tagInterracial LoveBifrost Ch. 04

Bifrost Ch. 04


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Still struggling with category placement. It is Science Fiction/Fantasy, but it is my belief that it is first and foremost an interracial love story. So I'll keep it where it belongs. I apologize for the confusion. Thank you for reading, and feedback is always appreciated.


When Kirk entered the war room, he was the only occupant. The walls were jeweled intensely, reflecting the dim light of the few candles that flickered lazily. The table holding the strategic map of Midgard looked to be made of a worn silver alloy, larger than the bed he and Aztrit had slept in together the night before. The brown map was dotted with multi colored flags, simulating which portions were under Non-Ellicit control, and which areas had already been seized. From the patterns, he could tell the opposition was getting bolder, testing and surpassing their boundaries, like the faction that had ambushed his men on the way to Vertan. The captured lands were beginning to overflow into Karth, coming dangerously close to Grothen.

He thought about the talk he and Loki had had the night before. He had warned him that this would be a pointless endeavour; Ragnarok was fast approaching. His home, and everyone in it, would be facing a doom that they could not stop. No one would face Surtr, and stop him from seeking his revenge for the mistreatment of Muspelheim by the Asgardian Gods. His blaze would spread across the bridge between the two worlds, the Bifrost, and Midgard would meet it's untimely end. So, Loki had propositioned him. Join his family in the fight against Asgard, or die fighting against them. But he knew what joining them would mean. Abandon Aztrit, his home, and hers too. He would never be able to justify seeing to the death of everyone he cared for. Certainly not for a demon who had never cared for him.

He rested his palms on the cool metal of the table as the door creaked open in front of him. A tall elf with long grey hair pushed his way in. A series of jewels were fractured and redistributed throughout his obscenely large golden crown. It sat squarely on the temples of his slender face, with eyes as dark as obsidian. His cheeks were sunken, and his upturned nose was crooked. His long white robes fluttered around his feet as he slowly made his way in, followed by General Frovik in good health, and Derkot's eldest son Lefelgd, who would be his successor.

Kirk bowed slightly as the King entered, it was unfortunate this long anticipated war would come to fruition now. Derkot was deteriorating fast. If he was to pass, Vertan would be weakened from mourning.

Kirk had only ever met with Lefelgd. The King was always too ill or too busy. But Derkot had been close to his father. He knew what Kirk was, and who had mothered him. The King had always been deeply intune to the will of the Gods. He was known as a prophet for the Fates, guiding his people safely through the years after they had been forced to rebuild. Karth and Vertan had been compassionate allies for centuries. Vertan shared its wealth in return for the agriculture and smithing Karth specialized in.

He greeted Lefelgd as a brother. The young elf's blonde hair reached his lower back. His face was round and jovial with greeting. His Emerald Armour cast reflections around the well lit room. He stood only inches shorter than Kirk, and his face was artisanally shaped.

Kirk had been a child when Lefelgd had come to Grothen for his father's aid at a time when peace had been uncertain between Bulari and Vertan. Bulari had driven itself close to irreversible poverty, and had demanded Vertan to pay reparations for the battles fought in the Dwarven homeland during the civil war. But Derkot had been unwilling. It was unprecedented to pay for the repercussions of war that had been started by the Dwarves and the Ellicit. In his insecurity, King Kloi had made the mistake of questioning the willingness the Elves had possessed to stay peaceable, as the nation's excluding Froit had agreed to. But all Vertan had requested from Bulari were goods for their currency. Karth may have been excellent for smithing, but Dwarven metals made for the finest and longest lasting weaponry. With Kloi's refusal, Vertan was facing scrutiny and war from their southern neighbors. All that was left was the strength they could pull from numbers, approaching united with Karth to dissuade Bulari from attacking. So, Lefelgd had ridden to Castle Grothen, and stayed as the elf and his father, Lord Birau drew solutions to avoid the collapsing of their union.

