tagBDSMBig Beautiful Nurse Gives Spanking

Big Beautiful Nurse Gives Spanking


When I was 18 I had to check into an emergency room because of vomiting and terrible stomach cramps.

After being rushed into a small room a husky, six-foot tall blonde nurse of about 30 strode in and glared at me. "Have you been drinking?" She asked.

I had been drinking since noon, but I was three years too young to drink so I said, "No." The room swayed back and forth and I was falling in love with this nurse named Helen. Her curly blonde hair and stern demeanor were a lovely combination.

"Don't lie to me young man. I've worked the emergency room too long not too know alcohol poisoning when I see it." Helen put her hands on her ample hips and glared at me. Her hips were wide but her waist small and her bosom large and inviting. She towered over my puny frame: I was 5'10" and weighed 155 pounds. She had to be 200 pounds. I wanted her to put me on her lap push her large breasts against me, cuddle me, and tell me everything would be okay.

"But I haven't been drinking." I was strongly attracted to this woman but also terrified of her and afraid to tell the truth.

Helen rolled her eyes and left the room. A doctor soon entered and gave quick examination.

"How much have you been drinking?" He asked. He was a friendly looking doctor who resembled Kurt Vonnegut. The nurse wasn't in the room so I felt the courage to admit the truth, "a dozen beers," I said.

The doctor whistled and said, "Well, it looks like a pretty mild case of alcohol poisoning. You are lucky, as you won't have to have your stomach pumped. But," He smiled, "Helen will have to give you an enema and after that you will feel a lot better." He patted by shoulder and strode out of the room before I could say anything.

I was terrified even though my 18-year-old mind wasn't sure what an enema was, exactly. It sounded painful and humiliating to have done in front of the plump and marvelous Helen.

Two minutes later Helen marched in carrying a small bottle. My heart raced. She glared at me and said, "Turn over and lay face down on the bed."

My heart raced and I hesitated and remained on my back.

Helen said, "Hurry up. It's Friday night and this place is packed. I don't have time for your nonsense, young man."

I remained on my back scared.

"I've had enough of this. Turn over now."

I slowly turned over and lay face down on the bed.

"Now pull down your sweat pants."

I couldn't do it. I was too shy and terrified. I looked over my right shoulder at her sexy figure. Oh, those hips and that curly blonde hair and that full sumptuous figure. I thought from the look of her eyes she was falling in love with me too.

"I've had enough of this!" Helen shouted. She slammed the bottle on a table and rolled up her uniform sleeves. She stepped to my bed, grabbed the waistband of my sweat pants, and tugged them down to the top of my thighs. Then she inserted her fingertips into the waistband of my underwear and tugged those down as well.

My face turned scarlet and while she turned and reached for the enema bottle, I reached down and jerked my underwear back up.

"You little twerp!" Helen shouted. "I've totally had enough of you! There are patients here who are really sick." With that, Helen's large and bare right arm yanked my underwear back down and she reached back with the palm of her right hand and started to spank my bottom.

Helen put her left hand on the small of my back to hold me down and she must have given me three dozen smacks on my bare bottom. I groaned and realized my penis was grinding against the bed sheets while she spanked in a rapid flurry. "Rotten little twerp," she said as she finished the spanks, which didn't take a minute total but it seemed to go on for hours. I gasped for breath.

Helen grabbed the enema bottle and tube. I lay terrified not knowing what to expect but was incredibly aroused by my throbbing bottom and her commanding presence. My penis throbbed and when she inserted the tip of the enema into my rectum, my hips convulsed and against my will, I had an orgasm. She removed the tip and told me to go into the bathroom. Thankfully, she marched right of the room so I was able to clean myself without my mess being discovered.

Its twenty years later and I still search for a big beautiful blonde to take command of me and giving me a good bare bottom spanking. Why is she so hard to find? I don't need the enema, that doesn't seem sexual to me. Nevertheless, the spanking and the big blonde with the nice thick arms, I've got to have that still. Write me. xoxxoxo chubbylover35

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