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Big Bang Theory - Penny's Audition


A fictional story about fictional characters.


Penny had been about ten minutes from begging to return to her former waitressing job at the Cheesecake Factory when her nerdy boyfriend, Dr. (of physics) Leonard Hofstadter, had surprised her with the gift of a pre-owned car so that she could continue attending her actress auditions. Tears had formed in her beautiful green eyes as he placed the keys in her hand, and she was reminded once again just how incredibly thoughtful he was. Most of her friends would shake their heads when they thought of beautiful blond former-cheerleader Penny hooking up with a short, nearsighted nerd. Truth be known, a few years earlier, Penny herself would have thought it impossible. That was before she had gotten to know her neighbors, and especially Leonard, as people. In fact she had matured as a person because of them, and knew she was better off because of it.

Since high school she had always been attracted to the jock-type, the type who would use her for her models' body and then leave when they found a better situation. It was true that Leonard loved her fantastic body, but he worshipped her as a person. She tried to explain this to her friends (most of them now "former" friends) but all they could see was Leonard's less than impressive physical stature. Leonard always put her needs before his own and she loved him for that...yes, loved him. He was the first man she ever imagined spending the rest of her life with. And he didn't need to be a jock to please her in bed because he tried harder than any man she had ever been with.

The problem was, in the two months since Leonard had given her the car, she had very little success in her acting career. She had filmed one TV commercial where only the back of her head was visible and done one print ad for a shoe company where only her feet were shown, wearing sandals. Penny was becoming very discouraged again and contemplating giving up acting and looking for a "regular" job. She had just returned from another open audition for a sci-fi movie about space exploration and was sipping an iced tea on her sofa when the phone rang. Contented to let the answering machine pick-up, because she was not really in the mood to talk to another creditor, she nearly fell rushing for the phone when she heard the voice of a casting director.

Brushing her spilled ice tea off the front of her blouse, Penny hurriedly picked up the phone to speak. The casting director wanted to make an appointment for a call-back for a part in the movie. He told Penny she would be meeting with the director and the producer, who had personally requested her after watching a video of her audition. She would be auditioning for the part of a crew-member of a deep space probe. The casting director would email her a couple pages of the script so she could study it before the interview. A meeting was set-up for the day after tomorrow and Penny hung up, with a grin from ear to ear. She very seldom even got called back...and the producer, the money-man, had requested her!

She was so excited that she discarded her wet blouse, threw on a t-shirt, and ran across the hall to tell Leonard. Not even bothering to knock, she burst into the apartment rented by Leonard and his roommate Dr. (also of physics) Sheldon Cooper. Both were present as were the other two members of "The Nerd Four" as she affectionately called them: Dr. Rajesh Koothrappali, and Howard Wolowitz. Raj was a astrophysicist and Howard an aerospace engineer. The first three worked at CalTech, and Howard had actually done work for NASA. Sheldon, a certified genius, seemed to spend most of his free time belittling Penny for her lack of education, but she found it difficult to dislike him. "I guess in your dimension, knocking is not a custom," he sarcastically said glancing in her direction.

Sticking up for her as always, Leonard retorted, "Penny doesn't have to knock, she has a standing invitation; naner, naner, naner."

"Thank you sweetie," Penny blew Leonard a kiss and burst out, "you'll never guess what just happened."

"You were informed that you have won a Nobel Prize," Sheldon offered in his usual droll manner..."bazinga."

"Ha, Ha, Mr. Smarty Pants," Penny answered, sticking out her tongue, "no, I just got a call-back for the day after tomorrow."

"Oh Penny...that's so great," Leonard gushed, "what is the part?"

"Here's where you guys might be interested," she began before being interrupted by Sheldon.

"Not likely," he snorted.

Ignoring him as she usually tried to do, Penny continued, "I'm auditioning for a part in a movie about deep space travel."

Suddenly they were all in her face, even Sheldon, demanding to know the plot, the director, what exactly the space mission was to accomplish, what type of spacecraft; every detail that sci-fi obsessed nerds would ask.

She turned her back to them, winking at Leonard, "well, since you're not interested, I'll just go back to my apartment."