While Lefelgd stayed, Kirk, being only a small boy, had been attached to his hip. Lefelgd had intrigued him with his tales of battle and of King Derkot. Lefelgd had been young for his kind, only three hundred and sixty. Just old enough to have experienced fighting at Derkot's side during the civil war, and take over as the King had begun to get sick. They would spend most days in the sunny courtyards of the gardens, weaving in and out between the thick tree roots of the trees as he had taught Kirk his first battle stances. He had been a true brother to him, playing games and teaching him valuable life lessons. But one day was pivotal in their fast friendship.

That morning, he could hear Lefelgd trading shouts with Lord Birau, as he slept. They were just outside of his door. As the two shouted, Kirk could only make out a few words. What he heard confused and angered him. Lefelgd had been calling his father a liar. He tried to keep his young mind from racing as the shouting stopped, and Lord Birau entered alone. His father shut the door and came to sit on the bed where Kirk pretended to sleep, listening to his father sob softly. Never had he heard his father cry. Birau was a proud and silent man with unconditional love for his son and his country. He could tell his father's tears had been of shame and longing.

After dinner, when Lefelgd had asked Kirk to go to where they had so often met before for training, he knew what he had to say would be monumentous. A letter from the King in Vertan had arrived for Lefelgd, a letter he had shared with Kirk on the cold grass of the courtyard while the moon was highest in the sky. It's lunar light resounding off of the mountains to the east, parading the snow covered peaks against the dark night sky. Lefelgd had opened the parchment slowly, reading every sentence with brevity. Derkot had received intense visions in his sickness, unable to block the connection he possessed to the fates. He had written with fervor and his subject was a bastard born of the union between Lord Birau and the Queen of Helheim. Lefelgd held nothing back, reading exactly what Derkot had claimed happened between the goddess and his father.

Kirk had known nothing of his mother. Birau had told him she had died of sickness while Kirk was a baby. Now he had come to learn, she was very much alive. But this was not what had bereaved him. What had devastated him was that after his birth, Hel had been detached and ashamed of what she had created, and had been caught holding a dagger to the infant's throat just minutes after his birth.

Kirk's ears rung with pain when Lefelgd had finished. Seeking solace in the quiet of the night that ensued. If he looked closely, he could focus on the lanterns of the marketplace in the distance, glowing softly like stationary fireflies in the night. Wild horses scattered the deep green fields, and townspeople bid each other farewell in the darkened village.

On a whim, he recalled the abilities he had been discovering slowly. One day while he was sitting alone in the great hall, a voice submersed in his conscious had suddenly began screaming, clawing its way to the forefront of his mind. Causing him to battle for his consciousness as it begged to be heard. Through his haze, he saw a lone guard passing through the tables, heading to the entrance to finish his rounds of the castle, when Kirk gave in, doing as the voice asked.

He focused his silver eyes on the guards back as he walked away. Using his mind to tell him to stop. Kirk was shocked when the guard did as he was told. He knew he should have stopped then, but he could not. He continued giving the guard orders. He turned back to face Kirk, holding his dagger to his own neck, gently piercing the flesh there. Kirk would never forget the intensity of the fear in his brown eyes. But Kirk continued, making him fall to his knees before him. It wasn't until he saw tears forming in the man's eyes that he broke himself from the voice. In unison, the guard dropped his knife from his hands, shaking violently from his confusion. Kirk stood and touched the cool armour on his shoulder, willing him to forget what had happened. As if it had never occured, the guard stood, and continued on his rounds, the fear gone from his eyes, but forever ingrained in Kirk's thoughts.

He told Lefelgd right then what he could do, what he had done, and how frightened he was of his gifts. No one else knew of the dark thoughts that slipped into Kirk's mind often. He felt his desire to control others would eat at his insides if he didn't use it. It was a voice begging him to manipulate those around him, and everyday it grew harder to ignore.

Understandably, Lefelgd had been upset with what he heard. But it was much more saddening that a child as young as he would have to grapple with such a form of unquenchable evil, with no one to confide in. From that day on, he proved to be a brother to Kirk, time and time again. When the Kings and Lord Birau had come to an agreement, and it was time for Lefelgd to return to Vertan, Kirk had been uncertain that he could control himself. Lefelgd had been a heavy buffer, easing his mind from the thoughts that plagued him. But he had assured Kirk, with or without his presence, he was his own man, and his actions would always be more definite than his inner struggles.

