tagInterracial LoveBig Booty, Big Breasted Black Boss

Big Booty, Big Breasted Black Boss


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John's fingers fumbled as he folded the paper in his hands. The origami swan was not turning out as expected and he soon realized there was no hope for the creation. He threw the paper wad at his cubicle wall in defeat. The work day couldn't end soon enough.

A glance at his computer monitor revealed only three minutes had passed since he last checked the time. He sighed and leaned back in his swivel chair. Just before he was about to close his exhausted eyes, he heard the office door open. He snapped upright in his chair and, like every other man in the office, craned his head above the cubicle wall.

Ms. Washington gracefully stepped out from her office, high heels thumping on the floor. John ogled her as she made her way through the room. Every man in the office was staring at her as she passed, heading towards the elevator. John perhaps gazed the deepest at the dark-skinned beauty.

Gabrielle Washington's intoxicating fragrance captured John as she walked by him. John froze the moment in time so he could take in the wonderful sight before him.

Ms. Washington's pumps made her calves form sexy curves as she walked, her stride confident and true. His eyes followed her legs up to the pencil skirt that tightly clung to her wide hips. The next part John appreciated was too good to be real.

Sitting at the top of her tall and smooth legs, were two massive lobes that formed an insanely huge bubble butt. The sheer mass of the two fat cheeks couldn't simply be called a butt. It was a ridiculously massive, mammoth-sized ass. The size of her bottom made it seem as if she would appear taller when sitting. John had never seen an ass that jutted out that far. The behemoth portions bounced and shook as she strutted.

Just past the first curve of her hourglass, was her tiny waist. Her torso was so tight and skinny it made the proportion of her hips look preposterous. John continued up her figure to his favorite part.

Ms. Washington carried on her chest, the two most obscene breasts John had ever seen.

Her giant globes swayed side to side in her blouse as she walked, simultaneously bouncing up and down. The mere size of her tits concealed most of her torso, and John was mesmerized by them. They protruded out two feet in front of her, defying gravity and hanging high on her chest. Her low cut top revealed a totally inappropriate amount of cleavage, a valley of chocolate brown flesh. These breasts were impossible. John thought they must act as the counter-weight to her humongous butt.

Ms. Washington's figure looked as if a cartoon drawn by a hormone driven teenager came to life.

Reluctantly, John's eyes continued up from her mammoth mammaries to her gorgeous face. Her cheek bones were high and her nose was small. Her smile displayed straight, white teeth, and her demeanor was pleasant. Her beautiful brown eyes kept straight, but were aware of the audience she captivated. John saw something behind them, and it was something sinister.

Ms. Washington stopped and turned, her raven hair flipping as she did. John's eyes widened when he realized she was headed towards his desk. Her hips moved with a mesmerizing sway, and she arrived at his desk before John could stop staring.

Ms. Washington extended a lovely limb and set a small piece of paper on John's desk. Without a word she turned and left, walking the way she had before. John stared at the folded paper and lifted it slowly.

He unfolded the small mystery to find a series of numbers and a name written down. It was an address. There was also a short message to arrive at the address a few hours after work.

Confused and bewildered, John gazed at Ms. Washington's ass as it bounced away. He assumed his boss wouldn't tell him to arrive somewhere if it weren't important. He would have to call his girlfriend to cancel plans tonight.


John sat across from Ms. Washington nervously, twiddling his thumbs as she sized him up with her eyes. She had not spoken since she answered the door and motioned for him to sit in the living room. John was so nervous he started to break a sweat. It wasn't that his boss had not said a word since she let him in, but that she was wearing a white bath robe. He thought it seemed inappropriate.

"So what is it you called me here for Ms. Washington?" John sheepishly started.

Gabrielle Washington smiled widely, something predatory hiding behind her grin.

"Call me Gabby, John," she insisted, not answering his question.

"Okay, Gabby," he said uneasily, taking a deep breath.

Gabrielle stood up from her chair and walked over to John, her movements slow and calculated. Her robe barely covered her butt, and John stared at her impossible cleavage. The man looked up at his gorgeous boss when she stood in front of him, bewildered by her strange actions. He gasped when he saw what she did next.

"Do you like these?" she asked, grabbing hold of her huge breasts through her robe.

John became flush and quickly looked away. He had no idea why his boss was acting this way.

