tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBig Girl's Revenge Ch. 02

Big Girl's Revenge Ch. 02


Before I start, I want to answer a question a few people asked.

This main character is based around me, BUT I have not had revenge on my high school bullies, haha. This is based on what I wanted to do, and the characters are all code names for real life people. Take that as you want!

Sorry for the long wait.


Nora knows her boyfriend, Aaron, brags about her to his friends, because she sits at their lunch table. Right across from Michael and Mary, a couple who have both grown to hate her guts. Aaron was the friend Nora let finger her, he asked her out a few days later. He turned out really nice. Even though he never talked to Nora before, he never really made fun of her either.

Michael was always uncomfortable around Nora, and Mary just didn't like her, but Aaron called the shots. He's head of his group, and definitely more popular than Michael. Nora had always liked Michael, though. His loss, now she has blackmail material against him. A few weeks before she had sex with him, recorded it, and used it against him to do her will

Aaron was oblivious to the looks she got from the two, because he was set on showing his hot girlfriend off. He would randomly grab her ass in front of his friends, stick his hand up her skirt or down her shirt, he would make Nora moan and writhe under his touch. The thing about it is how much Nora loved being his little slutty girlfriend. In all this revenge, he would be a great plus. He was the football captain (American Football), and on the basketball team. Tall, muscular, and hung. An inch or two bigger than Michael, and he knew how to handle it.

Nora, Aaron, Mary, and a few of her friends had gym together last hour. Usually Mary would make fun of Nora, but since we sat together at lunch, now she kept quiet. Mary was alone, the rest of her friends on the cheer squad had gotten called for early practice. Mary had gotten kicked off last week for snapping at me in front of her coach. It was her third strike. She had been fingered on the bus, got into a fight with another cheerleader, and now she was off the team. Nora did feel bad, but she would have it made up to her.

You see, Mary and her friend's were such prisses they refused to shower around the "lowly" girls. They waited until everyone was gone to shower and take their time, and the Janitors were told to not come into the room until two hours after school to ensure all students were gone. Another school policy is unless there is suspicion, lockers are remained private to the students.

In case you do not recall, this is a small town. The school has never had anything worse than a fight break out. No guns, no knives, no anything. So the school trusts it's students enough to treat them as though they are real adults. Privacy, respect, the whole nine yards. Inside Nora's locker, was everything she needed to exact her revenge.

Some background on Mary's family. Mary's family is homophobic. They never said anything too outrageous, but when their son came out as gay he was forced to leave the home.They were extremely religious, and were conservative. They were that family everyone was nice to, but preferred not to be over for dinner.

Aaron walks up behind Nora, surprising her as she was helping the gym teacher put away basketballs. He reaches his hand inside her shorts and rubs her lips until she was dripping. Nora glances at the gym teacher, who was busy getting ready to leave.

"I'll see you Mr. Jones." Nora mutters, moving away from Aaron.

"See you tomorrow Scott." He said not looking away from his things. Once Mr. Jones leaves, Aaron pulls Nora into Mr. Jones' office. He kisses Nora's cheek, smiling.

"I want to give you something to remember me tonight since you can't come over." Nora's face changes, glaring at him. Aaron was trying to distract her, but she rid her mind of the fingers inside her.

"What do you mean baby?" Nora asks. Nora always came over his house on Wednesdays, it was a day where both his mom and dad worked late.

"I didn't want to tell you like this but I was scared you would be mad at me." Nora looks at him expectedly. "My grandparents are visiting for a month or so, so we can't fuck at my house." Nora gasps, half from the new finger in her and half from the news. She throws her head back, rocking her hips against the hand.

"B- But what am I supposed to do when I'm thinking of you."

