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Big Bang Theory Season 01 Ep. 01


Editor's note: I have received numerous requests to resume my stories concerning the characters on "The Big Bang Theory". I'm doing this now.

I would like your input.

Option # 1. Would you like me to continue where I left off with the current storyline.

Option # 2. Another completely new series. Each Episode would be free standing, meaning a reset button would be hit after each episode. So the sex would be involving that episode only, unless the storyline is carried over to the next episode. (Example 3 episodes with Stephanie or 3 episodes with Alex). Sheldon may be having sex in one episode and be a virgin in the next, etc. etc., etc.!

Option # 3. This series would follow the events as they occurred in the original storyline. Whenever possible I will have them in sexual situations as they really occur. If it doesn't follow the storyline, I will have the characters in sexual situations in their dreams, be it Penny, Leonard, Sheldon or the other characters.

After this story will be an Option 3 version of the same episode

Please let me know if you want Option 1, 2 or 3 the 4th option is to abandon the series all together. I will follow only one of the story lines.

Thanks for letting me ramble on; hope to hear from you soon.


Big Bang Theory Season One Episode 1 (Option 2)

Leonard and Sheldon are arguing as they prepare to enter the clinic, they enter the room and approach the receptionist. Leonard looks down at her as she is working on a crossword puzzle and he ruins it for her by telling her the answers to the remaining clues. She looks at him with disgust; "May I help you?"

"Is this the office for the High I.Q. sperm donors?"

She looks at them; "Maybe if you need to ask, you may be in the wrong room. Here is an application, fill it out and return it, take your time, I'll just finish my crossword puzzle!" She looks down at it and shakes her head; "Oh look, I'm already done!"

They sit and begin filling out the form and suddenly Sheldon isn't so sure; "I'd hate to have my sperm donated and not have it generate a high IQ offspring! Just look at my sister, she had the same NDA as I do and is as dumb as a bag of rocks!"

"Sheldon this was your idea, you wanted the extra money!"

After arguing back and forth Sheldon puts the application down; "I want to leave! What's the protocol for leaving?"

Leonard looks at Sheldon; "I don't know, I never reneged on a proffer of sperm before. I normally leave it where I shoot it!"

"Let's just try walking out!" They slowly put the applications on the table and slowly get up.

The receptionist looks at them and yells out; "Bye!"

They turn and wave bye and reply; "Nice meeting you!"

Leonard and Sheldon return to their apartment and as they reach their floor, they look at the apartment across the hall from them and the door is open. Leonard immediately gets a hard-on as he stares at the young gorgeous blonde in a tight t-shirt and equally tight cut-off jean shorts. He nearly begins to drool as he takes in her large tits, shapely legs and that incredible sexy cut of hair, it just screams let me suck you off. She looks rather young, but he's such a nerd, all he can see is tits and ass. He approaches her open door and she turns and blurts out; "Oh Hi!"

They both reply; "Hi!"

She replied with a "Hi?"

Leonard steps into the doorway and stutters; "We didn't mean to interrupt, we live across the hall."

She smiles at them with those full red lips and gorgeous green eyes and replies; "Oh, that's nice."

Leonard is now completely flustered; "No. We don't live together. I mean...we live together, but in separate heterosexual bedrooms!"

She giggles; "Okay, well, guess I'm your new neighbor, Penny"

They replied; "I'm Leonard, Sheldon."

She replies, "Hi!"

They go back and forth several times with; "Hi's!"

Finally Leonard tells her; "Welcome to the building!"

"Oh, thank you. Maybe we can have coffee sometime."

They went back and forth several times with "Bye!" and they went to their apartment.

Leonard closes the door to their apartment and starts to laugh; "You know Sheldon, if we met Penny before we went to the sperm bank, there is no way I would have left there without leaving a donation."

Sheldon chuckled; "Now that's funny Leonard, I finally got one of your obscure jokes! Ha, ha, ha!"

Leonard walks into the kitchen with the food; "Should we have invited her for lunch?"

"We never invited the transvestite over for lunch."

"That was wrong of us, I'm going to go over there and invite her over." After knocking on her door they go through another bout of Hi's, Leonard invites her over for lunch.

"Oh, that's so nice I'd love to. So what do you guys do for fun around here?"

Sheldon has his hands in his pockets and blurts out; "Well, today we tried masturbating for money."

