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Big Bang Theory Season 06 Ep. 22-23


Author's note: The series continues with this season 6, episode 22. The series doesn't reset, but follows the show's story sequence.

One of my readers requested adding pictures of the new characters, but this is not allowed by Literotica. When a new character is introduced, I will put in parenthesis the character's real name so you can look them up on the internet.


A couple days after the brief encounter between Penny and Sheldon on his living room floor, Leonard and Penny were at his desk. He was walking her through a way to program the computer to fire a rubber-tipped rocket at Sheldon who was working at his desk near them. He pointed to the screen, "You put your horizontal X-coordinate here, vertical Y-coordinate here. When you're happy with those, press the button."

She did as instructed and replied, "Got it!" The rocket spun around in Sheldon's direction.

As Penny was redirecting the rocket launcher, Sheldon called out, "Leonard, you'll never guess who I just found online." Penny launched the rocket and it hit him square in the middle of his head, He yelled out, "Hey!" He spun towards the two of them.

Leonard chuckled, "Nice shot!"

Penny scoffed, "Eh, his giant head did most of the work."

Leonard chuckled again as Sheldon picked up the dart, "Very mature, you're lucky I'm out of Silly String." He put the dart in his desk drawer, "As I was saying, Leonard, you'll never guess who I just found online, Professor Proton."

He moved over behind Sheldon, "You're kidding, he's still alive?"


Penny was re-aiming her rocket launcher, but tried to distract him, "Who's Professor Proton?"

Leonard was looking over Sheldon's shoulder reading about the Professor, "He was the host of this great-HEY!" Penny launched another dart and it hit Leonard right where she was aiming it.

She gave him a fist pump, "Yesssssssss! Sorry, tell me about Professor Proton."

Sheldon cut in, "Professor Proton hosted my favorite science show when I was a child. I never missed an episode. He demonstrated scientific principles using everyday objects."

Leonard added, "It was pretty cool."

Penny giggled, "Aw, it's so cute when you use the word "cool" wrong. Like when kids say "pasghetti."

Sheldon read on, "Oh, dear Lord, Leonard, look. He's still available for parties and events. We could hire him."

Leonard was still looking at his online site, "Hire him to do what?"

"Whatever we want. Hang out, do experiments, make him take 12 pictures with us so we can make a calendar."

Leonard nodded, "It would be awesome to hang out with him" He turned and looked to Penny, "I just used "awesome" wrong, didn't I?"

She just smiled at him, knowing he knew he did wrong.

Sheldon began typing, "Well, I'm e-mailing him right now."

The following day, Sheldon came running into the cafeteria where the other three were eating lunch, "It's happening, Leonard, it's happening. Professor Proton is coming to our house."

Leonard had a big smile on his face, "You're kidding."

"No, all I needed to do was write him a big check."

A few days later, Sheldon was pacing because Professor Proton was late. He finally called and informed Sheldon he was on the landing of the third floor. He was out of breath and saw a bright light.

Sheldon, Leonard and Penny hurried down to take his case up to the next floor and assist him making it there.

When he saw Penny, he perked up and made it up the next flight of stairs without a problem. He turned to Leonard, "Is the blonde girl really your girlfriend?"

Leonard nodded and chuckled when Professor Proton added, "You're the genius."

He made it upstairs, did some experiments and amazed Penny with his knowledge. He was stunned when Penny thought the potato could be the breakthrough for the energy crisis. He turned to Leonard, "You're a physicist, what do you two talk about?" He couldn't see the two complete opposites ever being a real couple.

While doing another experiment, he had an episode and had to sit down. He thought his pacemaker was malfunctioning.

Penny picked up the potato and tried handing it to him, "Here maybe you can plug it into the potato."

He stared at her and shook his head, "No!"

The EMT came and carried him downstairs and rushed him to the hospital. He was glad; at least he didn't have to navigate all those stairs again on his own.

At the hospital, Sheldon sang him, "Soft Kitty", several times and he was ecstatic when Professor Proton asked him to stand-in for him on the next couple of children's parties seeing he was going to be laid up recovering in the hospital.

The following weekend Bernadette, Penny and Amy climbed into a cab. They were on their way to the Burbank Airport. From there the three of them were flying off to Vegas for a fun filled weekend.

Back in the apartment, the four nerds were settling in for a long weekend of D&D. Leonard was giving Howard the chance to be the dungeon master, but Sheldon wasn't sure if he was up for the task. Once he saw how he used voices of famous celebrities, he was won over and even proposed to make him the permanent dungeon master.

As they started, Raj received a call from Lucy. Her assignment at work was postponed and she was free to spend time with him. He quickly killed himself off and hurried to meet up with her. It left them short a person, but they struggled along.

