tagIncest/TabooBig Bad Boogie Man Ch. 01

Big Bad Boogie Man Ch. 01

byGeorgette Glass©

For those of you who are parents, especially mothers, it will be undeniable that there is no limit to the efforts you will endure to meet the needs of your children. Even if you have a prime specimen of a teenager like my son, Roger. From a mother’s point of view, he is a beautiful child that I brought into this world over nineteen years ago. He is well mannered, healthy, and an extraordinarily bright student. He’s in his second year at the local junior college, and he seems to be well liked by all of his schoolmates.

Let me qualify that last statement. There is one troubling aspect of my son’s lifestyle. I never see him paying much attention to the opposite sex. He’s never brought a girl home to meet Mom if you will, and I never hear him brag about his romantic exploits with any of his buddies. This bothers me considerably. When I was a young woman his age, I had already had my fair share of the hard dicks roaming the campus. I’m not saying sex appeal is hereditary or anything like that, but it does make a mother worry.

“Hi, Mom,” the voice yelled, “I’m home. What’s to eat?”

Speak of the devil; that is Roger home from school for the day.

“Hi, baby. I’m in the kitchen making you a sandwich. Grab a seat.”

“Man, I’m starved,” he said as he pulled up a chair and sat at the kitchen table. He reached out for the sandwich I handed to him.

“How’d your day go? Meet any good looking girls today?”

“Aw Mom,” her drawled, “I’m not too popular with the girls at school.”

“I don’t understand, Roger. You’re a good looking boy with a bright future ahead of you. The girls in your class should be falling all over you. I know I would be if I was in their shoes.”

“I should be so lucky,” he mumbled. “The situation is very embarrassing for me to talk about especially with my mother.” He seemed to be holding his head down to avoid my eyes.

“Son, I am your mother, and you should be able to talk to me about anything. We shouldn’t have secrets. Besides, how am I going to help you if I don’t know the problem?”

“You’ll probably laugh if I told you, and I don’t want that.” He was really struggling with whatever it was that was bothering him. I carefully pulled up a chair beside him, and sat at the kitchen table.

“Roger, if you have a problem, I will not think it is humorous. Your problem is my problem, and we should work together to resolve whatever it is that’s troubling you. Now, tell your old mom what’s on your mind.”

“You’re not old,” he said almost sharply. “You’re young and beautiful.”

“Why thank you for that, kind Sir. A woman can live on compliments. Now what can this beautiful young mom do for her adorable son?” I put his right hand in both of my hands and squeezed gently. “Come on. Out with it.”

“Okay. You asked for it,” he said in a mildly threatening tone. “All the girls at school have learned about my problem, and because of it they don’t want to have anything to do with me.” His voice was cracking slightly as he spoke. He was really trying hard to act like a man. I was almost afraid to ask.

“Well, Roger,” I said tenderly, “tell me about it, and we’ll see what we can do to make things better. Okay?”

“Okay, but no laughing.”

“I promise,” I said solemnly making a sign of a cross over my heart.

“I don’t have any problems getting a girl to like me at first. In fact, they like me enough that they are willing to go into the equipment room at the gym where every body makes out from time to time. Every thing goes along great until we take our clothes off.”

“Go on,” I said as calmly as I could. I was sitting on the edge of my chair.

“Well, once they see how big I am they usually scream and run away.”

“How big is that?”

“Can I show you?”

“Please do, Son.”

Roger rose to his feet, unzipped his fly, and with some effort, pulled out his problem.

“Oh my God,” I gasped, but then I quickly added, “It’s beautiful, Roger.” At eye level to me in a sitting position, he held in his hand the largest cock I have ever seen on boy or man. “You’re little girlfriends just don’t know what they are missing.”

“Well, by the time I get to this stage they are naked, and my thing gets much bigger. That’s what scares them, I guess.”

“Can you make it bigger now, Roger?”

“I can play with it, and make it shoot, but I’d be too bashful to do that in front of you. With those girls at school I get hard as soon as I see their naked breasts. It works every time.”

“Roger,” I almost whispered causing him to look at me. I was unbuttoning my bodice very deliberately and quickly showing my bra underneath. I saw his eyes get wider, and I believe I saw a change in his cock. I continued until I reached the waist of my dress, At this point I carefully eased the bodice of my dress over my shoulders and let it drop to my side. Without hurrying, I unsnapped my bra and let it fall to the floor.

Roger gasped at the sight of my bare breasts in all their glory. His manhood was filling out magnificently. I couldn’t take my eyes off of his erection. Of course, Roger’s eyes were fixed directly on my nipples soaking in all of the inspiration he needed.

I moved closer to him. “Touch them if you like.” Then I watched his trembling hands move toward my boobs. I could see he wasn’t sure whether or not he should be doing this, so I guided his hands to my breast and covered his with mine as we pressed into the soft warm flesh.

“Oh, wow,” he muttered.

“My I touch yours?” I asked softly.

“Oh yes,” he sighed. “It’s aching. Somebody needs to rub it.”

“I have a better idea, baby.” I gently moved his hands aside and knelt between his legs. I lowered my mouth into position, and covered the head of his enormous cock with my mouth. I could tell right then that I would not get much more of his manhood in my mouth without causing pain for one or both of us. His hands instinctively went to either side of my head as though he was afraid I would quit what I was doing if he didn’t hold on tight. If only he knew the joy I was feeling at this moment. My passion demanded I do more. I reached out and collected his balls in my hand and massaged them gently.

