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Big Butts Like it Big 2

bySean Renaud©

Expectation: Well just after looking at the box I'm excited about this video. It's all anal which is always a great thing. I love watching a hot girl get her pooper pounded so I'm already sold on that aspect from the get go. Then we get a look at the cast, Shyla Stylez, Jenny Hendrix and Luscious Lopez are all here? Pretty good cast. They promise a return to classic comedy skit porn which can often be pure gold as these sluts find themselves in the most ridiculous situations imaginable. We are also getting a bonus scene which is always great. What doubts I havecome from the fact that this is my first ever Brazzer's film and with porn brand loyalty counts for something because the companies that hit it out of the park will do it all day like it's easy and the ones that whiff will keep whiffing so I don't know what to expect from Brazzers but they've got everything lined up nicely at the get go.

Scene 1: Shyla Stylez

I love this blonde. She's one of those complete total packages, pretty face, great ass, nice rack, she even has a sexy voice. The skit is about how Ms. Stylez was pulled into the security room of an airport because she set off a metal detector. The security man keeps asking questions and frisking her until they find the source of the problem. Silly slut left her metal butt plug in. Trust me it's worth watching, funny as hell unlike the average skit which gets fast forwarded through. From there on out the action picks up. Shyla goes down and gives a pretty good blowjob and begs the man to give it to her in the ass. Like any man he couldn't resist splittin' her shitter so he went to work on her doggy style. Like any good slut Shyla remembers to suck his cock clean a few times as she moves positions. Good cumshot too.

Scene 2: Jenny Hendrix

We start the scene up with our boy finding out that his mail order bride has robbed him and run away ad like anybody else would be he's pissed. He can't find that girl again but he can find the woman who sold him the bride, Miss Jenny Hendrix this time with short black hair and glasses. She of course flatly refuses to refund his money or compensate his loss. After a little bit of a go round he finally gets fed up and reaches across the desk and hauls her across it into a rough kiss. Jenny is twisted down onto the desk and force fed cock. She plays up being a slut wonderfully here as she can't seem to decide if she's pissed off that he's forcing her to suck his cock or happy that there's a cock in her. He briefly eats her out and fingers her before starting to fuck her. Jenny really lets him abuse her in this scene, she gets choked and fingers jammed in her mouth. There is lots of ass to mouth action in this scene, Jenny just really like the taste of her Hershey Highway because sometimes she just dips it back in flavor. Great cum shot and on a side note she manages to keep her glasses on for the entire scene.

Scene 3: Flower Tucci & Lucious Lopez

The best part about this scene is I can almost believe it could happen in real life. Lopez comes to visit her friend Tucci at work and the two just spend their time teasing him. Prank calls, throwing shit at him, the high point of this is the girls go to the copy room and make enough photo copies of their twats to plaster the poor guys cubicle. Poor guy can't take a joke though and ends up calling the boss and that's when Flower and Lopez decide enough is enough and they come out in femdom gear and strip him down before finally he gets a hold of his balls. We get plenty of light choking on both of these girls as he forces them to suck him off. Most three ways have a a lot of downtime for the girl who isn't currently filled with man meat. That's not the case here these girls manage go keep both completely in on the action the entire time, not just licking and kissing but we get the rareness of pussy and ass to other girl's mouth. They are constantly sucking him clean so he can switch to a new hole. I loved the cumshot at the end as well.

Scene 4: Kelly Divine

Kelly Divine is clearly supposed to be a Hilton girl here as she walks into the hotel and basically bitches out everybody in the room and they all take it because she's the boss's daughter. We get a cute little montage of her being a bitch and finally the bellhop decides that enough is enough and it's time that she was put in her place. Kelly basically tells him he's a pussy and he could never put her in her place. Well he face fucks till she gags, he spanks her fingers her ass and even gives her some rimming before he fucks her starting briefly with her twat but it doesn't take long for that cowgirl to take a ride through the back door. We get more face fucking here as she's forced to taste her own ass juice and then more anal including a few awesome gapes and fantastic facial, easily the best of the disc.

Scene 5: Cindy Dollar

Cindy is a car theif in this skit, obviously not the brightest one since the car she stole wasn't nearly nice enough to have stolen from a man who's some kind of gangster not to mention she returns to the scene of the crime and that's when she's caught and hauled into see Jay Sin, the man she robbed. He pins her against ht ewall choking her as he rips her clothing off then eats her out, rims and fingers her to get her loosened up for him. Standard blow job is in place followed the sex. Just like promised he gets deep in her butt and even makes her suck him clean. Decent facial

Extras: Well we start with the best extra you can ask for, a bonus scene staring Harmony Rose. She's an IRS agent auditing a porn star, she has an addiction to big cock. We get a cumshot recap and pretty good trailers as well. I've got nothing to complain about on the extras.

Heading Out: Brazzers has made a believer out of e with this one. Everything clicks in this video. The skits far from being your normal excuse to lean on the skip button are actually entertaining enough that I've watched most of them a second time. It's cornball acting but that's where these people live. We have a quality cast with lots of well known girls who deserve every bit of the fame they've earned. Jenny really stands out with her performance here. All the girls bring their A game, good energy, great sex. This is a DVD you should own. The only reason not to is if you're one of those guys who doesn't like anal.

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