Just then the door flew open and in walked Penny; Bernadette and Amy came in behind her. Bernie and Penny were upset because Amy caused a scene at the security checkpoint and roughed up a TSA agent and was put on a no-fly list. This caused them to miss their flight and their getaway weekend in Vegas was cancelled.

Raj met up with Lucy, they had drinks and then dinner. He pressed her to tell the waiter her crab cakes tasty funky. She broke down and hurried to the bathroom. She climbed out the window to escape returning to the table, but when she dropped from the window, she turned and found herself behind a chained area. She panicked and had to call Raj.

Back at the apartment Amy was upset she ruined the weekend, "You guys enjoy your evening. I'm gonna go before I ruin anybody else's weekend."

Sheldon looked up from the game board, "That's my girl."

She turned to leave, but Leonard stopped her, "Amy, wait. I know it's not the night you had in mind, but why don't you stay and play? It'll be fun."

Sheldon flew off the handle, "FUN? Okay three weeks ago you brought crunchy peanut butter, but now you want the girls to play D&D with--Do you have a drug problem?"

"What's the big deal" Raj bailed, so we could use some extra players."

Sheldon was shaken, "I've never played Dungeons and Dragons with girls before."

Penny was sitting on the arm of the sofa, "Oh, don't worry sweetie, no one has."

Leonard turned to Sheldon, "So, what so you say?"

Sheldon sat up, "I'll leave it up to the Dungeon Master."

Everyone looked to Howard and he chuckled, "A satanic fungus that looks suspiciously like Al Pacino rises from the forest floor and says:" Howard stands and mimics Al Pacino voice, he points from one of the girls to the next, "You're playing D&D, you're playing D&D, this whole apartment...is playing D&D."

Everyone cracks up and Penny rushes into the kitchen and whips up a batch of strong Margaritas. She comes back to the living room holding a pitcher of them, "Okay, who wants a drink?"

Once again, she upsets Sheldon, "Penny, we don't consume alcohol during Dungeons and Dragons. It impairs our judgement."

She stares at the pitcher and replies quickly, "Oh, this isn't alcohol. It's a magic potion that makes me like you."

Leonard holds out his empty cup, "Double portion, please." He checks her out while she fills her glass. She looks casual tonight, but as always, still looks hot. Her long blonde hair is straight, resting on her shoulders and down her back. She's wearing simple black slacks and a flowery pullover blouse, nothing extremely tight, but it still showcases her bountiful breasts.

Howard starts the game, "Okay here we go. You find yourselves face to face with two hulking ogres." In a deep voice he calls out, "What are you doing in our dungeon? You shall die." In his normal voice he says, "What do you do?"

Leonard replies, "I draw my broadsword."

Sheldon adds, "I ready my quarter-staff."

Penny chuckles, "I drink my potion." She takes a big gulp.

Bernadette who is sitting beside Howard adds, "I say we attack the big one." She's dressed in a long flowery dress buttoned up the front. She removed her sweater, it was getting hot in there, but she still had black tights on under the dress.

Howard went to roll the dice, but Penny broke in, "Give me the dice, I wanna roll." She put Howard on the defense when she said that. Howard stared at her, "The Dungeon Master's supposed to roll."

She scoffed, "Yeah, well, I'm supposed to be in Vegas throwing up on a shrimp buffet, now give it!" She stood and took the dice from Howard. She rolled the dice in her hands, "All right, what do I need?"

Howard looked at the pad in his lap, "Uh, fifteen or higher."

She shook the dice, "Fifteen's the point. The point is 15. Give the little lady some room. Here it is. Coming out!" She rolls the dice and hops up and down, "Sixteen! Yeah!"

Leonard grabs her arm, "Yeah!"

She leans over the table, "Oh, please tell me we're playing for money!"

Sheldon looks up from his pad, "Oh, even better than money. You gained experience points."

She turned to Leonard and shook her finger at him, "More potion, please."

Bernie wanted to roll next. Everyone was standing except for the Dungeon Master. She called out, "Come on, Mama wants a pair of dead ogres."

Howard hops up, "Seventeen, the large ogre is dead!" Everyone cheers and the other ogre says in a deep voice, "You killed my brother. Now Ogre Thanksgiving is ruined."

Sheldon's shoulders slump down, "That is amazing. He made me care about the ogre."

Everyone except Sheldon is already half-bombed from all of the secret potion they consumed. Leonard looks to Amy, "All right, Amy, there's one ogre left. Take him out."

She picks up the dice and shakes them, "Okay!"

Penny's cheering her on, "Pretend he's that TSA agent, come on!"

