tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBig Game Hunter Vol. 01

Big Game Hunter Vol. 01


All names are fictional. The actions in this story are for sexual fantasy only and do not represent any actual events.

COUGAR FILE #001 - Stephanie Harris
AGE: 43
HAIR: Pale Blond
EYES: Blue
HEIGHT: 5'6"
WEIGHT: 138lbs
BUST: 32-B
HIPS: 36
Shoe: 7
TAKEN: 4 times.

My first hunt started in a drug store. Actually it wasn't so much a hunt as an impromptu moment but, you have to start somewhere. During my lunch break I stopped in to pick up some anti-snore strips. My wife complained whenever I didn't wear them. As long as she saw me put one on before bed she wouldn't nag me about snoring. Even if I took it off when the lights went out.

On my way to the isle I was looking for I glanced down the isle I was passing. Standing in the hosiery section was a tall blond dressed in a blue business suit. It was very rare that you saw a woman that attractive standing around in a drug store. I wanted a better look so I made a quick turn and walked down the isle, stopping a little behind her and to her right.

She was on a cell phone and looking at pantyhose. She seemed half interested in the hosiery and half interested in the phone call. The bottom rack of the hosiery shelf had travel pillows stuffed into it, so I stopped next to her and made as if I was looking at those. Instead I checked her out. She looked over her shoulder and glanced at me then looked back at the nylons hanging on the partition.

She had long hair but I wasn't sure how long because it was done up in some sort of french twist. I could see the selves of a white blouse peek out from under the jacket she wore. Her skirt stopped at her knees and her legs were glistening with the shine of sheer hosiery. She wore blue, open toed, three inch mules. Her toenails where painted red as where her fingernails. Her left hand toyed with the hanging nylons as she talked on the phone. I noticed a wedding band with a large diamond on her finger. 'Lucky bastard' I thought to myself.

"I've got to head home for a moment. Don't worry, I'll still make the meeting." she was saying. "We'll have lunch tomorrow, I had an errand I needed to run today." She brushed her bangs away from her face with her free hand then put it on her waist, cocked one hip to the side and impatiently listened to the voice on the other end. While she listened I dropped to one knee and pulled out one of the travel pillows. From the corner of my eye I took a good look at her legs.

She had fantastic legs. From her slender ankles to her shapely thighs there was nothing I could find wrong with them. I noticed that her nylons had a run on the inside of her left leg. Clearly she needed a wardrobe adjustment and had stopped here for a quick replacement.

"Look, I've got to go, I'll talk to you later." She said and hung up the phone slipping it into her bag. She snatched a pair of pantyhose off the shelf and then looked down at me. It was at this moment that I realized that I was staring right at her legs and now I had been caught.

In the past I would have looked away, but this time I slowly stood up until I was looking her right in the eye. "You have very nice legs." I said. She stared back at me for a moment, clearly shocked and not sure what to do. I looked at the pantyhose she had in her hand. "Are these the same brand you are wearing now? I'd like to get some for my wife."

She looked a little like a deer in headlights, her bright blue eyes staring at me, and her body frozen in an awkward pose. "thank you," She stammered. "Actually this is not the brand I prefer but..." She trailed off realizing that she was giving a lot of personal information to a stranger. Inadvertently she glanced down and I followed her gaze to her left leg.

"Nylons don't last long do they?" I said blatantly staring at her legs. My heart was pounding and I was doing my best to stay calm. I didn't know where I was going with this yet but it was exciting and I was starting to get aroused. "What brand are you wearing now?"

Her face flushed in a muted blush and she looked up at me under dark lashes. "Secrets And Whispers" She said and she smiled weakly.

"Not a secret anymore is it?" I smiled. Before she could say something I added: "If you don't mind, what color are you wearing right now? It's a lovely shade. I'd like to get a pair for my wife."

"Taupe." As she said it I could see on her face that she was shocked that she had told these things to a stranger.

