tagNonHumanBig, Honkin' Slugs: Part 04

Big, Honkin' Slugs: Part 04


(Inspired by Encounter In The Glade and The Perils of Nude Sunbathing By Little White Mouse)


The Statue writhed across the moss as the slug slurped her body. Stella was slimed from head to toe; her hair liquid sleek, her body slick and wet. Her legs slid against the slug's wet skin. Its thick, pink member flowed like slow molasses over her clit. The creature was the opposite of its fierce red brother. It was slow, patient; quiet in its steady penetration.

Stella never had sex like it. Her past included a few thick dicks but the sex was generally quick, frenzied; unsatisfying more often than not. The slow passage over her bud was a new experience.

"Men...mmmm!....don't...nnng!...don't...nnmm!...have this...unnm!...have this kind of....'gasp!'....patience," Stella thought.

Orgasms overwhelmed her body; cum and slime blended inside her tunnel. She was warm, wet, and open to the slug's thickness; minutes later, the member reached Stella's g-spot, elevating her orgasms to a new level.

After a brief pause, the slug switched breasts. Its slimy tongue licked the other mound, followed by the mouth, and the resumption of the slug-slurping. Stella swayed her head, licked and bit her lower lip. The pool was quiet, except for the slurps and gurgles of the slug; and the moans and grunts of the statuesque blonde.

The golden-haired goddess ran her fingers across the creature's undulating body. She ground her pelvis into the slug's underbelly, coaxing its member further into her depths. "Come on, come now. You can do it. Come on, fuck me, you big slug," she crooned.

The undulations changed in frequency as the creature reached her womb; waves travelled down the slug's length. Stella shuddered in ecstasy as a huge ripple flowed up and through the thick tuber. Her womb exploded as slug juice flooded her interior. She came, powerfully, arching her back with an explosive, "Ughnm!"

"Mmmm! It came inside me 'geez! I just fucked a slug!'," she thought, "My belly feels tight."

More waves sent the message: the ordeal wasn't over. Stella began a round of orgiastic grunts as the slug rhythmically pumped its jizz into her love sack. Stella's womb tickled as it filled with slug seed.

The creature cum session continued for several minutes before the timbre changed. The slug paused for several seconds before resuming the pumps. This time, Stella felt her vaginal passage stretch as an object travelled through to her womb. A second, third, and more followed at regular intervals.

"What...ugh!...what's it doing?" she gasped. "Ooooh, I think it's laying eggs; of course! Slugs are hermaphrodites. It's both father and mother. I don't think this is good," she ruminated. "Wait a second," Stella thought, "Of course it's good. In fact it's perfect!"

"Customs," she thought. Stella was mindful of the rules for exotic animals; but a pregnant woman on a private plane might not warrant a close scrutiny. What better way to transport a new species to a private lab. She was rich and Daddy had more. A few thousand miles and some greased palms were all that stood between her, fame, and (greater) fortune. All she had to do was wait for the copter. Stella was confident Moira would keep her mouth shut.

"I can't wait to tell her," she thought, not knowing her friend was undergoing a similar experience, "On second thought, fucking a slug might be difficult to explain."

The slug's undulations ceased as it pumped in the last egg. Its withdrawal was performed with the same deliberate speed by which it entered. "Oh damn," Stella thought; the slug schlong slurped softly as it pulled out. Stella felt some post-coital disappointment. It was ironic that the creature performed better than most men; she wished it lasted longer.

The slug drew back like a wet, slimy curtain. Stella's belly was revealed; full, ripe, round, and glistening with slime. "Knocked up by a giant slug," she thought with wry irony.

Stella propped herself on her elbows to watch the slug leave. It slithered toward the jungle, leaving a trail of slime and satiated gurgles. She lay back on the moss bed, letting the mucus dry on her skin. "That was amazing," she blissfully thought.

Stella rested, occasionally running her hands over her gleaming white porcelain belly, until the languor subsided.

"I've got to get this stuff off me," Stella thought as she rose from the moss bed (difficult, given her new condition); flakes of dried mucus fell off her skin. Stella examined herself as she waded into the shallows, "I look around seven months, at least."

As she rinsed the slime from her body, Stella looked ahead, "This is no big deal. It's only a couple of days. I better talk to Moira first. I wonder how she's doing?"


