fenrir."

She shook the doubts she was holding. Fenrir was the prophesied end of a better portion of the nine worlds, and Odin himself. A great wolf with unbound power and size who was supposed to be chained in Helheim with Hel herself. Most importantly, Fenrir was Loki's son. "You better not say to me what I'm thinking you will Loki. I told you to check on him. Didn't I say that to you? When was the last time you sedated him? Have you been to see Hel recently? You're so fucking careless." She shouted at him not giving him a chance to make her angrier.

"I didn't get to tell you what happened."

She rolled her eyes. "Okay, go ahead. Tell me it's something else." She sat there watching his expressions change as he debated lying. "I knew it. You know he's a Harbinger, but you still only cared about yourself. Why am I not surprised?" She loved her brother, but Fenrir escaping was heavy progression in their timeline before Ragnarok.

He took her shoulders in his hands and shifted back to Frovik. "I'm going to find him sister. Don't worry. But be careful on your travels, he was the one causing damage to Valhalla, but he's not there anymore. He could be here on Midgard. 'Frovik's' eyes traveled above her. She turned around to see what had captured his attention, only to see Kirk glaring at the two of them.

Frovik removed his hands and set his eyes on her again. "Do as I say, Healer.'' He called her with a smile and walked past Kirk, back into the city.

She closed her eyes tightly, praying Kirk wasn't as mad as she felt he was. "Kir-"

"So you don't know him? You looked pretty comfortable for strangers." His words came from his lips before he could calm himself.

"It wasn't like that Kirk, and you know it. I do know him, but he's not who you think he is. He's-" she turned to face him, only to find herself cut off again.

"What would I know about him? You lied to me. I asked you if you knew him. Why couldn't you just tell me you had fucked him? But he is a General, warriors are just your type, aren't they, Valkyrie?"

He thought Frovik was her lover? She knew he was angry, but she couldn't help the smile and the laughter that racked through her body. This made him worse. She knew Kirk was just saying things out of jealousy, which made it funnier to her. "Kirk." She approached him, ignoring anger causing lines in his face, and hugged his waist. She needed the laugh he gave her. "He's my brother."

Kirk unballed his fists and looked at her with confusion. "General Frovik is your brother?" Why was she lying to cover it up?

"Yes and no. My brother was borrowing Frovik's image. It was Loki, my brother." She felt the anger in his body release with a wave of relief. She hadn't told him while her brother was here because she didn't want Kirk to alert anyone that the elf in front of them was an imposter.

"Loki?" He asked in shock. "Not your lover?'' he held her as she hugged the frustration from her body.

"No." She lifted her head to meet his understanding steele eyes with her amber.

She touched his stiff chest and ran her fingers across the ridges his muscles made. "I wouldn't let anyone else have me."

He rested his hand on the intake of her waist. "I apologize for assuming something unsavoury. It was wrong of me to not wait for your explanation."

She smiled at the progress they had made. They were talking about what had happened instead of letting it get the better of them. It wasn't much, but she appreciated the success all the same. She placed her hands on his face and brought his lips down to hers. She wasted no time opening for him. He enjoyed roving her mouth as he touched her body, and she would never deny him the pleasure he got from her. He grasped her waist and pushed her back towards his room. He needed her now, to confirm her words. She pulled away. "Let me have you before dinner." His words were not a request. He was demanding she join him and let him partake in the sweetness between her legs.

"I'm sorry. But there's somewhere I really have to be. But I'll be here in a couple hours to join you for dinner. I promise." He held her tighter, hoping to keep her against her will. He trusted her, but what if this separation lasted as long as she had left before? He connected their lips again, holding her tight to his body as he took his time enjoying her lips. She let her weight go in his arms. He was kissing her so softly, she felt she would cry. She could feel the pain they had inflicted on each other when they were apart. She could feel the love building between them. She knew suddenly, he was afraid to let her leave, not knowing when he would really see her again.

He caressed her waist and looked into her face as he pulled back to look at her. She knew he was begging her not to leave. But she had too. "I promise you, I'll be back. A couple of hours at the most. She touched his hair and held his head. "You can always call for me, and I'll come. She kissed him again, and let the wind take her. Leaving his arms emptier than his heart felt.


Aztrit ported to the doors of Valhalla. The marks damaging the walls were unmistakable pawprints and claw marks. The damage had grown significantly worse, deteriorating the heavy stone of the wall. The skies were distorted with long grey clouds and the wind whipped with ferocity across the plains. The unrest of the Gods sat heavy in the air. The clear waters of Valhalla were now a concerning black, and the gentle water falls now roared with effort off of the land.

Two of her Valkyrie appeared on the sides of the doors, and kneeled in front of her. "How long ago did this happen Craitol?" She spoke to the Valkyrie to her right as she passed them both and pushed open the doors.

Craitol rose, her short black hair wildly converging with the wind. She followed her leader into the long pillar filled hallway, trying desperately to keep up with her pace. "Fenrir was here last night My Lady. Dahlia was going to come find you, but Odin himself had warned against pulling you from your task. He had asked for you to come see him as soon as you arrived on your own whim. My Lady, I should tell you-"

Aztrit shook her head fiercely as her feet clicked against the linoleum leading to the Champion's Hall. If something was happening in Valhalla, it was her duty to be front and center. She knew she might not be able to fight of the Harbinger herself, but that was for her to discover and not anyone underneath her. She had left them unprotected. Before Craitol could finish her sentence, Aztrit pushed open the doors to the hall and stood still in the frame. Because of the attack, there were no heroes gathered, instead they would all be underneath the hall in the core of the building. All of her Valkyrie not on patrol were gathered around tables looking over the injured. Her sisters turned to look at her as she entered, kneeling as she walked by. She searched through the tables, not seeing Dahlia. She spun quickly around to face a distraught Craitol. "Where's Dahlia?" Her words came out more distressed then she had meant.

No one in the hall answered her. Instead they looked to the last table, surrounded by candles floating gently in the air around her resting body, was Dahlia. Aztrit hurried to the table side, growing angrier by the second. Dahlia laid bloody and half alive, with only her left side distinguishable. The right was ridden with giant holes curved into a 'u' shape. The bitemark of a giant. Her hair was matted with her own blood, and her right arm was gone. Aztrit placed a hand over her, sensing that her sister was still alive. She removed her cape, helmet and breastplate. She would have to be as comfortable as possible to work on her. Because of her condition she would have to focus on only her. "Is anyone else in like this?"

Craitol sounded off behind her, never had she seen the healing powers Aztrit was rumoured to have. Most of the sisters hadn't, she was intrigued, but saddedned that they needed to be used for such a distressing matter. "No My Lady. Everyone else is responding well to the tree mead." The mead they made from the Golden tree parched above their hall, was only reserved for healing purposes.

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