"Thank you." I said and walked away toward the back. I circled around the back of the store then quickly made my way out. My wife didn't wear pantyhose. Nor did my wife wear any kind of nylons on a regular basis. Rarely, on special occasions, she would wear stockings, but I was never allowed to touch them. They might have been from Secrets and Whispers but I doubted it. I'd never pulled them out of her top drawer to look. If my wife caught me she would bitch at me about ruining them.

This woman wore pantyhose every day. Pantyhose from a high end lingerie boutique. She certainly wore more from that shop! I decided right then that I wanted to feel her legs. I wanted to feel those pantyhose as she wrapped her legs around me. I was going to fuck this woman. I had no idea how I was going to go about it but it was going to happen. I had never committed a crime in my life and now I was going to follow this woman to her home and rape her until I was completely satisfied.

I tried not to run to my car. Once I got in I watched the exit of the store until she came out. It seemed like hours but she finally emerged carrying a small plastic bag. I watched her as she walked over to a white Mercedes Benz Parked on the opposite side of the lot from me. She got in and I started my car.

I had never followed someone in my car with the intent to keep them from noticing me. I wasn't sure what I was doing or how to go about it. If this woman was anything like my wife she paid little to no attention to the things around her as she drove. I was hoping, that in this respect, she was like my wife. I watched the Mercedes as best I could and followed her as she drove away from town and toward the hills to the upscale houses in the area. This was the opposite direction from my house and my old Buick was going to look a little out of place in this neighborhood.

I was lost after about five minutes. I'd never been over this way and she had taken several turns and twists. For a moment I was paranoid that she had noticed me and was trying to lose me, but her speed was normal and she wasn't looking over her shoulder.

Finally she pulled into the driveway of a gray brick house. I drove right past as if this was my normal route, made a left turn at the next street and then punched the gas. As fast as I could I circled the block until I came back to her street. I slowed way down and crawled my car around the corner lot.

Her house was two lots down and there was no car in the driveway. The garage door was closed. Suddenly I couldn't remember if I had seen another car in the garage or not. I turned right and parked my car on the street. I got out and started to walk to her house.

This was crazy! It was broad daylight! I had no plan, no method, no idea what I was going to do. Walk up and knock on her door?! I walked past her house. All the blinds where drawn and I couldn't see anything inside. The neighborhood was quiet. The house had a white wooden fence that enclosed the back yard. I noticed that there was a gate to the right of the garage so I walked up and tried it. It opened right up.

I closed the gate behind me and rounded the edge of the back yard. The house was L shaped and from the corner I could see a small patio leading from a sliding glass door. inside I could see her in the kitchen. She had slipped off the blue jacket of her suit and her silky white blouse was half un-tucked from her skirt. She was looking in a cupboard clearly deciding on lunch.

I hugged the wall of the house and tried to keep an eye on her as I moved closer. Not that I had anywhere to hide if she saw me. How far was the run back to my car? What do I do when that sliding door is locked, as I know it has to be? What if she's not alone?

While I thought about these things she walked out of the kitchen. For a brief moment I thought about bolting back to my car and going back to work. That would be the sane thing to do. But then I thought about my wife. How she would nag me for forgetting my anti-snore strips. How difficult it would be to talk her into sex. My wife didn't wear sexy lingerie nor did she wear designer hosiery. She wore pant suits at work with trouser socks. She dictated the terms of love making: No doggy style, only in the bedroom, and never, under any circumstances, would she give me oral sex.

But this woman, it wouldn't matter what she wanted. I was going to take her how I wanted her. I could force her to do what ever I wanted! I would fuck her all afternoon! With that thought I ran at the sliding door. In a burst of adrenaline I yanked on the door, heard something pop, and the door flew aside. Much like my sliding door at home, it was cheep and the plastic lock had given way to the force I had placed on it.

"Who's there?" came a panicked voice from the other room. I ran into the house and toward that voice. She said it again only louder this time and I ran down a hallway toward an open door. As I reached the door she stepped into it. instinctively I wrapped my arms around her as we collided, just as if I was playing football in high school again.

