tagNonHumanBig, Honkin' Slugs: Part 05

Big, Honkin' Slugs: Part 05


(Inspired by Encounter in the Glade and The Perils of Nude Sunbathing By Little White Mouse)


"I agree. We're in deep shit," said Stella.

"What do you think happened? Why would he strand us like this?" asked Moira.

"I don't know. We were in a hurry. We didn't look at his credentials close enough. The one smart thing we did was pay him half the cash. Anything could have happened; maybe he crashed. If that's the case, we're in real trouble because no one knows we're here."

"So then 'giggle!' I guess we're going to be parents," said Moira with a trace of hysteria.

"I guess we are," agreed Stella with numb resignation.

The four day helicopter wait was uneventful. Stella's slug didn't return; there was no sign of Moira's monster. The girls fell into a routine of fishing and swimming. The beauties' bellies grew round and ripe with each passing day. The girls' backs began to ache; swimming alleviated the discomfort. They wore no clothing; the clothes didn't fit and it was warm enough to go nude.

Stella and Moira were standing, waist deep, in the shallows, bathing as usual. It was the fifth day; a new problem had arisen. "Moira," said Stella, rubbing her belly, "My boobs feel tender. How about yours?"

"Well, yeah. They are sensitive," Moira replied, "Feels kinda nice, though." Moira gave her breast a light squeeze; fluid squirted out of the nipple to splash Stella across her breasts. Moira was mildly shocked, "Stella...is that what I think it is?"

"Yeah, it is. I wonder....?" Stella squeezed her breast, sending white cream back at Moira. Moira giggled, "We have squirt guns."

The two girls played for a few minutes, giggling, splashing water, and squirting milk at each other. "Hey Moira," said Stella. "What?"

"I...uh...I was just wondering. I've been feeling kind of horny these past few days. I'm wondering...well it's been building and..."

"Yeah, I know the feeling," Moira replied, "You...um...think it's because of the slugs?"

"Maybe," answered Stella, "With what the slugs put in us, who knows how our hormones are behaving? God, what's going to happen when the eggs hatch?"

"I don't know. I hope it won't be like Alien. I think it'll be just like any other birth."

The two girls stood silent for a moment, listening to the falls, the birds, the wind through the trees. Stella and Moira didn't notice that they'd moved closer. "Hey," said Moira, "Remember that time in Miami with the two freshmen?" She giggled.

"Oh boy, do I remember," giggled Stella. "We were sooo drunk. The boys creamed their pants when we...uh...oh."

"Yeah," said Moira. The girls' bellies touched, "Oh!" they said at the same time....but they didn't pull back. Moira began to rub her belly across Stella's. "I didn't know bellies were so sensitive," she said softly. "Uhm...that feels nice, don't stop," replied Stella, breathily voiced.

Moira began to slide her hands up and down the Statue's back, lingering near her buttocks, "You know you're the only girl I ever kissed? And it was only that night?"

"We're not drunk now, and there's no one around," Stella said. Her hands played across the redhead's voluptuous body. "Do you think that matters?" Moira whispered. "No," Stella breathed.

The two women leaned forward; their tender breasts touched, an electric shock flashed through their bodies. The two women kissed, as the barrier to years of deep rooted sexual desire crumbled away.

Two pairs of hands slid across round, wet bodies; lingering and massaging perfect buttocks, fingers slipping into moist interiors. Hands rubbed and stroked moist, round bellies; pumped and milked tender white breasts; white cream splashed out of pink nipples, splashed on warm, wet skin; pink tongues twined and wrestled through white teeth and moist red lips; mouths moved to nipples and drank sweet, creamy milk.

"Mmmm....I love you Stella. I always loved you...." Moira breathed.

"Oooo...mmm...don't stop, Moira...." Stella murmured. She breathed into Moira's ear, "Fuck me."

The two women leaned back and pumped and massaged each other's breasts; milk ran down their wet bodies into the water. They joined together and ground their pelvises into each other; muff to muff, clit to clit, their warm, moist vulvas shared a hot kiss, and mingled love juice until the girls came.

The two women were too entranced in lovemaking to notice the stirrings in their wombs. The water around them warmed suddenly. Moira was the first to notice. "Stella," she breathed, "I think my water broke." "I think mine has too," Stella replied.

The women continued to stroke each other. "I don't want to stop," Moira said. "I don't either," said Stella. "So what now?" Moira asked.

"I don't know. Let's just hold on and see what happens."

The women mashed their throbbing bellies together; entwining their legs, touching their clits in a moist joining. Their bellies pulsed, one against the other in laborious synchronicity. "Ah...um....oh....mmm, Stella," Moira moaned; something slithered down her wet canal. A red tentacle locked onto the redhead's swollen clit, then onto the blonde's; both women rocked and shuddered in white hot climax. "Moira!" Stella gasped.

The two beauties looked at each other with incandescent eyes; more tentacles travelled from Moira's wetness into Stella's flower. The women began to gasp and moan in unison, as labor and orgasm combined into a carnal ballet; tentacles moved up Stella's passage to embrace her sluggish progeny.

The creatures moved to the entrances; slithering simultaneously through the girls' pink sex, to emerge in a burst of warm fluid, entwined in a swirl of red, yellow, and green.

The women, locked together by their birthing progeny, parted briefly to give the slugs some room. Their moans blended together into an erotic aria. The women's ripe young bodies gave birth to a train of wet, slimy children.

The slugs joined with their siblings into a multicolored ball. Stella and Moira's bellies shrank as the slug-ball grew between them. The beauties' orgiastic moans diminished to faint gasps as the last slugs exited their bodies.

They looked at each other, then at the slime ball. The women said not a word as they pushed the ball to the pool's edge. The ball slowly disassembled into individual creatures. The baby slugs, in the slow, patient nature of their parents, slithered in all directions.

Moira and Stella sat at the pool's edge. "Well that was weird," Stella said. "Uh hmm," replied Moira. She put her hand on Stella's belly, "Our tummies are flat again."

"Yeah, and look, no stretch marks," Stella replied, "I guess we're not going to be famous."

"We have to get rescued first," said Moira.

"I don't think that's going to happen soon," said Stella. "I don't think so either."

Moira moved her hand to Stella's pussy and began to stroke it. "Mmmm," Stella purred. She looked at Moira's breasts, "Any more milk in there?"

"You're welcome to find out," Moira smiled.

"I love you Moira."

"I love you Stella."

The two women moved together and began to make love. As they kissed and ground their pussies together, a chorus of burbles and gurgles suddenly burst onto the pool. The startled women looked up; slugs surrounded the pool; slugs of all different shapes, sizes, and colors; slugs slithered out of the jungle and from the holes beneath the falls. "Uh oh!" the women said in unison.

Now, we shall leave these two beauties in their tropical paradise; locked in a loving embrace; loving each other....and being loved by many others....but that is another story.

The End...For Now

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