"I'm giving you something to think about now." With his other hand, he pulls down her top and bra, exposing her chest. His mouth clamps onto her nipple while his hand toys with her other nipple. Talking and laughter signaled that people were leaving the locker rooms. The exit was on the other side of the gym, but the window to the office was pretty big. At the right angle they would see everything. Nora watched students pass by, not noticing her pinned against the wall. She unintentionally let out a yell, moaning loudly. This made a girl who was walking by herself on her cellphone look up at the window. She wanted the random girl to watch her orgasm, so she pushed Aaron's head down. Still oblivious, Aaron, with a laugh, pulls down her gym shorts. He revealed a pantyless pussy, dripping with juices. He uses his strength to lift her onto the desk. Nora was in the middle of the office now, breasts on display to everyone who walked by the window. Aaron buried his tongue into her willing hole, making her moan louder. She looks over, seeing a few students who were whispering to each other and staring. These were classmates who she would see throughout the next day, watching her as she had her pussy ate out in the teacher's office. Feeling her orgasm coming, Nora begged Aaron to finger her. As soon as the finger entered her, her body shook and her thighs were wrapped around his head. She screamed even louder, curse words spewing from her mouth.

When her orgasm subsided, she lay on the desk with her shorts hanging off her ankle and he chest heaving.

"Do you forgive me?"

"Yes daddy."

"Good." He playfully slaps her swollen lips, making her body twitch again. She sits up, pulling her shirt over her chest again. Her legs were weak, making her wonder how she would go through with her plan to get Mary.

When Nora stepped out of the office, the small crowd was gone.

"I have to go shower." Nora sighs, letting go of his hand. "See you tomorrow?"

"Sure thing, think about me when you finger yourself, you little horny girl."

"Think about me while you jack off then, horny boy." Nora giggles. He gives her ass a final smack before they head their separate ways. She hopes it wasn't too late, they had finished quickly compared to other times but it was still time consuming.

Entering the locker room, she bumped into another girl who told her that Mary was the last one in there. Which would usually be a sign not to go in there, but Nora walked inside anyway. There was a single shower running, which excited her. She took the time to set up her camera. She set it up inside the locker so that it was facing down and she could see her entire body. Then, she set up a second camera, facing the shower. She had no idea how to get Mary over to where she set up. What if Mary trips or slips and gets hurt. Then what, go through anyway?

Then Nora thought, while she's thinking about Mary's well being, Mary has never gave a shit about her. So she made her plan, handcuff Mary, tie her up, then do what she planned.

It was hell getting the handcuffs from Aaron's brother's room, but she did it.

The shower turned off, making Nora look up. Cursing, she grabbed the hand cuffs and sped walked over to the showers.

Walking around, Nora heard a soft moan. Nora looked around confused. It couldn't be Mary. Just incase she grabbed the second iPhone. She started recording and walked around to the second set of showers. Mary was sitting on the ground with one hand over her hairy mound and the other on her breasts. Even better, she was moaning her best friend's name.

Still shocked, Nora pointed the camera at her and recorded the little scene. Though Mary was a bitch, she was hot. Even with her flat chest and flat booty, she had long model type legs and-

"WHAT IN THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING." Nora curses, stopping the recording. Mary got up and ran at her, reaching out. Nora pulled her arm back, putting the phone behind her back. Mary charged her, knocking them both over. Nora ended up on top, holding her arms above her head.

"You stupid, fat bitch. Get off me, stupid ass whore." Nora looks down at her, too shocked to even act. Mary takes this as she was getting to her, like she would be able to get that video of her.

"Yeah, you're a stupid slut. I heard Aaron talking about how you two are always fucking, and that he fingered you at the lunch table while we were eating. I bet you thought you were on my level. Well you're not, you're lower than my servants." Nora looks down, tired of hearing the bullshit spew out her mouth. She takes the handcuffs out her pocket and handcuffs Mary's arms above her head. Mary freaked out, yelling out for help. The first thing Nora thought to do, since she was still horny, was to sit on her face. She took off her shorts, struggling a bit since she had to keep Mary down, and lowered her bottom over the pretty girl's face. Muffled protests vibrated against her muff, making her mouth water. She didn't care she wasn't recording, she just wanted her past bully to suffer.