Penny looks at Sheldon; "My dates back in Nebraska did that all the time, but after I finished with them, they refused to pay me. I never learned until I got her to California to ask for the money up front."

Penny walked into the living room and stops and admires all of their work on their whiteboards. While they argue about whose work is more impressive she takes a seat and unknowingly, Penny sits in Sheldon's spot.

He looks at her; "That's where I sit and she replies flirting; "Sit next to me!"

He stops and looks at her; "No I sit there!"

She makes the mistake of replying; "What's the difference?"

He goes on and on about why it's his spot and she asks him if he wants her to move.

Leonard tells Sheldon; "Just sit anywhere."

As they dish out the food they start with small talk. Sheldon tells her; "We have a lot of company, just yesterday we had Koothrappali and Wolowitz over to play Klingon Boggle!"

She looks at Leonard and asks; "So...Klingon Boggle?"

He looks down at his food and on a low voice says; "Yeah, its boggle, but in Klingon. That's enough about us, what about you?"

"Me? Okay. I'm a Sagittarius, which probably tells you way more than you need to know. A lot of people think I'm a water sign. Okay, let's see what else. I'm a vegetarian, no except for fish and the occasional steak, I love steak!

Sheldon snickers; "That's interesting, Leonard can't process corn."

Leonard nearly dies from embarrassment and changes the subject; "So do you have some sort of a job?"

"Oh yeah, I'm a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory."

"I love cheesecake"

Sheldon scoffs; "You can't eat cheesecake, you're lactose intolerant!"

"I don't eat it; I just think it's a good idea."

"Anyways, I'm writing a screenplay. It's about this sensitive girl who comes to L.A. from Lincoln, Nebraska to be an actress and winds up a waitress at The Cheesecake Factory."

Leonard perks up; "So it's based on your life."

She looks at him; "No, I'm from Omaha!"

Both Leonard and Sheldon looked stunned and don't know how to reply to that. Leonard finally replies; "Well if that was a movie, I'd go see it."

She giggles; "I know right. Let me see, I guess that's it, that's the story of Penny."

Leonard looks at her; "That's sounds wonderful!"

She sits back and looks sad suddenly; "It was! And she starts to cry; "Until I fell in love with a jerk." She puts her face in her hands and Sheldon mouths to Leonard; "What's happening?"

Leonard throws up his hands and mouth's back; "I don't know!"

She sits forward; "Oh god, you know, four years I lived with him. Four years. That's like as long as high school!"

Sheldon scoffs; "It took you four years to finish high school?"

She ignores him; "I just...I can't believe I trusted him. You wanna know the most pathetic part? Even though I hate his lying, cheating guts...I still love him. Is that crazy?"

Sheldon looks up and replies; "Yes!"

Leonard looks at her; "No, it's not crazy, it's a paradox." He rambles on about it and she looks completely lost. He looks at Sheldon; "Well, I didn't make it worse!"

She puts her head in her hands; "Oh, I'm sorry, I'm such a mess. And on top of everything else, I'm all gross from moving and my stupid shower doesn't work."

Leonard looks up at her; "Our shower works."

"Really, would it be totally weird if I used it?"

Sheldon continues to eat his lunch and replies; "Yes!"

Leonard blurts out; "No! It's right down the hall!"

She smiles at them both; "Okay, thanks! You guys are really sweet." She hurried away to the bathroom.

Leonard and Sheldon go into the kitchen for drinks and Sheldon looks at Leonard; "That woman in there is not going to have sex with you."

"Well, I'm not trying to have sex with her."

"Oh good, then you won't be disappointed!"

"What makes you think she wouldn't have sex with me? I'm a male and she's a female!"

Sheldon scoffs at him; "Yes, but not of the same species!"

All of a sudden she comes out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her; "Hey is there a trick to getting it to switch from tub to shower?"

Leonard got an instant hard-on when he saw the luscious blonde standing before him wrapped in a towel. Her long slender legs are just begging to be parted and filled. She has her hair pulled atop her head to keep dry. He shakes his head and clearing his throat blurts out; "I'll show you the trick with the shower!" He walks in and tugs on the lever; "All right, there it goes, it sticks a little!"

She pulls back the shower curtain and climbs in; "Thanks!"

"You're welcome!" All of a sudden the towel around her is tossed out and she pulls back the shower curtain giving him a clear view of her naked body. "You are for sure the nicest neighbor I've ever seen since moving here from Omaha. You know ever since Kurt, that's my old boyfriend, and I broke up, I haven't had a strong man to wash my back, would you mind doing it for me Leonard?"