"What? Is this a test? What are you doing?" John deflected, burning a hole in the ground with his eyes.

"I see you checking me out at work. Don't deny it. Every white man wants a piece of my black body," Gabby stated, still holding her globes.

"This is really inappropriate. I have a girlfriend," John tried to assert.

"I know you do. You have an ugly white girlfriend. She doesn't have big black tits or a huge round butt. But I do," Gabby said, opening her robe.

Gabrielle Washington dropped her alabaster robe to the floor, revealing the entirety of her impeccable black body.

Gabby's hourglass figure was the most ridiculous thing John had ever laid eyes on. Her smooth chocolate skin spread over two insanely enormous breasts, which possessed two Hershey kiss shaped nipples.

Her outline narrowed at her small waist, and expanded again at her wide hips and crazily large butt. Her tummy was tight and fit, but most of her mid-section was eclipsed by her fun bags. His boss turned slowly so John could take in the magnificence.

As Gabby turned, the full spectacle that was her naked ass revealed itself. Even though she rotated slowly, the humongous rear end couldn't refrain from jiggling. When she made a full circle, John rested his eyes on the small and dark nipples sitting in the middle of her giant chest hangers. The body he was staring at was total perfection.

"I think I have to leave," John said, his body frozen in amazement.

"No. You are going to stay right there while I show you how much you love my black body. If not, I'll fire you," Gabby threatened.

Gabby pressed her arms against her breasts, pushing them together pleasingly. Her cleavage was plentiful and her skin seemed to glisten. Her body was perfect in every way, and John was finding it hard to resist.

The black breasts hanging in front of John were bigger than beach balls. He was fixated on their impossible shape, when he felt a stir from below. His boss made sure it did not go unnoticed.

"I knew you were a dirty white boy. I knew you weren't satisfied with your white girlfriend," Gabby said victoriously, grabbing his bulge.

John's boss grabbed the zipper on his pants and yanked it down. She rustled in his pants for a moment and took hold of her white prize. Gabby gasped as she pulled out what was the largest dick she had ever encountered.

John's erection stood tall at an amazing 12 inches. A full foot of dick with a huge head throbbed for Gabby. John's girth was thicker than she thought possible. Her clean pussy became wet as she held the cock in her grip.

John's black boss began to kneel and her face neared the giant phallus. She stopped when John could feel her warm breath on his bulging head.

"Please don't, I have a girlfriend," he weakly pleaded.

"I'm going to make you hate that white bitch," Gabby responded.

The black temptress pushed the engorged head past her lips, accepting the member into her mouth. She savored the taste of John's cock as she descended down his shaft, sucking tightly as she did. Fully encased in her oral cavity, Gabby coughed as the head pushed at the back of her throat, choking her. She held it there for a moment, letting the pleasure of her warm throat massage the huge prick. Then she began to work his member.

Gabby's mouth slipped up and down the maximum mast with an air-tight seal. Her saliva coated the thick trunk and John moaned as she expertly manipulated his tool. John surrendered to the new mouth completely.

"Oh shit! No one has handled my dick like this before! My girlfriend can hardly fit a few inches in her mouth," John admitted in total bliss.

The perfect black lips sucked hard as they moved down John's entire shaft, shoving his head to the back of Gabby's throat again. Gabby choked without breaking the seal she had on the base of his cock.

"Holy fuck! How can you fit all of it in your mouth? Is it a black thing?" John wondered in amazement.

Gabby retreated from his dick painfully slow, leaving his shaft glistening with saliva. John's throbbing head left her mouth with a loud popping sound.

"It is a black thing baby, the head we give is so much better than silly white girls," she assured, grabbing his penis firmly.

John moaned as she swooped under his dick and put a large testicle in her mouth. Gabby licked the delicious sphere through his leathery ball-sack, savoring the taste.

"My balls have never been sucked! It feels so good!" John said, elated to feel the new sensation.

The black woman migrated to the other testicle, sucking at it with just as much intensity. She jerked the hard shaft in her hand as she licked his balls. John could feel the pleasure in him building to the point of no return.

"If you don't stop, I'm going to finish," he alerted to his employer.

Ms. Washington responded by releasing his scrotum from her tongue bath and grabbed her ludicrous-sized titties.

"There is no way I'm gonna fucking stop until I taste all of your creamy cum!" she swore, enveloping his rod in between her chest watermelons.