Moira was lying on her side at the base of the rock formation. All her sensitives ached. "Ooooh, I am so sore," she groaned. She opened her eyes to look at herself, "Nope, wasn't a dream."

Presented before Moira was proof of her slug slamming: a swollen, round belly; Moira was thoroughly plumped.

Moira ruminated on her surreal experience, spent in darkness as she was porked in all openings. She remembered the sounds, the damp, the sensations; the "schlurp!" as the monster withdrew its appendages; the "woosh!" as she gulped the musty air; the taste of the new tentacle as it forced its way into her mouth.

Moira's mouth flooded with a thick, salty, taste; once again her throat muscles gulped to keep from choking. "This is the most cock I ever sucked," she thought.

Another tentacle slid into her pussy, wide open and wet from the previous reaming, her legs held spread by the appendages. "Well, at least it's ignoring my ass, this time," Moira thought (the creature no longer had use for Moira's ass *beautiful as it was*).

The slug schlong zipped through her wet tunnel. Moira experienced a ballooning sensation as the creature pumped her full of sperm and eggs. The only sounds in the cave were gulps, grunts, slurps, and burbles. Moira passed out from orgasmic exhaustion.

Now she was awake and looking at a plumped body, "What am I going to tell Stella? And my parents?" (Moira didn't think it strange that Stella was the first person to come to mind. She sometimes felt closer to her than anyone else.)

It's not every day that a person goes to an island and comes back pregnant; not that she looked bad. Moira's belly was perfectly round and complimented her natural curves.

"I never thought I'd look sexy pregnant," she thought, "I have to find Stella. We have to figure this out."

Getting up was easier said than done. Moira's belly sloshed with fluid; her body was stiff from sex. Moira looked at her discarded clothes and decided to leave them, "They wouldn't fit." She was covered in dirt, leaves, and dried slime. "Now I need a bath," she said, stumbling through the jungle, "I guess I'm skinny dipping after all."

Stella was at the pool, back turned, rinsing herself, when Moira arrived. "Stella!" she cried. Stella turned, her deep blue eyes took one look at Moira and popped. Moira's green eyes reciprocated. "Moira?!!" "Stella?!!" "What in the hell happened to you?!!" burst from their mouths in a simultaneous eruption.

The girls exchanged stories while washing each other. "Wow," said Moira. "I'll say. Do you think this island has more of these creatures?" asked Stella. "Maybe," Moira replied, "The paper I read mentioned mollusks but nothing like these giant slugs; and even with the slugs I certainly didn't expect this," she said pointing at her round belly, "Are you sure about this plan, Stella?"

"Are you kidding? Stella Burgess and Moira O'Donnell discover a new species. It's what we wanted since childhood, Moira. The copter's coming the day after tomorrow. We can hop the plane, slide through customs, Dad's doctor can take the eggs out. Two, three days tops. We're going to be famous."

"I don't know," said Moira, "I'm not so sure I want to stay on this island with these...things. I mean it was kind of fun, kind of unnatural...wait, extremely unnatural, but we don't know what else is on the island."

"Come on Moira," said Stella, "What else could happen? This is as weird as it gets. I think we can tough it out for a few days."

"I know, I know, it's just well..." "Well what?" "Well, I kind of feel horny," Moira said.

She expected Stella to laugh. The girls had undergone a respective, intense, long sexual experience. Moira was perplexed that she had a reserve of sexual energy. Instead Stella replied, "I feel horny too."

The girls decided to spend the next few days by the pool. "I don't think you want to be near the big red one, right now," said Stella. "Got a point," agreed Moira. The girls were accomplished campers and hikers; gathering food, staying fed (in spite of their condition) wasn't much trouble.

The stream that fed the pool had plenty of fish; natural fruits, banana, coconut, mango, were on the island; and the backpacks were stuffed with energy bars. The girls couldn't explore as they wanted; playing by the pool for a few days was a fun alternative.

The helicopter didn't come as scheduled. "Maybe he has a mechanical problem," Moira suggested. "Or he's stranded us," said Stella. "Come on Stella, there could be any number of reasons; he'll be here tomorrow." Two days later, a nervous Moira said, "I think we're in trouble."

To Be Continued...

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