When Lord Birau died, and Kirk became Karth's leader, he was certain that no one would be more capable than he. He had finally become confident in his own ability to decipher his desires. He had always had Eric for support when he was young, but he owed who he was now to Lefelgd and Birau. Only Lefelgd and Derkot knew who he was, and what he was capable of, but to them he was family above all else.

Lefelgd and Kirk embraced. The elf now only reached his shoulders. Lefelgd pulled back, smiling through his words, "I wish our reunion was on better grounds Lord Verdulke. But it is damn good to see you. Too much time had passed since we saw each other last."

"Aye," Kirk nodded, "and you grow shorter with each visit."

Lefelgd's laughter lightened the candle lit room, "While that may be true, I'm still much more attractive than you. You do remember who those ladies from Trakontha preferred, don't you?"

Kirk rolled his eyes at his brother, "Does Angeana know you still reminisce of your pre-wed affairs?"

Lefelgd lost the humour from his face quickly at the mention of his wife, and the mother of his four children. She had been so sweet and soft before he married her, but she had dug her hands into him when they married, forcing him to become a better man. He was thankful for her everyday. He had heard Kirk had had a muse of his own at the gathering the night before. He made a note to ask him later. He turned to his father and helped him move his jeweled cane towards Kirk. "Kirk, you know of my father King Derkot Vatulra of Vertan."

Derkot placed a scarred and wrinkled hand up to silence his son, and approached Kirk slowly opening his arms to embrace him as Lefelgd had. "Lord Birau's son is my son. You look much like him, but larger." He placed a hand on Kirk's face and patted his warm skin lightly. Without look away from Kirk's eyes, he spoke to Frovik. "General, Please leave us. Lefelgd can handle this briefing, I'm sure."

Kirk stared into Derkot's black eyes, searching for the meaning he was sure would be arriving soon. "It is good to finally see you. Not just your words on parchment." The Kng nodded his agreement.

Lefelgd grabbed a chair from the corner and placed it behind his father, letting him collapse into it breathing heavily. Everyday was harsher on his body, and what he could do physically was less every moment. "Before we talk about this war here, on Midgard, I must tell you that I have seen your fate change numerously in the last month. Could you explain to me why that may be? I have tried my hardest, but I cannot see the cause."

Kirk looked from Derkot to Lefelgd, uncertain of where to begin. "Aye, I met someone... special." He chuckled softly seeing Lefelgd grow visibly excited.

"Please Kirk. There is nothing you can hide if I am to aide you. Although it does worry me that my son is so stimulated from your sexual escapades, we are all old men who can handle your truth." Derkot coughed through his laughter. Lefelgd patted his back gently.

"She's like you, isn't she?" Lefelgd questioned, trying to hide his joy.

Kirk felt his face warm at the thought of her. "Aye. But she is much closer to Asgard than I am. She's the daughter of Odin, and his lead Valkyrie." He paused, but Derkot quickly urged him to continue while Lefelgd was slack jawed. "We met almost a month ago, when she told me that I had won Odin's favour, and that she was going to help me defeat the Ellicit. I was wary but, I accepted. Something strange happened when we met. I felt this distinct force in my chest that needed her, every second she wasn't near I could only think and crave her. It didn't go away until we-"

"Fucked?" Lefelgd said for him loudly in the quiet room.

Kirk gave him a look of disapproval before continuing. "Until we joined for the first time. The best I can describe it is a clicking sensation. Since that moment, I feel often that I can sense her state of mind." He raised a hand to his chest subconsciously, feeling the swell of it where he could sense her hands. "But soon I found out that she was sent here to take my soul for Odin, instead of aiding me. Her adopted brother Loki told me, who happens to be my biological grandfather, and he wants me to side with my mother when Ragnarok begins and kill Odin. I forgave her because I myself, had lied to her, and... I care for her." He smiled as he heard himself say it for the first time. It was true. He knew it because no one else had made him feel so complete and happy. Even still she could make him angry enough to want to throttle her, through his affections. But never could he bring himself to harm her.