"Oh fuck!" John shouted as the entirety of his penis disappeared into her cleavage cavern.

"That's it white boy, love my big, bouncing, black boobs!" she ordered.

Gabby shimmied her breasts on the cock, squeezing it in her softness. She pushed her left breast down and right breast up, and alternated. John gasped, lost in ecstasy, as he watched her juggle the black tits around his meat.

The chocolate orbs smothered the thick penis in warmth. The pillowy texture of the huge breasts wrapped around John and hugged him. Gabby's fun bags fucked with serious intent, desperately wanting to coax the jizz from John's balls.

"Gabby! I can't hold my load any longer!" John said through clenched teeth.

"That's it! Blow your fucking huge white load!" Gabby demanded.

Gabby pushed her breasts down to reveal John's engorged head at the top of her cleavage. She bent her neck and encased the throbbing top into her mouth. John invited the wet, warm present with a gasp of pleasure. Gabby sucked the tip as she felt it harden, readying to fire.

"I'm cumming, Gabby! Oh shit!" John exclaimed, his balls tightening.

John's body tensed as his balls shot his first rope of cum through his penis and into Gabby's welcoming mouth. The hot spunk hit the back of her throat, coating it completely. Gabby wanted to gag, but refused, anticipating the rest of his load.

Gabby gulped down his semen just as his second shot cannoned onto her tongue. She savored the sweet and salty flavor as he pumped another spurt of delicious semen. This continued until every bit of ejaculate John produced was swallowed by his black boss. Gabby slowly let the head out of her mouth when she had successfully downed all of her special drink.

"Your white girlfriend has never made you cum like that, has she?" Gabby asked in an assuming tone.

"No, I have never felt that good before. My girlfriend has never made me feel that way," John admitted, his breath labored from his intense climax.

"Do you love my black mouth more than her? Would you trade her for my big, black titties?" Gabby asked, knowing the answer.

"Fuck yes I love your mouth more. Of course I would trade her for your ridiculous tits," he conceded.

Gabby stood up and looked down at John. Her eyes had a villainous look behind them, indicating she was ready to pounce. John's black boss jumped onto his lap.

"Get hard for me. We are far from done here. I'm going to make you hard without even touching that big dick," she snarled, touching her breasts.

Gabby pushed her hands over her breasts, displaying their unmatched pliability. She dug her fingers into the dark flesh, showcasing how much tit there was to grab. She fondled the massive mammaries and gave her small nipples a tweak. She pushed her breasts against each other and dared him to keep his erection down.

Of course, he couldn't.

John marveled at her ability to play with her own chest, and his dick started to grow, resting on her belly button when it was at full mast.

"I knew you were a dirty white boy John," Gabby smiled, her victory over him making her wet.

The black woman lifted his cock and pressed it against her clit. She inhaled as the head slapped her most sensitive spot, covering the cock with wetness. Gabby pushed it down to her entrance, the heat begging for John to penetrate her pussy. She stopped and looked at John, evil lust in her eyes.

"Admit you hate your white girlfriend. Admit you love my black body. Swear it and I will let you enter me," she said, barley letting his head touch her opening.

John had tipped over the edge. He had to do as she asked. Nothing would keep him from fucking his boss.

"I do hate my white girlfriend. I can't believe I fucked her. She is a terrible lay. She doesn't have black, dick-sucking lips or giant titties or a big bubble butt. I love your hot fucking body. Please fuck me! Please!" John said, his frustration building.

Gabby smiled, knowing John wanted her completely, and lowered herself onto his enormous white cock.

"That feels incredible!" John expressed as his head passed Gabby's hot lips.

Gabby clenched her teeth as her vagina attempted to accommodate the colossal invader. The tight slit parted as best it could, but the size of John's member was punishing.

"THIS WHITE COCK IS SPLITTING ME IN HALF!" the black woman cried, still sheathing the behemoth dick inside of her.

"Your cunt is so tight! This is unbelievable!" John revealed, placing his hands on Gabby's gargantuan ass.

Gabby had fit about half of John's penis inside of her when he shoved her down on his pole. She screamed immediately.

"OH MY FUCKING FUCK! YOUR HORSE COCK IS BREAKING ME!" Gabby screeched, the pain shooting up her body.