Turning around smiling, Penny confronted them, "oh so suddenly you're all interested in my career...how comforting."

"Well, obviously I can't speak for my friends," Sheldon stated, "but my interest is more concentrated on your current project, than your supposed career. Now what about this film; I don't suppose it involves Mr. George Lucas, does it?"

"Don't mind him Penny," Leonard pleaded "you know I am always interested in you career...so tell us about it...please."

Penny chuckled and told them, "sorry, but I really don't know much about it yet, I just got off the phone making the appointment. They are going to email me a couple pages of dialogue to study, maybe that will be more telling. I would check on it now but I don't seem to be able to connect to your wi-fi."

Too eager to even chide her, an exasperated Sheldon ordered, "oh for goodness sake...this month's password is "pennysafreeloader," no spaces, now go ahead and check it right here."

She quickly logged on to Leonard's laptop, and the script pages were printed. The two pages of dialog was quite mundane and really gave no clues as to the scope of the film; it was just enough for Penny's audition. It did list the director: a Buzz Abrams, and the producer: Michael McGee. Sheldon was disappointed that George Lucas or Steven Spielberg was not involved and quickly lost interest. The characters' name that she would be reading for was Sarah, a member of the spacecraft's crew, and Leonard immediately offered to read lines with her."Thanks sweetie, just come over when you're ready," Penny encouraged him, "you know, that name McGee sounds familiar somehow."

The next day Penny concentrated on memorizing her lines for the audition, until she could read them forward and back. She really needed this job and wanted to make sure she did every once of preparation possible. Her father once told her that "you only get one chance to make a first impression," so she also decided to make a lasting first impression with her appearance. After spending over an hour trying on every dress in her closet, Penny decided on a light blue print sun-dress that was short enough to show off her shapely legs. It had spaghetti-straps which bared her creamy shoulders. She selected her favorite tiny purple thong. She decided to go braless since the dress would allow the straps to be visible. No one else would know what she was wearing under her dress, but they made her feel sexy and somehow more confident. Penny even decided to wear heels,( which she hardly ever wore with Leonard) because they made her incredible legs seem even longer.

Since the dress was sleeveless, when she took a long, hot bubble-bath that evening she made sure to shave her underarms and, with Leonard in mind, shaved her pubic area completely smooth. She added her favorite strawberry/vanilla scented body oil to the steaming water because she adored the aroma on her skin, and it would make her soft skin even more supple. Climbing out of the tub and toweling off, Penny looked at her reflection in the mirror, smiled, and thought to herself, "OK body, work your magic tomorrow." She was an absolute "dream walking" and she knew it. Her seemingly endless legs ended in perfectly round and firm ass cheeks. Her belly, firm and sexy led to her wonderful 36 C breasts. They hung on her chest, but didn't sag, and were capped by large pink areola and gumdrop sized nipples.

As she was admiring her body, the phone rang. It was Leonard wishing her luck the next day, and telling her that he wouldn't be bothering her that night, so she could get a good night's sleep. Looking in the mirror again, she thought, "Leonard you are the most thoughtful man in the world; I'm going to have to reward you tomorrow night."

The next morning as she was getting into her car, she stopped to retrieve a note wedged under her wiper blade. The note was in the shape of an irregularly shaped blob, cut out of red construction paper and it read, "good luck today gorgeous," and signed "love, Leonard." On the very bottom were the tiny words, "think about it." Penny turned the paper this way and that, remembering who she was dealing with...and then she got it, and began to laugh out-loud. Saying to herself, "my sweet little nerd, I do love you;" she could just picture Leonard's mischievous little face smiling to himself as he cut out the shape of an actual human heart.

The "call back" was scheduled for an office in Burbank, which was only about a twenty minute drive, but Penny made sure she was abundantly early. Before she exited her car, she quickly downed three "airline sized" bottles of tequila to calm her nerves. She was responsible enough not to drink before the drive, and she knew that the way her blood was pumping, the alcohol would dissipate well before she drove home. Trying not to put too much pressure on herself, she knew she had to go all-out to get this part. "I am going to nail this audition," she psyched herself as she walked into the building.