She rolls the dice and yells out, "Nineteen!" She looks to Howard and then turns to Penny, "This is turning out to be better than Vegas."

Penny laughs out loud, "No, no it's not!"

Back at the restaurant, Raj is upset and he comes around to the back of the building and found Lucy trapped behind the gate, Lucy?"

She giggled, "Hey, long time no see."

He threw up his arms, "You don't know me very well, but each time you crawl out a bathroom window to escape my company it chips away at my masculinity."

She looked worried, "I'm sorry."

"Why would you leave like that?"

"You were pushing me. I didn't want to send my food back and you tried to make me do it."

"Okay, if I upset you, why don't you say something?"

"How can I tell you I'm upset if I can't tell the woman at Supercuts that my forehead's my best feature? It's scary."

"Well, I like you a lot and that's scary for me; mostly because you're a proven flight risk."

She stepped closer to the fence she's locked behind, "How could you like me a lot?"

"Well...For one thing, you have bigger emotional problems than I do and I find that very attractive in a woman. I don't know, I just...I think you're wonderful." They stared at one another and suddenly they reached through the fence and their lips met.

She pulled back and kissed him again, "Get me out of here and we can go back to your apartment and I'll prove I'm not a flight risk."

Back in the apartment the Dungeon Master speaks, "The dragon falls from the sky, crashing into the volcano. Everyone cheers, "But wait, he's not dead. He crawls out, spreads his wings and prepares to attack--"

Sheldon grabs his arm, "Wait, doesn't he say something first? Maybe in the voice of a beloved celebrity?"

Howard leans over, "Fine!" And in Christopher Walken's voice calls out, "You'd think, after all these years, I'd know not to fly over volcanoes. I'm a frigging idiot!"

Leonard looks to his pad, "Amy, it's your turn. We need one more hit, finish him off."

She shakes the dice, "Here we go, fifteen." She looks to Howard and in his regular voice says, "It's a hit, the dragon collapse to the ground."

Sheldon screams out, "Wait, wait!" He turns to Howard, "And says...?"

Howard uses Christopher Walken's voice again, "Mother? Is that you? Your little boy is coming home."

Sheldon is shaking, "I don't know about you guys, but I've been through the emotional wringer tonight"

Bernie leans over and gives Howard a deep passionate kiss and pulls back, "This may be the potion talking, but you are one fine-ass Dungeon Master."

He kissed her back and placed his hand on her bare knee, "When did you remove your tights, Bernie?" His hand slid higher up her thigh.

She giggled, "I was getting hot and during our last break I snuck off to the bathroom and removed them." She leaned in and nipped at his earlobe and whispered, "Took off my panties too, give you any ideas?"

He looked down and noticed a couple buttons on her dress were open too. He stared at the cleavage he's come to love, "Oh yeah, when we get home I'm gonna take you on a different adventure."

She giggled and drank more of the potion, "Why wait till we get home?

Sheldon overheard their conversation, "Another quest by Wolowitz? Count me in!"

Amy leaned over and whispered to him, "Sheldon, they're talking about sex."

"Hmm, may be very interesting, what's the premise?"

Penny heard what was going on and added, "Ooh, I have an idea." She pointed to Amy and Sheldon, "Why don't your character and your character do it in the game?"

Bernadette was really drunk and she giggled and let out, in a high pitched voice, "Oooooooh!" She tapped Howard on the arm, "Come on, back me up here."

He looked up, "Oh, okay" in unison both turned to Amy and Sheldon and called out, "Ooooooh!" Bernadette continued, "Okay, I cast a love spell on Sheldon and Amy."

Howard looks to the D&D game board and looks at them both, "The love spell takes effect. When Sheldon looks at Amy, she is the most beautiful half-orc he's ever seen, and he's overcome with a desire to rip her armor off and gaze fondly at her four hairy breasts." Both Amy and Sheldon are getting turned on by his description and Sheldon's hand is now on Amy's knee. Howard continues, "When Amy sees Sheldon, he looks...just like Sheldon because apparently she's into that." He looks to Amy, "What do you do?"

Amy stares at Sheldon and he stares back at her. She stands up quickly and races out of the room saying, "I don't like this."

Everyone is sitting there in silence and suddenly Sheldon blurts out, "You see what happens when you let girls play D&D?"

Amy ran to Sheldon's bedroom and sat there. She was upset by being put in the spotlight and she didn't like it. All of a sudden there's a knock on the door. It was Sheldon, as always he knocks three times calling out, "Amy, Amy, Amy.'


He opens the door and enters, closing the door behind him, "I've never knocked on my own door before. That was a wild ride."