Leonard's jaw dropped to the floor and stammering, all he could do was nod, finally getting out; "Sure, I'd be glad to scrub your back. What are good neighbors for?" He stepped closer and picked up the washcloth.

She began to giggle; "No silly, you have to take off your clothes and get in here with me. We don't want to get your clothes wet now would we? Oh one other thing, I never let Kurt use a washcloth, I like it better having his rough hands all over my soft skin!"

"Aw well, I've been told my hands are as tender as veal!"

She giggled; "That's alright Leonard, I still would rather have the feel of skin on skin rather than a stinky old washcloth!" She handed him the soap and smiled at him; Wash to your heart's content Leonard!"

He grinned from ear to ear and rolled the soap around in his hands. Placing it on the soap dish, he started at her shoulders. They were stiff and after a few moments they began to relax. He relaxed her so much that his movements about her neck and shoulders were now producing light moans and groans.

Penny rolled her head around on her neck and peered over her shoulder; "You know Leonard, if you ever decide you don't want to be a physicist any longer, I suggest you become a masseur, your hands are like veal, but the way you work them is amazing." She outstretched her arms and placed them on the tiled wall.

Leonard grabbed more soap and worked downward, across her tapered back and felt the muscles loosening up after she finished moving all those boxes. He felt her jump and giggle when he worked along her sides and her shapely hips. He was thorough when he slid his soapy hands up and down each extended arm. He stepped closer and heard her draw in a deep breath because his stiff cock was poking her on her firm ass cheeks. He re-applied the soap to his hands and running his hands around her slender body began rubbing her belly. He slowly moved higher and when he reached her firm, full, high-standing breasts, she let out a squeal and pushed off the tiled wall and pressed her soapy body against his.

She turned her head and her bright green eyes were now lidded in lust. Her lips were parted and she was sucking in huge amounts of air into her lungs. She leaned back against him and resting her head on his shoulder, she closed her eyes and continued to let out groans deep in her throat.

Leonard was going to leave her breasts, but she grabbed his wrists and placed them back on them. Opening her eyes, she whispered huskily to him; "They need special attention, especially on the underside. With all of the moving, I think they are a little sweaty. Please wash them thoroughly Leonard, don't forget the nipples, you sort of bypassed them!"

She let out a gasp when he returned to them, because of that, his cock worked its way between her tight ass cheeks and was poking at her very wet pussy. He soaped up her tits, not missing a single square inch. He reached her firm, puckered nipples and catching them both between his soapy fingers, her rolled, twisted and tugged at them.

Her legs nearly gave way from the intense pleasure coursing through her tits, directly down to her wet pussy. "Oh please Leonard, harder! Oh fuck I haven't had them played with since before braking up with Kurt!" She turned her head and biting her lower lip, she let out another groan and reached back and wrapping her hand around his head, she pulled it to her mouth and immediately her tongue darted into his open mouth.

Leonard returned the kiss and all of a sudden, he was no longer washing her, but caressing and teasing her luscious body. He slowly raised and lowered his hips, sending his cock deeper into her gorgeous ass crack.

Without warning, Penny spun around and crushed her soap covered tits to his chest. She planted several kisses all over his neck and chest. She reached down and gripped his stiff cock in her fist and began stroking it.

She groaned louder when she felt his hands gripping her ass and massaging her firm cheeks. His index finger tickled her puckered hole. He slid it lower and slid it back and forth through her tight cuntlips. Sliding first one and then a second finger into her pussy, he sawed it up and down and he felt her knees begin to buckle.

Penny threw her head back and let out a squeal. Her hair was instantly covered in water and she sputtered and giggled. She reached up and released her hair and it fell around her shoulders. She was close to cumming and when Leonard shoved the two fingers back into her pussy and his thumb into her tight asshole, she started shaking. She wrapped her arms around him harder and dropping her head, she sank her teeth into his shoulder. She clung to him until her orgasm ceased. As she slowly recovered, she pulled back slightly and swept her wet locks from her face. In a barely audible whisper she spoke; "Thank you Leonard, after everything was happening to me, you are the one bright spot. Now it's my turn to make you feel great!" She slipped to her knees and blocking the water spray with her back, she gripped his cock in her hand; "Mmmm up close it's even better than I thought it was!" She opened her mouth and flattening her tongue, she ran it up and down the underside of his cock. Reaching the swollen head, she enveloped it in her mouth and began sucking it up and down slowly. Her hand matched my mouth's movement and getting into a rhythm, she quickly had him close to cumming.