Together we bounced off the near wall and then crashed to the floor. I heard the air rush out of her lungs when we landed and she struggled to breathe as I lay on top of her. I was a bit dazed myself and tunnel vision enveloped my sight. I stared at her neck closely, looking at the smooth skin. Her fragrance enveloped my nostrils, intoxicating me with the lust for her body. I looked down her blouse at her cleavage and then further to her legs.

She had taken her skirt off. Her blouse draped just at the top of her thighs and her long pantyhose covered legs were displayed in front of me. One shoe had been knocked off in the collision and her bare nylon foot caught the sun just right making it shine and appear superbly silky.

She started to cough as she got her wind back and I realized that I was in her bedroom. No one else had shouted. I don't know how long we lie on the floor but if there was another person in the house they hadn't heard anything nor had they come to her rescue. I stood up and manhandled her to her feet.

On the bed lay her skirt neatly folded and next to it the package of new hosiery. The pantyhose had been removed and lie in a bunch next to the package. She must have been in the act of switching to her undamaged hose.

She was still dazed and it seemed she hadn't quite found her breath. I roughly turned her and bent her over the bed. I wrestled with her until I had both her arms pinned behind her back. I grabbed the pantyhose on the bed and used them to bind her wrists and forearms together. It took me a moment as I adjusted her arms to fold across the small of her back and then wrap them in the sheer nylon. When I finished tying the knots she started to scream for help.

I grabbed the back of her head and forced her face into the bed, cutting off her scream. She continued to yell but it was muffled by the bedclothes. She started to kick her legs and her other shoe flipped off and smacked the wall. This was making a lot of noise and I was getting nervous. I yanked her up on her feet then, lifting her off the ground, threw my self forward on the bed slamming my body onto hers. We were fully on the bed now and I straddled her, pressing both hands onto her shoulder blades.

She was gasping for breath as I brought my mouth next to her ear and said firmly and slowly "Shut up. I don't want to hurt you but if you make this difficult I will bury your body clear out in the west desert and no one will ever know what happened to you." I said it clearly and sincerely even though I didn't believe I could do that to her. Next time I'll need some leverage. People can get desperate when death is the only option.

Ha! I was thinking about next time and I hadn't even made it out of this one yet!

"Do you understand me?" her answer was muffled but it was clearly an affirmative. I let go of her head and got off her. She tried to look up and around to see who was assaulting her. I stared at her legs and was aroused too much to keep my pants on. quickly I stripped off my clothes. Once naked I gabbed an ankle and started to grope her silken legs.

"What are you doing?" She asked but I ignored her. All the blood was in my penis now and only my reptile brain was functioning. I slid my hands up and down her thighs indulging myself in a pleasure I had never had. I pulled her right leg up to my face smelling her foot and looking closely at the nylon stretched over her toes. I needed her right now.

I spread her legs and then knelt in-between them. My penis was throbbing just over her silken ass. My left hand found the run in her pantyhose. I teased the fabric and induced the run to climb all the way up her inner thigh until it found the crotch of her pantyhose. She wore nothing underneath her hosiery and my finger worked a hole in the crotch. To my surprise she was wet! As the hole got bigger I found her clit and started rubbing in a quick circle.

She gasped and her head shot back. Her hands clenched and opened. Her legs came up and I felt her silken feet rest on my flanks. Her response intensified my erection beyond anything I had ever achieved. For years I had thought I had a weak and droopy erection but now it was almost pointing to the ceiling and it was harder than when I was a teenager. I worked my finger over her clit drawing more gasps from her as she writhed under me. I reveled in the sensation of her legs as they slid across my thighs and flanks.

I gripped her by her hips and lifted, she was heavy for a moment then sensed what I wanted and she brought her legs underneath her. She angled her ass upward and I could see her exposed pussy. A small tuft of blond hair just above her clit was all that proved her hair color as natural. Still gripping her hips I tried to enter but my dick was dry I pressed harder but it was tough going.