Mary was naked, making her vulnerable to touch. Nora had no past with a female, but she knew what she liked. What she wanted was to break Mary down, make her a slave. She rubbed Mary's clit, making Mary scream into her vagina.

"Looks like you're the lesbian slut, it's been about two minutes and you're wetter than me." She humped Mary's face, adding to Mary's shame. Pinching and pulling, rubbing and tapping, Mary let out a loud grunt as her pussy squirted juices. Nora smiles, surprised. Juices leaked out into the shower water, going down the drain. Mary collapsed in exhaustion, her chest heaving.

Taking the moment as a sign of weakness, Nora picked Mary's lightweight body up and guided her to her set up. She used her rope to tie the hand cuff chain to the bench's legs, which here bolted to the ground. She separated Mary's legs and tied them together under the bench. Finally, she was in place.

With the final touch of some day old dried panties stuffed into Mary's mouth, the recording started.

"Mary, I'm going to make you my slut." Mary shook her head angrily, alas she was unable to move and her dripping cunt wasn't telling Nora no. "Well then, I'll just have to fuck your pussy raw."

Nora got excited when she pulled out her favorite toy, a nice 8 inch dildo, 2 inches in diameter. She informs Mary that she was special, since she didn't even wash it yet. Her juices were dried onto the side.

Nora toyed with her, pushing it all the way in, then plopping it out. When Mary was close, she would pull it out and begin to play with her nipples. The cycle continued until Mary was sobbing. Her cunt begging for the release it wasn't getting, her nipples rock hard. Nora pulled the panties out her mouth, wiling to hear her beg.

"What do you want Mary?"

"I want you to let me reach."

"Tell me in detail what you want Mary." Nora pulls on her nipple. "Say you want master to let her pet slave cum." Mary continued to sob as her edge went away, meaning the cycle started all over. Nora shrugs, letting the dildo slide inside again, only for her to twist it as she pulled it out. Mary let out a loud moan, her cunt on fire.

"Please Nora-" Nora slaps her clit. Mary jumps, the pleasure still not taking her over edge. "P- Please master, please let your pet slave cum. I will do whatever you say just fuck me with the dildo."

"Since you begged for it." Nora rubbed her clit while pounding her hole with the toy. Mary bucked against the restraint as she squirted harder than she ever has. She writhes, moaning and grinding into the fake cock. She grew worried when the pleasure continued, and she found herself cumming again. Nora wouldn't stop until she knew Mary was broken.

"So slut, why are you moaning your friend's name." Mary kept her mouth closed, breathing heavy and hoping Nora would move on. A heavy slap on her breast made her cry out. "Answer me before I fuck your little clit up."

When met with silence, Nora shrugged and bent over Mary's face. Mary found it hard to breathe, Nora's fresh juices being sucked into her mouth instead of air. It wasn't until she was being bought to another orgasm that she realized that she needed air. Mary gasped and sputtered, shaking as she felt the need for air.

Nora lifted her cheeks up, looking at Mary. "Will you tell me now?" Nora asks. Not willing to suffer, Mary nods.

"Me and my friends, we all have this group. And we're all lesbians, this is the usual time that we all fuck each other and Candace is my usual partner. I was so... I was so horny and I couldn't wait." Nora slowly rubbed Mary's clit as she talked, also rubbing her own at the same pace.

"If you tell anyone about me forcing you to lick my pussy, I'll tell your parents you were fucking your girl friends. Got it?"

Mary nods, writhing at the soft touch.

"You're gonna be my little whore okay. Now say it."

"I'm your little whore."

"Acting otherwise will end in punishment, okay slut?"

"Yes Nora." Nora slaps her lips, making her hiss.

"Yes who?"

"Yes mistress."

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