Gabby wasted no time moving her hips back and forth, committed to adapt to the organ inside her. The pain was overwhelming, but as she rode John's cock, pleasure began to smolder inside her.

"I love this black cunt!" John blurted out, Gabby's insides hugging him tightly.

"I love this white cock. It is better than that. It is better than a cock. It is better than a dick. This is a big, beautiful, thick, long, broad, huge, giant, perfect, white schlong!" Gabby illuminated, riding vigorously.

Gabby's huge black chest spheres bounced absurdly and hit her in the face. John assisted by grabbing hold of them and fondling the amazing tissue. With her ass free of John's palming, it started to spring up and down cartoonishly. The two cheeks hit John's thighs as it jiggled.

John extended his neck and sucked on Gabby's delicious nipples. He tongued ravenously and massaged his new favorite toy. The black woman squealed with delight as he licked at her teats.

"Suck my slutty black jugs!" Gabby shouted, still riding her lover.

John sucked on the amazing rack and marveled at the taste. His tongue couldn't imagine a better treat, and he knew his white girlfriend could never taste like Gabby. He quit his task reluctantly to ask a question he needed answered.

"Your ass is so huge! Your tits are so giant! How did your body get so fucking preposterous?" John wondered about her perfect body.

"I grew my tits so huge because I'm a black slut! I grew my ass so huge because I'm a black whore! I grew them because I knew your white cock couldn't fucking resist my sexy body! I knew you wouldn't want white girls after you had me!" Gabby responded with lustful ferocity.

John grabbed his lover by the hips and flipped her over on the couch. With a delighted laugh, Gabby gripped his chiseled ass as he drove his erection into her.

"How did I not know black pussies were so much tighter than white ones? I never knew sex could feel like this!" John exclaimed, enjoying Gabby's wet crevice.

"It isn't just that John. I have the best of ALL black pussies. You are fucking the best cunt in the world," she informed with a confident smirk.

Gabby wrapped her legs around John and pushed into his pelvis. The black seductress rolled into him, shoving his cock farther inside her than before.

"Oh fuck! I'm gonna push right through your cervix!" John shouted as he accepted Gabby's grinding.

Gabby smiled evilly and looked up at John as she fucked him back. Her hips circled the entirety of his huge member, encasing him from head to base.

"I have never fucked such a fat and long schlong. I love this white tool. It is going to make me cum. But I need you to say something before I do..," Gabby revealed, her breathing heavy from her exercise.

John's boss leaned up to his ear and whispered softly.

"I can't say that!" he exclaimed, wide eyed with disbelief, while still deep in the woman.

"Come on John, I want you to say it. You know you want to say it. Fucking say it," Gabby dared.

"It's...just so...wrong," John protested, still thrusting hard into the tight brown slit.

"You say it John! I won't let you cum if you don't!" she threatened.

John couldn't stand the thought of not cumming. This was the best fuck of his life. Gabby was the sexiest thing ever. Her tits were bouncing ridiculously as he plowed her. Her dark skin was glistening and tasted like chocolate. John gathered all of his office frustration and prepared himself. Once he did this he would be a changed man.

"I am going to fuck you so hard you won't be able to walk tomorrow morning. I am going to obliterate this black pussy with my big white schlong. I am going use your body how I wish and the only thanks you will get are mind blowing orgasms. Take my fat white cock you STUPID FUCKING NIGGER!"

"Oh fuck! That's it! I am nothing but a sex nigger," she yelled.

"You are a fucking sex slave. I can't believe niggers like you are free. You should be a slave that does nothing but take my cock in your holes." John snarled.

"You love it. You love my nasty nigger pussy. You crave my disgustingly giant nigger tits. You love my enormous porch monkey ass. I am so much better than your skinny, white girlfriend," Gabby declared, matching his rhythm with her hips.

"Yes! I love fucking this black cunt! I love these chocolate colored tits! I love your Aunt Jemima ass. I love your whole fucking body you coon cunt!" John degraded, harshly grabbing a handful of huge butt.

"I should fire you for being so racist. You are a real white devil. Fuck you for having such a huge honky cock. I never want a stupid nigger cock again. It fucking disgusts me to even think of it. I only want your big white fuck-stick. Fuck you for that," she retorted, an evil grin shining through her rapture.

"I'm not racist! I'm balls deep in your nigger cunt, you bitch!" John retorted.

"You are a racist!" Gabby assured.

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