This added stimulus was all he needed. His shaft began to buck and convulse and spurt gobs of sperm into my mouth. I didn’t dare jump for fear of startling Roger on this virgin voyage. I swallowed, again and again. I stroked his shaft to help with the delivery, and he seemed to enjoy that as well.

“That was too fast, wasn’t it?” he asked with the fear of failure in his voice.

“Heavens no, baby. That was fantastic. Thank you.”

He looked at me a little strangely, but then he smiled a broad smile.

“I did okay?” he asked.

“You did a lot better than that, young man, but that is only the beginning. I was in charge during that phase, but now it’s your turn to take charge. Are you ready?”

“Tell me what to do,” he said with noticeably more confidence in his voice.

“Well, what’s fair is fair, Roger. I just performed what is called oral sex on that magnificent tool of yours, so it is only fair that you perform the same for me. Agree?”

“Oh yes,” he said with excitement in his voice. “What you did for me was wonderful so I want to do the same for you. Show me how, please.”

“Help me,” I asked politely. “Lift my dress over my head and remove it.” He did so as quickly and as calmly as he could under the circumstances.

“Now my panties have to go, don’t they?”

Trying his dead level best to conceal his nervousness, he knelt in front of me and inched down my panties. I could see the excitement rising in his eyes as he gazed upon my pussy for the first time.

“Here,” I said. “Let me give you a better view.” With that I seated myself in one of the kitchen chairs and spread my legs widely. I pointed to my pussy hole and said, “This is your main objective, honey, but you need to warm up the equipment before you ask it to perform. Firstly, you need to remove your clothes so we will both be naked. Then I want you to kneel between my legs.” He obeyed immediately, and I saw his mighty member was beginning to show signs of another erection. Perfect.

“Before we go downstairs for the serious business, you need to caress my boobies and suck on my nipples. This will make us both much hotter and will inspire you when you lick my pussy.”

“Does everybody do this, Mom?”

“Only those people who want to be considered good lovers, Son.”

“I want to be the very best for you, Mom.” He moved his hands back to her breasts more boldly this time as he leaned forward and gathered one of her nipples into his mouth. He felt one of her hands on the back of his head. She was running her fingers through his hair. He also noticed she was beginning to breathe much heavier.

“Oh God, Roger, you’re going to be a fantastic lover. Squeeze my titties a little harder, and suck on my nipples a little harder.” At this point my breathing was undeniably heavier especially now that I realized Roger’s hand had found my crotch. His finger eased its way into my hole slightly, and when I moaned loudly he penetrated my pussy to the full length of his finger. What was a mother to do? I squirmed passionately and moaned shamefully.

He released my nipple and asked, “Should I go downstairs now?”

“Oh yes, baby, please, please,” I gasped as I used both hands to guide his head downward. I released his head only long enough to spread the lips of my vulva to show him the next destination for his tongue. I almost screamed when he made contact. His tongue darted into my pussy with lightning speed, and then the tip curled upward as he withdrew in a lapping motion. That little technique is not to be found in any of the pussy eating handbooks. That’s instinct.

Just before I went deliriously out of my mind with pleasure, I pointed out the location of my clitoris. “Pretend that is another nipple, baby, and suck on it to help Momma have an orgasm. Use your fingers to keep my pussy happy.” I told you early that my son was bright. He was an amazingly quick study when it came to giving me pleasure and an orgasm. He maintained contact with my clitoris the entire time I bucked and convulsed in response to a glorious climax.

It took us both a little while to recover from my explosive orgasm. When Roger raised his head and looked at me, I almost burst out laughing from the sight. He had my juices all over her face, and the broadest smile I had ever seen on his face.

“Give Mommy as kiss, baby,” I said breathlessly. We were both still turned on from the oral sex, and our embrace was evidence of that fact. Our lips blended together, and our tongues danced as if we had been doing this for years. I could also feel something very large lying along my thigh.

When we finally disengaged our passionate embrace, I gently pushed him to an upright position.

“Is that for me?” I asked coquettishly. His super stiff, super sized shaft was directly above my pussy at full mast.

“It’s for you,” he announced with unbridled pride. “Where do you want it?”

What’s a girl to do? I reached between my legs and spread my lips wide.

“Let’s take it easy, baby. You’re a very big man, you know.”

“I’ll be careful,” he promised. He placed the massive head between my spread lips and pressed gently. Then he pressed again, and this time I pressed as well. On about the fourth attempt Mother Nature allowed us to proceed with our sexual folly. Once the head of his cock was in the channel, the shaft began to slide deeper and deeper.

“Oh, Roger,” I panted, “that feels so good. Let’s work it in and out some before we go all the way, okay?” As I said earlier, he is a quick study. He was both patient and gentle, but because this was such a new sensation for both of us he reached his climax quickly.

I had already enjoyed one orgasm during the oral sex, and I came again shortly after we started working his big cock into me. After the action became smooth and repetitious I lost count of my reactions. However, judging from the juices on the chair and the floor, Roger and I both displayed great generosity with our body fluids.

“That was my very first time, Mom. It was fantastic.”

“I agree, son. It was a wonderful experience for me as well. Now, the next time you need a place to park that big SUV of yours, remember there is a garage at home that will welcome it.”

“Mom, you were the only one brave enough to take me on, and I’m grateful for that.”

“Believe me it was my pleasure. You just gave me the most memorable fuck of my life. Unlike your little girlfriends at school, I’m not afraid of the Big Bad Boogie Man.”

Relax. This is only the beginning of this yarn.

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