"Oh fuck Penny, if you don't stop, I'm going to cum and I mean really, really soon!"

She looked up at him with those gorgeous green eyes and nodded. She sucked harder and fondled his balls. She heard him let out a loud groan and her mouth was suddenly filled with his cum. Spurt after spurt filled her mouth and she swallowed down every creamy drop. When he was spent, she smacked her lips and smiled up at him; "How about us drying off. I've had enough for now, again thank you!"

He gripped her under her arms and drew her to her feet. He kissed her hard, tasting his own cum, she kissed him back; "We may be done for now, but we definitely are not finished!"

She giggled; "Can I count on that Leonard?"

He smiled back at her and as she got out of the tub, he slapped her playfully on the ass; "It's a done deal Penny."

They dressed and she hugged him; "Can I ask you for another favor Leonard?"

He laughed; "Is it anything like the one we just finished?"

She punched him playfully; "No, not now at least. Kurt, my ex-boyfriend still has my color TV. Would you be able to drive over there and pick it up for me?"

He looked a little concerned, but replied immediately; "Sure, give me the address and Sheldon and I will drive right over there now and get it."

She gave him the address and he went and got Sheldon, as they headed over there Sheldon was concerned; "How do you expect the two of us get the TV from her ex-boyfriend?"

"I don't know maybe we can appeal to his humanity."

"Wow Leonard, you really thought this through haven't you?"

After leaving Kurt's apartment minus their pants, they returned to their apartment. When Penny saw what had happened she felt awful. At the same time she again got an itch between her legs. Seeing Sheldon in his tightie whities made her extremely horny, but she kept it under control. "Let me make it up to you. Go put on some pants, I'll get my wallet and I'll treat you to dinner, it's on me."

After dinner Leonard still feeling depressed about losing his pants and looking bad in front of Penny, headed out to the comic book store with Raj and Howard. Sheldon was tired from losing his pants and was about to retire for the evening. All of a sudden there was a knock on his door, opening it Penny was standing there; "Oh hello, Leonard had gone to the comic book store, if you are looking for him."

"No Sheldon, I came over here to talk to you?"

"Oh, alright come on in."

She entered and sat in his spot. She looked up at him and immediately moved over. "Sheldon, I just wanted to tell you again how sorry I am about you losing your pants. I want to replace them, but need to know what size they are."

"Well okay, but my mother normally buys my pants from Wal-Mart. I really don't know what size they are.

"I could check if you'd let me."

"Alright, I'll get a pair from my room and you can see for yourself."

She reached out and pulled him towards her. She unbuttoned his pants and began lowering his zipper. "I have an easier and quicker way, you can take these off and I can check them right here."

"Oh my Penny, I don't know about this, this doesn't seem right."

Before he knew it, she had them off and looking at the waistband she took note of the size and tossed them on the chair across from them. "Alright Sheldon, I got it. My oh my you sure have grown a pretty large bulge there in your underpants." Her hand slid up hir hairy leg and covered his package.

"I can't believe it; I lost my pants twice in one day, that's a new record."

She began tugging at his underpants; "How about losing these too, I'd really like to show my appreciation for what you and Leonard tried to do for me earlier today."

"No need, you already brought us dinner; that should suffice."

"Nonsense Sheldon, I want to do this! " She got his underpants off and reached for his huge cock. She could hardly get her hand around it. She stroked it several times and a dollop of pre-cum oozed out. She rolled it around the head with her thumb and licked her lips. She wanted desperately to taste it, but didn't want to scare him off. "Oh my god Sheldon, has anyone ever told you that you have a magnificent cock?"

He scoffed; "I've been told numerous times that's I'm a real big dick, does that qualify?"

She didn't answer him, she was too enthralled by his cock and she couldn't resist. She lowered her head and took the huge head into her mouth. It stretched her lips wide, but she was determined to sample his length.

Sheldon never felt anything like this before. He ran his fingers through her hair and looked down into her gorgeous green eyes. He arched his hips when he felt her let go of his cockhead and slowly slide her tongue up and down the underside of his cock. He shivered when she stuck out her tongue and ran it around and around his large sack holding his swollen nuts.

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