"You don't have to come in here and cheer me up."

"Thank you, would you tell everyone else that? Because they sure think otherwise."

She turned and stared at him, "I'll tell you what they think. They think our relationship is a joke."

He came over to her and sat down beside her, "Well, I don't think our relationship is a joke."

She stared up at him, "Sheldon, are we ever going to have intimate relations again?"

"Oh, my, that's an uncomfortable topic. Amy, before I met you, I never had any interest in being intimate with anyone."

She licked her lips and took a deep breath, "And now?"

I have not ruled it out, after we had relations and after what happened after Bernadette and Howard's wedding, I'm not opposed to it. Just a few days ago..."

"What happened a few days ago?"

"Oh, nothing, what we have is extremely intimate."

She placed her hand on his knee, "I guess I know that, I just want more and a lot more often. Come on, let's go back out there." She went to stand up, but he stopped her

"Well, no, hold on. My elven magic-user and your half-orc warrior did have a love spell cast on them. We wouldn't really be playing the game right if we didn't see that through. Also, the four of them were getting very busy when I came in here."

She bit her lip, "Oooooooookay."

He got up and went to his dresser and picked up a set of dice, "I believe that, uh, we just killed a dragon. And while the others pillage the corpse, I lead you to a secluded area where I attempt to remove your leather armor." He rolls the dice and looks at the dice. He turns back to her, "It comes off!"

She opens her mouth and whispers out, "Oh, okay!" She unbuttons her sweater and takes it off.

He watches her and continues, "What do you do?"

"I kiss you on the lips" She leans in and kisses him and she lingers there.

He looks at her, "I kiss you back on the..." He rolls the dice again, "...lips as well!" He leans in and kisses her again. Opened mouthed this time and his tongue dances back and forth with hers. He pulls back and whispers out, "Your turn."

"I remove your armor!" She reaches out and pulls off his shirt and t-shirt leaving him bare from the waist up. She sits back, "Your turn, what do you do?"

He leans in and whispers out, "I erotically caress your..." He rolls the dice. He looks at down at the dice and looks up, "...Nose."

She looks up, "Keep rolling!"

He rolls again, "Oh my, your four hairy breasts."

"Well Sheldon, you have to do what the dice says."

He stares at her and slowly unbuttons her blouse and removes it. She reached around and unhooked her bra. He slipped it from her body and as he extended his hands, Amy grabs his hands and places them over her large, soft mounds of flesh. He squeezes and began to fondle them.

She let out a gasp and when he tries to pull away and shakes her head, "Not yet mister, I want more and not just your hands." She guides his head down and soon his lips are surrounding one stiff nipple and sucking harder, he pulls away when she lets put a moan, "No, I want more, a lot more Sheldon."

Before long they are both naked and she's hovering over his stiff cock. Her fingers are sliding up and down his length, "What now Sheldon?"

He shrugged, "I lost my dice when you threw the covers off the bed. Should I find them so we can continue?"

She shook her head, "You're supposed to be a genius, and I know you are. Use your imagination."

He let out a growl and reached out, cupped the back of her head and guided her parted lips to his cock."

She looked up at him and just before she swallowed his cock, she chuckled, "Good call, genius, good call!"

In the living room, Leonard is only wearing his t-shirt and Penny is bare from the waist up, she's kneeling in front of him, sucking on his cock like it's going to be the last time she ever did it.

Across the room the Dungeon Master has his pants down around his ankles and Bernadette is straddling his skinny legs. Her dress bunched up around her waist and she has his cock buried deep in her pussy and she's calling out, "Fuck me Dungeon Master; make your wench cry out for more."

When Howard heard that, something snapped and he felt like the dungeon master. Her reached up and unbuttoned the rest of the buttons on the top of her dress. He grabbed hold of the dress around her waist and yanking it up, he pulled it off her luscious body. He tossed it aside and grabbing hold of both of her heavy breasts; he pushed them together and began sucking on both nipples at the same time. He tried to continue sucking, but he heard Bernie wiggle her ass, taking his cock to different areas of her pussy. He heard her let out several squeals and she made gurgling sounds. It made him smile and he lost his focus on what he was doing. He recaptured one nipple and sucked even harder. He released her tits and ran his fingers through her wavy, golden locks. He pulled off her swollen nipple and guided her mouth to his. He stuffed his cock and tongue in her at the same pace and Bernie grunted around his active tongue and letting out a high pitched squeal, she started cumming. He always loved how she tightened her pussy around his cock when she came and this always forced him to cum, whether he was ready or not. He started pumping up and down faster and harder and pulling her gorgeous ass down on his lap, he filled her with his spunk.

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