Penny was pleasantly surprised that the casting office of "Fantasy Media Ltd.," according to the lettering on the door, was not crowded with aspiring actresses; as a matter of fact, she was the sole person in the waiting area. A very pleasant young receptionist took Penny's information and told her, "well, you're actually a little early Penny, but they are waiting and said to show you in immediately." Penny thanked her and followed her to a very large office at the end of a carpeted hall. She closed the door behind her as she left and Penny was left in the room with two middle aged men.

The first, a man who reminded Penny of the "Doug Heffernan" character on the "King of Queens" TV show immediately approached her with an extended hand and introduced himself as Buzz Abrams, the director of the film. Smiling all the while, he shook her hand energetically and then led her to the second man in the room who was an absolute giant of a specimen. Penny thought that he must be six feet eight inches tall, at least, and weigh nearly three hundred pounds. It wasn't that he was fat, by any means, just extremely solid. His head was shaved and the black flesh glistened as if it had been oiled. He reminded Penny of the character from the old 7UP commercials who called it "the Uncola.'" When he shook hands with Penny, her hand was dwarfed by his huge mitt.

"And this is Mike McGee, our producer. He is actually the reason you're here. He read on your resume that you're originally from Nebraska, and wanted to give a mid-west girl a break," Buzz informed her.

It was as if a light bulb turned on in her head and Penny blurted out, "oh my God, you're Moose McGee." He smiled widely and suddenly Penny could not stop talking, "you were a Defensive End on the back-to-back national championship Nebraska Cornhusker teams in 1994 and '95. You were my dad's biggest hero. He still has framed team pictures on the wall in his house. I was only about eight then, but I remember sitting next to him on the sofa and watching on TV when you played for the Packers. It is so great to meet you...wait 'till I tell my Dad. Oh my God, listen to me...shut up Penny."

Still smiling and with her hand still in his, he patted it with his other hand and urged her to a large, comfortable leather chair in front of a huge desk. Buzz sat behind the desk and Moose took another chair off to the side. "That's OK Penny, I hope I may call you Penny. Any ex-athlete loves to be recognized. After I was traded from the Packers to the Raiders, I think most of my mid-west fans kind of lost interest in my career. While with the Raiders, I made several show-business contacts, invested most of my football money in some quite successful film ventures; and now I produce movies. I would love to see a fellow Nebraska native succeed."

"Now Penny," Buzz spoke up breaking their conversation, "have you had time to look at the dialog I sent you?"

"Oh yes, it's all memorized," she proudly replied.

"Great, great, now if you don't mind I'll read the lines with you," Buzz volunteered. I hope you don't mind that I film all the auditions so that I can review them later. Sometimes that helps if I need to replace someone, or if the script gets rewritten, or if I need an actor for another project.

Penny didn't even bother to get out the pages of the script as she got comfortable in the soft chair. When she crossed her leg, the blue fabric rode up so high on her silky thigh that the bottom of her ass cheek was actually exposed. This did not go unnoticed by the two men and their eyes met briefly as Penny began to recite her lines. When they were finished with the reading, Penny felt a sudden relief that it was over, no matter what the outcome. Settling back in the plush leather, she felt the tequila-calm wash over her as she waited expectantly for their comments.

Both men were smiling as they conferred briefly and Buzz began to speak, "we were both very impressed with your reading Penny; you did a great job of memorizing the lines. I know you have not had the opportunity to peruse the complete script, so I want to fill you in on the particulars of your part. As you know you will be portraying a crew member on a deep space probe. You will be a romantic interest of another crew member and some nudity will be necessary. In one scene you will go through a decontamination process naked and in another scene you and your partner will be having sex, the lighting will be dim but the nudity will still be apparent. Now I see in your resume that you have never done nudity before, but I will remind you that this is a major film and the monetary compensation is at the top of the scale. Take a couple minutes to think it over."

Buzz and Moose talked and looked at something on Buzz' computer screen while Penny contemplated the nudity. She probably would have rejected it outright if she had not been feeling tipsy from the tequila-courage, and she was fully aware that she needed the money. She knew that Leonard would understand. Probably the deciding factor ultimately was that if she didn't get the part, she could just hear a smug Sheldon saying something like, "what a surprise...bazinga."