I hopped off the bed and yanked her off after me by her ankles. her nylons made a zipping sound as I slid her across her bed sheets. She landed kneeling on the floor and I grabbed her by the back of her head and forced her toward my upturned cock.

She knew what I needed and her mouth slid over my shaft and her tongue moistened my penis. I thought my head was going to explode as she bobbed up and down over my penis. I'd never had a woman go down on me before and this was the greatest thing I'd ever felt.

I didn't last long and without warning I shot my load into her mouth. her eyes bulged a little but she stayed clamped firmly on my penis while I unloaded. Finally she slid her mouth off my spent penis and turned her head spitting my cum all over her carpet. She breathed deeply while I stood there trying to recover. My one perfect erection began to fade.

"Okay, you got what you wanted," She spat, "now get out!"

But that wasn't everything that I wanted! I wanted to fuck her in those pantyhose. I was spent for now but I could recover. So I grabbed her by the arms and forced her to stand up. "Let go of me! Damn you let go!" I spun her to face me and slapped her across the face hard. She shut up and looked at me with fright in her eyes. I stood there for a moment, not sure what to do with her.

Presently I pushed her on the the bed. I knelt at the edge and moved her thighs up to my shoulders. Then I buried my face into her muff and started giving her the same Oral sex I gave my wife. The oral sex she demanded of me before we had sex.

"Oh my God!" She yelped and arched her back. She clamped her thighs against my head and the silky fabric rubbed my face while I licked and tongued her. I gripped her thighs tightly and buried my face harder into her crotch. I could feel her feet as they slid over my back, she crossed her ankles and put my head in the vice of her inner thighs.

She was trying to suffocate me. I was going to make her cum first. slowly her grip weakened and her thighs started to shiver. She started moaning harder with each panted breath. After a few moments of my intense tongue treatment she climaxed.

Her scream of extasy brought my penis upright once again, I stood up and with her thighs in my hands and thrust my penis aginst her pussy. This time she was twice as wet as before. Her saliva was still on my shaft and it slid into her with ease.

With each thrust her silken ass slapped against my thighs, her breasts bounced and her feet flopped as I fucked her in her shiny hose. I lost track of how long I thrust myself into her but at some moment I came again. Harder this time. An explosion of sperm unlike any I had ever had. This was my first real orgasm.

My thighs tightened and I slid my hands up to her ankles pulling on her legs while I thrust against her as hard as I could. After a few more such thrusts I was out of energy.

I collapsed on top of her breathing heavy. I lay there as she tried to catch her breath my nose resting against her neck. Now that I was done and the blood started to flow back into my head, rational thought came with it.

I was in a strangers house. I stranger that I had just rapped. She had seen my face. If she pressed charges the police would be able to pull the surveillance tape. I would go to prison. I needed a plan, and fast. I got off her and looked around for her purse.

I finally found it in the kitchen. Rummaging through it I pulled out her cellphone. I looked at the call history. She was talking to some guy named David when she was at the drug store. I found her drivers license and looked it over. Armed with these two things I marched back to the bedroom.

She had rolled off the bed and was trying to get her arms in front of her. I grabbed her by the ankle and yanked her across the floor. I flipped her on her back and put my hand over her throat. My face was inches from hers and in a low voice I told her how it was going to be.

"Stephanie, I will be watching you. I know everything about you. Where you work, when you get home, even where you stop when you need an emergency pair of nylons for a big business meeting. I know who your husband is and if you don't want him to find out about David you will not report this or go to the police. Do you understand?"

I looked into her eyes as my words spilled out of my mouth. I watched to see if my bluff was going to hold. If any of my guesses were wrong, she would know I was lying.

She nodded slightly. "Please don't tell Michael. Please, I'll do anything."

"Good." I said and felt my own nervousness flow away. "Expect me to check in on you every now and then. You have lovely legs Stephanie, and I want to fuck you in your pantyhose again sometime."

I flipped her over and started to undo the knots in the pantyhose that bound her arms. Once they were loose I got up and started to get dressed.

On the way back to my car I thought of all the things I would need for next time.

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