Kirk thought deeply about her as the two elves stayed silent, examining him working through his stupor. When he was prepared, he spoke again. "At this moment, I'm clouded with chaos. I know undoubtedly that my loyalty will lie with Asgard because of Aztrit. But how could I defend a God that wanted to take my life dishonourably? And to what do I focus my efforts on? Ragnarok, or Midgard? I owe Karth my fealty until my last breath, but if I shirk what's to come from the war of the God's, I could lose her. But if Midgard will be destroyed during Ragnarok like Loki has said, what would be the use of preparing for a war on Midgard that might not get a chance to come to fruition?"

He looked to them staring back at him. He realized the amount of information that he had just passed on was substantial, but how could they have no remarks? "I would appreciate your thoughts." He eyed Lefelgd who was uncharacteristically quiet.

Lefelgd settled his hands on his father's feeble shoulders. He was at a loss. The war on Midgard, he could give advice for. He was well versed in fighting mortal beings. But a war between worlds, he had no plan for. The love Kirk felt for Aztrit he could attest to. The clicking between their souls was unfamiliar to him. But he was fortunate enough to possess unabashed love like this. He would fell himself on his blades for Angeana and his children. He was sure that if Aztrit had went through with what her father had wished, Kirk still would have cared for her unconditionally.

"My visions are becoming more cohesive with your explanation. But your fate lines are incomplete." Derkot said with his eyelids shut. "Forgive me, I know you are longing for advice. But I do not believe I can comment on a fate that's only half your own."

"Half my own? I no longer have my own fate lines?" Kirk was unsure of what to make of it. How close was he to his death if this was so?

Derkot's black eyes opened slowly. His mind was beginning to fade. He was focusing too harshly on his gift. The room was beginning to resemble static, he could only see the outline of Kirk's cut form and three sets of blind eyes traveling slowly from the darkest corner by the door. They were unhappy. "I cannot explain to you, Kirk how deeply saddened I am to not be able to speak clearly. Give me time to gather my thoughts, and return to me later." Derkot began to stand from the chair, almost falling forward before Kirk extended an arm and helped him keep his balance. Derkot looked into his face again. "I miss your father every moment. It pains to me that I could not personally give you guidance when Birau died. You have done well, he would tell you the same."

Lefelgd called to General Frovik, hoping to have Derkot escorted back to his chambers to rest. "No Lefelgd." Derkot made his way to the door, allowing his son to open it for him. "I should like to walk by myself. I have much to think about. Kirk, bring her with you when you come." The whispers grew louder in his ears in protest. He would have to speak to them privately.

Lefelgd closed the door after his father had left, and looked to his brother brooding over the canvas map. "I think you're overthinking it."

"How so?" Kirk said, lifting his gaze up to Lefelgd, and sitting in the now vacant chair. He was absolutely open to any advice at all. Even awful advice.

"If you go about it carefully, you can do both. You say Ragnarok is fast approaching, which I'm inclined to believe. But so is the war against the Ellicit. There's your dilemma, both could happen today. But you're over valuing how much you are needed in one or the other. Of course I want to be selfish and say that we need you the most here, but it's simply untrue." Lefelgd came over to where he was sitting, and bent over the map there, pointing to Grothen. "You feel the most attachment here, but you have governed extraordinary men, who are capable without you."

"Are you suggesting I pass my homeland off on to someone else? Who else could lead Karth? Eric couldn't make it to this meeting because he was too drunk last night. Aye, he's capable in battle, and if I had to, I know he could lead them, but that's not his role to play."

"But it is Kirk. He's your second. Eric makes mistakes, but I have to agree with Loki, this doesn't sound like the war you need to be fighting. If you can manage to turn Kloi back to us, that's truly all we would need from you. The fighting would succeed without you, assuredly. They're strong, but they're outnumbered."

"You're telling me to leave the protection of Karth, somewhere I've lived my whole life up to someone else to protect a land I've never been to and had no stake in until a month ago? Is that what you're telling me?" Kirk was regretting asking for his advice.

"You're not listening because you've already made up your mind. You're going about this the hardest way. If we all die because of this attack on Asgard, we need someone who can protect us from there." Lefelgd was struggling to make him understand. The best way to approach this would be to cover all their weaknesses. "You might not like what I'm about to say next either. You should consider using your powers. Especially if Kloi doesn't agree."

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