tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBig Brother is Watching You

Big Brother is Watching You


Jay couldn't wait to get to work again tonight! In fact, he'd been finding work to be very stimulating in recent weeks which should have been surprising since he was the night watchman at the local branch of Finch & Co, Consultant Actuaries. It was a large company, handling several executive clients in Jamaica and the wider Caribbean and so the senior partners had decided that some security was necessary to protect their files from corporate espionage. The people at Jay's company, also large, and the leading security firm in the Montego Bay area had recommended a remote camera surveillance system, and this was duly installed with Jay at the controls.

Jay was responsible for monitoring the activities at 25 companies through his camera lenses. It was, at best, soul-sucking work and the only thing that had kept him there was the state of the economy and his uncertainty about finding another job if he left this one. Well, that was the only thing that had kept him there up to that point. These days he was inspired, and had even been known to show up for his shift early, much to the relief of the man whom he replaced in the hot seat.

Jay sat down and did a quick scan of his charges, saving Finch & Co for last. He felt duty bound to look at the other companies since they were contributing to his salary, but he would spend most of his night watching the offices of the illustrious Perry Finch and his partners since they contributed most to his wellbeing.

The reason for Jay's inspiration had shown up at Finch & Co during the summer. It was obvious that she had graduated that year though, probably from a Master's programme somewhere since she was given her own office and shared an assistant with two other persons whom Jay recognised as being middle management at the company. She was young and, as Jay came to appreciate her more, fairly attractive though she did not actually do anything to enhance her beauty. She wore no make-up and usually no jewellery either. She did wear attractive suits, but these were a little snug since she had a voluptuous body with the tits and arse of a strong black woman, that he came to appreciate very much.

Jay had noticed her one night by accident as he did a bored scan of the cameras. He had stayed with her only because she was the only person in any of his buildings. He watched, mildly interested, as he saw her check to ensure that she was alone in the building and then return to the open plan office shared by the junior associates who reported to her and her two colleagues. Jay smiled to himself as she took off her shoes and released her tight pony tail, shaking her hair out.

"Yes, sister! I know the feeling," he muttered to himself.

He was about to move away to scan another office when he noticed her slip her hand into her blouse and cop a feel. He smiled broadly and decided to stay with her a little longer. At least one of them was enjoying being at work!

Jay's eyes nearly popped out though when he saw her pull her blouse out of her skirt and open it slowly, as if doing a strip tease. Her hands kept rubbing her skin and flicking her buttons open and soon she revealed a nice pair of large, perky round boobs encased in a black lace bra. She shrugged her blouse off to the floor and lifted her breasts in her hands as if offering them to someone and pulled roughly at her nipples through the cloth. She dipped her head and gave her melons a light kiss each before pulling the cloth down a little on the left to allow her nipple and areola to peep out at the world.

Jay felt his pants become tighter and his hand moved involuntarily toward his burgeoning erection. He gasped and opened his flies desperately when she suddenly dragged her bra off roughly allowing her breasts to bounce naughtily for her imaginary audience. Then Jay watched the woman peel her skirt off over her ample hips. She wore a thong and so her fleshy rump did not take long to come into view. Jay prayed for her to bend over and she did. He felt his balls tighten considerably and realised then that he had been pumping his cock without even being aware of it.

The woman peeled her thong off like a seasoned stripper and strutted, clad only in knee-high leather boots and a saucy smile over to one of the chairs in the office. She flung herself into the chair and spread her legs wide as if inviting a large man; as if inviting Jay to nestle himself there.

Jay watched her hand caress her shaven mons and her fingers dip in and out of her swollen labia. She teased a nipple and tried to suckle herself, but failing at that, she brought her juice-stained fingers to her mouth and licked them clean. She went back for more of her personal honey and seemed to be enjoying herself, rocking and cuddling her body in the swivel chair for a few minutes. Then she got up and strode across the room and climbing on to a desk, she planted her legs wide apart and began a sensuous dance that would have been very well-received in a strip club. She did what might have been a 15-minute set and then she climbed down and sauntered into another office.

Jay followed her into another of the separate offices, not her own, and saw her sit on the desk straddling the chair as if she were giving an invisible occupant an opportunity to eat her out. She leaned back on one arm and played with her cunt with the other until she climaxed; and then, she simply got up, fetched her discarded clothing in the outer office, and stuffing them into a large shopping bag, she donned her boring tan coat. Jay watched as turning off the lights behind her, entering her code in the keypad and locking the door with her key, she left the building, walking to the streets and catching a late bus just outside the gates.

It didn't take Jay long to cum after that. He spent the rest of the night reliving her show in his mind and thinking about her going home, naked under that dowdy coat. He kept coming back to the rooms in which he had seen her. He visited the office that he knew to be hers, often. He promised himself to keep an eye on her from now on. Even if this was a one-time only occurrence Jay felt that he owed her something.

Jay was disappointed when the young woman did not "work" late for the next two weeks. He kept reminding himself that he had expected nothing more than that her show was a one-time occurrence, perhaps a dare with a friend. Still, he missed her.

On the Tuesday evening of the third week though, he watched as she and some of the seniors at the company left their conference room a few minutes after 8 o'clock. The building was clear by 8:40... except for her, and Jay felt an unholy joy at seeing her remain behind again. He watched through his camera as she sat quietly at her desk doing some paperwork. She waited until 9 when, quite sure that she was alone, she got up and quickly stripped herself completely and ran her hands frantically over her body. Jay realised that he was not the only person who was impatient for this moment to arrive.