"OK," she heard her voice, "I would like the part."

Buzz looked at her smiling, "that's great Penny because I had two other actresses in line for the part before Moose suggested you. Let's celebrate." He handed Penny a full script and before she could comment, Buzz was opening a bottle of red wine and filling three goblets. They toasted, clinking glasses, and Penny was so happy that she virtually chugged the celebratory drink. Buzz poured them another glass and slid a couple sheets of paper across the desk in front of Penny, "please read that over and give me your John Hancock. It's just a standard contract stating the pay scale and the confidentiality of the project until release of the film...normal stuff."

When, a now even more tipsy, Penny saw the pay figures, she barely even glanced at the remainder of the contract before scribbling her signature at the bottom. She didn't even notice the two men now leering openly at her exposed outer thigh. Placing the signed contract in a drawer, Buzz continued, "well, now that the formalities are taken care of, we can just relax and take care of some of the other preliminaries." Penny sipped on her second glass of wine as she listened to Buzz explain some requirements. "As I stated, some nudity will be necessary and in good faith we really need to know that your body has no major flaws. You obviously have an extremely attractive face, but we need to know that you will look pleasing on camera during the love scene. Let's face it, "eye candy" is a very important part of filmmaking. Would you mind standing and bending over so that we can get a good sense of your posterior?"

"You mean you need a good look at my ass," Penny laughed, "I see no problem with that...I've never had any complaints." When she stood, the full effect of the alcohol hit her and made her head swim momentarily. Standing shakily on her four inch heels, Penny turned away from the men and, without hesitation, bent over until she could touch the floor in front of her. Her short dress slid all the way up to her cheeks, fully exposing her perfect ass cheeks, while her tiny thong disappeared into her crack.

Feeling giddy, she laughed when she felt Buzz behind her tugging at her purple thong and easing it down her incredible legs, saying, "we really need to get the full effect Penny, since you will be completely nude." She couldn't see the two men behind her winking at each other and leering at her, now exposed, mound as it peeked through between her thighs. "Could you spread your legs for us, please," Buzz asked as he kneeled on one knee behind Penny. Lifting her left foot to let her restricting panties slide to the floor, Penny complied and spread her long legs wide, giving them an unrestricted look at her completely bald pubic area.

"That's wonderful Penny," she heard Moose praise her, "you are already shaved. We were going to suggest that." For some reason Penny felt overjoyed that she had pleased her father's football idol and actually felt herself becoming moist as he stared at her exposed pussy.

"You can stand up now Penny," Buzz suggested and Penny stood and turned to face them, teetering precariously on unsteady legs. She bent over to retrieve her panties, balled them in her hand and then threw them into the chair she had been occupying. "Since the script calls for complete nudity, I'm sure you can understand why we need to see the rest of your body naked.

"Oh of course," Penny agreed as the room seemed to spin around her. In the "old" days the alcohol would not have affected her nearly as much, but she had cut back on her drinking when her relationship with Leonard became serious...she just didn't feel the need to get drunk anymore. "So you want me to take off my dress," she inquired.

"Yes, please," Buzz answered, "and your bra if you're wearing one."

Penny stood in front of the men, slowly unzipped the back of her sundress, slipped the thin straps off her pale shoulders and simply let the light blue material float down her incredible body to the floor where it pooled around her heels. It was like unveiling a masterpiece of art as her naked body was revealed. She really was a stunning woman as she stood proudly nude while the two men. "You have absolutely marvelous breasts Penny," Moose complimented her as he stepped forward and gently cupped them in his huge hands. They actually seemed tiny as his massive fingers surrounded them. He continued to caress and massage them; bouncing them in his palms as if weighing them.

Her gumdrop nipples throbbed with excitement as he rubbed his coarse thumbs across their tips. "You are an exquisite beauty Penny," Moose assured her, "I am so glad I chose you." For some reason Penny wanted desperately to please this giant, and she thrust her chest out proudly as he leaned forward and began to lick her right nipple. "You even taste amazing," he complimented her, as she felt his other hand begin to slide down her stomach towards her dampening crotch.

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