"Yessss," he sighed, relieved. He smiled broadly at her image on the screen.

He watched as her initial frenzy to feel her own skin subsided and her breathing calmed a little, and as, with eyes closed and with a serene smile on her lips, she savoured the experience as others would a fine cup of coffee. Jay shook his head; he knew exactly how she felt.

He watched her stalk back to her chair and throw her legs apart, bracing them on her desk. Her fingers sought out her neatly-shaven cunt and she tickled her labia seemingly enjoying the slick swollenness that greeted her there. She slumped in her chair and inserted two fingers into her hole and fucked herself lazily.

She didn't seem to get off on doing this though, and after about 10 minutes of frustrated ploughing into her cunt she still wasn't anywhere near her climax. Jay had enjoyed watching her immensely, but she didn't seem to feel the rush that she needed and he couldn't agree more that she needed to find pleasure from all this. The young woman got up and ran, massive boobs shaking wildly, to the large open plan office outside her door. Jay switched hastily to camera 7 to watch what she would do.

She nestled into the swivel chair normally occupied by a mousy little man whom Jay thought of as a male version of her. It surprised him that he knew this, but then, on reflection, he realised that he had spent a great deal of time watching the staff of Finch & Co. since he had first seen his little "exotic dancer". For instance, Jay knew that his dancer maintained her gorgeous figure by eating mainly salads, lean white meat, fruit, yoghurt and by drinking water. She had a sweet tooth though and Jay thought to, but rejected the idea of buying a box of chocolates for her.

He knew that the woman who sat at the far right desk in the open plan office stole office supplies but he figured that it wasn't in large enough quantities for him to blow his cover as a voyeur. Jay was surprised to see that Miles St. John, the company's newest partner was fucking his secretary, a pretty young man with blond hair, who he had brought with him when he defected from Richard Creevy Actuaries, a rival company set up by expatriates in Mandeville. Obviously, old Perry hadn't trusted the man enough yet to tell him about the cameras. The two men were plainly in love though, if their stolen kisses when they weren't having sex, were anything to go by, and it made Jay happy for them. He wished them well.

Jay knew a lot about the staff of Finch & Co, but of all of them he was most fascinated by his spicy little dancer. In his mind he called her "Cinnamon". He watched Cinnamon cuddle her own breasts lovingly and push herself away from the desk with her legs. She span, stiff legged around as if performing a number in an old musical and then impishly, she did the entire move in the reverse; a childlike joy stamped on her face at her own naughtiness.

He watched her get up and walk to the elevator that would take her upstairs to the executive suite. She did not actually go into the elevator, but stood looking at her reflection in the mirrored back of the cabin, curiously, until the door closed again. She walked around the office stark naked looking at the photographs and plaques on the walls and on her colleagues' desks, pausing here and there to bend over teasingly and swing her hips as if enticing a hapless co-worker to look down her non-existent blouse.

Interestingly, she didn't seem to favour men or women, but rather she teased the ghosts of the uptight, mousy ordinary people like herself. It seemed that she knew something about the hidden depths of repressed sexuality that such people contained. Jay wanted to lift a glass to her, but since all he had was his ever present cup of Joe that was all he could do.

Eventually, she went into the little kitchenette of the office on her floor and Jay saw her re-emerge two minutes later with a large jug of water. She paused and surveyed the room.

"Please don't do anything stupid," he muttered.

He was relieved when he saw her approach the plants in the office and water them carefully. He would have sworn that he saw her talking to the one by the corner. Then, he watched as after returning the jug to the kitchen she skipped happily back to the main office and, selecting a seat two away from his female-thief, she sprawled her legs wide, reached for her cunt and spanked it hard 10 times, her legs threatening to close with each strike. She forced herself to keep her legs spread and to endure each slap that seemed to be genuinely as hard as she could make it. Jay watched, salivating as she fucked herself violently with her fingers until, eyes closed and head thrown back in ecstasy, she came.

The sudden realisation that her bizarre nymph-like play during the last 40 minutes was really foreplay, that she was really forcing herself to delay gratification before her final release, took Jay's breath away, He had enjoyed watching her antics, but it was not until he watched her force herself to accept the hard spanking on her mons that he felt his own cock stir, and reaching for it, he stroked himself to completion in four short minutes.

Cinnamon slumped in the chair stroking her abused cunt lazily, apparently fighting a sweet impulse to succumb to a post coital doze. Jay wanted to watch her sleep, but he was afraid that things would go too far and that she would get caught. He had just decided on a plan to telephone the company to warn her if he saw anyone approach while she slumbered, when she got up and righting the chair, she walked to the others that she had used and straightened them as well.

Jay watched her go back into her own office and pack her clothes away neatly into her large shopping bag; apparently, the same one that she had used on the first night. He watched her put her leather boots on again, a different pair from the first night, and don her mousy little coat over her still naked body. Then Jay watched her reach into her bag again and pull out a large anal plug. She lifted her leg and stroked the plug along her still slick pussy before taking the now lubricated giant in her hand and inserting it painfully into her own butt hole.

Jay watched her open-mouthed, and painfully hard again himself, as she fixed her coat and turning the lights off, she walked calmly, if lightly, from the office, out into the lobby and into the dark night to catch her bus. He knew that for as long as he drew breath and worked at Big Brother Sentries he would watch over this woman, care for her, as she, unknowingly, was taking care of him.

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